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Astrology chart Rod Blagojevich and the yod

Mars inconjunct Neptune, that is the tightest aspect in the chart of Ron Blagojevich, the governor of Illionois who has been impeached. Mars is also inconjunct Pluto and the Apex in the Yod that is produced by Mars, Neptune and Pluto. Today transit Pluto square his Mars activates the existing affliction in the natal chart.

There were allegations that he abused his power, that he was corrupt and tried to sell the appointment to fill President Obama's seat in the senate. That happened with transit Uranus and Saturn square his natal Sun and possibly also aspecting his natal Moon in Pisces.

An inconjunction indicates disproportion and lack of balance due to or as the consequence (like lost) of the fact that something has gone wrong. Neptune and Pluto together symbolize the silent or secret force and power. Mars is the symbol of action, acts, energy and work. Mars inconjunct Neptune and Pluto = working behind the scenes abusing power without balance, a disproportional secret force at work. The consequences of these efforts are clear today. And they are especially strong because he actually had a position of power.

Now he lost his job, he can no longer be a governor or politician. This happens to him with transit Pluto square natal Mars and trine progressed Mars, activating the existing natal aspect. He also will face progressed Mars opposition Neptune in the coming year. He will have to face the judge in this matter. And that is a lot of consequences for trying to sell a seat to the most bidding Democrate. He compared it with his hanging. The inconjunction's effect is apparent.

There is an expression in Dutch: 'scheve schaats rijden' = 'crooked skating'. It means that you do something that you should not do (undecent behaviour). It crossed my mind as it is cold and as the inconjunction refers to something that is 'crooked', though not always in a criminal sense. I like to ad this picture to the others that you find in the post about the effect of the inconjunction

More about Neptune and Pluto's effect

Recent post about a CEO stepping back with 4 inconjunctions...

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Astrology chart Galilei (and Mercury-Uranus)

No statue in the garden of the Vatican for Galileo Galilei, the man who was condemned to death because he said that earth revolved around the sun. He was spared because he said he was wrong, but...he was right, of course. Only in 1992 the Roman Catholic Church officially acknowledged that. And now they decided not to honour him with a statue, after all...

The chart of Galilei is here above. Notice that Sun, Mercury and Uranus are close together for the man with the controversial ideas (and an open mind). And when he lied that he was wrong, he simply twisted the fact and changed (Uranus) his mind (Mercury). Of course there is more to tell about Galilei and his chart (maybe later...)

Slow answers, lies and Mercury's aspects


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Astrology chart Johanna Sigurdardottir

Johanna Sigurdardottir will be the first lesbian Prime Minister in the world and she will be that in Iceland. She was born October 4, 1942 and is 66 years old today.

Transit Pluto is now inconjunct her progressed Uranus, reflecting stress and tension. Iceland is in trouble since the monetary crisis and the government has fallen. Sigurdardottir has Venus and Neptune rising before the Sun and opposition Aries Point (marking the way people see you). Isn't it interesting that she is first of all seen in the light of her romantic preferences (Venus-Neptune)? She is an idealist (Neptune oriental) and she has the attitude of a leader (Moon in Leo). Sun conjunct Mars tells us that she is an assertive, energetic promoter.
With Sun trine Saturn and sextile Pluto (and Sun square Saturn/Pluto) she will likely be the kind of 'die hard' who will be able to survive this political crisis.

BTW: notice her looks: perhaps that is also part of Venus - for representations, style and beauty - opposition Aries Point.

Without hour of birth this is all, except for this: 50% of the positions on her day of birth in air...that is reflecting communications at any level. Maybe she uses a lot of words (Mercury square Jupiter)and when she does you will know why:)...See the post about Mercury's aspects. Of course, Mercury-Jupiter also reflects successful communications.



Project: reading the chart of Churchill -part 2-

Winston Churchill’s chart step by step… This is the follow up of part 1 of this project

What does the chart show us? The Astro ID…
The first outer planet rising before the Sun is Jupiter, the international, symbol of the traveller, the wise guy, the academic, positive and optimistic person, someone who wants to make progress in life, someone who wants to grow (and maybe in horizontal direction). Go to Step 2 if you want to keep it simple. What we want is a cartoon, not a picture with pixels 8.2.

(BTW In the chart of Winston Churchill I notice the V on the descendant. Is not that funny? He always held his fingers so that he showed the V of victory. In this chart it is the V of the 'supposed to be' planet Vulcanus and that Vulcanus appears where the v of violence is involved. Maybe it is just coincidence, but it caught my eye.

Another special spot in the chart is Ceres on top. Ceres is the big mama, nurture, genes, seeds, roots and heirdoom. Later you will notice the importance of that placement. But let us skip Ceres and Vulcanus and focus on the more excepted objects in the chart. Let us have a look at the oriental planet.)

What is the character in general (Sun, Moon, ASC, tight aspects, if possible in combination
50% of the positions in fire signs and another 50% in fixed signs makes one think of Leo (fire and fixed sign): show, performing, leadership.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo and ASC in Libra produce a fluent mixture of expression and leadership. Sagittarius is the sign of conviction, Leo likes to be the boss and Libra is the diplomat.

Interesting is that the Moon is trine Neptune and in Leo, for the need to have ideals and dreams, and to show them:).

The tightest aspects are Venus sextile Jupiter and inconjunct Pluto. Earlier we decided only to read aspect combinations and not to read aspects one by one. The combination of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto refers to great popularity, and success in art for example. Note that he was an amateur painter and a writer, too and that you see the pattern of artistic talents in this chart. If not, check the post on Art&Astrology.

SUM 1+2
We found a Jupiter/Leo/Venus-Jupiter-Pluto. Let us face it: we already get the picture of an optimistic and artistic popular leader. Let us not forget that when we do step three.

STEP 3: Vocations and goals
Now we want to know what he does for a living or what is the meaning of his existence.

In this chart we see a Cancer Midheaven with the Moon in Leo, Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra in mutual reception with Venus in Sagittarius. Jupiter is sextile Venus (the tightest aspect, remember?).
We see joy (Venus-Jupiter), blessings and a great talent, in an atmosphere of ‘keeping memories and the past or habits alive’. Cancer refers to the domestic, national, educational and historical field: all that relates to ‘home’, ‘background’ and ‘memorizing’ /’reproducing’ (early education and basic needs).

We already had an optimistic popular leader with an international orientation with a successful career in the field of memorizing or reproducing. Notice that some patterns seem to be coming back again and again.

STEP 4: And more...
We look for Aries Point, ASC/MC, Sun/Moon, midpoint combinations confirming patterns of aspects or being repeated, Yods, midpoint yods.

1. We see Cancer on Midheaven, square Aries Point: he will be known (AP) for his career and position (MC).

2. In the chart of Winston Churchill Mercury is square ASC/MC: this is the chart of a communicator, someone with a message to be written, spoken or sung (note that he was a brilliant author).

3. Very important: the Sun is 112.5 degrees from ASC/MC (drawing attention), Mercury square ASC/MC (messenger). Again Sun, again Mercury. Again performance and leadership. Again communications.

4. The “finger of God..”
There is an important Yod in this chart: Venus and Jupiter are inconjunct Pluto, making Pluto the axis of the Yod. The 'finger of God' is pointing at Pluto, the most elevated planet in the chart.Pluto is the symbol of sex, danger, money, force, influence, politics and strategy.
(This Venus-Jupiter-Pluto combination is repeated by Venus sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto). He was successful and talented, but it is indicated that he was a politician or policy maker.

