Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Astrologer arrested

In Shri Lanka famous astrologer Chandrasiri Bandara has been arrested for predicting that the opposition will win the next elections (in September). Astrology is important in Shri Lanka and such a prediction may be of influence. Let's hope that mr. Bandara is safe...

See the news (BBC)...

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: "and that is it...".

After a cardiac arrest Michael Jackson was rushed to hospital but as it seems right now, he is either dead or in coma. When he announced his come back tour in July in London, he said 3 times 'and that is it...you know...that is it'. Perhaps this is it, right now. Today transit Mars was inconjunct his Saturn. The combination of Mars and Saturn is reflecting blocked energy. Also transit Pluto was inconjunct progressed Mars. This happens to be the same sort of combination as on the day of the announcement.

Read the post about the announcement...
And an older post about his natal chart...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Mark Sanford disappearances

Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina, disappeared on June 18 2009, not answerring the phone and without telling his wife and family of his whereabouts. His mobile phone was turned off (and he couldn't be tracked that way). He also didn't tell the State Law Enforcement Division (for his security).

A governor is the highest authority in case of a state emergency and there should always be a way to contact him, wherever he goes. Now we know that he was in Argentina.
This was not the first time that he vanished. His wife was not concerned, she said. But Mr. Knotts, a longtime Sanford critic, is! That is because Governor Sanfort
'has frequently been eluding SLED agents and disappearing at odd times'.

Why do I tell you this on Astropost? It is because of the 3 indications for wanting to be free and alone and for having a party. In short:

1. Sun inconjunct Neptune for wanting to be alone (perhaps not appropiate now). It is the same aspect that Susan Boyle has. More about Sun inconjunct Neptune...on Astropost.blogspot.com

2. Saturn inconjunct Uranus for missing balance between duty and being free; with the transits of Venus and Mars there is a passion to break free right now.
More about Saturn-Uranus...

3. Venus inconjunct Jupiter for a whole lot of fun (and perhaps too much) and that is being activated lately by Venus inconjunct Jupiter in the progressed chart.
More examples of Venus and Jupiter related to a party...

That is three times an inconjunction. Inconjunctions mirror a disturbed balance, mental or fysical. And inconjunctions are there when something (or perhaps someone) is lost (like freedom, a certain lifestyle).

Now where is the governor in this picture? Perhaps Saturn in Capricorn is on a prominent spot in the natal chart. Or Pluto (for politics). Without time of birth this remains unknown. Mark Sanford was born May 28, 1960.

PS Neptune has an important role in the charts of those who are involved with missing people.

For the news, see: http://www.thestate.com/local/story/836552.html

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Saturn, Ceres and skinny :Courtney Love

Courtney Love is looking skinner than ever, see report with pictures on Daily Mail. This is rather strange, since she has transit Jupiter trine Ascendant. That is supposed to make you GAIN weight and that someone will be helping you (or give good advice). Perhaps she in the hands of a proper dietist right now? Let us hope that help really is on the way, because the pictures show that she needs to eat asap or that she suffers from a disease.

Getting skinny is a proces. It started, according to the Daily Mail, in 2006. Before she looked gorgious (' curvaceous', says the Daily Mail). What happened since then? She stopped using drugs and gained weight. In her chart there were 3 signs of changing times and Saturn (ruler of the bones) was square her Ascendant. Saturn's aspects tell us that there is a need to control, restrict and limit. But not to starve yourself (I hope).

Today transit Uranus is square the prominent Ceres (symbol of nutrition), activating the combination of Ceres and Uranus with Sun/Moon in her natal chart AND now inconjunct her Ascendant. This reflects the upheavel about her diet and appearance, perfectly!

The three signs of changing times were:
1. Her progressed Sun started to change sign from Leo to Virgo for another lifestyle.
2. Her Ascendant moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius, so that her appearance changed.
3. Progressed Midheaven conjunct Pluto (natal and progressive). Pluto reflects the come back and transformation.

