Thursday, December 31, 2015

Old 2015 and new 2016

Slightly handicapped by a whiplash injury, perfectly in line with Saturn in Sagittarius (my sign) square my Ascendant, so in the hip region, I can hardly walk and have to use medication against the pain. Still I want to celebrate New Year and have a home made brunch. You can imagine that that will take some energy. It is why there are fewer posts on Astropost these days. Nevertheless, here is something about the chart of New Year.

New Year is not a particular astrological moment. It takes place after Midwinter (December 21) and before Astrological (and astronomical) New Year (March 21). It is, however, a special moment for almost all the world. We’ll see fire work, happy wishes and people coming together where people are free to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016. Every place on earth has it’s own chart for that moment. It goes too far to read all those charts, even if you DO believe that New Year is the birth of 2016 and that the chart of that moment will last till 2017. I consider it to be the chart of party time. There is more to say about 2016. Like the fact that Saturn is in Sagittarius and those born between December 2 and 9 will notice most of all. Don’t worry. You won’t all be whiplashed, Sagittarians! It is a matter of more than 3 indications, remember? Last time when I had transit Saturn conjunct my Sun, I moved to another place. It just ended a period in my life.

On New Year’s Eve we also end a period in life. We look back and start all over with fresh energy. Some worry about Mercury retrograde in January, but I don’t. I recently got a parcel delivered 4 weeks too late and it wasn’t even Mercury retrograde yet. Some will say that it was because of Pre-retrograde, but I think 7 weeks is too much PRE for an order. Look at your own chart (natal, transits and progressions and solar return) to get an idea about the future, but not without knowing that time changes and so do circumstances. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have imagined what is happening today. Though I could have found some indications about pain in December 2015!:) With the same certainty I see the still active Uranus square Pluto in 2016 as a signal for continuing complications in politics, requiring strong nerves. 

When it is 12 o'clock tonight, we all hope that 2016 will be better than 2015, for us and for our family and friends. With the Moon conjunct Jupiter and Node we have the support from above to make it a nice and happy start of 2016. I wish you a happy end and a good beginning! 
This is the chart of New Year for Greenwich.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Richness and fame in Adele's chart

It is the end of 2015 and I haven’t even written about Christmas horoscopes or those of 2016. There are reasons and excuses enough and I won’t mention them now. It is a Year End Party here on Astropost and when there is a party, you mention only nice things. In astrology, that means talking about love, winning the lottery or the chance to become rich and famous in 2016. Let me start with that one. I use Adele’s chart as an example.

Consider the fact that only a 0.0086% of the world population is famous – about 600.000 out of 7 billion
That means that there must be more than 1 clue in the charts of those ‘lucky’ few.  Let’s get real about charts. Even with the most gifted chart you won’t become known or famous at a world level if you don't have the proper conditions, friends or culture. It takes a blend of a good chart with a lot of indications AND good conditions AND a proper environment to become famous. It takes at least 3 indications and for real fame, it takes more. With so many NOT famous persons in the world, it would be more interesting to see what keeps them in the mass of unknown persons, even if they DO have a ‘great’ chart. I found a lot of Jupiter in the charts of famous persons. People who become famous, usually have a lot of talent or beauty. Lots of people believe that they have such a talent, too, and maybe they do, but you also need a public (an audience), schooling (training) and the right people around you (who do you know). Also important: opportunities and focus! Real life is the same as with charts: one aspect is not enough.

My example is Adele. In short, in her chart you see a voice that wants to be heard somehow, anyhow. There is also talent, confidence, energy (drive) and faith. There is also realism. Here is the chart.
Click to open in new window.

