Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Robbie Williams has been taken advantage of, by so called friends of the football team La Vale, but now he found out. This happened to him during a progressed square between Sun and Saturn (a hard way to grow up). In his birth chart Saturn is in the Placidus 11th house of friends. Another significant aspect is that of the progressed Moon moving over the horizon into the 7th house: a spotlight on relationships. Transit Saturn is inconjunct this progressed Moon now (sadness). Moreover: Robbie has Pluto opposed to Saturn: a hard confrontation going on.

Robbie Williams was born 13th February 1974 at 15h20 in Newcastle-under-Lyme with an almost perfect conjunction of Sun and Jupiter (a combination for success). He also has an oriental Neptune (on the midpoint Ascendant/MC, trine MC) semi square Venus (end ruler of the MC). That is a statement for being artistic.

Monday, October 29, 2007


The checkboardkiller Alexander Pichushkin was convicted today. He got life in prison. His goal was to kill at least 64 people (the number of squares in the check board) and he did kill at least 48. He said he felt like a god or a father, being able to decide who would live or die (so he wanted to be an authority...). That is typical, as he has a prominent Saturn square Zero Aries.

The murderous Alexander was born 9th April 1974 and had the Moon in Scorpio calling! (without major aspects: in this case the need to be an authority). Mars is opposed to the Northern Node. Very likely Mars is on a prominent spot in his chart. The trine of Mars with Uranus works as a bridge between Mars and Saturn. Aspects between Mars and Saturn are frequent in the charts of people involved with crime (even crime busters have them...)

Watch the quindecile aspects between Sun and Pluto and between Mars and Neptune and consider the fact that he had an obsessive will to be an authority and that he used alcohol to weaken his victims (mostly alcoholics) before he killed them. And finally see the oriental Jupiter: he became known all over the world.

Today at his trial Jupiter trines his Sun. Jupiter is the planet of judges. And notice that Sun Arc Uranus is inconjunct his prominent Saturn (for a limitation of freedom).

Sunday, October 28, 2007


The predictions for the sun signs in 2008 are available now! You find them on Astromarkt. Just follow this link to find out more about the following:

How Aries will have to be more active; and for Taurus there will be mixed feelings; why Gemini will see the victory of thruth; why the Cancers are on the job or for Leo's sometimes it is just too much; what will cause Virgo to take take a deep breath; how Libra will move forward; and the way that Scorpio will apply the strategic skills or Sagittarius will have priority when he keeps up the spirit. Capricorns will have a very prosperous 2008; Aquarians must take a brake with their friends and Pisces may be found in adventurous surroundings and in company!


Whoops! Another time the British royal family suffers from a scandall. An anonymous member of the family was the victim of an attempt to blackmail him/her with a recorded sexual act. This mUst disturb the Queen and we see transit Uranus semi square her Sun. Uranus is always present when unpleasant news is around...Also Saturn sesqui square her ascendant tells us that she is not amused.

Queen Elisabeth was born in London on 21041926 at 01h40m00 GMT.

Friday, October 26, 2007


A double relief for Elton John now that the suspected photograph of the exposition of his private collection in Gateshead has been found innocent! The photo was removed by the police and now a study made clear that this was not child pornography... All this happens to Sir Elton John (born 25th March at 16 hours in Pinner) under the influence of Neptune. Neptune is the symbol of gossip, press and suspicion. Neptune also rules pictures (the immaterial, the unseizable). Transit Neptune is now in a square with the MC of Elton John and in a semi square with the MC. Transit Jupiter is opposed to Uranus and inconjunct his MC while Uranus trines his progressed MC. Jupiter-Uranus is for a relief. In this case a double one!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


In the case of the missing Madeleine McCann neighbour Robert Murat immediately drew attention. So did his chart...

Robert Murat (20 november 1973) had Mars afflicted by Uranus. Venus is in hard aspect with Mars/Sarturn, Mars/Pluto and Uranus/Pluto. It is no wonder that he was a suspect. He also was related to an East Eurpeon with a dark past sex life. There are connections between the charts of Murat and Maddy.

a. His afflicted Mars on her Venus
b. His Uranus opposed to her Venus
c. Her progressed Sun inconjunct his Uranus
d. Her progressed Sun semi sextile his Mars
e. His Pluto exactly sesquisquare her birth Sun

At the time that I noticed this (when I wrote the message and the article in Dutch called 'Vermist'= missing)I wondered if this ment being involved in the case or in the murder. Now it seems they found DNA of Madeleine McCann in Robert Murats' house.


