Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tim Cook: Sun conjunct Neptune

Kind of interesting that the CEO of Apple is a man with Sun conjunct Neptune in his natal chart. This aspect signals discretion, 'double lives', a romantic, fantastic or idealistic view of the world and being either a dreamer or a visionary person. It seems that his sexual orientation is a secret. Now that transit Uranus is square his Mars and transit Saturn square his progressed Venus there was a moment of silence after a CNBC host mentioning Cook 'being gay'. Uranus-Mars upsets, Saturn-Venus is painful. But in fact: we still don't really know. That is Sun-Neptunic with a sauce of Scorpio!

Read Astromarkt on Sun-Neptune and the question;"Am I who they say that I am or..."


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Netherlands-Mexico June 29, 2014 and astrology

Chihuahua wearing orange

An animal (a meerkat, see YouTube) predicted that The Netherlands will win Netherlands - Mexico on June 29. Should I believe him?  

I try to find out if it helps to use the Midheaven of the final moment as the symbol of 'the result'. The nature of the planets in the coaches' natal chart 'hitting' this Midheaven could give some insight in their status quo on the final moment. 

The Mexican coach Herrera has his best moment about half an hour after the official final moment of the match. That means, that if it is even at the final moment, Mexico could win the battle later. Herrera has transit Jupiter close to a trine with his natal Sun. That is what the Spanish coach had in 2012! But, I read that he is already certain of his contract, even if he loses, as a sort of a reward for the results up to now! That is reason for contentment already! 

I would be more positive about the chances for the Netherlands if I didn't know that transit Mars is exactly conjunct Louis van Gaal's natal Neptune. I hope that he catches a cold and is not disappointed at all. 

Of course, there is no hour of birth for the coaches, there are two teams of 11 persons and there is a whole nation supporting the teams... It is not a prediction, it is an experiment. Up to now Louis van Gaal's team and tactics keep giving amazing results. So don't bet on it, please. Just ask yourself what you would think of it if you saw the charts (they are on Astromarkt: )

PS Any video of an animal predicting that Mexico will win? And is that animal, btw, living in Mexico?:) This Mexican dog thinks it will be Holland! In fact, almost everybody thinks so. So...perhaps this is really the last fase of the experiment to see correspondence between the results of a football match and the chart of that moment (related to the coaches' charts). I actually hope so, because it is a lot of work and I don't really like football. 


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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The start of World War 1, the chart of Gavrilo Princip

One hundred years ago Gavrilo Princip, a nationalist Bosnian Serb, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Sophie, his wife. It happened on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo.  A newspaper said today that he is the most successful terrorist ever, because eventually he reached his goal, long after death, however. Let’s see his chart with transits and progressions for the day of the murder.

What kind of a chart has he? Here you see the natal with transits and progressions for June 28, 1914.
Click to enlarge!

I think that first of all he wanted to be significant (Sun calling!) and successful. A key characteristic is that he is o do-er (active, aggressive) and serious, too. He is a believer/follower or has followers with Jupiter/Neptune angular. 
The most personal and individual points in a chart are the midpoints AC/MC and Sun/Moon. They show us what might happen. His AC/MC is in hard aspect with the Northern Node, telling us about the importance of groups and being part of it.
His Sun/Moon is in hard aspect with Mars/Uranus (the midpoint of acceleration and accidents, surgery, taking measures right away, terrorism and freedom fighters).  Sun/Moon midpoint semi square Quaoar definitely gives away what he intended to do and what motivated him: shaping a whole new reality, a new world, by means of an act of surprise.
Also, the tight aspect 'Sun square Pholus' seems to fit the idea of shooting your own feet being the catalyst. 

A key aspect is Mars opposite Saturn on the meridian (discipline, the importance of death and death ends, ‘heroism’). It is an aspect for a warrior or a soldier, someone with a deathly weapon. The placement on the meridian tells us about the importance of this aspect.
Eris, exactly square his Ascendant, symbolizes discord and disharmony.

There are more details, like the placement of the 'calling' Sun in the eight house, but why mention all the details? We could also have a look at the situation. He was very young and part of a group named 'The Black Hand'. He was ill. He was small and he was weak. And still, he managed to became notorious (Sun), a questionable hero (Mars opposite Saturn) and a person who succeeded (Jupiter transits/progressions) to become the symbol of a turning point in history (Sun square Pholus) when he acted on impulse with heart and soul (Sun/Moon - Mars/Uranus) to create (Quaoar) a change. 