When there are 3 or more indications in the same direction, there is almost a certainty that the issue that is being indicated will be very important. Here we see 'the rule of three' (three indications at the time). And all three say that there is a transformation taking place.

Threee is a crowd, especially when it is Saturn. Saturn minimizes and 3x Saturn minimizes too much, as it seems.

1. The first aspect that the progressed Sun will make in the new sign is an opposition with progressed skinny Saturn, followed by an opposition with natal Saturn! The first aspect often reveals in what direction the change of time will be. She is getting (progressed Sun) skinny...and Saturn tells us that it is time to be in control.

2. Last April there was a progressive square between Ascendant and skinny Saturn. And finally transit Saturn is conjunct her progressed Midheaven right now. Perhaps now she realizes that she is too skinny after all.

3. Transit Saturn is also conjunct the Ascendant of the solar return of 2009, if she is celebrating her birthday in San Francisco.

Another indication: Ceres is on the solar return chart Ascendant, with Saturn!...

Transit Uranus is inconjunct her Ascendant for disproportionate upheavel about her appearance. Courtney is fond of upheavel. She has Uranus semi square with Sun/Moon and 157.5 (sesquisquare and half semi square) ...Ceres, the symbol of nutrition. What a coincidence! You would almost start believing that astrology works;)

Ceres is not making aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees in the chart of Courtney Love. In other words, Ceres is 'calling'. That means that nutrition is out of control or that nutrition is important at any possible level.

As Uranus is reflecting the flashlight relationship, I am afraid that there will such a relationship whit food and diet. Transit Uranus is right now exactly square Courtney Love's natal Ceres, activating the combination in her natal chart. And that is another reason why her diet causes such upheavel.

Courtney Love's natal chart shows the astrological pattern of artistic talent. You can read about that on Art&Astrology.

For more information about Ceres, see the post about the dwarf planet that is prominent in the charts of cooks, female icons (...) and whenever agriculture, seeds, roots, dynasties or genes and...nutrition are involved. Just click 'Ceres' on the label below this message.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Michael Schumacher, the Stig and Neptune

Top Gear revealed the identity of the Stig, a few days ago. It was Michael Schumacher, hiding behind the white suite and helmet. Neptune is the symbol of hiding away and the Ascendant is the symbol of (among other things) the name. With Neptune opposition Ascendant (and semi square Sun) being anonymous, incognito or dressed up as someone else is not surprising. With the Moon in Cancer and Venus square Neptune there is also artistic talent (for acting:). With all this and his racing talent, he was the perfect Stig!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Losers and winners of the battle of Waterloo

This post is about Mars-Pluto and the Battle of Waterloo (June 18, 1815), with the charts of Napoleon (with hour of birth), Wellington and Von Blücher.

The timing of the battle of Waterloo (Belgium) on June 18, 1815 seemed to have been alright for Napoleon. He had a progressed chart with Jupiter on the Ascendant! Fact is, that he WAS supported and managed to raise an army of followers. But, (and astrologers of those days didn't have a clue about that), there was a difficult aspect with Pluto, inconjunct his Sun, reflecting a will to win at all costs, and the price to pay for it... And transit Uranus was square his progressed Midheaven. It was time for a dramatic and unexpected change.

Fact is that shortly before the battle Mars had been conjunct Pluto. As Mars is the symbol of the military and war and Pluto symbolizes force and intensity, the chart perfectly reflects a heavy battle. Mars and Pluto had been inconjunct the natal Sun of Napoleon not long before the battle. The combination forced him (Pluto) to defend himself (Mars-Pluto) in a disproportionate way. A whole army indeed is rather disproportionate!;) Napoleon had a tight Mars trine Pluto in his natal chart (but he didn't know about it, of course). So the transits activated an existing planet combination in the natal chart. That increases the effect! In the progressed chart of Napoleon Mars is approaching a square with Pluto. That shows us that he had to keep on defending himself AFTER the battle (...).

