Thursday, December 31, 2015

Old 2015 and new 2016

Slightly handicapped by a whiplash injury, perfectly in line with Saturn in Sagittarius (my sign) square my Ascendant, so in the hip region, I can hardly walk and have to use medication against the pain. Still I want to celebrate New Year and have a home made brunch. You can imagine that that will take some energy. It is why there are fewer posts on Astropost these days. Nevertheless, here is something about the chart of New Year.

New Year is not a particular astrological moment. It takes place after Midwinter (December 21) and before Astrological (and astronomical) New Year (March 21). It is, however, a special moment for almost all the world. We’ll see fire work, happy wishes and people coming together where people are free to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016. Every place on earth has it’s own chart for that moment. It goes too far to read all those charts, even if you DO believe that New Year is the birth of 2016 and that the chart of that moment will last till 2017. I consider it to be the chart of party time. There is more to say about 2016. Like the fact that Saturn is in Sagittarius and those born between December 2 and 9 will notice most of all. Don’t worry. You won’t all be whiplashed, Sagittarians! It is a matter of more than 3 indications, remember? Last time when I had transit Saturn conjunct my Sun, I moved to another place. It just ended a period in my life.

On New Year’s Eve we also end a period in life. We look back and start all over with fresh energy. Some worry about Mercury retrograde in January, but I don’t. I recently got a parcel delivered 4 weeks too late and it wasn’t even Mercury retrograde yet. Some will say that it was because of Pre-retrograde, but I think 7 weeks is too much PRE for an order. Look at your own chart (natal, transits and progressions and solar return) to get an idea about the future, but not without knowing that time changes and so do circumstances. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have imagined what is happening today. Though I could have found some indications about pain in December 2015!:) With the same certainty I see the still active Uranus square Pluto in 2016 as a signal for continuing complications in politics, requiring strong nerves. 

When it is 12 o'clock tonight, we all hope that 2016 will be better than 2015, for us and for our family and friends. With the Moon conjunct Jupiter and Node we have the support from above to make it a nice and happy start of 2016. I wish you a happy end and a good beginning! 
This is the chart of New Year for Greenwich.

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