Killing a monarch is not the way we like to change the world. This killer had Uranus inconjunct Pluto on the day of his birth in the year of the Dreyfuss affair (see: the day that he successfully assassinated the (in his eyes) suppressor of his people, he had transit Jupiter sesquisquare progressed Midheaven and opposite progressed Sun.
He was content.  One hundred years later most of his goals have been reached.

He died within 4 years of tuberculosis. Previous to his final day, transits of Saturn and Neptune had already weakened him. They even had to amputate his arm. See the chart:

On his final day he had an astrological significant aspect combination for a final day: the progressed ruler of the 4th house (ruling the Moon, ruler of the 8th house) was conjunct the Moon, ruler of the 8th house. The 8th house is the house of crisis, life and death. The 4th house is about (as I see it) ‘going home’ (back to basics).  There is again a Sun-Jupiter aspect. The progressed Sun sextile Jupiter ruler 1 made it easy to move on to a better place.

The murder was the trigger to World War I, they say. Or was it A trigger? There already was a difficult situation. The murder was more fuel. See for more on the murder related to the following war. 

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Jean-Claude Juncker's Saturn and Chiron

Usually, uneasy transits and progressions with Saturn mark the end of a period, with saying goodbye and farewell. Jean-Claude Juncker however, chooses to start in a top level function in the European Union, in spite of criticism that is supposed to happen in Saturn times. Here is his chart (day of birth, transits and progressions). There is no hour of birth, but it is easy to see the importance of Saturn rising before the Sun on December 9, 1954 in Redange (Lux).

Look at his chart: transit Saturn is now square progressed Sun. As Juncker is about 60 years old, he faces his second Saturn return (time to face your age, memento mori). Progressed Mars is inconjunct natal Saturn. Transit Uranus is inconjunct natal Saturn (and trine natal Sun). He could still withdraw, but nobody expects him too. He has ambitions...But given the composition of transits and progressions, he is having hard times now. The chart mirrors more endings than beginnings. How does it feel to start this way? I guess that it hurts (see transit Chiron square natal Sun).
Click for a better view...
Saturn is the symbol of management and ambition. Saturn is important in his natal chart. If Jean-Claude Juncker was born before 18 hours (6 p.m.) Saturn rises before a ‘calling’ Sun (the Sun in a starring role). The Sun is semi sextile Saturn all day. It is the signature of a person ‘in charge’, a leader with ambition, a manager who draws attention and could tend to be an autocrat. 

There are more people born on December 9, 1954. One of them is a popular Dutch comedian who was given an estimate 10-15 years left in 2010 when he was diagnosed with leukemia. The other one is a Dutch football manager. Managing to be in charge is one of the things that Sun-Saturn does. Apparently, it doesn't have to be in politics, though Phil Bryant (Republican Governor) is definitely a politician, like Juncker, who is also a conservative.

Jean-Claude Juncker is very much in favor of more Europe and doesn’t really seem to care about democracy. His answer to a No in a referendum:

If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue'. If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue'.

This man will probably become Chairman of the European Commission. This in spite of questions about his drinking habits (see Daily Telegraph). Earlier, a Dutch minister mentioned this... See the denial of Jean-Claude Juncker:

Anyway, Mr Juncker has the full support of Angela Merkel and most of the members. David Cameron*) seems to be alone in his criticism. This won’t stop Europe, …yet. Maybe it will keep Britain out of the Euro forever? There is more coming up for Europe. 

There has been tension before (Uranus-Pluto square in 2012-2013) and it is a bit easier now. But in 2015 transit Neptune conjunct progressed Sun will be an undermining aspect. In 2018, when the Union is 60 years old (like Juncker now), Saturn will be conjunct the natal Sun of January 1958. That may be an important moment in history. With progressed Sun then inconjunct Uranus there will be an overdose of tension.  

These kind of ‘democratic’ appointments and decissions defenitely won’t help to make the European Union more popular, meanwhile...

*) Hungarian Orban will also vote against Juncker.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mexican hero Miguel Hidalgo's chart

Miguel Hidalgo was a revolutionary priest who was arrested and executed. Here is the chart of his day of birth with transits and progressions for the day of his arrest. Not surprisingly (sic...) transit Uranus was opposition his natal Sun on that day. His important out of bounds and 'calling' Venus had moved to an opposition with Pluto. Progressed Venus was also square Mars*). Hidalgo's death didn't stop the revolution. His death added fuel to the fire. He started his crusade on September 16 (grito de Dolores, now this place is called: Dolores Hidalgo). That day is now Mexico's Independence Day.