Before and after the battle transit Uranus had been square Napoleon's progressed Midheaven, showing unpleasant changes in his position.
Napoleon had tow aspects of changing times (Uranus with MC, Pluto with Sun; a revolution going on). Jupiter was on his site. But the enemies were stronger (Pluto).

There is no hour of birth available for the Duke of Wellington. But we know that transit Saturn was square the natal Sun of the Duke of Wellington, the man who succeeded in defeating the army of Napoleon (with the help of the armies of several nations, of course). Had there been an astrologer around, would he have thought that Wellesley would win the battle with this transit? Wellington had a great responsibility. It was a heavy day. The troops of Wellington had lost, if the Prussian army had not come for their help.
Von Blücher, the Prussian general, had Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo and he was known for his fiery character. The Mars-Pluto conjunction of Waterloo is exactly square Von Blücher's natal Sun. It is a day for a battle to win, a challenge. Also his progressed Mars is quindecile transit Pluto for a very strong focus on winning a battle! The Mars-Pluto quintile in the natal chart offers the possibility of a creative way to win a battle! The Mars-Pluto conjunction of the day of the battle challenged him like it challenged Napoleon.

On June 22nd Napoleon stepped back and gave up, entering the final years of his life with transit Pluto inconjunct Sun (for surviving, but...), transit Saturn square Uranus (he lost his freedom again) and inconjunct Mars (for the end of the battle and the energy). Both winners of the battle had a progressed Sun trine (progressed) Neptune in the year to come. Perhaps THAT is demonstrating 'being the hero' (being seen in an idealistic light)?

(PS Is it just coincidence that Blücher's first rising outer planet is Pluto and Wellington's is Uranus? And that Napoleon had to deal with transits of Uranus and Pluto?)

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deadly passion: Cecile Brossard and Edouard Stern

On Astrologie.blogo.nl I found the day of birth of Cecile Brossard. She is risking 11 years of prison now, after killing her very rich friend, banker Edouard Stern, after a SM-game. She shot him four times when he called her an expansive whore. She was born on March 20, 1969 in Paris with an oriental Mars. That tells us that she acts first (maybe talks later)...

In earlier posts I demonstrated how murderers and victims seem to share the same aspect of Mars-Saturn or Mars-Pluto (also see the article about Mars-Pluto on my site Astromarkt). When a couple shares difficult aspects between Mars and Pluto, often the use or abuse of violence is an issue in the relationship. Cecile Brossard says that Edourd Stern humilated and hurt her, also when the SM-game was over. The issue of deadly danger is an issue in both charts:
- Her Mars, rising before the Sun, is sesquisquare Saturn and 75 degrees from Pluto
- His Mars in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is inconjunct Pluto, rising before the Sun. His Pluto is 112.5 degrees from Mars/Saturn. And 112.5 degrees (square and half semi square) form her Mars! So: their oriental planets were connected to each other and the combination of these planets means 'using violence'.

When two people with that theme of Mars-Saturn-Pluto in their charts meet, there is a double risk of sexual violence and murder. They shared the combination of using and abusing power, force, influence and strength.(Mars-Pluto).

Did they match? Not at all. They understood each other (Mercury trine Mercury), but they had a different lifestyle (Sun), they had different habits (Moon) and they had different tastes (Venus). They did not even match in sexual cooperation (Mars). Notice that his Jupiter is trine his Sun (for trust) and her Saturn is opposition his Sun (for separation and distance and in this case: for ending - Saturn - his life - Sun-). And last but not least, her Pluto is semi sextile his Sun. Her power over his life was not in balance. But there was also... love and passion.

His Neptune opposition her Venus
His Venus conjunct her Neptune
His Mars square her Venus

This is THE combination of a passionate love affair. Maybe one day someone makes a movie aboutthe couple or someone writes a book about their unusual, violent and in the end deadly relationship.

