Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jupiter trine Pluto

Monday, March 12 Jupiter is exactly trine Pluto. That is astrologic for something
real big.
That is why I like to add this 'Bacchus' of Rubens every time that I think of Jupiter-Pluto. Because that is what happens when you grow the intense way, perhaps:).

Last time that Jupiter was trine Pluto (end of October 2011) a European agreement in Brussels raised trust on the financial market (but not for long!). Now is the second time and maybe it is a second chance. According to Chairman Van Rompuy last Friday (a day with Sun square Pholus) the crisis in Europe was then at a turning point (having reached an agreement about Greece again). Jupiter is the symbol of trust and hope and growth. Pluto is the symbol of intensity, power, money and values. According to Reinhold Ebertin in COSI the Jupiter-Pluto combination is socially related to economy and speculating. A trine makes it easy to intensify trust and cultivate power.

I know,  it is also Mercury retrograding time. I am curious about the way that this could alter the process of stimulating the economy. Meanwhile my optimism is growing, perhaps because that Jupiter-Pluto trine is trine my natal Mercury (and my Mercury is in aspect with Jupiter/Pluto midpoint). So let's see and take the opportunity to see a brilliant Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the sky knowing that this conjunction is trine Pluto.

Yes, this is the perfect time to observe the effect on the market and for yourself to see if this Venus-Jupiter-Pluto combination 'touches' your chart (Sun, Moon, MC, Ascendant, progressed Sun, progressed Moon: whatever near 9.35 degree of the fixed signs or in Capricorn or Virgo, for example or if you like: try the semi- and sesquisquares*).

Today's babies and those who are born with Jupiter and Pluto or the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto related to their Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Ascendant or MC might be interested in the earlier post:
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Well, the babies have to wait a bit longer, of course!

*) If you don't know much about degrees, just calculate your chart on and see (it is for free). Birthdays involved: around April 29, August 1, January 29, November 1, December 31, September 1 etc.

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