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Famous couples: chart of Carla Bruni and her men

Carla Bruni is the first lady of France. She is first of all an artist and she has a strong personality. She also has 3 indications in her chart for having difficulties with long lasting relationships. See her chart:

Of course, with these aspects, she didn't marry a John Smith who wanted 4 children and a housewife. She has been spotted with Mick Jagger, for example. There is strong attraction (his Mars - her Sun/Moon), but the inconjunction between their Suns must have caused serious problems. Who's star is shining, ehm? Here you see the charts wrapped around each other. For more about the artistic partnership of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, see Art&Astrology.

Another lover was Eric Clapton. Her Venus is sesquisquare his Mars and that promisses passion. But it didn't last. Their Suns didn't match, but worse is that their Saturns 'collided'. Perhaps age difference was a problem. Anyway, Saturn square Saturn causes separation in the end.

Now Carla Bruni is with Nicolas Sarkozy. They seem to be able to create a modus vivendi for the fact that both draw atttention (Sun semi quintile Sun) but living together in one house might be a problem (Moon qd Moon). His Jupiter on her Ascendant tells us that he will support her. In her presence he feels great:)
This relationship really has a good chance to survice, as it seems at first site. But what is that Uranus - symbol of controversy - on the Ascendant of the combine chart doing? And why is Neptune - for romance and the possibility of desillusion - on the IC of the combine chart? Time will tell...

When there are 2 or more indications for divorce in a chart, it won't be easy to find mr. Right. Carla Bruni is sensitive (as an artist) and she has a strong personality. She will easily be disappointed in her romantic ideas about love, with Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. This and her ruler 1 conjunct Pluto could mean that she may want 'all or nothing' in love. Her chart doesn't show a compromise or sitting back and dream away watching romantic movies. She has Sun square Saturn (conjunct Midheaven) and is ambitious, also about partners. Saturn rules her 7th house.

Right now transit Uranus is inconjunct her progressed Ascendant and trine natal Ascendant. Uranus is conjunct the combine chart Ascendant. This transit might activate the combine chart, like a test for the relationship. Perhaps indepence (or upheavel) is an important issue in her relationships with others right now. Rumours say that Sarkozy is impressed by another beauty -Christine Kelly - and that he wants her to become part of his government. Newspapers speak of 'competition' for Bruni.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Chart of Sharon Tate raising questions about trines, Venus and Jupiter

I was in the middle of translating the reading of the chart of Charles Manson for my site Astromarkt. Then I noticed an article on CNN about the Manson family and their demands for parole. The murder was 40 years ago now. In May of this year there will be another attempt to free Susan Atkins (who has a brain tumor). And the parole will probably be denied, again.

I wrote about the birth chart of Susan Atkins, last year. And now I wondered if their was an astrological link between the charts of Susan Atkins and Sharon Tate. The killer is Charles Watson, but Susan Atkins held Sharon Tate down so that he could stab her. She participated in the killing.

I found a lot of trines. They were abundant in the chart of Sharon Tate. She and Susan Atkins share a grand trine. And their charts are connected by trines, too.

First Sharon Tate's chart:

Sharon Tate's chart has the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter without Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. These are the planets of being a woman, of having success and of enjoying life. She has a grand trine of Sun, Saturn and Neptune, tightly. The grand trine is considered to be fortunate. And of course, Sharon Tate was a beauty, she had success and money.

The only thing is that Mars is biquintile Pluto and 157.5 (135+22.5) degrees from Saturn. Saturn is sextile Pluto. Mars-Saturn-Pluto is the combination of the danger of untimely death.


The connection with Susan Atkins is found in shared aspects and progressions of Saturn and Pluto.

Sharon Tate had Sun trine Saturn. Atkins has Sun square Saturn.
Sharon Tate had Sun opposition Pluto. Atkins has Sun square Pluto.
Sharon Tate had Mars semi square Neptune. Atkins Mars square Neptune.
Tate had Sun trine Neptune. Atkins Sun biquintile Neptune.

B. 9 AUGUST 1969
In the year before her death, the progressed Sun of Sharon Tate had changed sign, to indicate a different life style (maybe as she was pregnant). Her Sun had just been square Uranus. This is a signal that her life changed in a sudden way, related to 'life and death'. The aspect had occured already. But it says: sudden transformation related to 'life and death'.

Her Ascendant had progressed to the 14th degree of Leo, conjunct the natal Saturn/Pluto of her killer. The progressed ASC of Atkins was conjunct the progressed Pluto of Sharon Tate, who had progressed Saturn and Pluto close together. Atkikns and the victim share Sun-Saturn and Sun-Pluto aspects and the progressed angles are conjunct each others' Saturn-Pluto.

The 22nd degree is not a fortunate degree. The Black Moon seems to show the dark side of the moon. And the inconjunction reflects losts and losing. These 3 are relating one chart to another.

The Ascendant of Sharon Tate is in the 22nd degree of Cancer, inconjunct the Black Moon of Atkins (in the 22nd of Aquarius) and inconjunct her own Venus in the eight house (perhaps an indication for the disproportionate way to die by the hands of a woman).

When I studied the chart of Sharon Tate, I was surprised for several reasons:
- They say that a trine is a harmonious aspect. Sharon Tate had Sun and Mercury trine Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. She had a grand trine of Sun, Saturn and Neptune.
- They say that Jupiter on the Ascendant brings you luck. In fact, the study of Ken Gilmore showed that Jupiter on the Ascendant is a rather fortunate placement. Sharon Tate had Jupiter on the Ascendant.
- They say that Venus in the eight house helps you to die the soft way. Sharon Tate was stabbed to death by a fanatic follower of Charles Manson. And so was her unborn baby.

And how about synergie?
- They say that Venus means love and sympathy, but the Venus of Sharon Tate square the Midheaven of Susan Atkins didn't help much.
- They say that a Mars-Jupiter combination is very productive and stimulating, but how about Sharon Tate's Mars conjunct Susan Atkins' Jupiter?
- Sharon Tate's Uranus and Neptune were trine the AScendant of Susan Atkins, who was under the influence of drugs.
- Atkin's Chiron (the healer) was trine the Ascendant of her defenseless victim.

Trines sometimes seem to make it easy to die (the hard way). Venus is not always nice. Jupiter doesn't always protect you. And nice trines in synergy don't seem to mean a thing, sometimes.

Also read the article on Astromarkt.net about meeting people at the right (or wrong...) moment. Victim and killer met when they both had a combination for hard confrontations with others in their progressed charts. And they happened to have 'hard confrontations' in their natal charts (Sun-Saturn-PLuto), too.

How to explain that? I wish I knew.

I noticed another post about the chart of Charles Manson on this blog...

See the story of the gigolo and his grand trine...

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Famous couple: Elvis and Priscilla Presley

Elvis Presley and Priscilla both have Sun trine Neptune and both have Neptune on top of their charts. Sharing Sun trine the elevated Neptune gives them a sort of a romantic view of life and of each other. He was of course her idol... But her Neptune is inconjunct his Moon and so there is the risk of a lost and no balance in the romantic needs. And did they match? No, they did not.