If she has the Moon between 21 and 26 degrees (and was born between midnight and 8 in the morning) her Moon is inconjunct Pluto. That is a difficult emotional and psychological aspect. Find out more about this combination of aspects that sometimes includes seeing submission as a way to express love...

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alan Turing, the chart of a genius

June is the month of birth and death of Alan Turing. His name was mentioned in a lecture about cryptanalysis and I quickly noted it. Here is his chart. Several sources mention this day, place and hour of birth.


Alan Turing was a mathematician, logician and cryptanalyst. We owe him a lot because he broke German ciphers during WWII using the Enigma machine, one of the first steps to computers. However, there was no gratitude of the authorities, since they prosecuted him for being homosexual. His death is named suicidal but his family doubts that. It could have been accidental death because he died after consuming a poisoned apple...Or did he know too much?
(Unnatural death cause might be reflected by the minor aspects between Mars and Saturn (75 degrees) and between Mars and Pluto (semi square). Minor aspects are sometimes of great importance. They reveal obscure aspects. Find out more about that on this blog...*)

Posthumous recognition came in 1966. There is now an annual Turing Award given by the Association for Computing Machinery.

PALLAS, JUPITER AND URANUS (inventive patterns)
Turing had Pallas conjunct IC, Uranus on Midheaven and Jupiter on the Descendant. Pluto was rising before the Sun, conjunct Venus and the Sun was inconjunct Midheaven. The prominence of Pallas refers to the prominence of PATTERNS (...). Uranus with Midheaven is not only for being controversial in a disproportionate way (inconjunct Sun). Uranus also refers to techniques and mathematics. Mathematical patterns were of crucial importance.
Turing was inventive. He is one of the persons who founded a basis for computer technology. Jupiter and Uranus (symbols of the inventive mind) are angular, with Pallas...That means that he is inventive in finding patterns.

He had an orientation on Pluto-related affairs: money, influence, power, politics, danger, cases of life and death and sexuality, strongly going together with the earning money and intense sympathies and desires. Venus and Pluto are semi sextile Saturn, reflecting a possible disadvantage regarding the axis of money and love-sex nature. He had to undergo cruel chemical castration as a sort of a punishment for being gay; otherwise he had to go to jail! That was in the year before he died, in 1954.

It takes a lot of prominent planets to become prominent. Alan Turing had six 'calling' planets (planets with no aspect within 5 degrees and within sign):

Sun without major aspects
Mercury without major aspects
Jupiter without major aspects and conjunct Descendant
Saturn without major aspects
Uranus without major aspects and conjunct Midheaven
Neptune without major aspects

Those are 6 out of 10 planets! This offers many chances and abilities. Jupiter and Uranus are the most important planets. So is Pluto (because Pluto rises before the Sun). Just like in the chart of Igor Stravinsky (see my blog Art&Astrology http://art-astrology.blogspot.com/2009/06/astrology-chart-igor-stravinsky.html), the prominence of the Uranus-Pluto combination lead to an arrest.

There are two inconjunctions: Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter for exaggerating facts. The Sun is inconjunct Uranus for being controversial (different from the rest) in a disproportionate way. Inconjunctions refer to 'lost'. The lost of a dear friend in 1930 (with Venus inconjunct MC in the progressed chart) hurt him deeply. Inconjunctions also refer to a 'but...'. The Mercury-Jupiter combination involves successful communication. But...the inconjunction tells us that he talked too much or...knew too much, just as the title of the book about him (written by David Leavitt) mentions...

PS MC is 157.5 degrees from Neptune/Pluto, Sun is conjunct Pluto (out of sign) and half semi square Neptune. The Neptune/Pluto combination reflects the theme of the silent force, hidden power and the dangerous secrets that is often found in the charts of magicians, and of detectives, too. Neptune/Pluto forces to be discrete. Click to find out more about that...

