Friday, October 19, 2007


Received 10/02/2007 21:32

Supernanny had given advice, but it did not help the family of a bunch of 'loving children' in England. The children burnt the house and now they are homeless. The Daily Mail tells you all about it...

Jo Frost is the real name of Supernanny. She was born 27th June 1971 in London with an oriental Saturn. In her practice timing, respect, order and schedules come first! These are all Saturnal items. And so is parenthood.

One of the closest aspects in her chart is that of Jupiter sextile Pluto. When her television programm became a succes in 2004, the progressed Pluto perfected the sextile with natal Jupiter.

Now that the media name her in an article about a failing attempt to tame difficult children a transit of Neptune is making a sesqui square aspect of 135 degrees with her natal Sun. That means: being set into a frustrating false light.

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