Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Golden oldies - 2 - about women and luv

Love posts about luv? Here are some of the golden oldies that I collected for you. The first 2 aren't that old. They are written in 2011.

1. Catherine the Great had a lot of lovers.

The two inconjunctions between planets related to sex and love life point at lack of balance (hormones, perhaps). Together with the prominent placements of the planets of love and sex (Mars, Moon and Venus) in aspect with Pluto (apex of the Yod) in the eight house of sex, life and death we get the picture...
Just like Henry VIII abused his power, Catherine did. She didn't marry her lovers, she 'only' used her officers. And perhaps she killed one husband, but she was very generous to her former lovers. One of those lovers was 40 years her junior. You see her chart and his natal positions (the transit positions) here:

2. Coco Chanel had a German lover. That wasn't OK in the Second World War, in France...But they had Venus quindecile Venus in synastry: an obsessive love!

3. Maria Callas loved Onassis, but he preferred Jacqueline Bouvier. She didn't get over it. 
My Conclusion: they were made to not get together (for long). 

4. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a lot of children together.
There are a lot of challenging aspects between them and there is little compensation in synastry. His Juno trine her Moon and Midheaven is nice, though. We can see the importance of marriage in her chart: Juno is exactly square the Ascendant

They share aspects and that helps! For example: both have Venus trine Uranus. That means that they shared a sort of an excitement about each other, a repeating sensation of falling in love. They also shared Venus trine Neptune: romantic feelings. And Mars-Jupiter (overproduction?:): she has Mars sextile Jupiter, he has Mars sesquisquare Jupiter. 

The chart of Albert and Victoria are a perfect example of not matching signs and the effect of sharing aspects.

5. Brad Pitt loved Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. How do their charts get along?

6. A life without luv with a happy virgin in the end...
She had Venus in Virgo...:)


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