Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Mark Sanford disappearances

Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina, disappeared on June 18 2009, not answerring the phone and without telling his wife and family of his whereabouts. His mobile phone was turned off (and he couldn't be tracked that way). He also didn't tell the State Law Enforcement Division (for his security).

A governor is the highest authority in case of a state emergency and there should always be a way to contact him, wherever he goes. Now we know that he was in Argentina.
This was not the first time that he vanished. His wife was not concerned, she said. But Mr. Knotts, a longtime Sanford critic, is! That is because Governor Sanfort
'has frequently been eluding SLED agents and disappearing at odd times'.

Why do I tell you this on Astropost? It is because of the 3 indications for wanting to be free and alone and for having a party. In short:

1. Sun inconjunct Neptune for wanting to be alone (perhaps not appropiate now). It is the same aspect that Susan Boyle has. More about Sun inconjunct Neptune...on

2. Saturn inconjunct Uranus for missing balance between duty and being free; with the transits of Venus and Mars there is a passion to break free right now.
More about Saturn-Uranus...

3. Venus inconjunct Jupiter for a whole lot of fun (and perhaps too much) and that is being activated lately by Venus inconjunct Jupiter in the progressed chart.
More examples of Venus and Jupiter related to a party...

That is three times an inconjunction. Inconjunctions mirror a disturbed balance, mental or fysical. And inconjunctions are there when something (or perhaps someone) is lost (like freedom, a certain lifestyle).

Now where is the governor in this picture? Perhaps Saturn in Capricorn is on a prominent spot in the natal chart. Or Pluto (for politics). Without time of birth this remains unknown. Mark Sanford was born May 28, 1960.

PS Neptune has an important role in the charts of those who are involved with missing people.

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