*) Minor aspects, major impact...

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Monday, June 15, 2009

The broken arm of Margareth Thatcher

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (age 83) broke her arm on June 12. In the tertiary horoscope she had Jupiter trine Midheaven. Also, in her progressed chart Jupiter is conjunct the Ascendant (a growing aspect). So perhaps they take well care of her...The indications for a possible incident are rather obscure. They are to be found in the minor aspects and in the primary chart. Also the charts tell us that it was a sort of a hectic day in combination with a period of incidents and upheavel in her life. An explanation is that maybe the incident is just as 'minor' in her own experience and eyes and already forgotten. She has dementia. Here are the findings:

1. Hectic day
It was a day of a solar transit*) with Mercury and Uranus (transit Sun square natal Uranus and opposition natal Mercury). In her natal chart Mercury is inconjunct Uranus. This aspect does not only imply differences of opinion or controversial ideas. It is also an indication of 'changing your mind' rather abruptly with the possibility of losing balance (inconjunction) and accidents (Uranus). The solar transit activated this aspect. It was a day of being distracted somehow and a day for unpleasant surprises.

2. Forcing a limb
There is a quindecile of transit Mercury (trine Ascendant) with Saturn, perfectly reflecting breaking (Saturn) a limb (Mercury) forcing (quindecile) things.

3. Falling down
Transit Saturn 75 degrees from Progressed Midheaven: condition or status getting worse.

4. Life changing the hard way, by means of sudden incidents
Primary Sun (26.55 Sagittarius) square transit Uranus (26.465 Pisces): this is again an alarming signal of possible incidents/accidents, especially at her age.

5. Relief, but...
Primary Jupiter semi sextile transit Uranus (a relief, but...)

6. Hurt feelings
Transit Venus was exactly inconjunct Mars. I have no idea what that aspect has got to do with it, except that it points at extraordinary passion with possible hurt feelings. And indeed, she got hurt.

*)Find out more about solar transits on my site Astromarkt http://www.astromarkt.net/artsolartransits.htm

More about Margareth Thatcher on this blog:
- Saturn and dementia...
- Her chart and her son's...

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Life changing chart of Chastity Bono

Recently I wrote about the signs of changing times. Chastity Bono is now about to transform into Chas Bono. What signs of strong change are there in her chart right now? I see at least four of them:

1. In a few month times the progressed Sun will be inconjunct Pluto for a disproportionate and perhaps difficult transformation.
2. Transit Uranus is opposition her natal Midheaven for upheavel.
3. Sun and Moon are on the angles of the solar return chart for this year, indicating crucial changes regarding fysical health, style and manners, presentation and condition.
4. Transit Pluto square Uranus promisses revolutionary change.

Pluto is very important in her natal chart. Pluto is conjunct Midheaven. That means that her condition and position is strongly related to issues of life and death, money, power, politics and sexuality. Pluto is also a symbol of transformation...
Mars is the first outer planet rising before her Sun. The political (Pluto) activism (Mars) is clearly indicated. Pluto is inconjunct the Venus-Saturn conjunction, pointing at a possible serious hormonal problem.

It must be hard to change your life in such a drastic manner, with operations, chemistry and the pain. The combination of the transit of Neptune inconjunct Midheaven and the up coming transit of Saturn conjunct Midheaven could indicate hospitalization. But, the fact that Chas lives in an artists' and unconventional environment with enough money to make the best of it will hopefully help.

Meanwhile her mother (Cher Bono Allman) has the progressive Sun in the final degree of Cancer. Last year she had Sun conjunct Saturn and worried about her son (see the post involved). Is it the Moon inconjunct Uranus that causes upheavel about her family? Or would it be the 'calling'*) Black Moon Lilith in the fifth house? According to Lilith Tribe the fifth house position of Lilith makes motherhood uneasy...