Her Sun is in Gemini and his in Capricorn. Venus in Aries (hers) does not easily go with Venus in Capricorn. Her Mars in Aries is opposition his in Libra.

- Her Sun is square his Moon. It is a usual Sun-Moon combination. She was the realization of his romantic needs.
- His Sun is trine her Jupiter. When she met him, her progressed Sun was square Jupiter: her life style improved, she was starting to be a success (and his progressed Venus was conjunct his Moon - he fell in love).
- His Sun is square her Mars. Her disproportionate drive to grow and make life better is linked to his life. She stimulated and activated him. His Sun and her Mars were in aspect. Her Sun is semi square Mars - a sign for possible divorce -. This relationship seems to have been 'ment to be'. Just like Sarah and Andrew they seem to have been made to divorce each other:).
- His Mars-Ascendant combination is in aspect with her Uranus and his natal Mars is biquintile his Uranus (a sign for a possible divorce). The relationship was a flaslight relationship that offered the chance for him to be a 'free man' even while married (he had to work:). She was often alone (re: Saturn in the 7th).

Often, when people with indications for possible difficulties in a partnership come together, they have found the right kind of person: the one that offers the opportunity to marry twice, to divorce or to remain alone for the rest of their lives.

Priscilla never remarried (but instead she had a long lasting relationship). She has Sun semi square Mars (one of the indications for divorce ub teg cgart if=. Saturn is in her 7th house, trine her Moon ruler 7. She married once. There have been other relationships, but she never married another man. Her Venus (in Aries) and Jupiter are 'calling' (not making major aspects) and they are a biquintile away from each other. This combination expresses a creative way to make more fun. Venus is 105 degrees from Pluto. The Venus-Jupiter-Pluto combination tells us about earning or gaining a lot of money and sympathy. Of course, Priscilla Presley started her own career after the death of Elvis. (That was on August 16, 1977 with transit Pluto trine Priscilla's progressed ASC, followed by progressed Moon opposition Saturn.)

Elvis had two indications for possible divorce: Venus sesquisquare Neptune and Mars-Uranus biquintile. The latter might be indicating that he was creative enough to find another way to be a 'free man'.

They didn't match, but they found each other in sharing the same dreams and romantic illusions in the beginning...She married her idol and he married his fan. It could not last for ever. It was their first marriage and both have indications for divorce and/or difficulties in marriage in their natal charts. Her Uranus on his descendant says enough: it was a flash light exiting relationship. And the batteries ran out of power.

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Chart of Jacqui Smith

Oops, Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary (member of the British labour government), subject to a corruption investigation, is in the news today. She claimed the costs of adult films (watched by her husband), by mistake. Earlier it was said that she claimed the costs of her sisters' appartment.

I won't speculate about Venus quintile Pluto regarding her private life here. Venus and Pluto together intensify sympathies, antipathies and relationships, and often there is a price to pay for love and luxury. See the article on Astromarkt:
(Venus-Pluto, the beauty and the beast united).

But Venus-Pluto is also the money axes (earning - Pluto- love and money -Venus - as a theme in life). And the quintile is reflecting creative ways to connect Venus (desires) to Pluto (values). There is a potential to earn money with being creative and Mrs.Smith is not an artist.

Venus-Pluto-aspects or Venus and Pluto in important positions in the chart tell us that money and love has it's price in the life of chart owner.

Here is the chart with the natal positions on the day of her birth.

We see a tight square between Sun and Mars and that is one of the indications for possible divorce in the chart of a woman. This square is being activated by today's transits of Mars with Mars and Sun.
Her Moon is in Capricorn (showing a need to be managing, to be respected and to be decent). That won't make this easy. But this Moon goes with a Sun in Scorpio: I think she is tough enough.

Today, transit Mars is inconjunct her Mars and oppositon her Pluto (Mars is semi sextile Pluto in her natal chart). Mars is also trine her Sun rigth now. The combination of transits shows being hit (or being the target) in a disproportionate way (Mars inconjunct Mars) or in a way that ends with giving up on something (her job or her husband?) in a political struggle (Mars-Pluto). See the article about Mars-Pluto, on my site Astromarkt.

For more information about the inconjunction, click the label 'inconjunction' below.

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Chart of Yvan Colonna, convicted for killing Claude Erignac

Yesterday Yvan Colonna was sentenced to life imprisonment, in appeal, for the murder of the Corsican prefect Claude Erignac. That happened on February 6, 1998, at 21:15 (some sites also mention 9:05 p.m.)
Yvan Colonna, a nationalist and the son of a former recipient of the Légion d'Honneur (a socialist deputy)l, was born 7 April 1960 in Ajaccio. He became a militant nationalist in 1981. He says that he is innocent. Fact is that he was militant and joined in actions. Another fact is, that his life is strongly connected to the murder case and to the wish of separatist in Corsica is clearly shown in the chart. Astrology doesn't judge. Many judges and lawyers have the same kind of aspects as their suspects have. Astrology only shows that there is an important theme to deal with. In this case: deadly danger and limited freedom or indepence.

The themes of unnatural death and restricted freedom (and resistance against it) are very importent in his chart. They are shown by tight aspects. Mars, Saturn and Pluto reflect the danger of death. Saturn and Uranus together show the issue of the limited indepence and the end of freedom (linked also to communications: freedom of speech).

Venus is an important planet in this chart. Venus doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign so that Venus is highlighted. Venus is half semi square Mars and that means: passion. Venus is strongly connected to the theme of unnatural death.

A. Mars-Saturn-Pluto (theme of forced death)
1. Venus is half semi square Mars and that means: passion. Venus is semi square Mars/Saturn and sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto. Venus is also sesquisemisquare (67.5 degrees) from Mars/Pluto.
2. Mars opposition Pluto for the isssue of the use or abuse of violence
3. Mars semi square Saturn for hard actions
4. Saturn quindecile Pluto for a strong focus on the disadvantages of politics
5. Saturn sesquisquare Mars/Pluto for unnatural death as an issue
6. Venus semi square Mars/Saturn and sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto and 67.5 degrees from Mars/Pluto: for relationships, sympathies and pleasures related to deathly danger
7. Sun is sesquisquare Pluto for the frustrated fanatic (the will to win)
8. Sun is semi square Mars (for being an activist or for fysical activity; he used to be a teacher of physical education and sports.*)

B. Saturn-Uranus (theme of restricted freedom)
1. Sun square Saturn for highlighted mistakes
2. Saturn inconjunt Uranus: there is no balance in the theme of restricted freedom
3. Sun is trine Uranus: the will to be free
4. Saturn sesquisquare Mercury/Uranus: limited freedom of communications
5. Uranus opposition Mercury/Saturn (a midpoint yod pointing at Uranus)

BTW There are no placements in air signs ('communications at any possible level, but sometimes you just cannot reason with him').

1. Militant in 1981: progressed Sun opposition Neptune (question of ideals and ideology; isolation) and progressed Mercury square progressed Saturn (separation).