Mars rises before his natal Sun and that shows us the importance of activism, energy, aggression, war, fighting, and sexuality, too. He broke all rules of the Catholic Church regarding priests and women. Venus is 'calling'... and Mars is important. It means sexuality was important and so was activism. The fact that there is a harmonious aspect with Jupiter helped him on the way to success. There were difficult aspects with Uranus and Pluto, however.

That Mars is conjunct Uranus and tightly square Pluto. The combination of Mars-Uranus-Pluto mirrors crisis and the risk of arrests. Mars-Uranus is frequent in the charts of terrorists and freedom fighters (depending on which way you look) and Mars-Pluto is eager to win, no matter what or how (think of Luis Suarez: Mars inconjunct Pluto). The intense drive to make a change, resistance and revolt, activates forces that may eventually hurt or damage you. Uranus-Pluto changes scenes immediately and an arrest is what changes it all, suddenly.

Probably Venus was related to the 8th house of life, death and crisis. As his hour of birth is unknown, that will remain speculation. With no known hour of birth we won't know the Ascendant, Midheaven or Moon degrees either.


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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Astrology of Netherlands-Chili June 23, 2014

Use the label 'Football' and you find a lot of posts related to an experiment: finding a correspondence between charts and results in football. Here is another try. 

On Monday June 23, 2014 there is the match Netherlands-Chili and I think that it will be undecided but a typical short fuse match. Why? 
1. A peculiar Midheaven of the final moment with only one aspect (inconjunct Neptune, the planet of confusion and doubt), 
2. The MC of the final moment is exactly square the natal Neptune of Sampaoli (the coach of Chili). Sounds like disappointment and he wants to be the pool number 1
3. Mars opposite Uranus (short fuses), tightly and 
4. Eris-Mars-MC and Van Gaal (football is war sometimes)
5. Double Sun-Mars synastry between the coaches. This shows competition.

But, nothing is certain and predicting is difficult, especially when it is about the future:). So don't put your money on it, just study the charts. Any other idea? Let me know before the match!

BTW The chart of the Netherlands had transit Jupiter sextile Sun in 1988 (when the Netherlands became European champion). On July 13 (finale WC2014) Jupiter will be 5 degrees too far for a perfect trine with the Dutch natal Sun. The Netherlands are not favorite in the Top10. Hope keeps them going!:)

This is the chart of the final moment with the transit positions on the day of birth of Sampaoli.
The picture above shows that in Greece in ancient times there was football, too, just like astrology. Did these two meet?

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chart of King Felipe

Today, with transit Saturn square his progressed Ascendant and close to his natal Descendant, Prince Felipe de Borbon turned into a King. There was no party, there were no festivities, it was very cool and official. Saturn is the symbol of duties, management, status and ambition. Saturn is also the symbol of criticism and that is what the Spanish royals got abundantly last year. Saturn rules Felipe's Midheaven in Capricorn. It is up to Felipe now. His father (see the post on his difficult year) quit the job with transit Saturn inconjunct  progressed Midheaven, the same aspect that his daughter Cristina had, when she fell off her pedestal.

What kind of a 'ruler' will Felipe be? There is Neptune, rising before the Sun, for an idealistic or spiritual view of life. There is the elevated Moon in Aquarius, square the Taurus Ascendant, for a certain distance and need for independency and change, difficult given his circumstances. However, he married the woman he wanted.
To do the job there are Sun sextile Saturn for managing to be in charge and Sun/Moon conjunct Vesta for dedication. Jupiter/Pluto semi square MC is an indication for success.

Felipe will have a hard time to gain back the lost popularity of the Spanish royal family, where the problems started in 2010 with rather Plutonic aspects. Though he seems to be equipped to do the job as a real manager and with a certain belief, his chart is so much different from the chart of Dutch King Willem Alexander  (prominent Saturn and dito Sun binovile the elevated Jupiter) or the Belgian King Philip (prominent Sun and Saturn, too) that I wonder about the kind of king that he will be. Quaoar square Midheaven in the natal chart relates 'creating new worlds and realities' to his position and career.  The Sun and Moon in Aquarius tells me that he will have his own unique way to 'do that'. He starts the job at a moment that both the Spanish football team (WC2014) and his father Juan Carlos left the public scene, in the middle of an economic crisis and scandal in the family. He won't have an easy start and Saturn's transits confirm this. But in the progressed chart the Sun trine Neptune and inconjunct Jupiter offer a more positive view to the near future. Jupiter-Neptune together stimulates having fans and followers and also helps a person to keep believing and hoping. We'll see.