Accidents happen, but they happen more to certain people. That is the conclusion of an Dutch study by Ellen Visser (University of Groningen). Early 2005 the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf mentioned: ACCIDENTS ARE IN THE STARS. An investigation of the Service for Advice in Trafic (Adviesdienst Verkeer en Vervoer) lead to the conclusion that there is a relationship between star sign and deathly accident. And that relationship is corresponding with the ideas in astrology!

In 2003 there were 1028 deathly victims in trafic in Holland. Of them, 106 were Aries, 106 Gemini, 100 Sagittarius, 100 Pisces, 92 Taurus, 86 Cancer, 83 Leo, 80 Virgo, 80 Aquarius, 76 Scorpio, 75 Libra, and only 43 of them were Capricorns. Capricorn is the most carefull sign.

C.E.O. Carter studied the transits in the charts of people involved in serious accidents. I looked at those charts and concluded that their birth charts did give significant clues. That is in line with the idea of the study that Ellen Visser did now. She found out that the victims of accidents often had a tendency of self destruction shown by life style or even attempts to commit suicide.

The study that I did in 2004 can be read HERE.

Monday, October 22, 2007


On the 6th of January 2007 I wrote (see the files) that at the end of this year there was an indication for a forced change in the lives of the Gemini-twins Kaczynski, prime minister and minister of Poland. They were born 18th June 1949. In their charts I saw today's transit of Pluto coming up.

And now it is the end of the year. After the elections this weekend the prime minister admitted he lost and both will resign and start the opposition. This happens to them with transit Pluto opposed to there Sun (forced change), Saturn square to Pluto (hard confrontations) and Uranus inconjunct Pluto (dramatic change).

Sunday, October 21, 2007


On June 14 this year there was hope for the release of Genarlow Wilson and today he is still in prison. He is there since February 25 2005. And why? Because he and his girl friend were sexualy active. It used to be strongly forbidden in Georgia to have sex under the age of 18. There used to be a punishment of 10 years for this and that is what the judge gave him! Now the maximum sentence is ONE year. He has been in prison for 2,5 years now! Apart from that his name will remain forever on a list of child abusers. For having sex with a girl, not against her wil!

Look at the small trine made by Mars and Neptune with Venus and Pluto. Pluto is semi square Uranus. This could be read as: an arrest (Uranus-Pluto) for a sexual mistake (Venus-Mars-Neptune).

Sign the petition here

PS dated October 2008:
Genarlow Wilson has been released one year ago and is doing fine! Read it at:

Christopher Paul Neil

The Canadian child abuser, Christopher Paul Neil, who recently was arrested in Thailand, was born 6th February 1975 in New Westminster (BC, Canada). That day Mars, planet of sexual activity, received hard aspects. In the chart of Neil Mars is evident in the wrong sense of the word. And the planet of the international (Jupiter) is 'calling' in Pisces. This points at the possibility of being religious, but also at possible self indulgency at any level.

Mars is oriental on his birthday (rising before the Sun) and heavily afflicted. The prominent Mars is making hard aspects with Saturn (an opposition) and Pluto (a square). Notice the combination of violence and danger! The closest aspect in his chart will be Venus inconjunct Pluto. The combination of Venus and Mars with Pluto, afflicted, points at problems in (sexual) relationships. Unfortunately sometimes this is an indication for using sexrelated violence of force. A male with sexual problems went to a place where it is more easy to do as you like...

Neil has Jupiter in Pisces without major aspects. That refers to a calling, in his case for priesthood. It also points at 'abroad'... About five years ago this man left Canada for Asia (Transit Pluto conjunct progessed Sun and Sun Arc Jupiter sextile Sun.) This might have initiated a period full of chances and lack of social control. This year his progressed Sun was conjunct Jupiter (for being satisfied and content). Jupiter however also is the planet of justice. It seems that he must stay abroad a while longer, now. Transit Saturnus recently made a quindecile aspect of 75 degrees with his progressed Sun. Yet, on the day of his arrest Jupiter made a hard aspect with Uranus. Usually indicative for a 'relief'.

Of course, not every male born 6th February 1975 will be a child abuser. And not everybody born that day will end up in jail. A birth chart should be regarded in the light of a situation, condition, class, culture etc. The natal chart of Christoper Paul Neil might reveil more, but I am afraid his hour of birth is unknown.