 Adele is now a famous singer. She began her career at age 4J. She loved to sing and didn’t like reading. In her chart Mercury (symbol of communications, the voice) is ‘calling’ (that means that there is no common aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees so that the planet will manifest somehow, anyhow at any possible level). Her Mercury is also strong in Gemini in the 3rd house. In her 16th year, the progressed Sun reached Mercury. That was when she wrote her first song, in 2004!
(Note that her Mercury is inconjunct Uranus. For more on that aspect, start here: )

Lots of popular singers have a Venus-Uranus-Neptune combination in their charts and so has Adele: Venus quindecile Neptune and opposition Uranus. The pattern of artistic talents: Venus opposition Moon and quindecile Neptune, with the Moon in the 10th house. But what is there for ‘rich and famous’? Here are a few keys:

1.    Jupiter rises before her Sun and rules the 10th house (and is ruler 10 in 2; that is one of the keys: )
2.    Sun, Jupiter and Pluto are connected by aspect and via midpoint combination. This intensifies self confidence and enlarges self esteem. It is also one of the keys to become rich and famous.
3.    Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Pluto are also related to the Sun. This is the 3rd key. It means she has a lot of energy and drive.
4.    There is also a Sun-Jupiter-Neptune connection for belief (in yourself) and for the chance of getting an audience.
5.    The Sun-Jupiter conjunction is inconjunct Midheaven. This combination is generally fortunate, but there is always a ‘but’. Perhaps being a success makes it hard to balance the line between private and public life.
6.    Ruler 1 Uranus is in 10 and so is the classical ruler 1 (Saturn). Now we have 6 indications for ‘rich and famous’. This one points at ‘the career focus’.
7.    There are vital positions for Mars (on the Ascendant), Quaoar (square Ascendant), Jupiter (rising before the Sun) and Mercury (calling) so that her Astro ID sounds like ‘successful communications, enterprise and creativity).
8.    Sun in Taurus with Moon in Sagittarius is a good combination for being popular and earning more than average. It is the combination of to have (and talents) and positive attitudes that brings success.
9.    Jupiter and Sun in the 2nd house are both good signs when it comes to earning money.
10. She is a material girl (element earth is important), a realist. She founded her career at school.
11. When Jupiter rises before the Sun, your orientation is ‘abroad’ and you may like to travel, develop and get better all the time.

      Also: She has Moon, Venus and Uranus out of bounds (rulers of 1, 3 and 5). This draws the attention to unusual and special sense of what people like and need. The OOB Moon is ‘no longer under Daddy’s thumb’ (says Steven Forrest). The OOB Venus gives ‘an eye for beauty’ (see: ). And OOB Uranus makes you ‘different’. A lot of OOB planets in your natal chart don’t make you rich and famous. But they could make you 'extraordinary' in a certain field.That is what it takes to 'stand out' and get noticed.

      Did you start singing at age 4 and focussed as much as Adele did? Did you graduate in arts? Do you have friends with connections? And is your talent 'special'? Could you have become 'an Adele'? you have so many indications for fame in your chart? Then, you may become as famous as her or as Mozart ( He also had a special chart. 


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Sunday, December 20, 2015

When the Force is against you...

This is about Mars square Pluto in a Solar Return. That is when the Force (any force) is against you. Let me tell you about my personal experience.

CafeAstrology mentioned it, but too late for me:): Mars square Pluto so don't try to get the upper hand. I tried and failed.

You see, I have a Frenchie, and she is very sweet except when you try to take her somewhere without her consent. She just stops and pulls back if you pull. I'd better have stopped, too. I do, now. But it is a bit too late now, and the pain is getting harder. It seems that this little doggy might be the cause of a muscle problem that keeps me on the second floor this weekend as I remember a slight flash of pain following some pulling. Now I dare not use the stairs and it takes a quarter of an hour to get down or up. Intense pain (even with heavy pain stillers) and restricted movements prohibit that I go out , buy presents and do what I like. Mars was square Pluto in my December 12 solar return, separating. In my progressed chart Mars had already been semi square natal Moon and inconjunct Pluto when I felt pain and thought that it was over, later. Around November 16, transit Mars was conjunct Saturn and it started, again. It was AFTER my birthday that the pain got so bad.