A popular and optimistic communicative strategic or political leader with an international orientation in a domestic or historical (Cancer Midheaven) field. And let us not forget that he needs to show off his ideals and dreams.
Once we know the social setting and when we know the historical circumstances and consider those with our findings in mind, it is even more clear how a talented and artistic nobleman with leadership and 'the finger of God' pointing at Pluto for politics could produce those words:
"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.". What made him say so: 50% in fixed signs for holding on and standing firm, 50% in firesigns for the drive and the pride.

Why did Winston Churchill have such controversial ideas and why was his opinion often provocative?
It is because of the important Mercury in Scorpio square the rebel among the planets, Uranus. And also: have another look at the chart and see Ceres (genes, heirdoom) on top in Aries, reflecting the importance of breeding, seed, births and the homeland. That explains a lot of what he said and what shocked us.

1. For a second opinion and another view I found one through Astrodispatch, by Michael D. Robbins.
2. Art & Astrology about the pattern of artistic talent in the chart of Churchill...

This is the end of the project 'Reading the chart of Winston Churchill', an example of how to interpret charts by use of a method and like if it was a project.

See for more background information about midpoints and for the basics of astrology or find other sources. And don't forget to buy books (from different authors) and/or have a basic training. Oh well, enjoy your study:)!


Project: reading the chart of Winston Churchill -1-

The description of a project identifies the goals, needs, do's and don’ts, purpose, and means. Reading is a chart can be done like if it was a project. It takes a method to do that. The best way is to find out what method you prefer. I prefer my own, too Let me show you how the chart of Winston Churchill can be read step by step, following this method.
Let us imagine that Winston Churchill wants to know what you think of his chart and why people are often offended by his remarks. Let us start finding answers and let us give ourselves a certain time to finish the job. I will not try to make a detailed painting, just a cartoon. The description of the project is: to sketch the character and personality and to answer the question. The answers are in the next post.
Step number one is finding the Astro Identification. What is special about this person? What comes to mind immediately? It is like looking at a passport. You notice the colours, lengths and special marks. The Astro I.D. is about the special marks that distinguish this person from others.

What do you SEE in this chart above? What is your impression of the chart? What object is angular or square Ascendant? What object is rising before the Sun? Are there any objects close together at an angle or oriental (rising before the Sun)?

STEP 2: QUICK SCAN (ELEMENTS AND CHARACTER - Sun sign, Moon sign, sign of the ASCendant and tight aspects-)

What element is missing or prominent? What quality is? And what do you think of that combination? Look at the composition of Sun, Moon and Ascendant and try to picture the character of this person. Look at the most tight aspects and the meaning of it. Note what you found and try not to use more than 7 lines to drop your findings.

(SUM 1+2)
At this stage of the project it is time for a go or no go on-moment. Are we on the right track? What have you found so far and have you found similarities between the findings of step 1 and step 2? Make up your mind before you go any further.

The Midheaven routing and aspects to the Midheaven reveal some of the person's goals in life. Look at the nature of the MC, the ruler and the rulers of the rulers. What comes to mind?

Let us have a look at midpoint combinations, Yods and other special aspects, included the midpoints Sun/Moon and ASC/MC, because these midpoints are as specific and individual as can be. And why not have a quick look at Aries Point (and objects making hard aspects with Zero Aries/Aries Point). If you have not yet studied these special combinations, skip it and move on, but be back later (when you know more…

SUM (1+2+3+4)
Start drawing! What kind of a person is this? If you know the background, social setting or educational level, that information should be added before you lay the pencil down and start looking at the cartoon. Satisfied?

"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."
Why is such a statement so basically in line with his personality?

Now that the essence of his chart and personality has become clear, you might start looking at the reason for having a consult or at the specific issue that you want to study. Perhaps you are interested in his artistic talents? Then go to Art&Astrology to see more. But let us get back to the project!!!

WHY is he notorious for his controversial opinions? That is what he wants to know…
When you found all of the answers, see if you found what I found in the chart of Winston Churchill. Consider this way of reading a chart A way to do it and find your own way to come to the same conclusion about the chart of Churchill.

See the answers in part 2 of this reading...


How to interpret and calculate midpoint combinations

I will tell you how to do it without using a reference book.

I want to tell something about interpreting midpoints on your own. It just is not that miraculous or difficult as it appears. When you interpret a square between for example: Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aries you take into account:
- the interpretations for what Sun is
- dito for what Jupiter is
- the nature of the sign the planets are in
- the fact that they square
At least 5 notions! So why would it be more difficult to combine 3!?

Got a vocabulary? Got fantasy? You know the core meanings of the planets and aspects?


Rule 1: always stick to the core business of the planet at first (weaver out later) So Sun = life, will, vitality, being Jupiter = joy, growth, wisdom, success, progress Saturn = lessening, age, time, limitations, carefulness, responsible

Rule 2: think of a conjunction between two of the three in pairs successively. So Sun+Jupiter, Sun+Saturn, Jupiter+Saturn. What would you get if Jupiter joins Sun? Growth in life, the will to progress. Saturn joining Sun: seriousness in life, being careful. Jupiter+Saturn: growing responsibilities, limited joy

Rule 3: Combine it. A life with growing responsibilities? Different positions in life (then you have fun, then you are depressed).

Rule 4: Variations
Saturn is a father? A successful man (Sun/Jupiter) = your father
Jupiter is teacher? A serious and responsible life as a teacher
Sun is health? Better (Jupiter) when older?
Saturn is alone? Better off (Sun/Jupiter) alone?
Jupiter is progress? Then you walk better alone!

Rule 5: Look at the planet making the aspect to the midpoint (that is the one that when activated by progression will be most influential)
Sun = Health issues
Jupiter = Issues of success
Saturn = Issues of responsibilities and limitations

Compare your ideas with those of COSI*) and you will see that all of the things you can think of are given as a possible workout in COSI. But you could have thought of them yourself....

Creativity! Combine even more. Two midpoint combinations! Like already given example: Sun/Jupiter=Saturn/Pluto (death and surgery of the father improving your health OR being scared to death makes you live better = FACT stopped smoking when father died as a result of smoking). The combination as a whole = Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto: a drastic (Pluto) move (Jupiter/Saturn) in life or health (Sun) ....

Deeper and deeper.
There are more than 1 midpoint combination in your chart. Interpret it like eating an elephant (in small pieces!). Start with one planet and its midpoints that had recently been aspected in progress or by transit and study that!

E= for the energy it costs and for Elephant to remind you that you must eat an elephant in tiny bits...You learn practising!

F= for the failures you have to make to learn and the forum to assist you

Have fun trying to make your first combinations!

*)COSI = Combination of Stellar Influences by Ebertin. Of course you can use any other book.

(A+B)/2 =the midpoint, for example: Sun at 200 degrees (20 Libra) + Moon at 100 degrees (10 Cancer) = midpoint 300/2 = 150 = Zero Virgo

Every hard aspect with the midpoint (45,90,135,180 or 0 and if you want: 22.5, 67.5, 112.5 and 157.5, too) makes a combination of 3. See the midpoint grid on Astromarkt.

