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Golden oldies - 2 - about women and luv

Love posts about luv? Here are some of the golden oldies that I collected for you. The first 2 aren't that old. They are written in 2011.

1. Catherine the Great had a lot of lovers.

The two inconjunctions between planets related to sex and love life point at lack of balance (hormones, perhaps). Together with the prominent placements of the planets of love and sex (Mars, Moon and Venus) in aspect with Pluto (apex of the Yod) in the eight house of sex, life and death we get the picture...
Just like Henry VIII abused his power, Catherine did. She didn't marry her lovers, she 'only' used her officers. And perhaps she killed one husband, but she was very generous to her former lovers. One of those lovers was 40 years her junior. You see her chart and his natal positions (the transit positions) here:

2. Coco Chanel had a German lover. That wasn't OK in the Second World War, in France...But they had Venus quindecile Venus in synastry: an obsessive love!

3. Maria Callas loved Onassis, but he preferred Jacqueline Bouvier. She didn't get over it. 
My Conclusion: they were made to not get together (for long). 

4. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a lot of children together.
There are a lot of challenging aspects between them and there is little compensation in synastry. His Juno trine her Moon and Midheaven is nice, though. We can see the importance of marriage in her chart: Juno is exactly square the Ascendant

They share aspects and that helps! For example: both have Venus trine Uranus. That means that they shared a sort of an excitement about each other, a repeating sensation of falling in love. They also shared Venus trine Neptune: romantic feelings. And Mars-Jupiter (overproduction?:): she has Mars sextile Jupiter, he has Mars sesquisquare Jupiter. 

The chart of Albert and Victoria are a perfect example of not matching signs and the effect of sharing aspects.

5. Brad Pitt loved Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. How do their charts get along?

6. A life without luv with a happy virgin in the end...
She had Venus in Virgo...:)


Did you know that aspirine heals broken hearts? And do you want to know about Neptune, romance and medication? Then read this:

Don't forget to pay a visit to
Also visit: about love.
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Mars quindecile Pluto: obsessive drive for power

In 2010 I wrote about Ahmadinejad (Iran) and Mars quindecile Pluto in his chart. Today I had a look at the natal positions of Elba Esther Gordillo, the Mexican union leader who has been arrested under suspicion of fraud. They say that she used part of the money for plastic surgery. Here is the picture:

Her nickname is "La Maestra" and on the internet she is accused of "brujeria" (witchcraft and that included: watching her natal chart:)!

I wondered how an ordinary woman in Mexico could become so powerfull without a Mars-Pluto 'injection'. There is no major aspect between Mars and Pluto in her chart. But then I noticed the quindecile!

The 165 degree aspect that Noel Tyl (see his essay) called " quindecile" is the aspect of obsession and intensity. I first read about this aspect in Tyl's books and since then I found several good examples of how this aspect manifests itself (use this link).
The Mars-Pluto combination goes for winning and authority, sometimes by means of using violence, money power or other forces and strengths.
Connect these three and what you get is an overdrive of seeking power. Especially when Mars and/or Pluto have a prominent position, like in the chart of Gordillo (Mars rising before the Sun).

There is more in the chart than Mars quindecile Pluto. I see the "calling" Sun for leadership and drawing attention (being a star). Mars rising before the Sun focusses on action (sports, military), activism and on men or on what men use to do. Gordillo was born with a more than average drive and energy. Competition, taking the lead and dominating... That is Gordillo. And maybe Venus conjunct Eris makes discord and disagreement fun...

Mars makes another minor aspect: Mars is quatronovile Saturn. The 160 degree aspect is 4x novile and the meaning of the novile is 'to rejoyce'. Mars-Saturn is the combination of discipline and hard measures. Together, Mars quindecile Pluto and quatronovile Saturn, there is the hidden combinaton of unnatural death as an issue or a general theme in life. (Read the posts, see the links).

On the day that 'La Maestra' was born, the astrological positions didn't show a shy and weak person, on the contrary. I doubt that witchcraft was needed to make her a leading figure! But I am convinced that it took plastic surgery to shape her face. Just like in the charts of 'beauties' there are aspects between Venus, Saturn and Pluto. There is so much more to see in the chart of February 6, 1945! It was also the day of birth of Bob Marley (although Astrodienst gives an XX rated chart). He survived a murder attempt and died rather young (part of the issue of Mars-Saturn-Pluto?)

