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How to interpret and calculate midpoint combinations

I will tell you how to do it without using a reference book.

I want to tell something about interpreting midpoints on your own. It just is not that miraculous or difficult as it appears. When you interpret a square between for example: Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aries you take into account:
- the interpretations for what Sun is
- dito for what Jupiter is
- the nature of the sign the planets are in
- the fact that they square
At least 5 notions! So why would it be more difficult to combine 3!?

Got a vocabulary? Got fantasy? You know the core meanings of the planets and aspects?


Rule 1: always stick to the core business of the planet at first (weaver out later) So Sun = life, will, vitality, being Jupiter = joy, growth, wisdom, success, progress Saturn = lessening, age, time, limitations, carefulness, responsible

Rule 2: think of a conjunction between two of the three in pairs successively. So Sun+Jupiter, Sun+Saturn, Jupiter+Saturn. What would you get if Jupiter joins Sun? Growth in life, the will to progress. Saturn joining Sun: seriousness in life, being careful. Jupiter+Saturn: growing responsibilities, limited joy

Rule 3: Combine it. A life with growing responsibilities? Different positions in life (then you have fun, then you are depressed).

Rule 4: Variations
Saturn is a father? A successful man (Sun/Jupiter) = your father
Jupiter is teacher? A serious and responsible life as a teacher
Sun is health? Better (Jupiter) when older?
Saturn is alone? Better off (Sun/Jupiter) alone?
Jupiter is progress? Then you walk better alone!

Rule 5: Look at the planet making the aspect to the midpoint (that is the one that when activated by progression will be most influential)
Sun = Health issues
Jupiter = Issues of success
Saturn = Issues of responsibilities and limitations

Compare your ideas with those of COSI*) and you will see that all of the things you can think of are given as a possible workout in COSI. But you could have thought of them yourself....

Creativity! Combine even more. Two midpoint combinations! Like already given example: Sun/Jupiter=Saturn/Pluto (death and surgery of the father improving your health OR being scared to death makes you live better = FACT stopped smoking when father died as a result of smoking). The combination as a whole = Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto: a drastic (Pluto) move (Jupiter/Saturn) in life or health (Sun) ....

Deeper and deeper.
There are more than 1 midpoint combination in your chart. Interpret it like eating an elephant (in small pieces!). Start with one planet and its midpoints that had recently been aspected in progress or by transit and study that!

E= for the energy it costs and for Elephant to remind you that you must eat an elephant in tiny bits...You learn practising!

F= for the failures you have to make to learn and the forum to assist you

Have fun trying to make your first combinations!

*)COSI = Combination of Stellar Influences by Ebertin. Of course you can use any other book.

(A+B)/2 =the midpoint, for example: Sun at 200 degrees (20 Libra) + Moon at 100 degrees (10 Cancer) = midpoint 300/2 = 150 = Zero Virgo

Every hard aspect with the midpoint (45,90,135,180 or 0 and if you want: 22.5, 67.5, 112.5 and 157.5, too) makes a combination of 3. See the midpoint grid on Astromarkt.

Wikipedia about astrology midpoints
Barbara Benfield's article about midpoints on the site of Noel Tyl, dated March 30, 2001


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