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Chart of Yvan Colonna, convicted for killing Claude Erignac

Yesterday Yvan Colonna was sentenced to life imprisonment, in appeal, for the murder of the Corsican prefect Claude Erignac. That happened on February 6, 1998, at 21:15 (some sites also mention 9:05 p.m.)
Yvan Colonna, a nationalist and the son of a former recipient of the Légion d'Honneur (a socialist deputy)l, was born 7 April 1960 in Ajaccio. He became a militant nationalist in 1981. He says that he is innocent. Fact is that he was militant and joined in actions. Another fact is, that his life is strongly connected to the murder case and to the wish of separatist in Corsica is clearly shown in the chart. Astrology doesn't judge. Many judges and lawyers have the same kind of aspects as their suspects have. Astrology only shows that there is an important theme to deal with. In this case: deadly danger and limited freedom or indepence.

The themes of unnatural death and restricted freedom (and resistance against it) are very importent in his chart. They are shown by tight aspects. Mars, Saturn and Pluto reflect the danger of death. Saturn and Uranus together show the issue of the limited indepence and the end of freedom (linked also to communications: freedom of speech).

Venus is an important planet in this chart. Venus doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign so that Venus is highlighted. Venus is half semi square Mars and that means: passion. Venus is strongly connected to the theme of unnatural death.

A. Mars-Saturn-Pluto (theme of forced death)
1. Venus is half semi square Mars and that means: passion. Venus is semi square Mars/Saturn and sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto. Venus is also sesquisemisquare (67.5 degrees) from Mars/Pluto.
2. Mars opposition Pluto for the isssue of the use or abuse of violence
3. Mars semi square Saturn for hard actions
4. Saturn quindecile Pluto for a strong focus on the disadvantages of politics
5. Saturn sesquisquare Mars/Pluto for unnatural death as an issue
6. Venus semi square Mars/Saturn and sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto and 67.5 degrees from Mars/Pluto: for relationships, sympathies and pleasures related to deathly danger
7. Sun is sesquisquare Pluto for the frustrated fanatic (the will to win)
8. Sun is semi square Mars (for being an activist or for fysical activity; he used to be a teacher of physical education and sports.*)

B. Saturn-Uranus (theme of restricted freedom)
1. Sun square Saturn for highlighted mistakes
2. Saturn inconjunt Uranus: there is no balance in the theme of restricted freedom
3. Sun is trine Uranus: the will to be free
4. Saturn sesquisquare Mercury/Uranus: limited freedom of communications
5. Uranus opposition Mercury/Saturn (a midpoint yod pointing at Uranus)

BTW There are no placements in air signs ('communications at any possible level, but sometimes you just cannot reason with him').

1. Militant in 1981: progressed Sun opposition Neptune (question of ideals and ideology; isolation) and progressed Mercury square progressed Saturn (separation).

2. Murder 6 February 1998 at 9:05 pm (shortly later later he fled)
. His Jupiter is 15 degrees from transit Venus.
. Transit Mars is semi square his natal Pallas
. Transit Jupiter is 15 degrees from his Ceres.
. Transit Saturn is sextile his Ceres
. Transit Mars 051°42'40 (septile) his natal Saturn
. Transit Venus is 67.5 his Saturn/Pluto, 22.5 his Mars/Saturn and 135 his Mars/Pluto
. Transit Venus is semi square Colonna's Mars
. Transit Venus is semi square Collona's Pluto
. Transit Venus is conjunct his Saturn.
In other words: transit Venus was connected to the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination in Colonna's chart! And to his natal important Venus.

CLAUDE ÉRIGNAC was the prefect who was murdered. He was born in Mende, France, on October 15,1937 (age 60 at the moment of the murder). Uranus of Colonna's chart is biquintile the Mars of Erignac's Uranus. Their Saturns are 72 degrees apart. Their charts are creatively linked by the theme of restricted freedom and/or independece.

When he was shot, the Descendant of the moment was conjunct the natal Saturn of Erignac. His progressed Pluto was inconjunct the Midheaven of the moment. Saturn-Pluto connections tell us about the bad side of politics. Untimely death could be the translation of the joined force of Saturn-Pluto on that moment. It happened to be a moment that triggered Saturn and Pluto in his natal chart.

The progressed Venus of Colonna was trine the natal Sun of Erignac. Venus is an important planet in the chart of Yvan Colonna. Venus is related to Mars-Saturn-Pluto (the danger of death). The progressed Mars of Erignac was square the progressed Sun of Colonna. This illustrates a sort of a political fight or competition in the year of the murder.

3. Arrest 4 June 2003
In 2003 his progressed Sun changed sign and his lifestyle changed. He was arrested. Progressions: Mercury square Mars and Pluto and inconjunct Jupiter; Mars inconjunct progressed Neptune. Transit Mars was conjunct progressed Mars (for being a target).

4. Final conviction yesterday
Transit Saturn inconjunct natal Sun for a depression; transit Uranus opp. Node for upheavel in the family or community and Pluto conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto (a political success?).

*) The strong energy of Mars-Pluto can be used in a positive way, in sports and in political (more verbal) competition.
Simplefied explanation of progressions:
Progressions are based upon the daily movement of the earth. In one day you 'see' the universe in a 360d panoramic view. In one year the earth moves around the Sun for the same sort of panoramic view:). So what you see in one day reflects what you will see in a year time. One day = one year. The Sun moves about 1 degree in a day.

Calculation: for every year you add about one degree to the natal position (or see the ephemeris for the true positions). At a certain moment the progessed Sun moves to the next time. The years before and after are often periods of transformation to another lifestyle. (Any transit or progressions at that time strongly influence the nature of the lifestyle to be).

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