*)Calling: no major aspects in sign and/or in orb 5 degrees. The effect is that the calling planet manifests at any possible level, strongly. Black Moon Lilith in the 5th house, calling, would strongly manifest the nature of Black Moon Lilith in 5th house affairs such as children, play and entertainment.

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Chart of the final message of the crashed flight 447

The cause of the accident with the Air France flight 447 of June 1 2009 remains a mystery up to now. The black boxes might be lost. It is also not known where and when exactly the crash took place. Without an exact time and place of the moment of the crash of the Air France flight 447 we don't know the exact cross point of horizon and meridian. That means that we don't know the exact crucial astrological indications that accompanied the moment of the crash. It is estimated that the plane was at about 30d West and 4d North. The last message received was at 2:14 GMT. That is not enough information for a complete event chart. However, there are some global indications for the region in the minutes of the final signal received from the plain. They point at a combination of an unclear situation and failing instruments or machinery.

Here is the chart. I highlighted the tragic combination of Uranus and Neptune on the horizon with Saturn and Vulcan squaring Midheaven, together with Mars just as far from Saturn as from Midheaven.

You may notice the importance of Mars and Saturn in the chart drawing. Mars and Saturn are again important because they are in aspect with the most important midpoints combinations: Sun/Moon (and ASC/MC for the given coordinates). Sun/Moon is semi square Saturn and square Mars (and ASC/MC is square Mars and sesquisquare Saturn*).

So: the combination of Mars and Saturn is crucial for the time and place and has a crucial place in the chart of the final automatic message. The combination of Mars and Saturn points at lack of energy, end of motion and restricted action. The last minutes of the Air France Flight number 447 were characterized by the most difficult planets available... Unfortunately sometimes difficult and dangerous circumstances coincide with a difficult event chart. Most often accidents occur due to a combination of incidents that eventually lead to a crash. Crashes usually don't happen with perfect machines and in perfectly good weather conditions. But they can happen any time when bad conditions of the weather, the machine and the instruments go together. The event chart shows a difficult situation. The weather or machinery conditions did the rest.

*)Between parenthesis because of the uncertain exact place of the last message and crash

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Astrological signs of changing times

Here are more than a dozen astrological indications for life changing periods! Of course: with examples….But first one warning:
It depends on the amount of aspects and/or of mirrored aspects in the natal chart how strong the effect of the signs of changing times will be. And as you may notice from the examples: there is miscellaneous effect, depending on the natal chart, other aspects and transits that accompany the signs of changing times and last but not least: ages, genes and social/economic circumstances.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but three of them usually do:)... When there are three or more of those signs of changing times within a short period of time, it might be difficult to cope with the amount of challenges. Changes require flexibility and for older people a lot of challenges at the time might just be too much. There are easy and welcome changes. But life changing events can also be strenuous or dramatic.

A recent example is Susan Boyle’s chart with a changing Sun sign, Pluto square SA Midheaven, Saturn inconjunct Midheaven and Venus on the IC of the Solar Return Chart. With more than 3 important signs of changing times, she collapsed shortly after she became nr. 2 in ‘Britain’s got more talent’. Nevertheless, she is becoming one of the better payed artists in the UK.

The list of astrological signs for changing times below gives an idea of when life changes. There is no hierarchy of importance in the number of the sign of change.

1. When progressed (Solar Arc) Sun sign changes
This period starts lasts about 3 to 4 years, starting when the progressed Sun enters the 29th degree of a sign. Everybody has 2 or 3 of such periods in a life time. The major aspects in the period offer further information about the nature of the change.

2. Transit Pluto is in aspect with your Sun or progressed Sun
Pluto is the planet of dramatic change and transformation. The transit of Pluto forces you to make changes in life style or in the way that you developed. Especially with the conjunction might sort of force you to start living life in a more intense way. The effect is stronger and longer when you have a major or minor aspect between Sun and Pluto in the natal chart.