Here is the chart of her day of birth:
PS it is almost 5 years ago now that I was in Lisbon for a workshop with Noel Tyl, now. How time flies...


1. Gordillo and Marley were probably born on the same day...That makes you think about being born on the same day? Read my latest post on time twins...(Born same day, die another day) Two politicians were also born the same day, see

2. The news about the arrest on BBC

3. On the chart of Ahmadinejad, also Mars quindecile Pluto

4. About Mars-Saturn

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6. Examples of Mars rising before the Sun

7. Mars rises before the Sun and is 'calling' in the chart of Margareth Thatcher, too

8. On the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination and Osama bin Laden:

9. Noel Tyl about the quindecile aspect:

and see the labels!

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Progressed Sun/Moon conjunct Saturn

By Ben Salter (Wales)
With the most accurate timing I had to stay in bed with a painful belly and fever when my Progressed Sun/Moon midpoint was exactly conjunct Saturn and Progressed Moon trine natal Mercury in Capricorn (for keeping the posts and tweets as short as possible:).  Progressed Ascendant square Chiron helped to make me feel like having a serious ailment to conquer until I heard that it is a virus. Now that I post this, I am cured and able to go to the office. So far about me...

There is a lot of information here about Sun/Moon midpoint and Progressed Sun/Moon midpoint. The progressed Sun/Moon moves on and quickly change degree so that any aspect will soon be over. Just as soon as this post is... Progressions and transits are like trains passing. Both on the move...

See: about Progressed Sun aspects

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Born same day, die another day (time twins)


Yes, I know those stories about the parallel lives of time twins and yes, I watched a documentary on television of a great example a few years ago myself (it was very interesting and I never found it back on the internet!).
But: these events are clearly as exceptional as we find them:). If not, there would have been modern databases kept by astrologers, wouldn't it? I think that those time twins with similar lives are rare. Why?

a. You can use Wikipedia to find data and names for days of birth and then you see the differences already. You might find correspondence, too. But one of the clearest ways to see if persons born on the same day have similar lives, is checking the year of death.Well...

b. Just check the social security numbers and date of births-site and see that all of those deceased men and women died on different days and in different years, even if they were born on the same day. Those people also differ from those who didn't have social security and were born on the same day. The deceased persons lists shows us that it is very much more common to die another day (see for example: )

But, how about the stories? Maybe there are one or two real life stories about time twins with the same 'fate' (I know there are some, because I watched the documentary a few years ago). However,
here are a few examples used in astrology books and they are not convincing.

1. There is that story about a king and the son of a stable boy, born on the same day, same place and hour. The story goes that they got married and became father in the same period and that they died on the same day. Their names: King George III and Samuel Hemming. Samuel opened a store on the day of the coronation. He married on September 8 1761, just like the king. They had an equal amount of children, had accidents on the same day and died on January 29, 1920. They even looked alike, they say. I read this in The Case for Astrology on page 187 a few years ago.  For some reason I became curious and so I looked for the chart on Astrodienst (,_King_of_England ) and they don't mention a time twin. They do mention 15 children, however! That is exceptional! Did Samuel, too, have 15 children? Of course not. There is no Samuel. Astrology Research net studied this case:

2. The second story of time twins in The Case of Astrology is of Edna Hackensack. Can we verify this story? It is here:, without data and we can't ask them. Probably a female Samuel:)

3. One Giordano Venturini is said to have been born on the same day as Rudolph Valentino. The story goes that he looked much like him and that they died on the same day. More examples mentioned here ( ) including Samuel, but how do we know that all of those are true, verified and correct?

I am afraid that even if  you were born on the same day and place and hour and you have the same gender and same social circumstances, you might NOT live and die as your time twin does, did or will do.

a. Even if  you were born on the same day and place and hour and you have the same gender and same social circumstances, you might NOT live as your time twin does, did or will do, not even with almost the same chart.
That makes astrology one of the ways to explain and see things and not a tool for judgement or clear predictions.
(A lot of people want to know about the future and I am not an exception, but the future doesn't exist. The future has already changed now that I wrote this! And so has my place in it...)

b. The Ascendant and Midheaven, the Moon's degree and the aspects with AC/MC and Sun/Moon, including the angular positions, may be of more importance than the aspects, transits and progressions with the Sun and the planets.

c. Human beings are unique in expressing themselves...

d. Those who were born on the same day, most likely will DIE ANOTHER DAY, YEAR OR DECADE.