Mars and Pluto
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Resemblance between the charts of Popes
Study of a group of martyrs in Algeria

Saturday, October 20, 2007


A tragedy for Hunter Tylor (Taylor in the Bold and the Beautiful): her 19 year old son drowned in their pool, after a seizure. It is not the first time something happens to her children. In 1998 her little daughter suffered from cancer in the eyes.

Right now Jupiter (dispositor of the 5th house of children)squares her progressed Ascendant and transit Pluto opposes the progressive Mars and makes an inconjunct with her natal Mars. In her solar return for 2007/2008 Pluto is prominently placed on the descendant, indicating the fact that cases of life and death marks the coming year.

For the hard confrontations Tylor experiences (also before judges and with friends) look at the Yod made by the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is crucial on the descendant and as the Apex (inconjunct Sun and inconjunct Pluto). Watch the Void of Course Moon in the very last degree of Cancer, dispositor of the 12th and in the 12th house. There are also indication in the midpoint combinations. Tree times there is a combination made by Saturn, Neptune, Ascendant and another 3 times by Saturn, Neptune and Nodes. These combinations indicate an environment with ill people around (or in the family). Notice that in her chart the crucial Saturn is in a tight square with the equally crucial Neptune, the crucial Node and the ever important Ascendant.

Apart from the drama there is also succes in her life. She has a grand trine in her chart, constructed by Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. The prominent Neptune is the planet for the immaterial (like faith, fantasy and movies).

Tylor divorced. See the Sun (dispositor of the 1st house) semi square Mars (indicating a possible divorce) and semi square Uranus (dispositor of the 7th, telling us there is a possible divorce, again). The planets Venus and Mars collide (in Leo and Taurus).

Friday, October 19, 2007


Neptune is the planet of scandals and mysteries and today Neptune is sesquisquare the MC of David Capperfield. David Copperfield was born 16th September 1956 at 6h32 in Metuchen NY. The police just found a couple of million dollar in his deposite. It might of course be a trick!


In 1996 Nicolas Sarkozy had the progressed Moon sextile Venus AND the progressed Venus sextile Moon. This was a double sign for falling in love. Cecilia Sarkozy had the progressed Moon conjunct Venus and that made 3! In my early astrology days an astrologer told me that these are signs for 'love of the moment', just falling in love and not lasting. It seems he was right.

Their charts do not show matches in signs. The composite charts says clearly: Sun conjunct Venus (true love). The fact that a longlasting relationship needs matches is shown in the final end of their marriage now. They did separate before and Cecilia says that she fell in love with someone else in 2005.

She was born November 12, 23h55 in Boulogne Bilancourt. She has a fierce Mars walking ahead of the Sun. The Northern Node is on a crucial spot (the IC) and that shows the interest of relationships in her life. Venus biquintile Uranus ads a creative freedom in love affairs and independancy in marriage. Uranus rules her seventh house of marriage. Transit Pluto is now sesquisquare Uranus, showing the problems of the moment.

Cécilia Sarkozy is a good diplomate. She has a calling Venus (Venus not making major aspects in sign). She was a model once. Venus is for diplomatic skills, arts and beauty. And love, of course:)

I noticed that in the solar return for 2008 her Moon is on the IC, indicating a change in position. And yes, she is no longer the presidents'wife, but she doesnot seem to care about that.

Nicolas Sarkozy was born January 28 1955 at about 22 hours in Paris, according to
In his solar return for 2008 Neptune is on the descendant. I think he will miss her. There is a square between progessed Venus and progressed Saturn in his chart. That is well known sign for separation.

Interesting is, that both have a harmonical aspect between Sun and Moon and a hard aspect between Mercury and Pluto. That tells us they value family life and marriage (...) and that both tend to force their opinion to another person.

Now let's see how they did not match!

She has Sun in Scorpio, he in Aquarius.

She has the Moon in Cancer, he in Aries(they often live apart together)

Note that his Saturn is conjunct her Sun for a difference in social status, age or distance in general. From the very beginning Cecilia Sarkozy refused to be 'the wife of'. Still she succesfully intervened in the case of the Bulgarian nurses held in Libia. You see the chart of Cecilia Sarkozy here above.


Received 10/15/2007 15:51

Bertrand Cantat is the singer of the group Noir Desir, born 5th March 1964 in Pau (France) at 5:30 a.m. Here you see his birth chart. In 2003 he beated his female partner (Marie Trintignant, daughter of the famous actor) to death. He was sentenced for 8 years in prison but he will be released for \'good behaviour\'. You can see his picture on the site of De Morgen

Look at the chart and see a prominent oriental Mars, afflicted by Uranus and Pluto. This is a statement for using violence and a quick temper. Venus is connected to this by a sesqui square with Pluto. For the artist in the chart see Neptune on the MC, end ruler of the MC-routing and the crucial Venus square the Ascendant.