2. Murder 6 February 1998 at 9:05 pm (shortly later later he fled)
. His Jupiter is 15 degrees from transit Venus.
. Transit Mars is semi square his natal Pallas
. Transit Jupiter is 15 degrees from his Ceres.
. Transit Saturn is sextile his Ceres
. Transit Mars 051°42'40 (septile) his natal Saturn
. Transit Venus is 67.5 his Saturn/Pluto, 22.5 his Mars/Saturn and 135 his Mars/Pluto
. Transit Venus is semi square Colonna's Mars
. Transit Venus is semi square Collona's Pluto
. Transit Venus is conjunct his Saturn.
In other words: transit Venus was connected to the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination in Colonna's chart! And to his natal important Venus.

CLAUDE ÉRIGNAC was the prefect who was murdered. He was born in Mende, France, on October 15,1937 (age 60 at the moment of the murder). Uranus of Colonna's chart is biquintile the Mars of Erignac's Uranus. Their Saturns are 72 degrees apart. Their charts are creatively linked by the theme of restricted freedom and/or independece.

When he was shot, the Descendant of the moment was conjunct the natal Saturn of Erignac. His progressed Pluto was inconjunct the Midheaven of the moment. Saturn-Pluto connections tell us about the bad side of politics. Untimely death could be the translation of the joined force of Saturn-Pluto on that moment. It happened to be a moment that triggered Saturn and Pluto in his natal chart.

The progressed Venus of Colonna was trine the natal Sun of Erignac. Venus is an important planet in the chart of Yvan Colonna. Venus is related to Mars-Saturn-Pluto (the danger of death). The progressed Mars of Erignac was square the progressed Sun of Colonna. This illustrates a sort of a political fight or competition in the year of the murder.

3. Arrest 4 June 2003
In 2003 his progressed Sun changed sign and his lifestyle changed. He was arrested. Progressions: Mercury square Mars and Pluto and inconjunct Jupiter; Mars inconjunct progressed Neptune. Transit Mars was conjunct progressed Mars (for being a target).

4. Final conviction yesterday
Transit Saturn inconjunct natal Sun for a depression; transit Uranus opp. Node for upheavel in the family or community and Pluto conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto (a political success?).

*) The strong energy of Mars-Pluto can be used in a positive way, in sports and in political (more verbal) competition.
Simplefied explanation of progressions:
Progressions are based upon the daily movement of the earth. In one day you 'see' the universe in a 360d panoramic view. In one year the earth moves around the Sun for the same sort of panoramic view:). So what you see in one day reflects what you will see in a year time. One day = one year. The Sun moves about 1 degree in a day.

Calculation: for every year you add about one degree to the natal position (or see the ephemeris for the true positions). At a certain moment the progessed Sun moves to the next time. The years before and after are often periods of transformation to another lifestyle. (Any transit or progressions at that time strongly influence the nature of the lifestyle to be).

On the left you see links to sites that offer a free calculated chart, also for progressions and transits.

For more charts related to crime, imprisonment or politics, click the labels below this post. For more information about the aspect Mars opposition Pluto (the strong drive, the use or abuse of influence, force, power or...having to defend yourself) see my site Astromarkt.

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Andrew Cohen's progressed and natal chart

EnlightenNext, that is the name of the magazine of Andrew Cohen. He is a controversial guru who's mother wrote a book called 'The mother of God' (...) in 1997 and who's former follower André van der Braak wrote 'Enlightment Blues' in 2003. This year his business is expanding to The Netherlands.

Andrew Cohen's birth data are given on Astrodatabank.com: 23rd November 1955 at 00h30 EST NY. The Sun just entered Sagittarius, his Moon was in Pisces at the time of birth. This combination reveals the ideological (Pisces) conviction/publishing (Sagittarius).

After the transit of Neptune with the Sagittarian Sun (in 1970/1971( he had a 'cosmic experience'. In 1986, when his progressed Sun changed sign, his life changed. He met Sri Poonja, a guru, and started to be a teacher. And here I see the power of the Moon, not making any major aspect within 5 degrees, in Pisces...The Moon is the symbol of educating and in Pisces it is likely to be in the amorphous field.

Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher' and publisher. But he is first of all a manager, says his chart. Why? Because Saturn in Scorpio (the 'die hard') is rising just before the Sun, conjunct Mercury for communication and business strategy.
With this alinea all of his chart seems to have been covered: he is in spiritual business. And I see at least 10 midpoint combinations for successes, such as Pluto semi square Sun/Jupiter and Mercury/Jupiter, Jupiter semi square Sun/Pluto and Venus 112.5 Jupiter/Pluto.

It is hard to find the controversy in the natal chart. So I checked the progressed chart and yes! Uranus is exactly on the Midheaven in the progressed chart. Midheaven and Uranus are both square Neptune. Uranus and Neptune on a crucial angular spot. There it is.
The progressed chart shows development. And Andrew Cohen developped so that he is mentioned in the media (Neptune) as 'controversial': Uranus, on MC!

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Famous couple: John & Jacqueline Kennedy

The marriage of Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kennedy ended with the death of JFK. This post is about the astrological relationship of the charts of this famous couple.

Jacqueline Bouvier was born with Venus and Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter was in the seventh house of marriage. She married twice. In an earlier post about double bodied signs and Jupiter in the 7th you will find more examples of people who married more than once. They also had Jupiter in the 7th and/or Venus in a double bodied sign. Jacqueline Bouvier has a chart that tells us that there is a great possibility of marrying more than once. And the marriage with John F. Kennedy was her first marriage...

Apart from a wide quintile of Venus with Uranus, there are no indications for divorce.

I wrote about Jacqueline and John Kennedy before:

"Think of Jacqueline Kennedy. She married John F. Kennedy when she was 24 and that is not extremely young. When he died, she married an older man (Onassis). Her Venus is in Gemini and opposition Saturn. Jupiter is in her 7th house. There are two indications for marrying more than once (Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in the 7th). The usual indications for divorce are not found*).

We see Venus (ruler 7) in the 8th house and in the 22nd degree. The 22nd degree has a bad name in astrology (see for example the site Astrology in Serbia) and Astrology.com has a site to release stress coming from the 22nd degree.

John F. Kennedy has a chart that shows the leader.
1. The Sun does not make Ptolemaic aspects and is square ASC/MC. He was the crucial centre of attention at any possible level. More about his Astro I.D.:
2. Neptune and Pluto do not make major aspects either (for idealism and politics, discretion and ‘the silent force')
3. Saturn on top is conjunct Sun/Moon (government, management, ambition, ...possible divorce)

Indications for the way that he ended his young life are:
1. The 8th house with Sun, Venus, Jupiter (importance of danger, challenge and power)
2. Mars inconjunct Ascendant (disproportional acts or aggression)
3. Uranus inconjunct MC (unbalanced sudden changing status)
4. Saturn, ruler 4, conjunct MC (public end)
5. Saturn semi square Mars/Pluto (possible unnatural death)
6. Vulcanus semi square Mars/Pluto (possible public use of power and force)
And yes, just being a president is dangerous, too.