In almost every post I use to add that a chart is but a picture of the (astrological) sky, mirroring situations and that you can't read a chart without knowing facts like:
- is it about an event, man or woman, animal or business?
- what culture and time in history are we talking about?
- what social situation, genes and position are we talking about?
- what age is that person (or animal)?
That makes it easy for me to deal with the differences between the lives of persons who are born the same day, twins and time twins.

Charts can't be seen as know-it-all's! A chart is not a person. One chart can relate to a firm, a cat or an event, a chart can relate to a criminal or to a police man (both dealing with the issue crime). When you were born someone died, someone married, someone had an accident somewhere and maybe there was a political document being signed. All those events are described by the same chart. The components of the chart may look clear above, but there is a growing variety in the way that it looks on earth. The chart is a simplified description and every part of the chart has it's own vocabulary. And:

Astrology charts describes characters (not related to genes), tendencies and issues, not fate!
And I wonder if that is bad:) You don't need to be afraid when you read about your time twins! 

  1. LINKS
  2. 1. About an athlete, a famous dead singer and a pedophile born on the same day:

2. This post is about the differences and similarities in the charts of twins with the Bird brothers birthday (no hour of birth) and the natal charts of Henri and Anton Pieck as examples. It is a longer post than usual, because it is about four people and three charts. pieck.html

3. Read what a difference a birth time makes:

4. AstroDienst about time twins

5. Another take on time twins:

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Saturn Neptune and involuntary detachment

Saturn-Neptune aspect combinations, says Reinhold Ebertin, carry the principle of suffering, renunciation and asceticism. They refer to poor, sick or depressed persons. The note on page 249 of his book 'The combination of Stellar Influences' says that Saturn-Neptune is the illness axis. There are several posts on this blog with examples (use the label Saturn-Neptune). What illnesses do, is keeping you in bed, inactive and in involuntary detachment.

In 2011 I had transit Saturn conjunct Neptune and was struck with neuritus vestibularis (a sudden extreme vertigo that keeps you flat on your back for days if not longer).  There are still remains of that 'attack' and I experienced this again and again whenever there was an overload of tasks or movements. The transit is being repeated by transit Neptune inconjunct Saturn. I also had a dental problem that was cured (I hope) mid January, with transit Neptune inconjunct Saturn and conjunct Jupiter (for the 3rd and last time). I think that the dental problem and the vertigo are related, but even though there is no scientific source of what causes neuritis vestibularis, the doctors say that there can be no link between an infection in the jaw and vertigo. What remains is the astrological link: Saturn-Neptune, Neptune-Saturn.

Saturn-Neptune is often a statement for involuntary detachment. I also found this aspect in the natal chart of a Dutch professor in criminology (born December 5, 1933) who was haunted by the press and activists after he started a study about the biology of criminals. In those days (early 80's) this was considered to be political incorrect. He got ill and depressed. Ultimately he left the world of science and went to Spain (he also had the international Jupiter rising before the sun).

Involuntary detachment: that is how Robert Hand 'translated' this aspect. Those two words seem to be the right words for Saturn-Neptune.

My earlier post on Saturn conjunct Neptune:

Also visit: for example about plagues and Saturn-Neptune in history:
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Born on February 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22

Instead of tweeting all of the links, here is a list of last weeks birthdays and related post on this site (and more of my blogs)

FEBRUARY 18 and 19

Prince Andrew's birthday
Here is the reminder of the post about his chart and the match with Sarah

John Travolta's birthday
Here is the post about his artistic talents:

Yoko Ono's birthday
Here is the post about John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Pim Fortuyn was born on February 19, 1948
I mention his last solar return chart in the post about Uranus-Pluto on the angles:
Uranus-Pluto on the angles of a solar return promise a busy year (at least) of change...