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PS The victim, Marie Trintignant, was born 21st January 1962. On her day of birth Pluto was sesqui square Mars/Saturn and the calling (unaspected) Mars made a 135 degree aspect with the midpoint Uranus/Pluto. On the day she died Mars opposed to Pluto in her chart and Pluto made a semi square with her natal Saturn. Thus another combination for dangerous violence and possible unnatural death was created, connected to her chart.


Received 10/12/2007 22:15

This is about the NOBEL PRIZE (AL GORE AND ARAFAT both won the prize and see how much their charts are a look-a-like). The first you see is the chart of Al Gore.

What is it that Yasser Arafat and Al Gore share, except for the Nobelprize for Peace? Both have a planet on the 11th degree of Aries (Dane Rudhyar, freely translated, said this degree means that the administrator of a country is official inaugurated). Very convenient for astrology!:) They share about 8 aspect combinations.

Al Gore has Sun quintile Uranus. Yasser Arafat the biquintile.
Al Gore: Sun opposed to Neptune. Arafat: Sun conjunct Neptune. Al Gore: Sun trine Pluto. Arafat: Sun semi square Pluto. They share minor and major aspects between Moon and Mercury, Moon and Venus, Mercury and Saturn, Venus and Pluto kaders), Mars-MC and an MC in Aries. One, a fighter, received the Nobelprize for a Peace that never really existed. The other, consuming large amounts of energy for his own house, gets this prize for a movie about the environment.

Yasser Arafat is born on August 24, says Wikipedia, but Astrothème and my computer program say August 27 1929 at 2 a.m. in Cairo. Pluto is crucial on the Ascendant, Neptune is oriental conjunct the Sun, Mars and Uranus are on both sides of the meridian. We see an influencial ideologist and terrorist/freedom fighter (depending on which side you are). The 900 million he kept for himself could be contributed to Venus conjunct Pluto and Neptune in the second house.

Al Gore was born March 31, 1948 at 12h53 in Washinton. Minor aspects (only) are afflicting the oriental Mercury. Venus is calling, too. We see a communicator with diplomatic talents. The most narrow aspect in the chart of Al Gore is that of Mercury inconjunct Saturn (he should have to stop thinking in doom theories:). Saturn on the midpoint Mars/Pluto in the first house seems to be pointing at the nasty sides of political struggle.

Wikipedia mentions that during the campaign for the presidency of the USA Al Gore said misleading or false things. The same thing is happening now with An Inconvenient Truth. Recently a British judge judged that there are nine mistakes in this famous movie. Mistakes of great importance, I think (the period of time it takes for the sea to rise 20 feet, the facts that no polar bears drowned and no attols were evacuated, the fact that there is no exact fit at all between the graphs of carbon dioxide levels and temperatures over 650.000 years.

Al Gore has an afflicted Pisces Mercury inconjunct Saturn ('doom'theories and fantasies). That is one of the reasons that I doubt his theories just as much as I doubt Nostradamus, the Maya-calendar and the global effect of the position of Pluto conjunct the Galactic Centre, seen from earth. And it is not to be expected (astrologically) that there will be no other doubts. Next April Uranus will square his Progressed MC, Neptune will be inconjunct the Ascendant and Saturn will make hard aspects to both the natal and progressed Sun in the second half of August 2008. Well, time will tell...

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Received 10/12/2007 22:36

On June 17 of this year Hans Klok was in the program of David Letterman. The fact that Pamela Anderson is his assistent in the magic show he gives (I like it very much:) increased his fame.

His natal chart (February 22, 1969 Purmerend, no time) gives many indications for this progress in life. I once compared his chart with those of other 'magicians'. I noticed Neptune conjunct Mars oriental and Pluto calling! Magic is a combination of illusion and influence.

The very first illusionist (Robert Houdin) was born December 6, 1805, also with an oriental Neptune. David Copperfield, an illusionist of today, was born 16 September 1956 at 6h32 in Metuchen, NY with Mars in Pisces and Jupiter oriental. Neptune in his chart is connected with Jupiter and Pluto (succes as a magician!:). Criss Angel (19 December 1967, near New York) has Neptune oriental. It seems I found a thin red line between the magicians and Neptune is swingin on it... The combination of Neptune and Pluto related to the profession (through the MC or a midpoint with MC) has to do with detectives and people working in the paranormal field (acc. to Tyl).