Wikipedia about astrology midpoints
Barbara Benfield's article about midpoints on the site of Noel Tyl, dated March 30, 2001


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The chart of Calvin versus the chart of Servetus

This blog Astropost is supposed to present an astrological take on today’s news. But there are controversies in history that continue still. One of those is the case of Calvin versus Servetus.

Johann Calvin (John Calvin) is the beloved founder of the Reformed Church, but he also was responsible for the death of an opponent, a Christian physician (and astrologer) named Michael Servetus. Actually, he was after the death of Servetus and delivered ‘evidence’ to the authorities and during the trial. Servetus died a horrible death as a heretic, in the name of religion on October 27, 1553 (with transit Neptune inconjunct Sun and Pluto square Venus). On that day, Calvin had the progressed Moon trine Midheaven (a good moment) and the progressed Sun square Jupiter (success). In other words: he had it his way. From that moment on he was the undeafeted leader of the Reformed Church. But ...he also had transit Saturn opposition and transit Mars square his progressed Sun. That is an indication for a deathly (Mars+Saturn) event, guilt and hurt.

Servetus’ hour of birth is unknown, but we know the hour of birth of Calvin. That makes it possible to offer an astrological take on the characters and the nature of the relationship.
Calvin is the leader in dispute over abstract ideas (1) and he is sometims a tyrant. The positions on the day of birth of Servetus reflect the risk taking stubborn scientist and outsider(2).
They were discussing the same sort of ideas and they were enemies. What they shared, also, is that they strongly promoted their own ideas and strongly wanted to make changes, taking risks doing so. It cost the life of one of them. In terms of astrology: they shared an oriental Mars afflicted by Uranus and a Mercury-Neptune-affliction (3).

There are links to related (explaining) articles on Astromarkt (to the article about Mars and Uranus, to the article about sharing aspects). Related posts can be found by clicking on the labels beneath this post (scroll down). There is also a small vocabulary on the left side of this blog for terms as 'calling', 'oriental' etc. Here is the reading of the charts of Johann Calvin and Miguel (Michael) Servetus.

(1)For astrologers it is easy to see that Johann Calvin promoted a spiritual conviction (he had an oriental Mars = promotion opposition Jupiter/Neptune =religion and four planets in the house of convictions). He also was a leader (Leo Midheaven and 'calling' Sun). He was rather disproportional in his promoting activities, overly enthusiastic (Mars inconjunct Jupiter).
The tightest aspect combination is: Mercury trine Uranus and opposition Neptune. Mercury-Neptune is the combination of diffuse thinking, visionary ideas and hiding facts. The trine with Uranus reflects renewal, new ideas. The combination means that he has flashes of visionary ideas and that he is communicating these ideas, but not always very clearly.
He is talking about things that cannot be seen, touched or heard by others (faith, ideas about God). The ascendant is making hard aspects, reflecting the presentation of controversial ideas about religion. Uranus is inconjunct Ascendant. He is a controversial person (there are people fore and against him).

Ad the oriental Mars to these prominent placements and you see the Astro I.D. of a leader (Sun calling) in a dispute (Mercury on top and Mars oriental) over abstract ideas (Neptune square ASC). Unfortunately it is a leader who tends to force others to follow his rules.
The Moon is inconjunct Pluto for the issue of disproportional severe methods because of a need to be an authority, say: a tyrant sometimes. Strict rules and painful experiences are indicated by this combination. Calvin lost his only 3 children and he became a widower when he was in his early 40’s.
This Moon and Pluto, these fanatic emotions, are in aspect with the Sun (life!) of Servetus as if Servetus is the vivid emotional pain of Calvin who brings this difficult characteristic to the light (Sun).

(2)Servetus was a physician who (until this was forbidden) also studied astrology (see the PS about that aspect of his life).
Servetus tightest aspect is Mercury conjunct Saturn (the theme of the scientist, the slow answers, see the earlier post). His Mars is inconjunct Uranus, reflecting disproportional actions on impulse (taking risks) in order to promote a novelty or make changes. Uranus is opposition Sun (he is an outsider in his world). Moon, Venus and Mars are 'calling'. The combination of Venus and Mars is the combination of passion.

He is known for his violent death. See how Aries Point is opposition his Sun/Mars and Mars/Saturn, sesquisquare his Sun/Pluto and semi square Uranus/Pluto, Mars is 67.5 Saturn/Pluto. The combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto reflects the danger of unnatural death cause (to himself or related to him).

All in all the position on his day of birth present a passionate scientist, a successful outsider with a disproportional and risky drive to change the world (Mars inconjunct Uranus). As he disputed the strict ideas and rules of Calvin, the protestant leader, this man endangered the position of Calvin. It is strange that Servetus came to Calvin’s Geneva, but Sun-Uranus conflicts in the natal chart often makes a person do the opposite of what seems to be logical. Frederico García Lorca came back to Granada in spite of the danger in that conservative city in the Guerra Civil. He had Sun quindecile (165 degrees) Uranus and a ‘calling’ Mars inconjunct Uranus, the same aspect as Servetus had and the same combination of aspects with a prominent Mars. Both disregarded the warnings of their friends.

(3)Michael Servetus (or Servet) did not agree with Calvin’s idea of the Trinity. He actually planned his death*). The execution was a painful long process, too, sadly. Imagine that a person was killed in the most horrible way because of an idea that threatened the leading position of a powerful person.

Calvin has Moon inconjunct Pluto and both are related to the Sun (life!) of Servetus. That links his strict methods to the life of Servetus. There are many more indications. Saturn and Pluto of Servetus are in aspect with the prominent Mars of Calvin and this combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto activates the existing combination in the natal chart of Servetus). The inconjunction of Mars and Uranus (risk taking) in the chart of Servetus is related to Calvin's Sun (who feels resistance coming from Servetus). Calvin's Midheaven opposition Servetus' Jupiter probably shows that Servetus had perhaps never imagined that Calvin wanted to have him burnt at stake. It was a matter of trust.
But as Calvin's Vulcanus was conjunct Servetus' Mars, there was violence on the way.

What did he share with Calvin? They were involved with each other because they spoke of religion. Servetus had Mercury 105 degrees from Neptune and Calvin had the opposition. In my article about sharing aspects in relationships I explain it like this:
"Mercury and Neptune: movies and fantasies are the subject of your conservations. In business there might be a misty way of communicating or something hidden between you."

Servetus had an oriental Mars (=Mars rising before the Sun), just like Calvin. Both were activist, aggressive, promoting their ideas. This important Mars is afflicted by Uranus. Calvin has Mars square Uranus. Servetus has Mars inconjunct Uranus, so he lost.

*)("Si venerit, modo valeat mea autoritas, vivum exire nunquam patiar); if he comes, if my authority is worth anything, I will nog let him leave alive).

Evangelical Outreach about Calvin and Servetus about Servetus

Mars Uranus aspects
Martyrs in Algeria
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PS Always, with astrologers, Jupiter-Uranus is important and so it is in the chart of Servetus. He has Sun trine Jupiter in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and Sun opposition Uranus. Uranus is 112.5 degrees from Mercury/Jupiter and the Northern Node sesquisquare Jupiter/Uranus.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Slow answers, lies and Mercury's aspects

It takes longer to tell a lie, than to speak the truth. That is what British scientist discovered. As Mercury is the symbol of messages and information, and Saturn is the symbol of time, I started thinking about Mercury-Saturn's effect and all combinations that influence the way that people communicate. It is a long story:)

There are several ways of lying. You can simple not give any info, you can lie as a habit and you can twist the facts. Here are a few ideas about Mercury's aspects and the effects, with examples.