Enzo Ferrari was born on January 18
Here is the post about his life, the movie and romance
I like to mention Neptune in the 7th house and the Neptune/Pluto combination with the Descendant, pointing at the secret relationship with Lina. In those days in Italy divorce was not easy and in the first half of the last century living with a married man was scandalous. The Moon in Capricorn kept him with his wife and Venus in Aquarius and square Uranus (out of sign) provided the adventurous 'free' love with Lina.

Interesting, how different charts and personalities of people born on about the same day really are... What should unite them are the two final degrees of Capricorn. Contemplation and magnetic personalities for all of them?

FEBRUARY 20 and 21
Kurt Cobain's chart has a full page on Astromarkt.

Tsar Peter III who was the husband of Catherine the Great, didn't live long after marriage. More on his wife:

Post on the death of Edward Kennedy:

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Golden oldies of Astropost - 1 - on crime

Some posts here are very popular, some are less viewed and almost forgotten, even though I think that they are worth being read:).
Here are some of them, related to crime:

1 Bertrand Cantat was released  in 2007 and I wrote about that. Before he was found guilty of beating his friend Marie Trintignant to death, he was a popular singer (Noir Desir).
There is some similarity with the case of Oscar Pistorious and his friend Reeve Steenkamp. Just like Reeve, Marie had a hard transit of Pluto with natal Sun. Transit Pluto cAn be an alarming signal of life in danger. 
The story on YouTube (in French):
Here is the chart with transits and progressions for July 27, 2003, when the crime happened:

In 2012 he 'came back' on stage. For the artist we see a prominent Neptune on MC in a quatronovile with Venus.  Besides: Moon/Neptune=MC.

2. I wrote about the documentary ' Capturing the Friedmans' and the charts related. What I found was that the main 'suspect' had transit Neptune square his natal Sun in the period of accusations. Neptune always  confuses and raises mysteries. Another mistake of Neptune is gossip...
Later there was news about the case:
In that post I mention Mercury inconjunct Neptune. It is the kind of aspect that is related to false accusation, miscommunications and confused confessions.

3. Mars used to be the war god. He is still the symbol of war in the charts of war criminals:

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Chart of Oscar Pistorius and the Valentine drama

The tragic Valentine story of Oscar Pistorius, the Blade Runner, killing his friend is food for astrological study about

  • the determination of fixed signs, 
  • the possible explosive nature of a shared Mars-Uranus aspect, 
  • Sun=Uranus/Pluto for dramatic change and...
  • about her Neptune on his progressed Sun. When Neptune gets involved, there is always a mystery and something dubious. So it is in this case.  

Oscar Pistorius killed his friend Reeve Steenkamp on Valentine's day. Astrotheme published a chart with an hour of birth of 10:30 a.m. that you see here with transits and progressions.

Pistorius has a natal chart with an abundance of placements in fixed signs (7 out of the 10 from Sun - Pluto). If he is born at 10:30 a.m. the Sun is in Scorpio, the Moon is in Leo and the Ascendant is in Aquarius, square Pholus (the symbol of the turning point on the axis of relationships). Fixed signs give a strong will and endurance, they will never give up. With Pluto on Midheaven objectives in life were strongly and fanatically pursued.*)

It is the chart of a determined person. That was how he became a champion, handicap or no handicap. Winning (Pluto) is a top priority when Pluto is on top of a chart.

Uranus makes no major aspects and is 'calling'. Uranus and Pluto are both prominent and the combination of those two often pops up in case of arrest and dramatic change. Midpoint Uranus/Pluto is conjunct his Sun. In my book 'Astro Trio' I refer to that combination as:

Being radical and impulsive. Needs strong nerves to be able to cope with change and tension. Wants to force change. Possible arrests.(for example: David Koresh has Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto, too).

The chart has the picture of a very determined but impulsive person with a strong character.

The victim, Reeve Steenkamp, was born on August 19, 1983 with her Sun in the middle of his Sun and Mars. Her Mars is rising before her Sun and spot on his Moon. This fires desires and might produce domestic quarrels. Venus sextile Venus is good for a shared taste and preference. They liked and maybe even loved each other.
She had transit Pluto sesquisquare natal Sun. One of the ways to see this transit is ... as an indication for life in danger (and/or being stressed, under pressure).

Her natal Neptune is conjunct his progressed Sun. That Sun-Neptune combination is very romantic, confusing and deceptive to start a romance with.

