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Sun in aspect with Saturn:
managing to be in charge

Lots of dictators have a Sun-Saturn aspect in his chart. This aspect means that you want to manage and control. This aspect in the hands of a leader in an undemocratic nation or organisation (...) easily leads to total control and one headed management.

Famous charts with this aspect:

Robert Mugabe (21 February 1924, Sun tightly trine Saurn)
Mao Tse Tung (26 December 1893, Sun quintile Saturn)
Benito Mussolini (29 July 1883, Sun sextile Saturn)
Norodom Sihanouk (31 October 1922, Sun half semi square Saturn)
Kim Young II (16 February 1941, Sun quintile Saturn)
Ceausescu (26 January 1918, Sun opposition Saturn and inconjunct Pluto)
Karl Rove (25 December 1950, Sun square Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto)
Hugo Chavez (Sun square Saturn, see the reading of his chart on Astromarkt)

Now if you have a Sun-Saturn aspect, you need not be afraid of becoming a dictator. It takes a place on the top to be one and there can be only one at the top:), certainly in the eyes of dictators. So it is not easy to get there. And don’t worry, even Oprah Winfrey has a tight Sun square Saturn in her chart. She surely managed to be in charge. But WHY? Why do people with Sun-Saturn aspect want to be responsible for themselves? Why is it such a problem to rely on others? I guess it is because at early age something happened that made them aware of what life is like when you are poor, alone, abondaned, an orphan or disabled. And this in particular when Sun or Saturn are prominent in the natal chart. In most countries it is unfortunate to have only one or no natural parents and when the father is missing (after divorce or death) the circumstances of children change in a depressing way, most of the time. That is why the classical interpretation of Sun-Saturn aspects include losing contact with the father. And even when you are rich, this aspect introduces the nasty side of life at early age.

Now what if your child is born with a tight, prominent affliction of Sun and Saturn in the natal chart? You are the parent, the responsible person. Perhaps you are also the one who takes care of the child. What can you do? Try to give the child self confidence and if the child makes a mistake, don't make it feel guilty and blamed. The theme in the child's life is to learn to live with limitations, guilt, responsibilities and fear. I don't know why. All I know is that with this aspect in a chart time and timing is important, too. Time is always important in business and Saturn is related to business, government and the end of time (aging, for example). Saturn is oriental in the chart of those who want to be respected, responsible and in control (or a 'controler'). When you don't trust life, you want to control it. When you don't trust your health, you want to manage your body and keep it under control. And when you don't trust the world, you want to be in charge. But when you are the responsible one, you will notice that being the 'elder', 'the manager' or 'the government' or just 'the parent' is not easy and that you make mistakes.

When the Sun is in touch with Saturn the mistakes are highlighted. That is why so often Saturn or Sun in 12 with a Sun-Saturn affliction (and an additional Saturn-Uranus conflict) is reflecting imprisonment: the mistakes are being highlighted and the person in question is being 'isolated'.

Jomanda, Char Mangolis and Derrick Ogilvie are 'mediums' and all three have Sun afflicted by Saturn. They deal with endings, times and business related to life. When they make mistakes, they are being highlighted. They operate alone. Mediums want to be acknowledged, but often they are being blamed, accused and prosecuted.
The aspect in itself does not mean anything more than that they have to learn to live with the hard sides of life, because they are ambitious and in business.

PS 2013
Addition to the list Sun-Saturn leaders/dictators: PM Turkey = Recep Erdogan with Sun trine Saturn,like Mugabe

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Venuraja Gopal said...

Saturn aspect Moon is generally seen among politicians in democratic countries. It is because Saturn attracts masses and Moon is the one which makes someone attractive to masses. This you may call it as a person's charisma.
If Venus is added to it in a beneficial manner , this may result in a person becoming a film actor or mass leader or both; one after another in various stages of a person's life.
But my confusion is about the SUN. Saturn is related to public and Government while Sun is more of Government and authority than Government. So what is the result if both see each other by 7th aspect in Vedic astrology ?
In 9th house SUN can cause troubled relationship with father because "karaka" can spoil "Bhava" if it resides in same bhava. Which means 9th house is a factor for "father" and Sun also represents father. Now SUN'residing in 9th house may give bad,abusive,very restrictive father or no father at all.
But the union or conjunction or aspect of SUN and SATURN is different altogether.