To start with slow answers, I know persons who speak the truth very very slowly, mostly because of a desire to be as accurate as can be. They are not lying, then. Most of them are specialized educated persons who are aware of the impact of what they say or of the responsibility that they have as an official spokesman. That is why they are careful and that is why they like to limit themselves to established facts only. It is the Mercury-Saturn-effect with a lot of 'uh's' between the words:) Of course, Mercury-Saturn CAN be an aspect that reflects lying. Saturn happens (...) to be the symbol of time...and of restrictions. You just don't tell it all, sometimes because it is not official, or allowed or decent.

Statistics often don't work the 'other way around' and sometimes tests in artificial situations are not similar to the effects in the real world. Sometimes slow answers are true. A certain percentage is just thinking before speaking: the Mercury-Saturn effect. In fact, some of those Mercury-Saturn-speakers deliberately hesitate to make the other aware of the importance of the answer!:)

Read more about Mercury-Saturn on this blog Astropost!
Science and Mercury-Saturn
Mercury-Saturn, just thinking...

OTHER LIES (with examples)

Moon-Mercury lies are the lies you tell because they are being expected in your group. You simply adept your story to the public. The Moon-Mercury lies are the every day, common lies. The way you behave shows that you are lying when you have a Moon-Mercury (= emotions-brains) conflict in your chart. Sometimes it is very obvious. Then you shake your head saying yes, for example.
Only in serious case there might be a habit (Moon) of lying (Mercury). For example, Joran van der Sloot is known for his incredible changing stories and if he was born in the morning, his Moon is opposition Jupiter and inconjunct Mercury. Or what about the case of Josef Frizl? This man has Moon square Mercury (and Mercury at Aries Point).

Mercury-Mars is speaking too fast and too soon, sometimes it lead to stutter and sharp words in discussion. People who work with words often have this aspect in their natal chart: words are being used Mercury-Mars is about information used as a weapon: and of course you only select the sharpest and fastest ones.

Example of Mercury-Mars and Mercury-Uranus aspect:
Chart of Samuel Huntington

Mercury-Jupiter's effect is that the message is exaggerated in order to convince the other. Big mouths, big words and sometimes great ideas are born with Mercury-Jupiter contacts in the sky. The other side is that the receivers of information tend to notice that too many words are being use to convince them. The vocabulary is large, always. Take for example Barack Obama, who is a great speacher. He has Mercury opposition Jupiter(1).

Read also about Joran van der Sloot's Mercury-Jupiter

Mercury-Uranus' effect is 'hectic' as the combination means 'information on impulse' (re: Mars-Uranus for acting on impulse) and provocative information (just a little different from what the others think). Uranus is the planet of change and Mercury of info, so lies of the Mercury-Uranus-kind are quick lies and often communication techniques like changing subject when it comes to telling the truth or at worst by twisting words and facts to end up with a completely different story.

Prominent Mercury's and Uranus are in the charts of David Cern`, artist and Hitler.

In the scientific test mentioned above, fantasy was used and the symbol of fantasy is Neptune. Neptune is also the symbol of what is 'unlimited'. And fake. Mercury-Neptune hides facts (remains silent), invents facts or simply misunderstands the information and is confused. Lying with a Mercury-Neptune is easy and is done by giving misty information or by 'pretending' facts.
Sometimes people with a prominent Mercury-Neptune combination in their charts become the victim of false information or others simply don't believe what they are saying because it sounds like if the person is inventing it (thinking too long, known for having a fantasy etc....). When you have to invent stories because you are an author, this aspect can be a blessing, but in real life it is not easy. For an example, see the charts of Gerard and Guillaume Depardieu. BTW, Brad Pitt (actor) has Mercury sextile Neptune, tightly.

More about Mercury-Neptune on this blog Astropost:
about the Friedman case.

Mercury-Pluto's effect is that in order to impress the audience facts are being manipulated (for the stronger effect), a sort of communication strategy that makes the receiver of the message feel uneasy. Often the information is 'inside' information, by an expert or a politician. In few cases this aspect reflects the possibility of the power of words and knowledge (dangerous information). Example?
The author of James Bond..., Ian Fleming, who was the personal assistent of the Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy in World War II. He was telling 'strong stories' with inside information.

Combinations of aspects or midpoint combinations with Mercury alter the interpretation or give us more insight. Take for example the late Dutch prince Bernhard with Mercury conjunct Pluto and inconjunct Uranus for very strong and controversial (political) opinions. This combination also reflected his traffic accidents. Sometimes he just wanted to be too fast.

About Mercury and the profession, see my site Astromarkt...

(1) Barack Obama's Mercury is related to more objects in the chart, by major and minor aspects: a septile with Mars, opposition with Jupiter, half semi square with Uranus. This combination can be interpreted as the combination of an inventive (Jupiter-Uranus) debater (Mercury-Mars).


ING Bank executive quits:
4 inconjunctions in transit...

In my post about the effect of the inconjunction (op on this blog Astropost) I wrote that inconjunctions describe a situation with disproportion or without balance and that this situation can be the result or the cause of lost. Michel Tilmant (21 July 1952) has stepped back today. He was the man in charge of the Dutch bank ING. The bank is in trouble, in spite of billions of support coming from the government. This fact AND personal conditions are the reason for leaving.

At the moment Michel Tilmant has 3 transits making inconjunction with the progressed chart:
1. Transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun (disproportional negative spotlight)
2. Transit Mars inconjunct progressed Pluto (to have to defend yourself or to use energy in an extraordinary way)je buitensporig moeten inspannen en verdedigen)
3. Transit Venus inconjunct progressed Pluto.
This is a very applying aspect. Venus-Pluto is the combination of financial values and the inconjunction is the aspect of 'no balance'. What is mentioned in the transits is exactly what is going on today, in his life. And that is visible even without hour of birth.

There is also transit Uranus inconjunct natal Pluto, for the dramatic change. Fortunately transit Mars is trine progessed Sun and transit Saturn trine progressed Jupiter, so there is at least some compensation for the 3+-fold indication for lost and 'having to give up'.

Michel Tilmant's natal Sun is 'calling' (an indication for a person being in the spotlight, leading or performing). There is only a quintile with Jupiter for a creative progress in life.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Neptune and play backing Yo-Yo Ma

Neptune often means: fake.

The orchestra, included Yo-Yo Ma, was play backing on Inauguration day and is that surprising with Transit Neptune on the progressed Midheaven of Yo-Yo Ma? Maybe, just like Aretha, this did not completely satisfy him, but he explained that it was just too cold to play. Maybe the next time they can invent a heating system?

Here you see the progressed chart of Yo-Yo Ma and the transits on the outside.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guantanamo Bay and the Saturn-Uranus pattern

Excuse me, but as transit Saturn and Uranus are square my natal Sun and MC right now, I cannot help noticing Saturn-Uranus-patterns, again and again. Saturn-Uranus hot item is 'limited freedom/breaking free' (from protocol to prison) and changing the status quo. Just click on the label Saturn-Uranus below this post to see more post about Saturn-Uranus. But first read this one and notice the 3-fold Saturn-Uranus pattern around Guantanamo Bay (the prison - thé Saturn-Uranus issue).

