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Capturing the Friedmans, is a documentary that I saw yesterday. Arnold Friedman (born 20th March 1931, see the documentary about his birthday and the stone on his grave) and his son Jesse were convicted in a very peculiair childs'abuse case. Hypnotism by psychologers and a very influencing method of interrogation by the police contributed to a pandemonium of tales about sex orgies after the day in 1984 that the police found child pornography in the house of Arnold Friedman. His son Jesse was suppposed to be assisting his father in the evil. There was no fysical evidence at all and some of the statements were clearly false, yet they were convicted after they pleaded guilty to prevent to get life in prison. Arnold Friedman killed himself in jail, so that his son would get a sum of money to start all over again when the best part of his life was over. In 1995, the year of the death of Arnold Friedman, Sun Arc Mars opposed his natal Sun.
In 1984 Transit Neptune squared Arnold Friedman's natal Sun. It is an indication of being seen in a negative light. (Re: the McCann case, see the message of September 25). As soon as people turn into suspects, Neptune is there. Neptune is also there when there are mysteries, when the media is involved (too much) and when certain things remain unsolved.
'Capturing the Friedmans' was a very interesting movie that leaves you wondering. It might be caused by the ambiguous attitude of the film maker, who still refuses to tell the audience whether he considers the Friedmans' guilty or not. But anyway...thanks to that movie I have a DOB.
Arnold Friedman's chart has a prominent Sun in the final degree of Pisces, close to Zero Aries and trine Mars. Saturn is the oriental planet (I don't consider the inner planets Mercury or Venus oriental, unless they are prominent because of being unaspected or connected to Zero Aries). This Saturn is in Capricorn and afflicted. He was a conformist in the first place (a tiny man with hugh glasses). He was a valued teacher before 1984. Now look at the most narrow aspect in his chart. That is Mercury inconjunct Neptune. This immediately reminded me of the chart of Patrick Dils. I wrote an article in Dutch about the case of Patrick Dils, a man who was convicted for murder and later released with a large sum of money and excuses. Mercury-Neptune is confusing...
Jess, the son of Arnold, is free (after 16 years) and is in appeal. That is what Wikipedia tells us.

About PATRICK DILS (in Dutch)

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