They also share a Mars-Uranus aspect. Quoting myself about two people having a Mars-Uranus aspect:
Mars-Uranus: new experiences in work activities, sport or sex. Male friendships like was the case with the martyrs in Algeria (read that article), who also shared a horrible incident that ended their life. Johann Calvin and his opponent Michael Servetus shared a Mars-Uranus aspect. Servetus (Mars inconjunct Uranus) was killed, Calvin was responsible. They had a controversy.
Short fuse is one of the ways to read Mars-Uranus. Another quote:
So if you have Mars-Uranus highlighted in your chart: take care, try to be more patient and don't hurry (or worry). This Mars-Uranus connection also appears in the charts of people active in a sport that acquires the capability of acceleration (like bikers and in motor sports).

He was/is fast with the help of techniques and he has a Mars-Uranus minor aspect, perfect for 'acting' artificially. She had the Mars trine Uranus to be attracted to fast and unique men.

But then came the changes, the fame and the other way of living, all reason enough for tension and stress. The minor aspect between Mars and Uranus (a 67.5 = half sesquisquare aspect) showed itself. Mars-Uranus has a temper. And transit Pholus joined Uranus on the fatal day, turning his world upside down.

On February 14, 2013 transit Saturn was semi square Progressed Sun (a bad omen: frustrating setback, the end of a period of life) and almost square the Ascendant (hard relationships) of the 10:30 am chart, while the Progressed IC was inconjunct natal Neptune (a deplorable state with a loss involved). Also Progressed Moon was inconjunct Uranus, describing a memorable shock or incident with a loss involved. (Consider that those transits are only correct if the time of birth is correct!) This seems to describe how he feels now.

PHOLUS: point of no return
On Valentine's day his progressed Venus was opposition natal Pholus, indicating a point of no return in love. Transit Pholus inconjunct Progressed Moon (if time is correct) and trine Eris is mirroring the starting point of change in habits and home, along with discord. And the conjunction with Uranus promised an unexpected and sudden beginning.

ERIS: disagreement
Transit Eris was square Progressed Moon (if time is correct) and Progressed Mars semi sextile Eris for more 'disagreement'.

There were more three inconjuncts (quincunxes) warning for getting out of balance and possible loss.
But, there is also Progressed Mars conjunct Progressed Jupiter and semi sextile Eris. A major effort? A recent successful match or year? Progressed Venus had recently been conjunct natal Jupiter and that is usually a statement for having a party and enjoying life and love. That is corresponding with what family told the media.

Astrology can't tell you what happened or what will happen and is no big help in a 'who done it'.  Astrology simply adds an astrological picture of a moment in time to births and events that should be seen in the light of gender, genes, circumstances, situations and the choices that people make.


*) Also see Brutus about angularity and Pluto on MC:

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Christopher Dorner's aspects, transits and progressions

Today transit Ceres is exactly opposition my natal Sun. I had a look at the progressed chart of Christopher J. Dorner, the fired angry cop who became a killer. I noticed that in the progressed chart of the hunted man Sun is exactly square Ceres, not soon after progressed Sun square Eris (facing discord). Today also happens to be the birthday of Leslie Nielsen. I looked at the chart and noticed that his Sun is opposition Ceres and Ceres sesquisquare Ascendant. What does Ceres mean? Even the chart of Pope Benedict has an important Ceres on top, on Midheaven.

Ceres seems to be my theme for today. Ceres is the symbol of dynasty, family, motherhood, the archetypical woman, fertility, genes, seed, race, roots and nutrition (food; Ceres is important in the charts of cooks).Did you know that both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have Ceres 'calling' (no aspects) in their charts? And what do you think of that 'calling' Saturn inconjunct Ceres in the chart of the man who lost his function and feels that discriminating colleagues and superiors are to blame?

There is no hour of birth available.

In the natal chart Saturn in Virgo is exactly inconjunct Ceres as if there was already a disproportional disadvantage related to his roots. Virgo is a discriminating sign in the sense that Virgo looks for details and differences. In this case the bookkeeper's eye is linked to Ceres, the symbol of genes. Could I read that as part of the problem? There may have been natal disadvantages to start with. He felt them more than others did, perhaps. Saturn in Virgo doesn't make narrow aspects. It is an indication that 'duty calls' and that he had a 'calling' for official duty, as a police man. Respect and the law are highlighted. Now he faces the law from the other side.