Barack Obama has Saturn tightly inconjunct Uranus and Uranus rules his ASCendant and is square his MC. Saturn is sextile Midheaven.

George W.Bush has Saturn tigtly semi square Uranus and Uranus rules his DEScendant and is sextile his MC. Saturn is 105 degrees from Midheaven.

For both men the Saturn-Uranus pattern is of crucial importance.

Now Obama has said that he is about to close the prison for suspects of terrorism that Bush founded (Guantanamo Bay). That is shortly after Obama has been elected and Bush'party has been defeated, during Saturn opposition Uranus on November 4, 2008.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition of Election Day activated the strong pattern in their natal chart and changed their lives.

Saturn is now square the radix Saturn of the prison (2002).
Uranus is now half semi square the radix Uranus of 2002.
Things have come in an important phase (period of time) for the prison itself.

And so the pattern of Saturn-Uranus keeps coming back. The importance of the theme in the life of Obama might be reduced from the fact that his first measure and act had to do with Guantanamo Bay.

Aretha Franklin , her performance and Neptune

On December 18, 2008 I mentioned this:

Aretha Franklin is going to sing on Inauguration Day, with Neptune opposition Midheaven, just like in her solar return chart (for the birthday in 2008), IF she was born at 22h30...Strange, as Neptune usually means deception and disappointment or false notes. But Neptune IS disposing of her 5th house (the house of creativity and performance). And she did it before, didn't she?
So let us hope for the best. Maybe the Neptunic influence means that she decided this to be her final performance before retiring.

Today I read in CNN that the Queen of Soul indeed was not happy with her performance..She says that the cold affected her voice.

So let us never doubt the effect of Neptune's transits!

Void Moon: a study of the effect in the chart of the Inauguration

Astrologers all over the world seem to worry about the Void Moon in the Inauguration chart of Obama. In this post I present a study of all dates of inauguration, with or without void moon, with or without a full term. But I start with thinking about the Void Moon in Scorpio on January 20, 2009, at noon.

I use to consider a Void Moon a 'calling' Moon in natal charts. The meaning of the calling Moon is that there might be 'drifting' emotions, experiences, rememberances and habits or needs at any kind of level, depending on the rest of the chart, the sign etc.

The prominent Moon in Scorpio in the chart of the Inauguration of Obama is ruling the IC and I could not help noticing the strong need to keep memories, experiences of the past and history alive in the speech of Obama. I also noticed the emotions of the people, not only in Washington but all over the world. So in my opinion the void Moon simply indicates that it was an intense emotional experience for many and perhaps also the level of popularity of the present president. It might be a challenge to keep it that way as people's moods tend to change. Nevertheless, his presidential period started with deep and profound feelings because this was a HISTORIC MOMENT (one that will be remembered because it caused emotions, a Moon-moment).

But, might it be true that a void Moon is a bad moon? Is it better to wait until the Moon enters the next sign, when it comes to an oath or a marriage or whatever event? I just had to check it. See the complete results and the links for the source that I used (please scroll down). Here is what I found:

Barack Obama is the 44th president in the 56th term
There were 9 terms starting with a Void Moon before Obama’s inauguration
8 presidents did not serve a full term.
In 3 cases that was with a Void Moon in the chart of the Inauguration
In 5 cases that was with a ‘normal’ Moon in that chart.

3 out of 9 terms starting with a Void Moon were not completed (so 33,33%).
5 out of 46 terms starting with a ‘normal’ Moon were not completed (so 10.8%)
There seems to be 3 times more chance to not finish the job with a Void Moon.
8 presidents died in office
Only 2 had a Void Moon in the chart of the Inauguration
And 6 did not.

So to stay alive it is better to have a Void Moon
But to stay president it is better not to have a Void Moon...
However, the MAJORITY completed their term!

Yet, (or ...also) it remains statisistics and only ONE position in the charts to be studied!

I added the results. X = for not completed (a for assassination, d for illnesses and s for being forced to step back) and V=for Void of course. I used these sources:
Wikipedia (presidents who died in office), with a list of presidents and terms

Presidents of the USA (article on my site Astromarkt)
Moon, diet and menu
and for all the post that you may want to find about Obama, click the label below...

PS about the Inauguration chart: did you notice that Mars is rising before the Sun and that he immediately started to do what he promissed to do?

The second oath of Barack Obama

CNN reports that Obama has been sworn in again - this time without a bible - and this time the correct way. That was at 7:35 PM on Wednesday 21 of January 2009, for just in case people might question if Barack Obama was in fact the president of the USA because of a garbled oath at noon on the 20th. Per the Constitution, Obama became president at noon Tuesday without taking the oath.

Here you see the moment of the second oath (no Void Moon this time and no cheering crowds full of emotions, either). On the outside the positions of Obama's natal chart. His Moon is exactly conjunct the Midheaven of the moment of the oath (Transit MC conjunct Moon). Transit Black Moon is conjunct Obama's Midheaven. The Moon is of importance for the moment of the oath, as it seems and makes a difference between the moment that the administration started officially (Noon on January 20) and the moment of the oath (19h35 on the 21st). Maybe that 'tackles' the void moon that worries so many astrologers. At least, any doubt about Obama being the righteous president has now been a-voided:)

For the post about the Inauguration (with chart of the official moment at noon), click here...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3x Saturn in the chart of Ted Kennedy: collapse

3 Times Saturn in the chart of Edward (Ted) Kennedy, reflecting the collapse of yesterday around 14:35 during lunch at Inauguration Day:

1. In the progressed chart Saturn is square ASC (Prg Saturn square prg ASC)
2. Transit Saturn was semi square his natal Midheaven
3. It happened on a Sun-transit-Saturn day

Transit Saturn rules the natal Ascendant (=situation) of Edward Kennedy. Transit Saturn ruled the 8th house of the moment of collapse (with Uranus elevated for the consternation). Saturn is 'calling' (prominent) in the natal chart. That means that Saturn does not make Ptolemaic aspects in orb 5 degrees or in sign.

There are more posts about the senator's condition:
About finding the malignant brain tumor
About the former collapse in May.

Notice that in this post I mention Saturn, too:
"13/14 October 2007 Edward Kennedy had transit Saturn inconjunct Uranus (now sesquisquare). In October 2007 he had surgery to end a blockade..."
These days he has transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Uranus.

Ted Kennedy is expected to leave the hospital today. Above is the progressed chart of Ted Kennedy. Below is the chart of the moment of collapse with the natal positions of Kennedy on the outer side of the circle.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The strong willed chart of John Key

John Key, New Zealand's PM, was born in Auckland, 9 August 1961. He was in the news because he kept shaking dozens of hands after falling of the stairs and breaking his arm, last Saturday.

50% of the placements are in fixed signs, on his day of birth. Fixed signs are related to a strong will and perseverence. The tightest aspect is Mars trine Saturn and that aspect reflects that he is eager to do his duty as long as he can... That explains.

The 'calling' Sun in his chart shows leadership or drawing attention at any possible level. And how about Saturn inconjunct Uranus (just like in the chart of Obama)? He said he was ashamed of falling down and that is why he went on. That is a bit overdoing, exagerating and too much; disregarding the change of his condition in order to stick to the planned obligations and protocol. Inconjunctions are certainly reflecting this missed balance between obligations/status/rules and interruptions that demand a change. Click 'inconjunction' or 'Saturn Uranus' on the label below to find more info and examples.