John F. Kennedy married only once but he had several 'relationships' while married. It is said that he hired a dozen of prostitutes once and a while. Moon square Venus in double bodied signs reflects the need for women. And Jupiter is in his 8th house (of sex) and not in the 7th (of marriage). Had he still lived and stopped being a president, he would likely have had a divorce. There are two out of four indications for a divorce: Mars is square Uranus, Venus is semi square Neptune.".

But of course, he married her, and why?
1. He shared a Mars-Pluto aspect with Jacqueline (he has the semi square, she has the sextile). His Mars is sextile her Pluto! His Mars is inconjunct his Ascendant and opposition hers. (It crosses my mind that this looks a lot like the Mars-Pluto relationship in the Holloway case, click to see that post.)

2. His Moon is exactly trine her Northern Node (for emotional relationship, taking care together)

3. in the composite chart there is Sun conjunct Moon, a strong indication for creating a family life

4. His Venus -ruler 1 - is conjunct her Sun/Moon and that is a fine end of this story. Sun/Moon is family life, heart and soul. And Venus is sympathy and love. So at a particular moment in time his love was joining her wish to have a family life.

PS Read in the post about the chart of JFK:
"Kennedy died. He was murdered in the year that his wife Jackie lost her baby Patrick in August 1963. She went to Greece to shop and cruise and met Onassis. General de Gaulle once accused Aristoteles Onassis of being the man behind the murder of Kennedy. And it is indeed strange to see that the midpoint Mars/Saturn (=death) of Onassis (born January 15 1906) is tightly conjunct the Sun of Kennedy. And even stranger that the Pluto of Onassis is tightly conjunct the progressed Mars of Kennedy on the very day of the murder! Coincidence? It might just be so... "
*) The aspects for no or more than 1 marriage in a woman's chart are:
- Sun afflicting or conjunct Mars or Uranus,
- Venus afflicting or conjunct Uranus and/or
- Mars afflicting or conjunct Saturn
- and/or afflictions between the 1st and 7th house
When there 3 or more of such indications, the woman might prefer to remain single.

In a male's chart the indications are:
- Moon in conflict with Saturn
- Moon in conflict with Neptune
- Venus in conflict with Neptune
- Mars in conflict with Uranus
- and/or afflictions between the 1st and 7th house

- About astrology:
. Calling planets
. Double bodied signs and Jupiter in the 7th
. Mars-Uranus on my site Astromarkt
. Void Moons and inaugurations

- About matching and relations (love and business):
. Matching signs
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. Maria Callas and Onassis
For more famous couples, click the label 'relations'.

- About JFK:
Chart of JFK

About the 22nd degree, see:
- http://www.astrologycom.com/releasestress22.html

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Charts of the Natalee Holloway case

Nico van den Bos (Astrologie Zeeland) has estimated the birth hours of Natalee Holloway and Joran van der Sloot, using transits and progressions. This is the link to the article (in Dutch).
And here are the guess charts.

The guess charts inspired me to have another look at the case and the charts of those involved.

At the estimated hour the position of the Moon in Natalee's chart (inconjunct her Pluto, his Pluto and quindecile his Uranus, quintile his supposed to be Midheaven) seems to be the key to it all. It tells us that Natalee might have been attracted to dangerous males, just like Karen Homolka, who also has Moon inconjunct Pluto. See the article about the Moon-Pluto effect in the charts of Homolka and Bernardo...
In Dutch astrologer Martin Boot’s book ‘Van Ram tot Vissen’ the inconjunction of Moon and Pluto is referred to as ‘seeing submission as a way to express love’.

Natalee’s Moon has some tight aspects. The Moon is inconjunct Pluto, trine Mars and opposition Saturn. The Moon (symbol of the woman and early years) is connected with the combination of unnatural death (Mars, Saturn and Pluto), all in the 7th or 8th degree. Yet, the tighest aspect is Mars square Pluto. I have written about Mars-Pluto on my site Astromarkt and in short: it is about the use and abuse of violence and the drive to win (or having to defend yourself). (There is also a Mars-Pluto connection in the charts of John and Jacqueline Kennedy, BTW).

It is that combination of Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto that is in aspect with the Pluto and Uranus of Joran, in the 8th and 23rd degree. For example: her Mars is semi square his Uranus and square his Pluto.
I like to mention that more persons born in Joran’s month have hard aspects with Natalee’s Mars. But…they were not as close as Joran was.

On the day of her disappearance she had transit Uranus trine progressed Venus and transit Mars square progressed Uranus. With the used hour of birth, Mars would also be inconjunct her progressed Ascendant. The picture is that of a sexual adventure (Venus, Mars and Uranus) with possibly also disproportional activity or getting hurt.

The solar return chart of her last birthday has Sun square Saturn (so she had Transit Saturn square Sun in the year before her death) and Venus square Pluto. Saturn would be in her 8th solar house that year, with the estimated hour of birth.

While Natalee has an adventure and possible accident (Mars-Uranus) in her chart on the day of her disappearance (31 May 2005), with the data used by Van den Bos, the following day Joran would have:
- progressed Midheaven trine Neptune (1)
- transit Neptune was square his progressed Ascendant (2)
- Neptune was also opposition natal Midheaven (3) That is a lot of Neptune!
- + In the solar return chart for 2005 the natal Sun was opposition …Neptune (4).

(Without hour of birth there is not much in the chart)

He was a suspect right away. But there was no evidence. Neptune is the planet of hidden things, drugs, alcohol, concealing, secrets, fantasies and mist. And Neptune is involved when a person in missing or...when a person is being suspected. So I don't think astrology tells us 'who done it'.

BTW: In 2005 in the progressed chart of Joran van der Sloot Sun, Venus and Mars (in conjunction) changed sign. His life changed. In the tertiary chart (based upon the estimated hour of birth), the Ascendant was conjunct Venus and he was having fun that day. The next day – or in the night - the Moon squared Uranus: shriek!

Astrology does tell us that Natalee had a certain tendency to be attracted to the wrong kind of men. And that Joran has the potential to be a great pretender with a lot of energy and strength. Her Jupiter inconjunct his Sun might indicate that she there was no balance in the way that she had confidence in him.

- His natal chart has an oriental Jupiter, the symbol of travelling and convincing. He was born in The Netherlands, grew up on the Antilles and lived or lives in Thailand now.
- The Mercury square Jupiter tells us that he is communicating a lot (and probably boasting). He also has Mercury biquintile Uranus for creatively changing the facts whenever it is suites him. Mercury is sesquisquare Saturn, too. With three potentials for lying, the risk that he won't tell us the truth is gigantic. We know that he recently won a nice sum of money in a poker game.
- Pluto (symbol of money, force, sexuality, life and death and power) is conjunct the Ascendant. That is often so in the charts of people who are 'protected' in a way. Venus is square Pluto for a desire to earn a lot of money. Venus is sesquisquare Uranus. The combination of Venus, Uranus and Pluto tells us something about radical and impulsive sympathies and affection. And Uranus-Pluto tells us about a possible arrest (Uranus-Pluto) related to women.
- Mars and the Sun are on top in the chart corrected by Van den Bos. The important placements and positions for Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the possible chart reflect successes and an enormous drive and energy with the potential of success. If he was born at 13h58, why would he be involved in criminal activities?
- Joran has 60% of his placements in fire signs and that means that he is full of energy, possibly overactive. Mars might be on Midheaven. That means that his acts, energy and drive are of importance for his name and career. But what if they were wrong? Mars is sesquisquare Neptune and that does not mean he is a criminal. Lawyers and judges also have this aspect often. But Mars-Neptune has the potential of doing the wrong thing. The chart of Joran seems to me the chart of a capable liar. And that corresponds with what we know.

