Saturday, March 31, 2012

The dominating sun in a chart

You can’t overlook the sun in the sky and you can’t overlook the people with an important ‘calling’ sun in the chart. Sometimes not being overlooked is not in their favor. Schapelle Corby has the Sun on Midheaven, no major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees and at the airport she drew attention. The MC didn’t have major aspect either, so that the situation got out of her hands.
But most often those with what I name a ‘calling’ sun want to be in the center of attention and try to get that attention, somehow, anyhow, like for exempel Roseanne Barr (see the chart and the story on Art&Astrology: , Adolf Hitler, Hillary Clinton, J.F. Kennedy, John Lennon and Youssouf Islam (Cat Stevens). Sometimes they become a political leader, but with this ‘calling’ sun in your chart, you sure would know how to draw attention as a child (at school, as the leader of a group of children).
You don’t need to be the leader, you can also be the boy or girl who walks around with a golden big smile, drawing attention by being such a sunny kid! Somehow, anyhow, you will be seen and noticed with such a sun, like David Cameron.

The Sun is the symbool of the star. You can have the starring role at any possible level when your sun doesn’t make major aspect. But it doesn’t mean that you will always be the winner or that you are the one to take the lead.

How to deal with a leader with a ‘calling’ sun? They won’t want to stand in the shadow of another person, so perhaps it is better to keep a low profile. I wonder how that is between Obama and Hillary Clinton now. Hillary Clinton has a 'calling sun' and Barack Obama is a Leo, the sign ruled by the sun. Both wanted to be the leader of the USA and he won. Both are proud. Well, maybe it helps when the other person is a male and the ‘calling sun’ is a (smaller) female. And that his Venus and Jupiter are in a nice position with her chart? (Maybe it also helps a lot that the ‘calling sun’ is abroad, often?) 

About planets without (narrow) major aspect in sign:

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When I sold my house, what did my chart say?

It is not easy to sell a house these day. Millions all over the world are trying, but few are buying. That is why certain horary and tarot readers get rich by saying that they can tell when you will sell. It is easy for astrology students to have a look at their chart, progressions and transits and see easy or hard times coming. When I sold my house, it was in different economic times. In 1978 I was able to make profit. In 1988 I hardly sold my house and lost some money. In 1996 I got what I had to get in order to buy my present home. For some reason the transits and progressions corresponded with the tides of economy. I had 5 trines and progressed Moon conjunct Venus when I sold my house successfully. I had 

But I also had transit Pluto square progressed MC, then.  
The difficult sale of 1988 was mirrored by progressed Moon in Gemini inconjunct Mercury and the relief afterwards by a Jupiter-Uranus transit. 
The 'normal' sale in 1996 was with a trine and a sextile and again: a transit of Jupiter with Uranus. 

The progressed Midheaven or natal MC was always part of the picture. So was Moon-Mercury.  In 1978 progressed Mercury semi sextile Moon. In 1988 P Moon in Gemini inconjunct Mercury. In 1996 progressed Ascendant semi square the Moon/Mercury midpoint. Maybe that is because Mercury rules my 4th house. Maybe you'd better look for the dispositor of your IC.
I also experienced those Jupiter-Uranus aspects. Maybe in these times of a troubled house market you also should search for the Jupiter-Uranus moment in your chart or for a beneficial aspect of progressed Moon with Venus or with Jupiter related to the house of sales (3) or the house of home (4). 

Have you noticed a pattern in the transits and progressions of moments when you sold your house?

More abt Jupiter-Uranus on Astromarkt...
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Born same day and yet so different

A chart without hour of birth is not a real chart. It is just a circle with positions on a certain day , mostly for noon. The picture doesn't inform us about angular positions, the exact degree of the Moon, the Sun/Moon midpoint, the Ascendant or MC. It is a limited chart and in fact just a circle with data from an ephemeris. The chart without hour of birth informs us about elements, most placements in sign, most aspects, the planet rising before the sun, unaspected planets en most of the midpoint combinations. 

Charts with an hour of birth contain all of the astrological information and yet are limited as well. They don't tell us if the chart was meant for an event, a man or a woman, an animal or nation. Charts don't inform us about the gender, genes, culture, social circumstances or status. Charts also don't inform us about sexual preferences. We can't judge by means of a chart in case of crime, either, because the planet combinations introduce themes and issues, but never tell us 'who did it'  . See the label crime or crimes for examples.

