Monday, March 9, 2009

The golden Yod of March 10, 1959 (Tibet)

On the 10th March 2009 it is 50 years ago that the people in Tibet tried to break free from China. See the chart was on a day that the Sun was in a so called 'golden' Yod with Saturn and Uranus as the three were related by quintiles and biquintiles.

Saturn-Uranus is the combination of limited freedom (click the label below to see more examples, like the Fritzl-case) and quintiles are showing clever and creative ways to reach a goal. One side wanted indepence (Uranus) and the others wanted restrictions and status quo (Saturn). So: are quintiles productive and effective? It depends on whose side you are. And are quintiles harmonious? It depends...

Today transit Saturn is square the Sun of that day in history. And Tibet is still part of China.

Birth day of Dalai Lama 14
Eclips of the Olympic and Jintao

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