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The 3x double transits of September 11, 2001

Natal USA chart with Transit Mars square MC and Transit Pluto on the AC.
Natal Saturn is conjunct the attack chart's AC (scroll down)
The chart of the USA and the chart of September 11, 2001 in New York are strongly linked to each other. Three aspects relate one chart to the other one and back (vice versa, cross-over). Of course this can happen once, or twice, but three is a crowd, especially when the transits are in such a limited period of time and when they are significant for what happened. On the moment that changed the course of history there were 3x2 of the most challenging transits between the chart of Indepence Day and the chart of the first hit on September 11. Transit Ascendant-Saturn-Pluto and Uranus were related to Ascendant, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus of the USA chart when Mars hit the USA Midheaven.

In short:

1. Ascendant of USA- transit Pluto + USA Pluto – transit Ascendant
The combination of Pluto-Ascendant is resonating the semi square in the natal chart of the USA, born in the middle of Independence WAR.
Pluto-Ascendant is showing a dangerous or challenging situation. 

2. Progressed USA Ascendant-transit Saturn + USA Saturn-transit Ascendant
Saturn-Ascendant is mirroring a sad or bad situation.

3. Mars of USA – transit Uranus + USA Uranus + transit Mars
Mars-Uranus is the combination of the ‘short fuse’ and is very frequent in the chart of terrorist. See Astromarkt about Mars-Uranus…

There is also a repeating aspect in synastry and in the attack chart. Midheaven of USA-transit Mars + MC of moment – transit Mars. So Mars was hitting the Midheaven of the moment of attack + the Midheaven of the USA: the status quo was hit. 

For more about the aspects and the charts involved, continue.

Here is the full story…

1. With the Ascendant in the 13th degree of Sagittarius, transit Pluto was conjunct the Ascendant.  That doesn’t happen often.
The Ascendant of the moment of the attack was trine the USA Pluto. Every day there is such an aspect.

In the natal chart of the USA Pluto is semi square Ascendant. That is important. Resonating transits and progressions are stronger. It means that there was a dangerous or challenging situation: twice, in history and on that hour.

A.2 The Ascendant of the attack was conjunct the USA’s natal Saturn.
Transit Saturn was 67.5 degree (sesquisemisquare) the progressed Ascendant of the USA.
There was an indication of fear, restrictions and a nasty situation, twice, in history and on that hour.

A.3 Transit Uranus was trine the USA Mars. This happens more often.
Transit Mars was 157.5 USA Uranus, that is a sesquisquare + half semisquare, a minor but important aspect for incidents, accidents and explosions. That is a double Mars-Uranus.
It means that incidents/accidents could happen. And Mars-Uranus is related to terrorism. On this day, there was a Mars-Uranus surprise attack connnection, twice…in that decade and on that day.

Saturn and Pluto with Mars-Uranus is a combination of deadly serious terrorism...and the three double aspect connections on that place in history, decade, day and hour is very special.

Here are the charts:
Progressed USA chart with ASC 67.5 Transit Saturn

9-11 chart with USA Saturn conjunct Ascendant and Mercury and
Mars square the USA Midheaven (chart above)

Transit Mars square Midheaven of the USA. That happens a few times each year. 
In the chart of the moment of attack Midheaven was quindecile (165d) Mars. This happens every day.
It means that it was a possible moment for an attack on the status quo, twice…

Transit Pholus was inconjunct the angular USA Uranus.  That is illustrating a period of sudden surprising turning point in history.
In the progressed chart Pholus is quindecile Ascendant and transit Uranus is opposition Ascendant.
The perspective changed immediately, twice…

MORE OBSERVATION: Yod and Saturn trine Saturn
In the progressed chart there is a Yod between Sun, Neptune and Northern Node. This Yod had been in aspect with the natal USA Quaoar earlier that year (in January/February). The inconjunction of Sun and Neptune is the symbol of the lost romance and fallen angel, unbalanced dreams and unhealthy weaknesses.

Transit Saturn had just been trine the USA’s natal Saturn: time to consider your status and time for respect?

All of those combinations could occur one day, at a certain hour, in a particular decade...but could they all have happened twice, vice versa and cross over at the same time? BTW Please remember that a chart doesn't judge and that trines show easy ways out for energies. The Mars-Uranus trine mirrors a successful surprise attack (in the eyes of the attackers).

Was it fate or fake?



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