Example PICTURE: 14 September 1983

An example is the chart for noon of September 1983. There is some astrological info. This chart tells us about:
  • passion (because Venus and Mars are rising before the Sun), 
  • flexibility (because of the amount of placements in flexibel = mutable signs) 
  • being fiery (and risking a burn out or 'burn up') 
  • creativity (not per se as an artist: it is about creative ways)
  • ambition, somehow and anyhow (because of the fact that Saturn doesn't make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees)


Thousands were born on September 14, 1983. Among them where:
- Atlete Mestawet Tufa
- Singer Amy Winehouse (died 23 July 2011)
(BTW has a time of birth: 22:25. It is a 'hear say' via friends of the mother)


The symbols of astrology can't be adapted to each and everyone. All those born on September 1983 are Virgo. It is not quite clear how they expressed that. As they aren't all pedophiles, singers or athletes, there must be more than the natal positions that 'made them' who they are or were. Even a chart with hour of birth can't tell it all. But... we can use the chart the other way! 

The importance of sexuality and passion (Venus and Mars in the chart, prominently placed) is a catastrophe for someone with a sexual defect (and much more: for his victims). A love relationship paved the way to the end of Amy Winehouse. Athletes however may benefit from the importance of control and ambition (Saturn) and the fiery nature. But not unless there is a genetic basis and training, of course. It is in the way that you 'use it'. There is enough drive and ambition in this chart for various ways. Even for twins. And there is of course some correspondence in transits and progressions (with differences, also!). 


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rick Santorum's Aquarius Moon

When I had a look at the natal positions in the charts of Rick Santorum I noticed that Moon in Aquarius first. Did you know that Rick Santorum has the Moon in Aquarius? Aquarius, Aquarius? The man whose ideas scare off women (says the not-republican Washington Post)? And did you know that Sarah Palin (also a Conservative, like Santorum) has the Moon in Aquarius? Just like Dutch Queen Beatrix? Queen Beatrix changed the palace habits when she became queen by immediately changing the staff and the way that the queen was spoken to. Her mother said 'please call me Mrs', she said 'call me Majesty'. That is different! And different costumes, that is Moon Aquarius! (More on the similarities of the charts of Palin and Queen Beatrix, who are very different:)...

The Aquarius Moon longs to change the world in a personal way and it is not about equality, liberty or socialism. Rick Santorum's way is the masculin way. Not just because he is a man, but also because his Mars is 'calling' (see what I mean by using the link). And Mars rules his Venus (sic:).

I think that Moon in Aquarius is about the need to change habits and roles. And as a conservative there is only one way: the retro-progressive way of change, going back to the fifties, when he  was born. The Stepford Wives times....? 

Would that Moon explain all about Santorum's desire to keep married women in the house? There is probably more. But for now, I like to stick to the Moon in Aquarius. 

PS I am sorry if the quality of the chart drawing doesn't match your standards (and mine). For some odd reason (maybe Mercury retro:) this is what I get when I upload a chart drawing.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Ascendant and MC in Aquarius here...

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Transit Saturn opposition Chiron trine Midheaven

Last night someone I know heard a scream, saw a man lying on the ground in her street and ran down the stairs in a hurry. That was a. because she is a nurse and wanted to help; b. because she is a Moon Aries square Mars and needed to do something about it:). She looked at the man and noticed that he was bleeding but before she could have a better look, the police already arrived. Then she heard that the man had been robbed when he delivered food. He had been shot in the chest for a bit of money! Here is the story in Dutch (maybe you can translate it but pictures speak for themselves). The (probable) shooter was arrested.

What does a chart say when someone is suddenly confronted with a crime scene right in front of the house? A lot! The incident was nasty but she did the best she could. That is satisfying and that is also being reflected by transits and progressions of Saturn, Pluto, Node, Chiron and Jupiter. There is a full list for those who continue. But I am particularly interested in transit Saturn opposition Chiron, because this transit is 'generational' (shared by a large number of people) and yet descriptive for the situation: the disadvantages (Saturn) of curing and healing (Chiron) others (opposition). Generational transits have a personal effect when one of the two positions involved are of importance in the natal (or progressed) chart. Well, Chiron is prominent in her chart as he rises right before her natal Sun and  Chiron is exactly trine her Midheaven. Perhaps that is the key to her professional activities!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

History, astrology and computers

The best way to study astrology, in my opinion, is to check and study history. On my site Astromarkt there are three such studies:

In this study you will see that there were more revolutions starting without Uranus-Pluto in history, than with…Thought provoking, not?