Anyway, with or without hour of birth, their meeting was full of stress and challenge:

Her Mars is afflicting Pluto in her birth chart (and maybe her Moon is inconjunct Pluto)...
Her Mars squares Joran's Pluto.
And her Venus squares his Mars.

Sometimes such meetings turn into a drama. Venus and Mars added with Mars with Pluto introduce a sexual component as the link between them. Mars with Pluto sometimes refers to using violence or force. We don't know what happened, but we do know there was sexual attraction involved. And that Natalee did not return home.
Would the estimated hour of birth have been hers, I would not have been surprised if her remains were found these days, as in her progressed chart the Midheaven is inconjunct Pluto (a discovery, but…). For the sake of her family, I hope they will find out what happened to her body.

Read also
Moon-Pluto in the Ken and Barbie case

Missing people

The astrology of meeting people (on my site Astromarkt)

And of course...the labels below

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joran van der Sloot wins pokergame

The former suspect in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Joran van der Sloot, won a few thousand euros in a poker game, according to the Dutch newspaper 'De Telegraaf'. In order to win a poker game, you need to have a poker face or (on the internet) you need to be good at boasting. Joran has a tight square between Mercury and Jupiter and that says: 'talk' (Mercury) 'big' (Jupiter). So he can.

At the moment transit Mars trines his progressed Pluto. Transit Pluto is trine progressed Mars. So it is a good moment to win (Pluto) a battle (Mars).

See former posts:

Mercury and lies

Mercury square Jupiter in Joran van der Sloot's chart

Case Natalee Holloway and the charts with more links

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A 107 year old

Coming Friday a Dutch man becomes 107 years old. He was born on March 27, 1902 and his grandfather also became very old (92). Genes and circumstances are always very helpfull when it comes to getting old (or not). But...

What kind of a chart does it take to become as old as he is? On my site Astromarkt I pubished an article about some of the helpful signs in the chart. The hour of birth is not available. The chart of the day of birth at noon shows us:

1. He has more placements in air and fire than in earth and water. 40% of his placements are in air signs. See the article on my site Astromarkt for more info.
2. Moon in Scorpio (strong sign for the moon)
3. Sun is sextile Jupiter and 105 degrees from Uranus (Sun with Jupiter and Uranus prolongues life)
4. Saturn does not make any Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees (as if 'getting old' was his vocation:) - see explanation below -
5. 40% of the placements in movable signs (so that he like to move in a moderate way)
6. No inconjunctions between planets and/or lights. (Inconjunctions often refer to illnesses or disabilities from the start. So they can be missed:)

This, together with the good genes helped him to be able to celebrate his 107th birthday, even though 'getting old is nice, but being old is less'.

He retired 42 years ago, in 1967 with progressed Jupiter trine progressed Pluto and progressed Ceres. Four years ago he moved to a care center, out of his private house and ...learned English again to be able to speak with members of the European parliament. He gave up smoking when he was about 80, after surgery (...) and he still likes a good glass of wine at dinner.

Wijnant was born in Belgium. He was a war refugee in the First World War. His parents sent him to The Netherlands, where he stayed. He travelled a lot and likes tales about strange cultures. Wow, how that corresponds with the meaning of the oriental Jupiter (first outer planet rising before the Sun)!
He has humor and beliefs in heaven and...his daily small portion of alcohol.

See the story in Dutch (and the picture) on the site of Omroep Brabant

Saturn is 'calling' when Saturn does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. When Saturn is calling the effect of Saturn reaches any level (up or down) and that means that ambition, caution and responsibility is very important in the life of the chart owner. Saturn happens to be the planet of aging, age and time. So the theme of aging, the elderly and time is of great importance. The good thing about Saturn (sometimes...) is that caution, responsibilities and being moderate is rewarded in terms of time.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Difficult transits for Lance Armstrong

Today the planets were not fortunate for Lance Armstrong. A bad injury (transit Mars square Saturn) and a disappointment about losing/lost/giving up (Neptune inconjunct natal Sun), that is what astrology tells us. The news report is that he fell and broke some bones.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Famous couple: Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow married Frank Sinatra. I wrote about their marriage last week. About the artist in the chart of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, see Art&Astrology.

She also had a long lasting relationship with Woody Allen. They even have a child together. But it seems that they never lived in the same house. They had a living apart together- relationship. Their relationship ended in fighting each other. When there is a very tight aspect between the Mars of two persons, that is often the way the relationship ends, see the examples below. Mia Farrow's Mars is exactly conjunct the Mars of Woody Allen. They fought over the fact that he married her foster child. The intensity of this legal fight is mirrored by Mars opposition Pluto in Woody Allen's chart exactly on the meridian of Mia Farrow.

When people become partners, they often share experiences or goals and that is demonstrated by sharing aspects. (See my site Astromarkt.net for more about this...)

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen share:
- Sun-Jupiter aspects (she biquintile, he conjunction)
- Venus-Pluto aspects (she trine, he square)
- Moon-Venus aspects (she square, he trine)

They both have sense of style and art, they both want to earn a lot of money and they both are successful. Sharing this didn't make their partnership a great success, however. The Mars-Mars conjunction perhaps made a fresh and fast start in the beginning and/or sexual attraction started the affair. But the position of Neptune opposition Midheaven of the composite chart maybe says enough. Romance cannot be romance without drama. Even when their is a Sun conjunct Venus in the composite, too.

Other examples of Mars-Mars with links to the messages with the charts involved:
- Paul McCartney and Heather Mills with Mars inconjunct Mars
- Ike and Tina Turner with Mars square Mars
- Diana and Dodi had Mars square Mars
- Andrew and Sarah have Mars square Mars. Read how they were made to divorce each other...

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chart of Barack Obama, update

For the second time Barack Obama made a wrong joke. First he offended a former first lady by confusing astrologers with clear voyants, now he compared his bowling abilities with those of a Special Olympics athlete. From time to time he seems to talk too soon. As a president is a 'heavy weight' the words of a president weigh a lot.

Transit Saturn is right now inconjunct his natal Ascendant. Any wrong presentation will be disproportionally in his disadvantage. But, lucky Obama, he also has Jupiter near the Ascendant right now and that is a great help. He is being supported anyway. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn is reflecting ups and downs.

There is an aspect combination active right now that explains the quick and wrong joke. Mercury and Uranus are opposition his natal Mars. Mercury, Mars and Uranus together reflect the quick (and sometimes too quick) answer. His presentation was very sharp, smart and resourceful, but...Saturn was there.