Received 10/11/2007 07:18

Jimmy Carter is strongly against the Iraq War and today he stated that the US is torturing prisoners against all international laws. Carter is born October 1, 1924 at 7 a.m. in Plain (Georgia) with Neptune ahead (an idealist or believer) and Pluto on top on the MC (a politician above all) and in mutual reception with ruler 10, the Moon. Pluto trine Moon is his closest aspect. He has a very strong personality. Also his Sun does not make major aspects. That is a 'calling' Sun: he is a leader. No wonder he made it to be a president. Note the conjunction of the oriental Neptune with NNode and Venus that links his ideology and sympathies.

His progressed Sun changed sign about a year and a half ago, when he started to comment the policy of George Bush. At the moment his progressed MC is conjunct the Sun: he is in the limelight. Venus trines his Sun and Jupiter now and Jupiter trines the Northern Node. It seems like he is supported. But the nasty side of it is Pluto semi square Saturn: the disadvantages of politics and hard confrontrations show up. Maybe that, and the transformed Sun, explain his actions.

More about presidents...


Did author Doris Lessing have to wait for the combination of Jupiter transit in trine with Jupiter and the return of progressed retrograding Jupiter to the very degree Jupiter had at the time of her birth (22nd October 1919)? It does seem so! Jupiter is prominent in her chart (making a sesquisquare with Zero Aries) and a tight square with Mercury, planet of communications. Doesnot that fit with her life and profession? She is an international (born in Kermanshah, Persia) and raised in Southern Rhodesia. Since 1949 she lives in England.

As a besides: Doris Lessing divorced, remarried and became a widow soon. Watch the close conjunction of Mars and Saturn. That is one of the indications in the chart of a female for more than 1 or no enduring relationschip.


Marion Jones stops her carreer in sports now that it is a known fact that she won with the help of doping. Marion Jones was born October 12, 1975 in Los Angeles. At this moment she has a frustrating transit of Saturn semi square the natal Sun, a sign of depressions and steps backwards.

In my (Dutch) Column you may find the following text: s). " "Tour de France 2006: winnaar Floyd Landis gebruikte testosteron om de glorieus de eindstreep te behalen. Toevallig (?) heeft Landis de Zon in oppositie met Jupiter in zijn horoscoop (dus net als Rasmussen een hard verband met de planeet van het succe
It says that Floyd Landis and Rasmussen share a hard aspect between Sun and Jupiter (the planet of successes). Floyd Landis has Sun opposed to Jupiter, for example. And see the drawing above: so has Marion Jones!


Received 10/04/2007 22:05

Capturing the Friedmans, is a documentary that I saw yesterday. Arnold Friedman (born 20th March 1931, see the documentary about his birthday and the stone on his grave) and his son Jesse were convicted in a very peculiair childs'abuse case. Hypnotism by psychologers and a very influencing method of interrogation by the police contributed to a pandemonium of tales about sex orgies after the day in 1984 that the police found child pornography in the house of Arnold Friedman. His son Jesse was suppposed to be assisting his father in the evil. There was no fysical evidence at all and some of the statements were clearly false, yet they were convicted after they pleaded guilty to prevent to get life in prison. Arnold Friedman killed himself in jail, so that his son would get a sum of money to start all over again when the best part of his life was over. In 1995, the year of the death of Arnold Friedman, Sun Arc Mars opposed his natal Sun.
In 1984 Transit Neptune squared Arnold Friedman's natal Sun. It is an indication of being seen in a negative light. (Re: the McCann case, see the message of September 25). As soon as people turn into suspects, Neptune is there. Neptune is also there when there are mysteries, when the media is involved (too much) and when certain things remain unsolved.
'Capturing the Friedmans' was a very interesting movie that leaves you wondering. It might be caused by the ambiguous attitude of the film maker, who still refuses to tell the audience whether he considers the Friedmans' guilty or not. But anyway...thanks to that movie I have a DOB.
Arnold Friedman's chart has a prominent Sun in the final degree of Pisces, close to Zero Aries and trine Mars. Saturn is the oriental planet (I don't consider the inner planets Mercury or Venus oriental, unless they are prominent because of being unaspected or connected to Zero Aries). This Saturn is in Capricorn and afflicted. He was a conformist in the first place (a tiny man with hugh glasses). He was a valued teacher before 1984. Now look at the most narrow aspect in his chart. That is Mercury inconjunct Neptune. This immediately reminded me of the chart of Patrick Dils. I wrote an article in Dutch about the case of Patrick Dils, a man who was convicted for murder and later released with a large sum of money and excuses. Mercury-Neptune is confusing...
Jess, the son of Arnold, is free (after 16 years) and is in appeal. That is what Wikipedia tells us.