3. Transit Uranus is in aspect with your (progressed) Sun
Uranus is the planet of hectic sudden changes. The transit of Uranus shakes your world and the way that you see it or as you came to see it. For a period you might be ‘in the news’ and discussed. The effect is stronger and longer when you have a major or minor aspect between Sun and Uranus in the natal chart.

4. The conjunction of progressed Sun
When the progressed Sun joins another planet or the Moon, something new enters your life; new developments alter your life style. I had Sun conjunct ruler 7 when I married, for example.

5. The progressed Sun in opposition
When the Sun is opposition another planet or the Moon you are strongly influenced by the outside world (by what other people – want you to – do). I know of someone with progressed Sun opposition Pluto, whose life changed in a dramatic way when her husband left her and her financial situation altered. One of the Popes had this aspect when he died within one month after being elected pope. Dramatic change at old age is more difficult, even when it means success. And Pluto’s effect is always strong…

6. Transit Saturn in aspect with your Sun
Saturn is the planet of endings and separations. With the transit of Saturn a life style (way of life) or life (as you know it) ends. There are shortcomings, mistakes, guilt and debts to consider. Often, when people die, they see their lives as a debit-credit account. What did they do wrong, what deserves respect...These considerations often lead to changes, because you clearly see (Sun) what is wrong in your life (Saturn).
For the effect of Saturn and Sun together, see the link...

7. Progressed Midheaven changing sign
The changing sign of Midheaven changes the condition or status of a person. It is important to know the exact hour of birth for information about Midheaven.

8. Transit Uranus or Pluto in aspect with (progressed) Midheaven
Dramatic changes in status or reputation are involved when there is a transit or progressed aspect of Midheaven with Uranus or Pluto.

9. Progressed Sun/Moon with slow moving transits (for example from Pluto)
I have written about that before, see this link...
10. The progressed Moon on the angles (Ascendant, MC, IC or Descendant)
With the progressed Moon on one of the angles of the (progressed) chart, emotional change might happen. Often this is just temporary, a moment in time that somehow emotioned you or that you may remember later.

11. Planets on the Solar Return Chart angles
With a planet on the angles of the solar return chart, something of importance makes it a special year. It might be the end of a period (Saturn on an angle), lost or confusion might change your ways (Neptune), a shocking or surprising event might mark the year (Uranus), but it can also be a year of fun and tender loving (Venus), family affairs (Moon), being struck or hit (Mars), great development or a voyage (Jupiter). Your position changes when the Moon, Pluto or Uranus is in hard aspect with the Midheaven of the solar return chart. This doesn’t necessarily mean a changing status or career. Often it refers to family matters (motherhood, parenthood, changes in the family or domestic changes).

12. Transit Neptune in aspect with (progressed) Sun or Midheaven
Neptune confuses and redirects (mostly in the 'wrong' direction: out of the limelight). A period of isolation sometimes offers opportunities, for example for artists, authors or composers. But most Neptunic transits occur when illness, weakness or disappointment is the issue. Isolation in hospital, in another country, in your own house...Neptune is like a mist and in the mist noise is sometimes even louder. You can clearly hear what is wrong, but you cannot focus on the problem and you cannot solve it until the transit is over and the mist passed bye.
Does this aspect change you? Yes, it makes you aware of what is wrong with you, your life style, your career or your family life. And this is a chance to get a vision of what life should be like, later.

13. Joyfull changes with Jupiter
Of course, with Jupiter's transits and progressions life can change, too. Mostly that will be in a beneficial way. But Jupiter's transits and progressions just improve, stimulate and grow. They don't change you in the sense of 'transforming you'. It is really up to you. When you profit the honest way, you will benefit. When you make advances the criminal way, you will be exposed later, perhaps. And only when there is a Sun-Jupiter conflict in your natal chart.

14. Transits over the Ascendant and ASC/MC
Transits over the Ascendant have an effect on your ‘horizon’, like transits over the meridian have an effect on your position. Transits over the crosspoint of Ascendant and Midheaven (ASC/MC) has a crucial effect.