For more about the inconjunction and 'but'...see 'The effect of the inconjunction'.

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Other reports about Obama...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Astrology chart Al Capone

Al Capone's birth chart is over 110 years old. Astrodatabank gives 18 January 1899 at 9:30 NY, with Pisces Ascendant and Saturn on Midheaven. He died when he was 48, due to bad health. So it is not amazing to see Saturn and Neptune on the meridian. The combination Saturn/Neptune often is reflecting illnesses and weak 'status'.

Al Capone was a criminal. What difficult aspects tell us about certain necessary characteristics for this 'job'?

1. Mars semi square Pluto
That is an aspect that reflects the use or abuse of violence and force.
Al Capone seems to have been the 'master' behind a massacre.

2. Sun opposition Mars & septile Uranus (controversial or exceptional acts)

3. Sun opposition Mars & biquintile Neptune, Mars semi quintile Neptune and biquintile Midheaven (creatively hidden adventurous acts)

4. Sun biquintile Neptune and sesquisquare Pluto
Double life and secret force (discretion).
Now is not the mob famous for the 'omerta'?

5. Venus on top, opposition Pluto
The importance of finances and values or a...greed?
More about the aspect Venus-Pluto on my site Astromarkt...

6. The amount of midpoint combinations with Uranus/Neptune
In the chart of top drugs dealer Klaas Bruinsma I find the same sort of combinations. Klaas Bruinsma has Uranus square Neptune. Al Capone has Uranus quindecile (165d) Neptune.

When you work with the Astro ID method that I wrote about in Dutch, you will soon learn that the most prominent planets are those rising before the Sun, on an angle or without aspects. Saturn is the first outer planet rising before Al Capone's Sun. Uranus does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, so Uranus is 'calling' (active at any possible level). Saturn and Uranus are important, at whatever hour he was born. And the combination of Saturn and Uranus is the combination of limited independence and restrained freedom (or the resistance against barriers). This seems to me to be an important scar to mention in the astrological passport of Al Capone. For more examples of the effect of Saturn-Uranus, just click the label below.

Conclusion: maybe circumstances drove this ambitious (Saturn the first outer planet rising before the Sun) rebellious (Uranus calling!) man into the hands of the mob. Perhaps he could not have made it anywhere else, in New York:)

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Astrological New Year (Spring!) 2009

Astrological New Year is near. It is the moment that the Sun is at exactly Zero Aries, when spring starts! Above is the chart for that moment and it is a nice chart. The most prominent placements are for the elevated Moon, the not aspected Jupiter and for Uranus, rising before the Sun. Jupiter and Uranus reflect astrology as you may see in the post about Jupiter, Uranus and the charts of astrologers. And... Jupiter/Uranus is what Ebertin called the 'Thank God combination'! The symbols of relief are important in the natal chart of 'our' new year!
Together with the elevated satelite of the earth we see Moon, Jupiter and Uranus prominent, reflecting positive change. It is a sign of hope, just like spring itself. Let us hope that this chart (for Zero Aries in the worlds' economical capital New York) will indeed be the trend setter for the rest of 2009.

About your chart and Zero Aries, see Astromarkt...

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Famous couple: Frank Sinatra+Mia Farrow

Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow were a couple. Why? And why not forever?

Often people try to use astrology to see if a partner is the 'true' one, but sometimes the 'true partner' is the one who leaves you in the end and only suites you for a brief moment in life. And sometimes a marriage is a simple mistake:)

Frank and Mia Sun signs matched. If they did a simple online test called 'Do our starsigns match' the answer would have been 'Yes, they do'. His Sun is sextile hers. And signs don't mind about differences in age. Even their moons are not in conflict. But then it starts...Venus and Mars do not match!

Venus is square Venus (different sympathies and tastes)
Mars is tightly inconjunct Mars (for disproportional fight)

The aspects of Venus and Mars first create passion and love, but then it turns into a conflicts. There is passion at the start but differences tear them apart later.

So if they were asked if they matched, the answer would have been: 'Yes, you can ( live together as man and wife), but...there might be conflicts later'. Would they have listened? Probably not. And maybe that is a good thing, who knows.

For the artist in the chart of Frank Sinatra, see my blog Art& Astrology http://art-astrology.blogspot.com/2008/12/astrology-chart-frank-sinatra.html

For the artist in the chart of Mia Farrow, see Art & Astrology http://art-astrology.blogspot.com/2009/01/astrology-chart-mia-farrow.html

Do we match? See the table of matching signs...
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Monday, March 16, 2009

The keys to divorce in the chart of Soraya

Soraya was the wife of the last Persian Sjah and he divorced her because she did not give him children. Dutch astrologer Ram found the keys to divorce in female's charts, decades ago.
They are (see the chart below):

a. Afflictions between the first and seventh house

b. Sun in affliction with Uranus
(Sun is 67.5 degrees from Uranus in Soraya's chart and that is semi square + half semi square and I don't know how to name that in English, perhaps sesqui semi square?)

c. Venus in conflict with Uranus

d. Sun in conflict with Mars
Soraya's Sun is semi sextile Mars and her Mars is inconjunct the Sun of the Sjah, who was born 26 October 1919 at 4:41 a.m. GMT in Teheran. (The semi sextile and the inconjunction activate each other).

e. Mars in conflict with Saturn
Soraya's Mars is trine Saturn...But her husbands' Mars is conjunct Saturn. So these people share a Mars - Saturn aspect. On Astromarkt I write about that:
Mars-Saturn: working hard together as long as possible (like Queen Elisabeth and her late mother), sharing the same frustrations, not much fun (unless there are other indications). This aspect might indicate a lack of shared activities.

f. In general the position of planets in the 7th house give additional information.
Uranus in the 7th house reflects a hectic, controversial or 'flashing' or 'free' marriage.

g. In some cultures having children is important enough to divorce in case of difficulties in getting them.
Ceres is crucial, as Ceres is at the bottom of Soraya's chart*). The Moon is in the fith house AFFLICTED by Jupiter and Pluto (which means a lot of success as a woman, but...)

If a woman has 1 or more of these influences, it will be more difficult to get or remain married. Soraya has 2 of them. But..in this case, there was a special situation. The Sjah seems to have loved her (although he quickly remarried), but was under pressure to leave the woman who failed to enable his dynasty to continue. Another thing is, that she was not supposed to marry again or find a lover after the divorce (or loose her life of desired lazy luxury ever after, reflected by Venus on the MC), but... she had to stay alone. And she was only 26 years old! When she was just married, she had progressed Venus conjunct Sun and she started a life in luxury! But let's see about her natal chart.

The Moon in Aquarius is opposition Jupiter, sextile Uranus and inconjunct Pluto. I like to have a closer look at the Moon inconjunct Pluto. An inconjunction often reflects 'but's' and Pluto is always there when there is a price to pay. Or when you have to give up on something. Pluto is on top of her chart, showing the power of politics, money and ...the importance of issues of LIFE and death (the continues cycle of life). This prominent Pluto is inconjunct the ruler of her Midheaven (- position, status -). She had an independent life in great wealth, but the price was losing her status. Perhaps the Moon opposition Jupiter in her chart shows that being a person was not enough and more was needed. With Moon-Jupiter it always takes more!