In Christopher Dorner's natal chart Mars rises before the Sun. That is the statement for the activist, the energetic and driven person.  (Mars in Taurus doesn't act quickly and neither did Christopher, five years after losing the job.) Mars is in minor aspect with Saturn (112.5 degrees, square + half semi square). Mars-Saturn is for disciplinary measures. This aspect comes back now, in progression!

Another interesting aspect in the chart of Dorner is Mercury opposition Neptune. Mercury-Neptune aspects are common in the charts of those who become the victim of miscommunications, false accusations or testimonies or… of their own fantasies. There is a number of examples on this blog.

The natal Sun is sesquisquare the midpoint Saturn/Neptune. This is a difficult midpoint combination to deal with and often includes illnesses (related to emotional suffering).

The Sun is trine Pluto. That shows us the importance of self esteem and being valued.

Several points in the progressed and natal chart of Dorner are in line with what happens. In a bad situation the nasty sides of aspects, transits and progressions show up. He IS in a bad situation.

a. Christopher Dorner's natal and progressed chart both have Mars rising before the Sun.  He hasn't changed through the years and is still militant.

b. In the progressed chart, this Mars is now square Saturn (the law, disciplinary measures). Mars-Saturn is a dangerous combination, related to death, heroes, severe injuries and blocked energy. This aspect is resonating the minor aspect in the natal chart and therefore stronger than other aspects! To discipline, to punish, to be disciplined an punish, that is the Mars-Saturn story.
c.  Progressed Eris in the 15th of Aries (discord) and progressed Nessus in the 15th of Cancer (revenge) are exactly square. How this Eris square Nessus (in aspect with progressed Sun) corresponds with what is going on! There is a revengeful war going on.

d. Now that the angered Sun trine Pluto became Progressed Sun square Pluto stress turned his life and that of others upside down. The progressed Sun with Pluto mirrors life in danger.
Sun-Pluto aspects point at the importance of self esteem and defending honor. Angered, he choose a bloody way to get attention needed (in his eyes) to clear his name and restore his value by killing persons who where not his direct enemies.

And he is worth one million dollar now...death or alive.

Also visit: for example about Ceres or on Sun-Pluto or about Mars-Saturn

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Astrology of Pope Benedict stepping back

There have been a number of posts about Pope Benedict on this blog and they were often wrapped in a blanket of worries about his condition, a true 'Saturn calling' *) he remained on his post. Now he steps back and even though he is 85, the head of a world church in trouble and apparently not healthy, people are surprised. They are surprised because popes tend to be pope until they die. Watch the chart, progressions and transits, consider the man and his situation, and see that there is reason enough to have some rest.

1. The progressed chart has Pluto on the Ascendant. Pluto rules the 8th natal house of life and death and is in the 4th of endings. Pluto on the Ascendant describes stressful situations and pressure (though he says there was no pressure on him when he decided to stop on February 28). Something transforms when Pluto is on one of the corners of the chart.

2. Transit Uranus square progressed Mars (important because of the opposition with Midheaven in the natal chart) means change, too.

3. Progressed Sun quintile Progressed Chiron might be creative in a healing process or point at the creative attendance of doctors.

4. On February 28 transit Jupiter is novile Progressed Sun for rejoycing that life gets better.

5. The most negative aspect is transit Neptunus quindecile progressed IC. It focusses on a weak basis.

6. Transit Pholus square midpoint AC/MC mirrors the crucial point of no return.

Today he surprised (transit Uranus) the world by breaking (Saturn) free (Uranus).


See: (June 2012, about the cardinals around him) (December 2011, concern...)

Also visit: about popes

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Example of 5 times transit Pluto at once

Today I had the sad opportunity to see how transit Pluto changes the life of someone close. She went to see the  cardiologist because she was tired and had a strange feeling on the chest. What happend was that he found an almost completely closed coronary artery.  He placed a stent. This was exactly what she was afraid of. And it was with 5 transits of Pluto:

  • Pluto conjunct her Sun
  • Pluto conjunct her Moon
  • Pluto conjunct her midpoint Sun/Moon
  • Pluto inconjunct het progressed Descendant
  • Pluto opposite Ceres (heart issurs are in  the family)

All 5 transits were within less than 0,5 degree orb...