I don't want to scare you off. What I mean is: you need not die or get injured in a way that you almost die with Mars square Pluto in the solar return. It just hurts badly. Pluto is STRONG(ER). My Frenchie accompanies me and looks worried when I say Ouch!@%! Ain't she sweet? I almost hope that it is not her fault and something else...


Maybe I'd better try this: Or maybe someone has to say 'May the Force be with YOU'!:) See this interview with Carrie Fisher and her  Frenchie ( Meanwhile I see the specialists next week:)

Also visit: for more on the 'drive to win' with Mars-Pluto

and remember: it always takes more than just 1 indication. There is also Saturn-Ascendant, Chiron-Sun and Mars inconjunct Pluto in my progressed chart. So don't worry if you have a single Mars-Pluto affliction around. Just don't push it!

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wealth in the chart with Placidus and whole house

Full house with whole house?
House systems are one of the weak sides of astrology, IMO. I never think much about houses. In this post however,  I am thinking about them. Just thinking...? No, I also try to check a few things.  Like:
A. Is it the 2nd house or the 11th house that indicates possible wealth?
B. Is it the Placidus system or the whole sign house system that connects the 2nd and 11th house with the 10th house (and NOT the 12th) in the charts of those who became rich?
C. DOES a chart indicate wealth at all?

That is a lot to think about, especially because I am not very fond of house systems and if I can avoid houses, I will, though sometimes I mention them. This aversion against houses started with the meaning of Saturn in my 7th house (Placidus), while I married young and am still married and my husband is my age. I know that assumptions like getting married late or marrying a person with age difference or more/less status are not used in modern astrology (the 'political correct' astrology), but this idea still lives and can be found on websites, too. In the Porphyry house system, Saturn moves to the 8th house. What system should I use?

And what house ruler? The ancient rulers (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) in modern times have to share their rulership with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Meanwhile Libra-Taurus and Gemini-Virgo still have to share their ruler. Also, Cancer's ruler is the Moon (a satellite instead of a planet). It is so very confusing, and it makes such a difference!

Picture this: my house ruler 1 might be Jupiter in 12 or in 1. It might also be Neptune in 7 or in 8. So I have 1/3 of the 12 houses as an option! Now who am I? Am I a typical 1 in 7, a 1 in 8, a 1 in1 or a 1 in 12 person? And how about the other house rulers? The differences between Placidus, Porphyry and Whole-sign are amazing! And I haven't even tried to other systems!
And that is bad, because lots of people tend to connect 'fate' to positions in houses. If that assumption is correct, there can only be one correct system or you go the wrong way!:) 

There are astrologers who use rulership placements to define if someone will or will not get children, be rich and famous, get a wedding party one day or be in jail, regardless of their social circumstances. The 12th house, in their opinion, is a bad house and ruler 10 in 12 doesn't help you to become rich and famous. Ruler 10 in 2 is so much better, they say. It is also important to have planets in the second house. Let me test this '10-2 12-2' idea.

Donald Trump is a controversial person. He wants to become the President of the USA and though he has many followers (40% of the Republican voters) few think that he will ever be the POTUS. Hillary Clinton has better 'cards' (even though her time of birth is unknown*). Donald Trump is rich (so is Hillary, but he has more money than she has). Now let's see how this wealth is being mirrored by the chart in the whole-sign-house-system and in the Placidus house system.

Usually the second house is used to see how the finances are.

Donald Trump has ruler 10 in 12 in the whole-house-system and an empty 2nd house, even though with the 2nd lord in 12! Also, in the whole-sign-house-system transit Jupiter is in the 2nd house at the time of his bankruptcy!