PS I wondered if the hour of birth ((9:46) is estimated by an astrologer (putting Moon and Jupiter on the cusps of the Placidus 5/11 houses) or if this is her real hour of birth. It might be true, because there is also Saturn opposition Jupiter/Midheaven with Saturn as the planet the finger is pointing at, indicating the possible fall/step back after a rise in society.

BTW Princess Diana also had Pluto on top of the chart...

*) Queen Fabiola of Belgium had no children with King Boudewijn to their deep regret and Ceres is on her Descendant. I don't know if it is a coincidence, but Queen Fabiola also has Venus on the Midheaven. She does not have Moon in aspect with Jupiter

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Jupiter, Ceres, Angelina Jolie and Madonna

Today I read that Madonna wants another adopted child. And I know that Angelina Jolie has a more than average number of (adopted and natural) children. Time to see what their charts have in common...

Madonna and Angelina Jolie both have the Moon on an angle. That is not surprising, because attraction and the fact that they are female is of crucial importance in their lives. But Moon is also the symbol of educating, caring and being the caretaker (mother). Another thing is that just like mrs. Suleman, the ladies have an aspect between Sun and Jupiter (a sextile) and Moon and Jupiter (conjunction and semi square). The sextile and the conjunction are between 3 and 4 degrees of orb; Jupiter is not connected to the midpoint Sun/Moon.

In old days being fat and/or having many children was considered to be a sign of prosperity and linked to Jupiter. This hasn't changed, apparently. But there is more, besides the Moon and Jupiter.

CERES is conjunct the Ascendant of Madonna. Ceres is conjunct the midpoint Sun/Moon in the chart of Angelina Jolie. And Ceres symbolizes genes, heirdoom, roots...and all that is related to Mother Nature. Click 'Ceres' in the labels below this post to see more examples of the effect of Ceres. Amazing, not, that such a small planet is prominent in the charts of women who are known as a female icon and who apparently want to nurture or show the 'harvest'. (Perhaps Suleman has an angular Ceres?)

More about the astrology charts of Angelina Jolie and Madonna on this blog...

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Chart of divorcing Ingrid Betancourt and Luis Elado Pérez

Now that she filed for (her second) divorce, the almost former husband of Ingrid Bétancourt accuses her of 'adultery' with a fellow hostage, Luis Elado Pérez Bonilla, born 7 December 1953 in Pasto. I wonder how, given the circumstances, but I know that Ingrid Bétancourt's (former) best friend Clara Rochas has a child with one of the FARC-members, so there was interactions between the sexes (and it were long years without television:).
Let us have an astrological look at the relationship. Apart from the possible mutual connection between Sun and Moon, they share four combinations of aspects and two of them are activated by transit or progression right now. Often shared experiences make a bound.

They shared circumstances and characteristics:

1. An important Saturn
Luis's Saturn is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. This 'oriental' Saturn reflects ambition, responsibilities and the manager (all that is related to respect, age and status). Ingrid has a 'calling' Saturn, which is a Saturn without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Both HAD a status as a politician. And according to the memoires of the American hostages, there was a sort of a hierarchy among the hostages that perhaps separated them from the rest.

2. Saturn-Uranus: being in prison and broken free
Ingrid has Saturn inconjunct Uranus. Luis has Sun square Saturn/Uranus. They were in prison together and there was in fact a limited choice in friends.

3. Mars-Uranus (activated today)
He has the square, she has the trine for sharing an adventure and a fight for freedom.Ingrid has Transit Mars opposition natal Uranus today. Luis has transit Uranus inconjunct Mars today. Both have an 'explosive' nature, too. BTW: there is often simple friendship when Mars-Uranus is involved in relationship (like in communities of men or fighters).

4. Mercury-Pluto (the power of the word, nervous problems, activated now)
This year she has progressed Mercury (progressed ruler 1) inconjunct Pluto (progressed ruler 5) and he has Mercury opposition Pluto in his progressed chart. In the natal chart she has Mercury trine Pluto and he has Mercury square Pluto. And his Pluto is sesquisquare her Mercury. Difficult - perhaps poliical - decissions are on their way.

Luis probably has his Moon conjunct the Sun of Ingrid and her Moon is trine his Sun (they were attracted to each other or felt at ease with each other)

It is not the first broken marriage of Bétancourt. Sun conjunct Mars and ruler 1 (Venus) 105 degrees from Pluto (ruler 7) + Neptune on the Descendant are signs of a possible not long lasting marriage. As Ingrid's Uranus is square Perez's Venus I wonder if THIS relationship will be everlasting love. This also because her progressed Sun will be inconjunct his Uranus (and his Uranus is square his Mars) within a year from now.

It is not easy to be a saint or an angle when you are a living person. And it is even more difficult with transit Pluto conjunct Sun (when you live the intense way). Her Pluto is disposing of the 7th house of marriage, so that the problem that comes to the light with Pluto on the Sun is a relational problem.

Also transit Neptune is conjunct her progressed Venus and Venus-Neptune is the combination for love affairs. Today transit Venus is conjunct progressed Neptune as well, to make it is difficult day with a romantic issue.

Former posts about Ingrid Bétancourt...

Astrological background information: About you and him/her having the same combinations of aspects...


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Correspondence school shooters

The time of birth of Tim Kretschmer, the killer in the Winnenden massacre, is known now. He was born 26 July 1991. His chart and that of Watt Hamilton (the killer in the Dunblane massacre) have much in common. The correspondence is clear, even without hour of birth. I added the event's chart with the natal and progressed positions of Kretschmer.

The chart of his day of birth is not an easy chart. It has a tigh Sun opposition Saturn and 105 degrees from Pluto. As these planets hardly moved or retrograded, he had serious (Saturn) problems (Pluto) with life in general (Sun) all of his life. Saturn makes life hard and confronts you with limitations or barriers. Pluto makes life difficult and challenging or dangerous. These are unpleasant aspects and sometimes they show fysical or mental disabilities or complications.

About two years ago the progressed Sun had moved 15 degrees and was square Pluto, so that problems came to the light and intensified. And at the moment of the shooting the Saturn of Kretschmer was conjunct the Midheaven as if his shadow hang over the place. Every day there is a moment that your Saturn is in contact with Midheaven and every day there is a chance for a big or small mistake, error or failure. At the moment of the shooting, Kretschmer had that 'bad moment'.
On the day of the shooting (and his death) transit Saturn was exactly conjunct his progressed Mars. These are in general indications for a goodbye, lack or end of energy (i.c. death) and depression.

He shares some things with the killer in the Dunblane massacre that I wrote about recently.

1. Sun afflicted by one major aspect with a malefic
Kretschmer had a tight Sun opposition Saturn, Watt Hamilton (the other killer) had a tight Sun square Pluto.

2. Saturn did not move in progression
In both cases Saturn had not moved much since birth and remained in the same (difficult) position until the moment of death and disaster.