About PATRICK DILS (in Dutch)


Received 10/03/2007 18:44

BILL CLINTON in Holland; Venus by his side
Is not it nice that Bill Clinton is in Holland, signing books, and now Venus is conjunct his Sun and semi square Venus? Here in Holland we noticed! One thousand persons came for his autograph in their books and were impressed. In the news bulletin some told the public that they consider him the best president the USA ever had. And that is sweet as Venus, is not it?

Bill Clinton was born 19th August 1946 at 8h51 in Hope Arkansas.


Received 10/02/2007 20:22

On September 11th I wrote about Britney Spears. I said that the most prominent planet in her chart is Uranus, oriental, ahead of the Sun. Uranus is the planet of sensation, rebellion and shocking news. The most narrow aspect in her chart is Venus square Pluto, connected to the Nodes and Venus end dispositor of the MC. That makes her a sort of a professional femme fatale:). Watch the Moon in Aquarius in the fifth, quintile Uranus and see the playgirl who is shocking the audience in a creative way to draw attention to herself. Lately exhibitionism is the creative way...

Britney Spears is born 2nd December 1981 at 1h30 in Mahon, USA. Now that se seems to have lost costudy over her children there are heavy transits. Saturn semi square Saturn. Mars inconjunct Uranus dispositor of the fifth house of children. Neptune sesqui square MC. Pluto semi square the Moon in the fifth. Pluto inconjunct progressed MC. Etc.

For her addictions I like to point at the hard aspect between Sun and Pluto (an almost perfect semi square) and Mars square Neptune. Hard aspects of Sun or Moon with the outer planets (except for jolly good Jupiter) are present twice as much in the charts of alcoholics than in the charts of non-alcoholics (results of a study done by Astrodatabank).


Received 10/02/2007 21:32

Supernanny had given advice, but it did not help the family of a bunch of 'loving children' in England. The children burnt the house and now they are homeless. The Daily Mail tells you all about it...

Jo Frost is the real name of Supernanny. She was born 27th June 1971 in London with an oriental Saturn. In her practice timing, respect, order and schedules come first! These are all Saturnal items. And so is parenthood.

One of the closest aspects in her chart is that of Jupiter sextile Pluto. When her television programm became a succes in 2004, the progressed Pluto perfected the sextile with natal Jupiter.

Now that the media name her in an article about a failing attempt to tame difficult children a transit of Neptune is making a sesqui square aspect of 135 degrees with her natal Sun. That means: being set into a frustrating false light.


Received 10/01/2007 18:32

This is what I reported on July 18, 2006

"Pamela Anderson is about to try it again with Kid Rock. She announced her marriage today. Pamela Anderson is born 1st July 1967 at 4h08 a.m. in Ladysmith. Right now Neptune is on her MC and about to oppose to natal Venus on the IC (being diplomatic, estethic or beautiful is part of the profession, this Venus tells us...). Neptune is in her chart square Venus. That is a sign for a romantic person with disappointments in love (due to ideolizing the lover). Let's hope for the best...You can see the lucky event in the progressed MC that is about to make a sesquiquadrate aspect with natal Jupiter, dispositor of the seventh house of steady relationships and marriage."

Now the same transit of Neptune appears and they tell me she is about to marry Rick Salamon, son of the American film- and tv-company Warner Brothers. So apparently, Kid Rock did not make it to the church or she divorced him again.

Pamela Anderson has a golden Yod (a combination of quintiles) of Sun, Moon and Uranus. Her Sun is sesquisqaure Venus and square Saturn. Now it is not uncommon for a star in the States to get married and divorced again, once and a while. But still you may notice that the Sun biquintile Uranus is as difficult for staying married as any other hard aspect between Sun and Uranus is in the chart of a female.

Like in other cases of beautiful women Moon, Venus and Uranus play the major role. The oriental Moon (rising before the Sun) is the end dispositor of the MC and Venus is opposed to the MC. Uranus has a crucial position right on the bottom of the chart. And Gemini (the Ascendant) will help her to keep looking young...