A. Changing Sun signs
. President Obama's progressed Sun sign is changing during this first period of his presidency. His life and life style changed and is still changing. As he is the leader of the country, the USA is also transforming.
. The Berlusconi's both had the progressed Sun sign changing at the time of their marriage.
. Dave Dee died in a period of the Sun sign changing sign.
. The young King of Bhutan is in a period of a changing progressed sun sign now that he became King.
. Sarah Ferguson divorced in 1996 with progressed Sun in 27.5 Scorpio and after that she completely changed her life style. She cleared her debts in 1998 (when the Sun moved to Sagittarius).
- David Carradine (December 8, 1936 Hollywood) died June 3, 2009 in Bangkok in suspicious and rather strange circumstances, in the year when the progressed Sun sign was changing.

B. Pluto and the Sun
. The young King of Bhutan has transit Pluto square progressed Sun now: he is in the middle of a period of dramatic changes (for him and his country).
. Sometimes the transit of Pluto refers to the 'come back' of old problems. This happened to Dutch Prince Bernhard jr. who had to have surgery twice because the same physical problem reappeared with transit Pluto conjunct the Sun.
. I know of a person who had transit Pluto conjunct progressed Sun and transit Uranus square natal Sun at the same time. Her life ended in that period.
For more information about Sun-Pluto transits and progressions, see the article on Astromarkt about Sun and Pluto.

C. Progressed Sun/Moon
Joe Biden had Transit Pluto at 29d22 Sagittarius semi square his progressed Sun/Moon in 14d16 Aquarius on Election Day and in the months before. He was confronted with the death of a family member, political confrontations and the transformation to vice-president.
More about progressed Sun/Moon: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2008/12/progressed-sunmoon-midpoint.html or click the label below.

D. Aspects made by progressed Midheaven or transits with (progressed) Midheaven
Transit Uranus semi square her natal Midheaven caused upheaval in the international press about Ingrid Betancourt's divorce. For more examples in my other post about transit Uranus and Midheaven click here http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/02/uranus-on-top-or-in-aspect-with.html or here..
. Empress Mitchiko of Japan had progressed Midheaven opposition Uranus when her father in law died and her husband became Emperor. More modern (Uranus!) times started for her and her country.
Transit Uranus opposition the Midheaven of Mata Hari when she was convicted to death, to her surprise and astonishment

Transit Uranus afflicting progressed Ascendant and Midheaven in Sarah Palin’s chart (starting the investigation of abuse of power)

Transit Uranus opposition Midheaven in the chart of Joe Biden (when his mother in law died and his son went to Iraq in the middle of election time)

Transit Uranus inconjunct Midheaven in Jesse Jackson’s chart (when he spoke of Obama’s balls)

Progressions: the astrological positions following the day of birth. One day after birth = the first year after birth, etc. The view from earth with the movement of earth around it's axis in one day resembles the view with the movement of the earth around the sun in one year. The progression symbolizes the view ahead for the years to come.

Transits and progressions that are connecting the same planets that form an aspect in the natal chart, have the strongest effect. Say: if you have Sun inconjunct Uranus and transit Uranus is conjunct your progressed Sun, this transit will have a stronger effect for you than it has for someone who does not have a Sun-Uranus connection in the natal chart. It is quite logical that the planet of upheaval will have a stronger effect in the life of someone with a disposition for disproportionate upheaval, an impulsive or nervous person (for example). Or when you have Sun sextile Neptune, the transit of Neptune conjunct your Sun may bring certain weaknesses to the light that were already there. Your natural talent to 'hide away' or 'pretend' will be highlighted due to circumstances.

The transits and progressions need to be interpreted with the natal chart in mind, as always. And in particular when they mirror the natal chart.

Solar Return Chart: the chart of your annual birthday (for the exact moment that the Sun has the same degree, minute and second as when you were born)

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