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Bright sides of bad transits/progressions: Sun-Neptune

 You know the song ‘Bright side of life’? If you don’t, here is the song and text ( ). Sing along while reading this post! It is summer time (well, almost!).  The picture above is 'Fallen star' by

This post is one of a series of posts about the bright sides of nasty aspects (but only when you look at it like if you were the devil's advocate). Of course, I don’t want to laugh at heavy transits. I wouldn’t dare! Too many of them have passed in my life and most of them were rather unpleasant! It is no wonder that many of us fear the transits  and progressions of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It is, because they  use to mirror periods of set backs, shocks, confusion and stress. But there ARE always bright sides, tiny little insignificant sparks of light, fallen stars that may hit you when you are down. I always use music in such periods. So I included a suggested YouTube video, in every post.

Use it for transits and progressions, just to consider the bright sides. What have you learned, gained or experienced in those nasty periods? 

The label  for the list is ‘Bright sides’. You find that label on the (b)right side of Astropost.

At least your closet is open now and all nightmares came out while you were on the run like in some kind of a B-movie, looking over your shoulder and wondering where to go, ending up in the witches’ house. With Sun – Neptune your dreams AND nightmares may come true, so be prepared for miracles, ghosts, fake persons and (this is for the VIPs among us) the media on the look out for a gossip story. It is a wonderful world, with Sun-Neptune! A world of visions, secrets to conceal, paranormal experiences and media attention (or just everybody talking about you).

Who had such an experience and what happened? Bernard Frank had progressed Sun square Neptune when Mark Gould pretended to be a Nazi and thus got all kind of information that exposed Frank (see: )

You will probably like this song now. It’s a wonderful world… or this one (my favorite song in a Sun-Neptune period): (I can see clearly now...)

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