Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturn inconjunct Uranus and Obama's chart

This post is about Barack Obama's Saturn inconjunct Uranus and his journey to Washington. Saturn inconjunct Uranus is very tight in Barack Obama's chart. They are less then 4 minutes apart. Uranus is important, because Uranus rules his Ascendant. Click on the label 'Obama' to read all of the posts about him and to see his natal chart.

The journey to Washington is the same journey that his hero Lincoln made in 1861. Before Election Day he travelled to Berlin in order to speach where JFK spoke. He said that he wants to renew the Declaration of Independence... I think it is fascinating that he literally follows the footsteps of America's greatest presidents. By repeating the acts of his famous herous maybe he can present himself right now as the historic president that he wants to become.

The extraordinary way (inconjunction) of linking icons of the past (Saturn) to future plans of change (Uranus) seems to be reflecting Saturn inconjunct Uranus ruler 1 that has been activated by Saturn opposition Uranus on the final moment of Election Day, when he was chosen. It was an enormous change in the history of the world, but will it change the history of the world? How to keep the balance between hopes of the past and the reality of the times that already have been changing? Maybe that is Saturn-Uranus question, demonstrated by the opposition on Election Day.

The future attempts of his administration to make changes, will srongly be influenced by depression and financial crisis. In times of depression and crisis most people tend to cling on to trusted issues and values. So: back to the glorious future that was in the minds of the collective in the 60's, the years of hope. I am curious about the speach and how that will reflect the theme of Saturn-Uranus. I have the idea that icons of the past will be named and that their dreams and hopes will be involved (strongly) in the presentation of the future plans.

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