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Born same day and yet so different

A chart without hour of birth is not a real chart. It is just a circle with positions on a certain day , mostly for noon. The picture doesn't inform us about angular positions, the exact degree of the Moon, the Sun/Moon midpoint, the Ascendant or MC. It is a limited chart and in fact just a circle with data from an ephemeris. The chart without hour of birth informs us about elements, most placements in sign, most aspects, the planet rising before the sun, unaspected planets en most of the midpoint combinations. 

Charts with an hour of birth contain all of the astrological information and yet are limited as well. They don't tell us if the chart was meant for an event, a man or a woman, an animal or nation. Charts don't inform us about the gender, genes, culture, social circumstances or status. Charts also don't inform us about sexual preferences. We can't judge by means of a chart in case of crime, either, because the planet combinations introduce themes and issues, but never tell us 'who did it'  . See the label crime or crimes for examples.

Example PICTURE: 14 September 1983

An example is the chart for noon of September 1983. There is some astrological info. This chart tells us about:
  • passion (because Venus and Mars are rising before the Sun), 
  • flexibility (because of the amount of placements in flexibel = mutable signs) 
  • being fiery (and risking a burn out or 'burn up') 
  • creativity (not per se as an artist: it is about creative ways)
  • ambition, somehow and anyhow (because of the fact that Saturn doesn't make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees)


Thousands were born on September 14, 1983. Among them where:
- Atlete Mestawet Tufa
- Singer Amy Winehouse (died 23 July 2011)
(BTW has a time of birth: 22:25. It is a 'hear say' via friends of the mother)


The symbols of astrology can't be adapted to each and everyone. All those born on September 1983 are Virgo. It is not quite clear how they expressed that. As they aren't all pedophiles, singers or athletes, there must be more than the natal positions that 'made them' who they are or were. Even a chart with hour of birth can't tell it all. But... we can use the chart the other way! 

The importance of sexuality and passion (Venus and Mars in the chart, prominently placed) is a catastrophe for someone with a sexual defect (and much more: for his victims). A love relationship paved the way to the end of Amy Winehouse. Athletes however may benefit from the importance of control and ambition (Saturn) and the fiery nature. But not unless there is a genetic basis and training, of course. It is in the way that you 'use it'. There is enough drive and ambition in this chart for various ways. Even for twins. And there is of course some correspondence in transits and progressions (with differences, also!). 


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