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The start of World War 1, the chart of Gavrilo Princip

One hundred years ago Gavrilo Princip, a nationalist Bosnian Serb, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Sophie, his wife. It happened on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo.  A newspaper said today that he is the most successful terrorist ever, because eventually he reached his goal, long after death, however. Let’s see his chart with transits and progressions for the day of the murder.

What kind of a chart has he? Here you see the natal with transits and progressions for June 28, 1914.
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I think that first of all he wanted to be significant (Sun calling!) and successful. A key characteristic is that he is o do-er (active, aggressive) and serious, too. He is a believer/follower or has followers with Jupiter/Neptune angular. 
The most personal and individual points in a chart are the midpoints AC/MC and Sun/Moon. They show us what might happen. His AC/MC is in hard aspect with the Northern Node, telling us about the importance of groups and being part of it.
His Sun/Moon is in hard aspect with Mars/Uranus (the midpoint of acceleration and accidents, surgery, taking measures right away, terrorism and freedom fighters).  Sun/Moon midpoint semi square Quaoar definitely gives away what he intended to do and what motivated him: shaping a whole new reality, a new world, by means of an act of surprise.
Also, the tight aspect 'Sun square Pholus' seems to fit the idea of shooting your own feet being the catalyst. 

A key aspect is Mars opposite Saturn on the meridian (discipline, the importance of death and death ends, ‘heroism’). It is an aspect for a warrior or a soldier, someone with a deathly weapon. The placement on the meridian tells us about the importance of this aspect.
Eris, exactly square his Ascendant, symbolizes discord and disharmony.

There are more details, like the placement of the 'calling' Sun in the eight house, but why mention all the details? We could also have a look at the situation. He was very young and part of a group named 'The Black Hand'. He was ill. He was small and he was weak. And still, he managed to became notorious (Sun), a questionable hero (Mars opposite Saturn) and a person who succeeded (Jupiter transits/progressions) to become the symbol of a turning point in history (Sun square Pholus) when he acted on impulse with heart and soul (Sun/Moon - Mars/Uranus) to create (Quaoar) a change. 

Killing a monarch is not the way we like to change the world. This killer had Uranus inconjunct Pluto on the day of his birth in the year of the Dreyfuss affair (see: the day that he successfully assassinated the (in his eyes) suppressor of his people, he had transit Jupiter sesquisquare progressed Midheaven and opposite progressed Sun.
He was content.  One hundred years later most of his goals have been reached.

He died within 4 years of tuberculosis. Previous to his final day, transits of Saturn and Neptune had already weakened him. They even had to amputate his arm. See the chart:

On his final day he had an astrological significant aspect combination for a final day: the progressed ruler of the 4th house (ruling the Moon, ruler of the 8th house) was conjunct the Moon, ruler of the 8th house. The 8th house is the house of crisis, life and death. The 4th house is about (as I see it) ‘going home’ (back to basics).  There is again a Sun-Jupiter aspect. The progressed Sun sextile Jupiter ruler 1 made it easy to move on to a better place.

The murder was the trigger to World War I, they say. Or was it A trigger? There already was a difficult situation. The murder was more fuel. See for more on the murder related to the following war. 

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