In Placidus and in Porphyry he has Neptune and Jupiter in the 2nd house for the wealth (and for the bankruptcy on October 5, 1991). The 2nd house ruler is in 11 there.  In Placidus the bankruptcy was  with transit Mars exactly conjunct the 2nd house cusp. See the chart with transits and progressions for October 5, 1991 (first is the whole sign chart, the second one is for Placidus):

It might be, of course, that the whole house system rules and Donald Trump will give away all his money to charity and give up his ambitions (a 12th house idea). Otherwise, Now how about Hillary Clinton? It is hard to say, because her time of birth is a well kept secret. Astrologers are best off with the chart of Bill Gates, who has 2 planets (Jupiter and Pluto) in the 2nd house Placidus and even 3 in the whole-house-system, without relationships between 2 and 12. In the whole-sign-system Oprah's second house Placidus Sun, Mercury and Venus move over to the 3rd, leaving the 2nd house empty...

It is always like that with house systems. Even the whole house doesn't provide a full house! Or, could it be that the 2nd house is more about public performance than about wealth? Up to now the results seem to be in favor of the Placidus system and that means that I have to tolerate that Saturn in 7 of mine:).

Of course, planets in the 2nd house just give us information about public performance and what you have (talents or money). Ruler 2 in 12 might waste talent and money.  Have I told you yet that my ruler 2 is in 10 in Placidus? I am not rich (yet:).

There are astrologers who say that wealth and gain is in the 11th house,( here is an example)

In that case, in the whole-sign-house-system, lord of the 11th house is in 12 (Mercury) and there are planets in the 11th house in both systems for Donald Trump. The 12th house is a drain! Or is the 12th house media, too (all behind the screens?). In Placidus the lord of the 11th house is in 4 (real estate!).

Bill Gates has an empty 11th house, with it's ruler Venus in 5, conjunct Saturn. 5 is a lucky house  and the house of entertainment, plays and games. 

Oprah has Moon+Mars (Placidus) or Neptune (whole house) in 11 with ruler 11 in 3 always. The 3rd house is the house of talk-talk-talk. 

  • Michael Schumacher has ruler 2 in 10 and Venus in the 11th house in Placidus, In whole-sign: empty 2 and 11, ruler 2 in 9.
  • Dominique Strauss Kahn has ruler 2 and ruler 11 in 10, Mercury+Uranus in 11 and Saturn in 2 in Placidus. In whole-sign: rulers 2 and 11 in 10, empty 2nd house, Uranus in 11.
  • Duchess of York Sarah has Jupiter ruler 2 in 2; Venus and Pluto in 11 and ruler 11 in 1 in whole-sign. In Placidus, Saturn is in the 2nd house and Venus in 11. Ruler 2 is in 1 and ruler 11 in ...12.
  • Bernie Madoff had transit Saturn conjunct Placidus cusp 2 on December 10, 2008 (the day of his confession). His chart has an empty second house. Pluto, ruler 4 is in 11 and Neptune in 1. Ruler 2 in 9. Now the whole-sign-chart: Neptune in 2 and Mars in 11. Ruler 2 and 11 in 9. (Here you may choose which system is better:)
  • Angelina Jolie has 2 in 11 and 11 in 12, an empty 2nd house and Sun+Mercury in 11 in Placidus. In the whole-sign chart we see both houses empty, with ruler 2 in 12.

The Placidus system generally seems to be a better tool to see how the finances are, no matter if you use the 2nd or 11th house to see what rich people have (2) or gain (11), but not always  Maybe there is a reason why most astrologers prefer to use Placidus... Of course, this list doesn't contain enough examples to be sure. This try out of house systems is only valid if it is true that the 2nd and 11th house related to 10 offer better prospects for richness, than the 12th...And of course, it takes a whole chart and you need to know circumstances, too.

But I have the idea, that I have to stick to that Saturn in 7 (in an intercepted sign, maybe that 'helps') or that I continue to try to avoid houses. I am still not convinced. Maybe I should try other houses?

Do you use house rulers much? What system do you use and why do you think it is a good one? And where do you look for 'wealth' in a chart? Questions, questions...


Article of Matthew Currie about 'whole signs' with the example chart of George Lucas.

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