Monday, February 25, 2013

Progressed Sun/Moon conjunct Saturn

By Ben Salter (Wales)
With the most accurate timing I had to stay in bed with a painful belly and fever when my Progressed Sun/Moon midpoint was exactly conjunct Saturn and Progressed Moon trine natal Mercury in Capricorn (for keeping the posts and tweets as short as possible:).  Progressed Ascendant square Chiron helped to make me feel like having a serious ailment to conquer until I heard that it is a virus. Now that I post this, I am cured and able to go to the office. So far about me...

There is a lot of information here about Sun/Moon midpoint and Progressed Sun/Moon midpoint. The progressed Sun/Moon moves on and quickly change degree so that any aspect will soon be over. Just as soon as this post is... Progressions and transits are like trains passing. Both on the move...

See: about Progressed Sun aspects

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