Sunday, June 15, 2014

Astrology and WC2014

Charts Spain-Netherland and Australia-Netherlands
The Mercury Retrograde episode prevented that I would publish my weekly column on in less than 3 efforts, so I can only hope that this post will be online today. It is sort of a translation of the column and it is about football. It takes a lot of time to analyse charts of football matches and I don’t have much time now that I am back from a 4 week journey and see the washes and the garden...
But astrology keeps calling, and today is Father's Day, so I had a look at Spain-Netherlands and Australia-Netherlands. 
Previously I found a correspondence between Midheaven of the final moment of a match and the charts of the coaches. This time only Del Bosque’s Chiron square Midheaven and no major or minor aspect with the chart of Louis van Gaal. 
Now that is not very surprising, since we all knew that the Netherlands would win at the moment that it was 1-3 and even more 1-4. I cheered before the final moment and so did almost everybody (expect the fans of Spain, of course). Van Gaal’s Venus on the actual Midheaven of that moment revealed that a wish came true: he was happy. The final moment held no surprise or emotion that hadn’t been expressed in an earlier stage. 

That, dear readers, makes it complicated to look at football with astrologer’s glasses on. Any moment in the game can be the ‘ultimate’ moment! And shouldn't there be an astrological exclamation when you see the results: 5 to 1? It’s just that I am too curious not to give it a try again, that you see the chart of the official final moment of Australia-Netherlands here. 
For a larger picture, click on it.
Please keep in mind, that transit Uranus is in aspect with the natal and progressed Sun of Van Gaal these days and that Uranus is the symbol of what can’t be predicted at all. Uranus is for tension, excitement and surprise, surprise! But, how about that double Mars-Jupiter interaction? This seems to reflect successful action and competition. 
Above are the charts (the transits are the positions on the day of birth of Dutch coach Van Gaal) and… don’t forget to enjoy Fathers’ Day! You’ll know the results of the match soon enough! If astrology could be used to 'predict' the results, astrologers would be billionaires. Knowing that, doesn't stop me from having a look at the charts. 

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