Thursday, March 5, 2009

Michael Jackson's announcement

Michael Jackson will be on stage 10 times in London, in July 2009 and as he says:"AND THAT IS IT...". Today Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in aspect with his natal Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are reflecting a forced (not natural) end. I wonder why he said this three times today 'and that is it...". Transit Ceres was conjunct his natal Sun today and that might mean that he was getting back to his roots again. I am afraid his time of birth is unknown. But whatever time that may be, Pluto will be the planet rising before the Sun. And that means that he is first of all a man with a strategy, a policy. And perhaps that money, issues of life and death and values are prominent in his life. Besides, Pluto is the planet of transformation and influence. Michael Jackson's artistic skills are beyond doubt and he transformed his own face together with the look of the clip in pop music.

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