Even without hour of birth it is obvious that this natal chart belongs to a strong willed man who wants to go on doing his duty in spite of incidents, even if it costs him (pain, for example), because he holds on to his status, duties and obligations (as scheduled).

With transit Pluto sesquisquare his Sun he already was to meet challenges and perhaps this was one of them. He also has transit Jupiter trine progressed Sun. The combination of Jupiter and Pluto transits often leads to successes. He managed to make a success of a fall. No matter what aspect made him fall (we don't know the ASC), it was on a day that transit Sun was conjunct Jupiter. That explains, again. Because this is what I wrote a few years ago about the solar transit with Jupiter:

"Sun with Jupiter
Progress, happiness (even in case of accidents), trust, joy, success"

Solar transits

And the labels below.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Transit Saturn and Uranus and the bad condition of Queen Fabiola

Transit Saturn and transit Uranus are square the natal Sun in the 21st degree of Gemini in the natal chart of former Queen of Belgium, Fabiola (80). She is in bad condition after surgery and suffers from pneumonia. Uranus is disposing of the 6th house of illnesses. Saturn is on the IC of her natal chart.

There are several other indications for a period of change, like the progressed Full Moon, the progressed Midheaven changing sign and the solar return chart with Moon ruler 8 on top. The 8th house is the house of crisis, life and death.

All this reflects a difficult period and at age 80 it takes more to recover from that than when one is young. That is why the court informed the press about her situation, to express the concern of the family. Saturn often 'sets you back' and Uranus often brings a nativity in the news. The combination of Saturn and Uranus together, afflicting her natal Sun, is an indication for what happened. Her fysical condition is limiting her freedom and she has to stay in hospital.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vladimir Putin, artist in the progressed chart

This is the progressed chart of Vladimir Putin. Neptune is conjunct the Libra Midheaven, trine the Moon and square Venus. And that is a pattern of (public) artistic talents like the other ones on my blog Art & Astrology.

Recently I demonstrated how Barack Obama's progressed chart tells us that he grew into his position. Now I have another example of how the progressed chart works.

Vladimir Putin is a man with an oriental Pluto on Midheaven in the natal chart, a top politician. Now he sold his (first) painting, see this link. Pluto's prominent position in the natal chart tells us that he is above all and first of all a politician, someone with power and influence. This is his natal chart:
There is no artistic pattern in the natal chart. But there is a prominent artistic pattern in the progressed chart*). In the course of his life, he developed sense of beauty.

You see that in the aspects of Moon, Venus and Neptune and in their signs, related to the Midheaven. Remember that the positions in the progressed chart move on. The Moon moves fast. The progressed chart shows a period in time and a development, but the natal chart is the fundament of it. So I don't think that Putin will give up his power and start making paintings for a living:)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturn inconjunct Uranus and Obama's chart

This post is about Barack Obama's Saturn inconjunct Uranus and his journey to Washington. Saturn inconjunct Uranus is very tight in Barack Obama's chart. They are less then 4 minutes apart. Uranus is important, because Uranus rules his Ascendant. Click on the label 'Obama' to read all of the posts about him and to see his natal chart.

The journey to Washington is the same journey that his hero Lincoln made in 1861. Before Election Day he travelled to Berlin in order to speach where JFK spoke. He said that he wants to renew the Declaration of Independence... I think it is fascinating that he literally follows the footsteps of America's greatest presidents. By repeating the acts of his famous herous maybe he can present himself right now as the historic president that he wants to become.

The extraordinary way (inconjunction) of linking icons of the past (Saturn) to future plans of change (Uranus) seems to be reflecting Saturn inconjunct Uranus ruler 1 that has been activated by Saturn opposition Uranus on the final moment of Election Day, when he was chosen. It was an enormous change in the history of the world, but will it change the history of the world? How to keep the balance between hopes of the past and the reality of the times that already have been changing? Maybe that is Saturn-Uranus question, demonstrated by the opposition on Election Day.

The future attempts of his administration to make changes, will srongly be influenced by depression and financial crisis. In times of depression and crisis most people tend to cling on to trusted issues and values. So: back to the glorious future that was in the minds of the collective in the 60's, the years of hope. I am curious about the speach and how that will reflect the theme of Saturn-Uranus. I have the idea that icons of the past will be named and that their dreams and hopes will be involved (strongly) in the presentation of the future plans.

Saturn and Uranus, old wine,new bags
JFK and Obama
Effect of the inconjunction
Inauguration speach/singer (Aretha Franklin and Rick Warren)

Jupiter, the Hudson miracle and the chart of Sully

On Aquarian Solutions I found the date of birth of the heroic pilot of the Hudson miracle, Chesley Burnett 'Sully' Sullenberger III as 23 January 1951, Denison. He is a former military pilot with a prominent Mars and transit Jupiter is on his Sun right now. That makes him a good fighter and do-er with a lot of luck and success today.

When I see a chart with an unknown hour of birth, I start looking at:

- the elements
- the planets and lights without Ptolemaic aspects
- the tightest aspects

as there are no angular placements to be regarded. There are a lot of observations:

- 70% of the placements were in air and water signs. Air + water = social behaviour (to communicate + to belong)
- Mars didn't make Ptolemaic aspects; the military, the activist, the entrepreneur or sportsman or...the workaholic
- Neptune was the first important (outer) oriental planet; he has an idealistic/ideological orientation or is an artistic person with vision, belief and fantasy. Empathy and compassion are 'ruled' by Neptune
- the Sun was tightly trine Saturn for being a responsible and correct person
- Venus was opposition Pluto and trine Neptune, sesquisquare Uranus, all very tightly. Again, I see possible talent and skills, sensitivity and a desire for alternation (and why not 'live that' as a pilot?).
- Mercury was tightly sextile Jupiter for a bright mind.

All in all this seems to be the profile of a bright, responsible, social and sensitive do-er, someone who will take action. Even without knowing the hour of birth we can see that.

This character is exactly the reason why 'Sully' went back a second time to see if there was any passenger left behind. It is a matter of compassion, responsibility and a strong focus on being courageous (Sun is quindecile Pluto). Accidents and rescues are always a cake baked of ingredients of circumstances, situations and human behaviour. The interaction of the astrological situation and the character of the pilot and HIS situation is being reflected in progressions and transits.

'Sully' is in a transformational period of his life. The progressed Sun changed sign last year. Transit Pluto is square his progressed Sun and trine his progressed Venus (as progressed Sun is also semi sextile Venus). Yesterday Jupiter was conjunct his Sun and trine his Saturn as a sort of blessing his responsible nature and as a support. Jupiter conjunct Sun is an indication for having success. Saturn at the same time was opposition Node and that is reflecting the responsibilities for a group of persons.

Notice that the natal aspect of Sun and Pluto (quindecile) is begin activated by the transit of Pluto with progressed Sun, just like the natal aspect of Venus opposition Pluto.

Later this year Sun will be opposition Saturn, so I wonder if there is a possibility that his career ends or that he will be (partly) blamed for the accident itself. Saturn is tricky and the transit of Jupiter is always fading away too soon...Somehow there will be farewells and goodbyes in his life coming up. As he is in a period of change and owns his own business already, perhaps he will start focusing on his own company.