Those transits were accompanied by:
Transit Chiron (healer/pain) conjunct progressed Sun. 
Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed IC

Very soon transit Saturn will be square MC and inconjunct Progressed IC

All three (Pluto, Chiron and Saturn) are hitting the lights and the angles, the key points in the chart.
It is the reflection of dangerous, changing and hard times. The 8th is involved, too. Pluto is in the progressed 8th house. She is safe in hospital tonight and her family hopes for her safe return home, feeling better. 

Question is now: is transit Pluto reflecting the surgery (and in a way that saved her life...)? Or did the conjunctions mean that she is starting a difficult period in life, with medication and in the 'survival' mode? 

Transit Pluto is always complicated. As an astrologer, you see it coming and all you can do is make a wish that this force is WITH the person and not against. Even if transit Pluto is considered to be helping you get rid of a problem, it is still difficult to deal with. May this force with be you:)!

Links or Quote:
With transit Pluto conjunct Sun something in your life might be destroyed. A vital problem will be highlighted and action is needed. Sometimes your life or lifestyle is in danger or health issues demand action. Physical challenges, a problem with an authority or enemies force you to be strong and brave. You will have to learn to live with problems and forces beyond yourself, often related to life and death*) issues. Stress is with you, all along the period of the transit. Quote:
Transit Pluto with the Moon intensifies emotions and habits/needs. Getting back to usual (at home) is difficult and challenging with such an aspect, even if it is a trine (though you might feel stronger than ever).  It often gives stress at home or in the family. Sometimes this is because of a family problem or a memorable event regarding life and death. Michael Moore had this transit after his chemo therapy (and with his son in jail).
This post is about transits of Pluto with Midheaven or Ascendant

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Death of Ed Koch

Ed Koch was the mayor who cured (the financial situation of) New York. It is in his chart like this:

Sun in Sagittarius in the 2nd house of money trine Chiron = cures 


But there is more, of course.

  • There is the Moon in Cancer is 'calling' (not making any aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). Cancer is economic:). He had the need (at any possible level) to economize and … to be popular. He was. He had Moon opposition Jupiter and Jupiter biquintile MC.
  • Just like most of the American president (and many politicians) there is a Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combinations  for political correct answers and strategic communications together with this Moon-Jupiter aspect.
  • The chart also contains Saturn in Scorpio for the thorough and bold manager who dares to cut expenses. Saturn rises before the Sun: duties first, the true manager.

Now he died. We see transits and progressions accompanying this moment:

  • transit Pholus inconjunct Mars
  • transit Pholus semi square Progressed MC
  • (transit Pholus square progressed Sun on his birthday)

Those two transits of Pholus refer to a frustrating point of no return with a loss of energy involved.

  • transit Saturn trine progressed Descendant can be seen as an easy way to go (saying goodbye)
  • transit Pluto conjunct Mercury means stress or difficult decisions/talks
  • transit Jupiter in 8, inconjunct progressed MC that is help and assistance accompanying loss. Jupiter could also have meant: a definitive journey, leaving something behind.
  • progressed Moon opposition Uranus for a memorable moment of excitement and change
  • transit Mars trine Ascendant, activity in relationships or in situation
  • Saturn had recently been on his progressed MC = step back in condition

For people of his age this might have been enough.

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Mars, Uranus-Pluto, Nessus and Salman Khan

Indian actor Salman Khan faces charges of culpable homicide for killing a street when he drove his car into a bakery in Mumbay, in September 2002, BBC news reports. He is hugely popular but he is also often been described a a 'bad-boy', they say. I like to involve Mars-Uranus-Pluto in this story.

Mars in conflict with Pluto can be the reflectioin of using violence, abusing force and of a problem with male hormones. Salman Khan has Mars sesquisquare Pluto. Mars is also sesquisquare Uranus. That is symbolic for a hot temper. Mars with Uranus and Pluto tends to act (Mars) on impulse (Uranus-Pluto) or to be the rebel (Uranus) using force (Mars-Pluto). In an earlier post I refer to it as the aspect combination of terror (see ) that we also see in the chart of Anders Breivik, the man who murdered so many in Norway. I quote:

 In 1940 Reinhold Ebertin (click for his chart) wrote about this stellar combination. I quote 'The combination of stellar influences":"Fanatism, act of violence, mania of destruction".He was right.
The Mars-Uranus-Pluto combination doesn't mean that such an incident has to happen. Astrology doesn't work vice versa!
But sometimes it looks that way...