3. Venus in tight aspect with Mars
Venus is in aspect with Mars at birth and in a growing quintile with Pluto in the chart of Kretschmer. Due to retrogradation, this Venus-Pluto quintile became exact this year, the year that progressed Mars was sextile Pluto! The violent act is shown by Mars sextile Pluto in the progressed chart and there is a progressed quintile between Venus and Pluto. This combination activates the sexual problems.
Venus is exactly opposition Mars in the natal chart of Watt Hamilton.

The correspondence between the charts of the killers reflects passion and a long lasting or growing (sexual) problem that did not seem to move on or solve. In fact, there was a continuous state of anger (Watt) or depression (Kretschmer). And at a certain point, the world was confronted with them and they made victims. Had there been therapy, perhaps this event did not occur. Many others were born on the days of birth of the killers, and they grew up like normal citizens. So genes, hormones, the situation and circumstances were of vital importance and perhaps they could have been helped with the proper therapy before they committed their dramatic and horrifying crime.

PS I found a site with an HOB for Watt Hamilton (ccrsdodona.org)

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Transit Ceres opposition Ascendant

In addition to my post about famous chef cooks and the importance of Ceres (symbol of nutrition)...Only now I realize that Ceres is exactly opposition my natal Ascendant and that might explain why I am so busy cooking 'haute cuisine' lately. Ceres is conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint and though I am not the kind of woman who loves the household (on the contrary, or else I would not blog so much), from time to time I feel the urgent need to prepare new kind of meals (and I love stews and soups).

Sun/Moon sheds a light on an urgent need, as Noel Tyl tells us. Often this leads us to a vocation. Sometimes not, but it is not too late for me (is not it...?:).

For more info about midpoints and Sun/Moon or Ceres, click the labels below.

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Dunblane Massacre, 13 years ago

Yesterday it was 13 years ago that on 13 March 1996 in Dunblane (Scotland) Thomas Watt Hamilton killed 16 children and one adult on a primary school. The killer, who was probably a pedophile, was 43 at the time. You see the chart of the moment of the event and on the outer side are the positions on the killer's day of birth at noon (as his birth time is unknown).

Notice that the killer has Sun square Pluto and a Scorpio Moon. It seems that anger about allegations about pedophily were a reason for 'revenge' and that is corresponding with the nature of Scorpio and Pluto. With 60% of his placements in fixed signs he ws likely not to forget easily and will hold on to his objectives. At the final moment his Mars in Scorpio (that is opposition Venus, reflecting passions and sexual tension) was exactly square the Midheaven of the time and place of the event.

The chart of the event has Uranus in the eight equal house, conjunct Midheaven and ruling Midheaven. Mars is the most elevated planet, rises before the Sun and is square Ascendant. Just like in the chart of the shooting in Germany, Mars and Uranus are prominent. Read about the effect of Mars - Uranus on my site Astromarkt. (Mars is the symbol of fire, being fired and firing. Uranus symbolizes news, shocks and incidents)

Ken Gilmore did a splendid study regarding this event. It is called 'Who will survive'.


About the life of the killer

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The Fritzl Trial starts with Saturn's inconjunction

Elizabeth and Josef Fritzl are born on 8 and 9 April. The Transit of Saturn in the 18th degree of Virgo is inconjunct the Sun of father and daughter today, now that he faces the law and now that she returned to the clinic (with her children), probably in order to avoid the publications around the trial.
Saturn's transits are never easy, but in the charts of Elizabeth Fritzl Saturn has a special position as the first outer rising planet before the Sun. Saturn symbolizes among other things: duty, limitiations, restrictions and ...the parents and parenthood.

See their charts on the earlier post.
For more about inconjunctions, click the label below.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Astrological recipe for famous chef cooks

TV chef cooks are more important than ever and I happen to be fond of cooking lately, so this is a perfect actual moment to pay attention to the how's and why's of cooking in a natal chart. I studied the charts of the (days of birth of) 10 cooks and here is the result! This is the astrological recipe for famous (tv) chef cooks: it takes an important Ceres and a dito Moon with indications for success and fame. And perhaps you need the right oven and temperature, too!:)...The charts are included below.

The basic ingredient is Ceres. Ceres is the symbol of nutrition. When Ceres is prominent the basics of nature, agriculture, roots, genes, seeds and all that is from 'mother earth, are prominent in your life. Ceres has an important place in 50% of the charts of famous cooks and makes a tight aspect in the other 50% (and is perhaps also in an important position, but we don't know).

Five out of ten charts have Ceres 'calling', which means that Ceres does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees (see the charts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10).
This signals that the principle of nutrition is important at any possible level!

Cook 6 has Ceres at a crucial spot down under in the chart. Cook 7's Ceres is close to the Ascendant. Cook 5's Ceres is conjunct Venus (tight) and square Moon. Cook 8 has Ceres conjunct Mars, tightly. Cook 9's Ceres is tightly square Mercury. And when I say tightly, I mean with 1 degree of orb. In the charts without HOB Ceres could of course have a crucial position on the angles, in aspect with ASC/MC or Sun/Moon, but we don't know. Maybe it is enough to know that the Ceres is part of the recipe in 50% of the charts.

MOON (with Venus)
Add Moon in a sign with style and taste (like Taurus or Libra) and/or a Moon in aspect with Venus and/or Neptune (for artistic senses) and you have an artistic cook. In the 3 charts of cooks with known hour of birth, the Moon is angular in 2 cases and in the other one the Moon is oppostion ASC/MC (which is at the cross of the angles). The sign of the Moon (Cancer) is almost always also of importance.

Complete the recipe with indications for fame and you have a famous cook (Ceres/Moon).

Take the chart of mr. Paul Bocuse (cook number 7) who's Jupiter is the first outer planet rising before his Sun and positioned on the Descendant, who's Moon is conjunct Descendant and Mars is 'calling' with Mercury opposition Ceres as the tightest aspect.
The combination of the angular Moon and Jupiter with the 'calling Mars tells us that he just has to DO something (perhaps he is a workaholic) and that he is very popular (Moon conjunct Jupiter on the Descendant). Venus is square Jupiter/Neptune, Jupiter is opposition Neptune/Node and Mars is semi square Jupiter/Neptune...there we see the devoted audience/public, the fans and the followers.

Or see the chart of Julia Child (cook number 6) with Sun and Moon 'calling'!, angular Jupiter on the Descendant for drawing attention and the importance of 'fashion and habits' at any level together with enthousiasm and a convincing presentation. The Moon is the apex of the midpoint yod with Asc/MC and that is telling us that her sense of style and taste (Moon in Libra) is of crucial importance (Asc/MC) in her 'vocation' (as the Moon is 'calling' her...). Ceres is 'top down' in her chart, at the lowest point, an important spot.

This was the recipe for famous cooks. If you have an important Ceres, perhaps you feel at ease when you are cooking. If your Moon is also important and related to Venus or in a a sign ruled by Venus (so that you have a fine nose for good food), maybe you love to cook. Check your chart.











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