This is the chart for the moment of the landing, about 3 minutes later. The actual ascendant was exactly trine the Jupiter of Sully. I like Jupiter:) Soon after, transit Jupiter is semi square the actual Midheaven and salvation is near.

PS As 'usual' Uranus is elevated in the chart of the moment of the accident. Click on the label 'accident' to find more examples of Uranus position at the time of an accident.
PPS There were no placements in fire signs on the day of the accident and that is indicating that there was energy at any kind of level with strong ups and downs. In a natal chart this has the same strong effect as Mars 'calling'. To read more about missing elements and aspects, see Astromarkt 'Conspicuous in absence'...

Chart of Tiger Woods (and what he has in common with Sourav Ganguly)

Tiger Woods will be one of the speakers on Inauguration Day, in the morning. Interesting that his Mercury, symbol of communications and dispositor of his Midheaven and Ascendant, is conjunct the MC of the moment of Inauguration...

Tiger Woods is a very successful golf player. Sourav Ganguly is a famous cricket player. The tools are in both cases a stick and a ball (as you may notice, I am not an expert in sports:). In both cases there was a great influence of the father in the career. I wondered in what way their charts would be alike and I found a lot. There is a complete list when you scroll down. But first, the highlights!

You will find that both have an important Saturn, Pallas and Moon. And that they share a Gemini Midheaven. Saturn is the symbol of the parent (and ambition:) and the Moon reflects among other things, education and early years. Sourav an Tiger both have an important Pallas. Pallas is the symbol of patterns and often of importance in the charts of artists. I think Pallas is the symbol of associating (bringing together, linking, to unite ideas and experiences from the past).
Moon and Neptune are important in the pattern of artistic talents that you see on my blog Art & Astrology. They reflect imagination and vision. A golf player has to be able to 'have a vision' of the future routing of the ball. Both have Moon and Neptune close to the meridian. Here are the charts:

And here you see what they share:

1. Gemini Midheaven

2. Prominent placement of the Moon (Sourav on top,Tiger on IC)

3. Prominence of Saturn (Sourav oriental, Tiger 'calling'*)

4. Important Pallas: Pallas sesquisquare ASC/MC and on DESC, square Midheaven (Woods) and Pallas semi square Sun/Moon and conjunct Mercury ruler ASC and MC (Sourav)

5. Both have Moon and Neptune close to the meridian
Moon on ASC/MC for Tiger, Neptune on ASC/MC for Sourav

6. Moon in movable sign

7. They share major aspects between:
- Sun and Uranus
- Moon and Mars
- Mercury and Saturn
- Venus and Saturn
- Jupiter and Pluto

8. Aries Point is involved in a midpoint combination that includes Jupiter and Pluto

Woods AP sq Sun/Moon, opp Venus/Saturn, semisq Jupiter/Neptune, conj Sun/Mars, sesqu Mars/Pluto and semi sq Mars/Jupiter

Ganguly AP sesquisquare Jupiter/Pluto, 157.5 Mercury/Jupiter and Mercury/Pluto, square Jupiter/MC and sesquisquare Pluto/MC and AP square Jupiter

BTW, Jupiter is the symbol of support, joy and a positive attitude. Woods' Jupiter is square Ganguly's ASC/MC, Ganguly's Jupiter is conjunct Woods' Sun/Moon. And this is the picture of the two together.

*) 'Calling' = without Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Oriental means: rising before the Sun as first important planet

Sharing aspects (from my site Astromarkt, about persons with the same combination of aspects in their charts and what it means for the relationship)

About Ganguly...and his chart.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Charles Dickens and the women

Upheavel after death, shown in the transits, is that possible? I believe it is so. Charles Dickens for example is in the news today*) because of the possibility of an affair with his sister in law and we see transit Uranus opposition Ascendant and Mars inconjunct Midheaven. Where in his natal chart is the amount of children that he had? And where are his affairs? He lived in one house with his sister in law when his wife left him and he had a mistress, too. An affair with a sister in law would have been considered incest in those days, so the rumours were rather dangerous.

It is not just coincidence that the aspects indicating artistic talents are also the aspects indicating romance and affairs, just as it is not coincidence that talented and gifted artistic persons seem to have more spectacular romantic events than the common people have. Charles Dickens has the pattern of artistic talents. Venus is on the Descendant, square Moon and Neptune on the IC. And Venus is in Pisces, sesquisquare ASC/MC. The Gemini Midheaven makes hard aspects with Moon, Neptune and Venus. This all shows us that there is possible artistic talent.

Charles Dickens wanted to be a decent man. He has Saturn oriental. He wanted to please his parents and to be correct in the first place, responsible and respected as a conservative father of 10. But...
He had the kind of aspects in his chart that indicate the possibility of having more than just 1 serious relationship. There are 4 aspects in the chart of males that go together with that: Mars afflicting Uranus, Moon afflicting Saturn or Neptune and Venus afflicting Neptune. Afflictions between (rulers) 1 and 7 are also reflecting possible divorce (or not marrying at all) and Jupiter in the 7th easily leads to more than 1 marriage.
Charles had Moon conjunct Neptune, Venus square Neptune and Mars sesquisquare Uranus. And the distance between the Moon in Capricorn with Saturn is a half semi square. Charles Dickens had all four of the indicating aspects. And as it happens (...) Mars and Uranus are making aspects in transit with the cornerstones of the natal chart.

So, it COULD be so, also because Venus is quintile Saturn. That expresses a creative way to continue a marriage or relationship. Moon square Venus is telling us that he had sense of art, but he also liked women, and if this aspect is correct, they like him, too:)

*)Times online

Inauguration Day and the (progressed) chart of Obama

Only a few days left and Barack Obama will be inaugurated. It will be a happy day for him and he will start with positive feelings. This is indicated by the progressed chart with Jupiter 165 degrees from IC and 15 from MC for a strong focus on success and happiness. This day just has to be a success...It is also demonstrated by the transit of Jupiter trine his natal Moon (for the 'feel good' moment'). And to complete the rule of 3: the transit Sun is conjunct his natal Jupiter, too and that is telling us that it is a positive day. A lot of support (and supporters), protection and joy...oh happy day:)

I wrote a while ago about how the progressed chart of Obama shows that he grew into his present position (with Saturn on top and Pluto oriental, completing the natal chart with Sun as final dispositor of the Midheaven). I also had a topic about the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint. And I wrote about the growing danger in the chart of Obama (the distance between Mars, Saturn and Pluto is getting less and the aspects are tighter than before).

I would like to add that the present progressed Sun/Moon midpoint is strongly related to Mercury, Mars, Saturns and Pluto. Of course, the position of a top politician in the world is a position of power, responsibilies and danger, always. It requires hard work and power struggles, especially now that there is a financial and economical crisis. The progressed chart is reflecting this position and situation and the necessity of being on guard, even on a happy Inauguration day.

Click 'Obama' on the label below to find more about his and Michelle's chart...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chart of a very very old woman: Jeanne Calment

My first publication on the Internet was an article about the differences between the charts of those who became very old and those who died young. That was in 2003. You can find the articles about this study here:
- about differences in age
- about aging

Jeanne Calment was the eldest woman ever. Her parents also became very old. But nevertheless: what in her chart helped her achieve that? Let us see how her chart is corresponding with the charts of others who became rather old...