Some astrologers said that there would be a world wide epidemic flu when Saturn was opposition Neptune. It turned out to be untrue. Of course, because history shows that there was never such an event when Saturn was opposition Neptune. In 3 out of 5 times Saturn-Neptune conjunctions ‘failed’ to reflect a world wide flu. Why not? Because Saturn has a 28-30 years cycle and massive epidemics are less frequent (thank God). So the Saturn-Neptune connection won’t help us to ‘see’ if there is epidemic flu coming. See the study…

Neptune is in Pisces and we are in the middle of a revolutionary time. I wondered if this corresponded with earlier positions of Neptune in Pisces, or in other words: what happened when Neptune entered Pisces in history? I didn’t find romantic dreams, I found revolutions related to ideology and religion in702, 866, 1029, 1193, 13571522, 1684 and 1848


I like to share a link to a story that shows how history could have been changed by laptops. Because that is a fact: computers help astrologers to discover more and more about the meaning of aspects, positions and charts. Thanks to the invention of the internet we have free access to a lot of information! Here you see the pictures. For better view, follow the link.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jupiter trine Pluto

Monday, March 12 Jupiter is exactly trine Pluto. That is astrologic for something
real big.
That is why I like to add this 'Bacchus' of Rubens every time that I think of Jupiter-Pluto. Because that is what happens when you grow the intense way, perhaps:).

Last time that Jupiter was trine Pluto (end of October 2011) a European agreement in Brussels raised trust on the financial market (but not for long!). Now is the second time and maybe it is a second chance. According to Chairman Van Rompuy last Friday (a day with Sun square Pholus) the crisis in Europe was then at a turning point (having reached an agreement about Greece again). Jupiter is the symbol of trust and hope and growth. Pluto is the symbol of intensity, power, money and values. According to Reinhold Ebertin in COSI the Jupiter-Pluto combination is socially related to economy and speculating. A trine makes it easy to intensify trust and cultivate power.

I know,  it is also Mercury retrograding time. I am curious about the way that this could alter the process of stimulating the economy. Meanwhile my optimism is growing, perhaps because that Jupiter-Pluto trine is trine my natal Mercury (and my Mercury is in aspect with Jupiter/Pluto midpoint). So let's see and take the opportunity to see a brilliant Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the sky knowing that this conjunction is trine Pluto.

Yes, this is the perfect time to observe the effect on the market and for yourself to see if this Venus-Jupiter-Pluto combination 'touches' your chart (Sun, Moon, MC, Ascendant, progressed Sun, progressed Moon: whatever near 9.35 degree of the fixed signs or in Capricorn or Virgo, for example or if you like: try the semi- and sesquisquares*).

Today's babies and those who are born with Jupiter and Pluto or the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto related to their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Ascendant or MC might be interested in the earlier post:
Astropost: Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and aspect combinations
Well, the babies have to wait a bit longer, of course!

*) If you don't know much about degrees, just calculate your chart on and see (it is for free). Birthdays involved: around April 29, August 1, January 29, November 1, December 31, September 1 etc.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Venus-Jupiter conjunction trine Pluto

Venus with Jupiter, that is a couple that really makes you happy! Maybe watching the conjunction at sunset on March 13, 2012 will be enough to make you feel glad. When the sky is clear you will be able to see the brightest ' stars' in the sky in the West. Here is the map:  

As bright and beautiful as those planets are (from our point of view, feet on earth), as lovely is the meaning of the conjunction in astrology. Venus is the symbol of all that is nice, comfortable, pleasant and beautiful. Venus is love! Jupiter is the symbol of support, prosperity, being happy and successful. So when the two meet, there is a chance to have a party. On March 13 there is even more chance of a feeling happy, because the planets are very close, at the same 'level'. Two bright planets together...It will be a very lucky moment to get married.


The baby born on March 13 must be a fortunate and popular one, especially when Venus or Jupiter are places on the angles! The conjunction is good for getting a supporting partner later and for social successes in general. But if you were born on or around April 29, August 1, January 29, November 1, December 31 or September 1 you might also benefit from this conjunction in the 10th degree of Taurus. You will also feel good if you have an Ascendant in the 10th of Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces or Scorpio. And maybe there is a bonus for those with the MC in those degrees. Even if the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is semi square or sesquisquare your Sun, MC or Ascendant (in the 25th of Gemini, for example), there might be pleasant moment on March 13. So if you want a have a party, and if the transit of Venus-Jupiter hits your chart, start sending invitations! And why not get married? I read about a 100 year old bride and checked her data. She married with Progressed Venus conjunct Progressed Jupiter on the day that she celebrated that she was 100 years old! Prince William and his Kate had a great party when they got married with aspects of Venus and Jupiter (see link).

There is another possible feel good moment: for finances. On October 26/27 last year there was a European Top in Brussel and transit Jupiter was trine Pluto. The good news about agreements had a positive effect on the financial market. It seems that there is another top meeting on March 9, maybe with a good effect for the market of March 13, if Jupiter trine Pluto still means growth...


Explanation about the conjunction by video (at the beginning, rest is about vision).

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