Thursday, January 22, 2009

Void Moon: a study of the effect in the chart of the Inauguration

Astrologers all over the world seem to worry about the Void Moon in the Inauguration chart of Obama. In this post I present a study of all dates of inauguration, with or without void moon, with or without a full term. But I start with thinking about the Void Moon in Scorpio on January 20, 2009, at noon.

I use to consider a Void Moon a 'calling' Moon in natal charts. The meaning of the calling Moon is that there might be 'drifting' emotions, experiences, rememberances and habits or needs at any kind of level, depending on the rest of the chart, the sign etc.

The prominent Moon in Scorpio in the chart of the Inauguration of Obama is ruling the IC and I could not help noticing the strong need to keep memories, experiences of the past and history alive in the speech of Obama. I also noticed the emotions of the people, not only in Washington but all over the world. So in my opinion the void Moon simply indicates that it was an intense emotional experience for many and perhaps also the level of popularity of the present president. It might be a challenge to keep it that way as people's moods tend to change. Nevertheless, his presidential period started with deep and profound feelings because this was a HISTORIC MOMENT (one that will be remembered because it caused emotions, a Moon-moment).

But, might it be true that a void Moon is a bad moon? Is it better to wait until the Moon enters the next sign, when it comes to an oath or a marriage or whatever event? I just had to check it. See the complete results and the links for the source that I used (please scroll down). Here is what I found:

Barack Obama is the 44th president in the 56th term
There were 9 terms starting with a Void Moon before Obama’s inauguration
8 presidents did not serve a full term.
In 3 cases that was with a Void Moon in the chart of the Inauguration
In 5 cases that was with a ‘normal’ Moon in that chart.

3 out of 9 terms starting with a Void Moon were not completed (so 33,33%).
5 out of 46 terms starting with a ‘normal’ Moon were not completed (so 10.8%)
There seems to be 3 times more chance to not finish the job with a Void Moon.
8 presidents died in office
Only 2 had a Void Moon in the chart of the Inauguration
And 6 did not.

So to stay alive it is better to have a Void Moon
But to stay president it is better not to have a Void Moon...
However, the MAJORITY completed their term!

Yet, (or ...also) it remains statisistics and only ONE position in the charts to be studied!

I added the results. X = for not completed (a for assassination, d for illnesses and s for being forced to step back) and V=for Void of course. I used these sources:
Wikipedia (presidents who died in office), with a list of presidents and terms

Presidents of the USA (article on my site Astromarkt)
Moon, diet and menu
and for all the post that you may want to find about Obama, click the label below...

PS about the Inauguration chart: did you notice that Mars is rising before the Sun and that he immediately started to do what he promissed to do?


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