1. Uranus is prominent ('calling')
to show us that she is an exception...
In my book Astro I.D. there is a chapter about the oriental Uranus in the charts of a few very old persons.

2. Crucial angular Sun on ASC with good aspects
That reflects a crucial good health.

3. Saturn is oriental
That is for being cautious and serious.

4. Mars on top, square ASC
She was above all an active person. She still rode her bike at age 100.

5. Sun trine Jupiter
An optimistic and positive life style has better chances to survive.

6. Sun not only trine Jupiter, but also binovile Uranus
The Sun-Jupiter-Uranus combination reflects being inventive and is a combination that I often find in the charts of very old persons. Jupiter is also 157.5 Sun/Uranus

7. Mercury sesquisquare Jupiter
She was mentally OK till the end and probably used her brains communicating, reading etc.

8. NO inconjunctions in the natal chart
Inconjunctions in the natal chart might reflect bad health issues from the start (being born with a born defect or disability). Not having those indications must be fortunate.

Other observations:

Madame Calment smoked until she was unable to light the fire herself. Mars biquintile Neptune reflects the creative use of drugs.

LOSING DAUGHTER AND GRANDCHILD: Progressed inconjunctions
Her only daughter died in 1936, when progressed Midheaven was inconjunct Moon ruler 5 (house of children).
She lost her only grandchild in 1963. That was when progressed Midheaven was inconjunct progressed Uranus ruler 9 (house of the grandchildren). Losts and losing...they have to do with inconjunctions. Click 'inconjunction' in the labels below to find out more about this 150 degree aspect.

She died on August 4, 1997, shortly after the trine of progressed Sun with Jupiter (repeating the natal trine!). Jupiter is in her natal 8th house of life and death. The Sun had changed sign in progression (1,5 years before) and changed health or lifestyle. Transit Jupiter was sextile progressed Midheaven in a period of transit Jupiter square Sun. In other words: she had a very good doctor when life became a problem.

Aunty Jo from Amsterdam is in the newspapers today because it is her 102nd birthday! She was born with Uranus rising before the Sun (oriental). She also has a 'calling' Jupiter. Just like in the case of Calment, the combination of Jupiter and Uranus is active.

Click on 'old' in the labels below to see more examples.

Albert of Monaco, the South Pole and Uranus

In September last year I was looking at the chart of Prince Albert of Monaco, who is 50 years old and finally about to get married. I noticed that there will be a transit of Uranus conjunct the Sun and I wrote:
"...And Uranus is dispositor of his Midheaven, so very important for his position in society. An official marriage will of course improve his position and status. The conjunction is the symbol of the fresh and surprising (Uranus) start. And that can be at any age!"

I couldn't imagine that 'fresh' meant this: he visited the South Pole! I guess it was exciting.

Uranus also happens to be the NINTH house cusp in the equal house system. Nine is for travelling. Good lesson, thanks Albert:)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The natal chart of Albert Schweitzer (born 14 January)

Albert Schweitzer was born on January 14, 1875 in Kaysersberg and he died in Africa. What did he do all of his life? A lot. As an example: he performed (he spoke, he gave concerts) and he told and wrote about his convictions in order to collect money for his hospital in Lambarene, Africa*).
In this post I check his chart for the artistic pattern and I find it. I also find the drive to convince others. And the effect of the Mars-Saturn-Uranus combination, too. (Mars-Uranus surprised me in this chart until I read his own words. He managed to control his temper. Because he also had a creative way to control his moods (Moon quintile Saturn)).

The chart is clear about it’s owner: it is a gifted and sensitive person with a drive to convince others and his goal is to collect money. He has difficult parts in his character but he overcame them, apparently. His Sun is square Neptune and so he is idealized and idolized*) and perhaps not the person the world takes him for, might be true. In that case this chart proofs that you can use any hard aspect in a positive way. Sun square Neptune links life to dreams, beliefs and ideals and some people with this aspect can actually make their dreams come true. Albert Schweitzer did it. He had the creative capacities, the ideals and the drive.

My files tell me that he was born at 23h50 and I wonder if that is correct, because there is no angular planet in his chart. But let us see if there is an artistic pattern, because he was only 7 when he composed a psalm. This talent was inherited. His father and grandfathers played the organ. Just like in the charts of other artists, there is an astrological pattern of Moon, Venus and Neptune related to Midheaven. More examples of the patterns of talents are to be found on my blog Art & Astrology.

In Schweitzer's chart Venus and Neptune are sesquisquare and Venus is biquintile the Midheaven and this means that he had artistic talent and that these talents were used in a creative way (biquintile) in public. The Moon rules the Midheaven and is conjunct Neptune for the need to dream and have fantasies. Here you are! Albert Schweitzer was a very ethical and sensitive person. Ethics, he said, was nothing more than a reverence for life (being in awe for life).

Jupiter is 'calling' in his chart, because Jupiter does not make any Ptolemaic aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. Jupiter symbolizes travelling.

But let us have a look at the chart as if we did not know that it was the chart of Albert Schweitzer. Then you may notice that with this hour of birth Mars is the oriental planet, sesquisquare Aries Point, square Saturn and Uranus and semi sextile Venus. What does THAT mean? It means that he had a period of limited freedom in his life, during World War I. In WW II he had to stay in Africa for almost 10 years do to the situation. There was a long period in his life that he had limited freedom to go where he wanted to go (to Europe).

His chart tells us that he was a fighter, someone with enterprise, an activist, a freedom fighter. He might even have been short tempered sometimes, but also hard (to himself and to others). Mars, Saturn and Uranus are of importance in his chart. First of all he is a do-er, fighting to break free. Mars square Saturn and Uranus and Venus trine Uranus (sense of rhythm) are the tightest aspects in his chart. It tells a story about sudden passion and anger and the efforts (Mars) to keep it under control (maybe by working hard).

I quote himself:" I had to fight hard against my hot temper. I remember many events of my childhood which still humiliate me and keep me watchful in this struggle." Mars-Uranus-Saturn...

If I had not known who's chart this was, what would I have found? I would ONLY have found Jupiter calling and the prominent Mars oriental, afflicted by Saturn and Uranus. Mars and Jupiter are often related in the charts of preachers. Mars and Jupiter shows the drive to convince...And Albert Schweitzer had such a drive, just like Warren Jeffs has. And Robert Schuller has it (Mars quintile Jupiter: the creative drive to convince). His son has Mars opposition Jupiter.

*)With Sun opposition Midheaven, Pluto square Midheaven and Venus biquintile Midheaven his public role was to perform (Sun) in public (MC) to collect (Cancer!) money (Venus and Pluto).

Mars and Uranus in aspect
Art & Astrology, patterns of talent
Sun and Neptune

In the charts of 3 famous preachers (Johannes Maasbach 5 December 1918; Karel Hoekendijk, 1 December 1904 and Benny Hinn 3 December 1952) I found:
Sun in Sagittarius
Aspect between Mars and Jupiter
Aspect between Mercury and Uranus
Jupiter-Neptune combinations

Schweitzer has a prominent Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in aspect with Mars,Mercury is binovile Uranus and there are combination of Neptune with Sun/Jupiter and Venus with Jupiter/Neptune. It is apparently a sort of a 'preacher's pattern'.

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