Here is the chart, with transits and progressions for today:

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gemini Astrologer Alice Ann Bailey

Alice Ann Bailey wrote about 30 books on various ancient subjects and was an occult (esoteric) astrologer. With Jupiter/Uranus midpoint conjunct Sun, and both Jupiter and Uranus connected with Midheaven, she has a key to astrology. Her MC-routing ends in Mercury ruler 3, her Sun is in Gemini and her Moon is in the 3rd house. This all leads to writing.

In the time of Alice Ann Bailey, there was much interest in the occult. Maybe she was triggered to study this subject by the 'calling' Virgo Moon, ruling the 12th house. Neptune square and Pluto quintile the Ascendant help to create the right atmosphere for mystery. I can imagine that her Gemini Sun was curious enough to have a look...

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Astrology and WC2014

Charts Spain-Netherland and Australia-Netherlands
The Mercury Retrograde episode prevented that I would publish my weekly column on in less than 3 efforts, so I can only hope that this post will be online today. It is sort of a translation of the column and it is about football. It takes a lot of time to analyse charts of football matches and I don’t have much time now that I am back from a 4 week journey and see the washes and the garden...
But astrology keeps calling, and today is Father's Day, so I had a look at Spain-Netherlands and Australia-Netherlands. 
Previously I found a correspondence between Midheaven of the final moment of a match and the charts of the coaches. This time only Del Bosque’s Chiron square Midheaven and no major or minor aspect with the chart of Louis van Gaal. 
Now that is not very surprising, since we all knew that the Netherlands would win at the moment that it was 1-3 and even more 1-4. I cheered before the final moment and so did almost everybody (expect the fans of Spain, of course). Van Gaal’s Venus on the actual Midheaven of that moment revealed that a wish came true: he was happy. The final moment held no surprise or emotion that hadn’t been expressed in an earlier stage. 

That, dear readers, makes it complicated to look at football with astrologer’s glasses on. Any moment in the game can be the ‘ultimate’ moment! And shouldn't there be an astrological exclamation when you see the results: 5 to 1? It’s just that I am too curious not to give it a try again, that you see the chart of the official final moment of Australia-Netherlands here. 
For a larger picture, click on it.
Please keep in mind, that transit Uranus is in aspect with the natal and progressed Sun of Van Gaal these days and that Uranus is the symbol of what can’t be predicted at all. Uranus is for tension, excitement and surprise, surprise! But, how about that double Mars-Jupiter interaction? This seems to reflect successful action and competition. 
Above are the charts (the transits are the positions on the day of birth of Dutch coach Van Gaal) and… don’t forget to enjoy Fathers’ Day! You’ll know the results of the match soon enough! If astrology could be used to 'predict' the results, astrologers would be billionaires. Knowing that, doesn't stop me from having a look at the charts. 

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Timeline of Bowe Bergdahl's chart

Bowe Bergdahl is a US soldier, recently released in a prisoner change, who was captured by the Taliban when he walked out of the compound unarmed. His chart, transits and progressions offer insight in the astrological indications of change and the impact of natal aspects. As Bergdahl seems to have psychological problems dating back to a decade, his chart should be read considering that fact and even mote careful because there is no hour of birth. I'll stick to the timelime and the progressions and transits in this post.

When he wrote about a new life, and was forced to step into another world, his progressed Sun was moving to the next sign (from Aries to Taurus), trine Mars (the symbol of the soldier). Progressed Venus inconjunct Uranus and semi square Sun.

When he was released the Sun was opposite Pluto in the progressed chart with progressed Sun trine Neptune. In the natal chart Sun is inconjunct Pluto and square Neptune. Transit Pholus conjunct his Uranus and transit Pluto conjunct Mars completes the picture. 

A progressed Sun changing sign indicates a change in life style. When it happened to me, that was clearly so. Sun-Pluto transits and progressions point at periods of stress, survival and comebacks and sometimes of life at stake. It seems the Berghdahl's timeline is corresponding with the transits and progressions with his chart.