Sunday, January 3, 2016

Venus and Mercury this week

Are you a November Sagittarius, a July Leo or an Aries born in March? Then this week Venus laughs at you, but (oh dear) as Neptunus is in conflict with Venus, you should beware of disappointment, cheats and the notorious pink glasses. So what to do with such an aspect? I suggest that you watch a lot of romantic movies or go to an art gallery and keep your eyes open anyway (you never know). 
Don't be afraid of Mercury Retrograde! Or should I fear it, now that I experienced the delay of a parcel for 3 weeks (!) with Mercury Direct?:) The Retrograde Mercury and Jupiter could mark trade, travel and interactions, but there is a good aspect Mid January: Mercury trine Jupiter. It is a great aspect for growth in trade, more contacts and beneficial for transport, but you might have to wait till February 6 to see it. 
Were you born on September 14,15 or 16? Or on January 11, 12 or 13? Then YOU are the one with good prospects for study, travel, and buying goods AFTER February 2. Mercury trine Jupiter might also help you to increase the number of persons that you know, and who knows: maybe there is an interesting person among them...
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