Here is the chart of his day of birth with today's transits and progressions. Transit Uranus (symbol of controversy, nerves, shocks and news) is square his Sun now. That is often so when a VIP is discussed in the news papers.
On the day of his birth the Sun was inconjunct Nessus, the symbol of wrath after death and the return of angry persons from the past. The quincunx or inconjunct is the symbol of losing balance and of loss.

It is interesting that in this case, 10 years after the incident, the killed street sleeper sort of 'returns after death' in a trial. Khan is also accused of hurting 3 others in this incident.

Salman Khan denies that he drove the car in the event of September 2002. That was when Transit Saturn was square his Progressed Sun and Transit Pluto conjunct Mercury.

PS with Uranus, Mars, Pluto and Moon on the angles of the solar return chart, my mother had an accident. She fell and broke her hip on two places. The first surgery went wrong, so that she underwent surgery two times. The result is that she now lives in a home for the elderly, unable to walk on her own.
Uranus and Pluto are on the list of planets reflecting change.

Astromarkt on Nessus:

Chart of day of birth of Anders Breivik:

More Mars-Uranus-Pluto:

Also visit: about Mars-Pluto and the drive to win

Australian rules footballer Chris Mainwaring, born on the same day als Salman Khan, died in 2006:

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Super Bowl two brothers and astrology

When you click on the label 'football' you find a few posts in which I try to 'predict' the results of a match or game by using the MC of the final moment to see if there is a 'hit' with the coach's natal chart.
I also use the transits and progressions of the coach. I wanted to try it on the Super Bowl of February 3, 2013. It is a special match, because the two coaches are brothers (John and Jim Harbaugh).

I thought it would be very interesting to see who wins and to see how the charts of the brothers are reflecting this. The problem with the chart of the SuperBowl is, however, that there is no indication for the eact time of the end of the match! The average SuperBowl lasts for about 3,5 hours, but it could be more (or less), depending on the length of shows and commercials. That makes it hard for to use my method. But I still want to have a look at the charts of the brothers.

The sun signs of the brothers don't match. Their synastry is sun square sun. Both are starts, both want to draw attention and both want to be the boss. It must be very hard to be their mother and give both of them the attention that they need! They are two superstars fighting each other in the Super Bowl!
Also, Uranus of Jim is conjunct the Pluto of John. That is stimulating for tension and stress. Perhaps they are the sources of each other's level of adrenaline:)! They will certainly feel the heat on February 3, 2013, day of the match.
Position of day of birth John with (transit) those of Jim Harbaugh


Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 94ers, was born on December 23, 1963.  In the natal chart Jim has a tight trine between Mars and Pluto, for the strong drive to win, strong muscles and tremendous energy. He is a typical 'strong man'.

Here is what is in his chart right now:
1. The match takes place on a day with transit Sun conjunct his Pholus. That is a yearly 'turning point' day. Mine was on Friday January 18, when the pedicurist hurt my foot. So Jim, don't stamp your foot!:)
2. Transit Pholus is sextile progressed Sun: an easy way out to a point of no return.
3. There is a minor Jupiter transit (105d) with progressed Sun: a merely visible success.

John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens, was born on September 23, 1962. In the natal chart of John, Pluto rises before the Sun so that he has a strong focus on strategy and strength.

His transits and progressions are:
1. Progressed sun in minor (75d) aspect with Saturn (merely visible set back?)
2. Transit Pluto trine Pluto offers a great challenging moment for a win and stronger value
3. Progressed Venus trine Mars is good for passion
4. Progressed Sun conjunct progressed Venus (great for love life)

How can these lists offer any insight in the results of the Super Bowl? They can't because I don't have the chart of the final moment. I want to know who is happy in the end. I think that Jim has 'better astrological cards' because of the Jupiter and because of the fact that his team is favorite while John has a minor Saturn progression. On the other hand, those trine see to bring luck, too (and John has them). So:

Can anybody give me the hour of that final moment please? 

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