Thursday, January 8, 2009

Effect of the inconjunction

Inconjunctions tell us to have to give up on something because there is no balance. Or about losing balance because you lost something. Sometimes inconjunctions represent the 'but' in a story. LIke in the match Gemany-Turkye. The Midheaven of the final moment of Germany-Turkye (football match in June 2008) was inconjunct the natal Sun of Ugur Boral, symbolizing lost (although he was the star of the match).

With more inconjunctions and together with more hard transits the inconjunction symbolizes lost, like in the chart of Obama when he lost his grandma. When Barack Obama's grandma died, Saturn was inconjunct his Ascendant, Uranus was inconjunct Descendant and Pluto was inconjunct the IC. (Saturn and Uranus were 105 and 75 degrees away from the natal Moon in the 4th house, too, BTW).

When Saturn and Neptune are involved, too, illnesses are almost inevitable. The inconjunction is the kind of aspect that requires to be accepted. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with the theme that is reflected by the planets making a 150 degree aspect or accept the consequences of that specific subject in your life. The effect is always disproportional. Take for example Jupiter inconjunct Uranus. This aspect is tight in the chart of Mrs. Schavio. The theme is ´Thank God, but...´. Jupiter rules her 8th house of life and death, Uranus is in the 4th of endings. Yes, she stayed alive, coma.

Another example of Saturn-Neptune and inconjunction is Mrc. Ballesteros. Mr. Ballesteros was taken to hospital. For his condition we see that in the last year, the progressed Midheaven was inconjunct Neptune (placed down under in the chart). Transit Saturn is disposing of the 6th house and about to make an inconjunction with the natal Sun, after being square to Mars (ruler of the Sun). It is easy to see the present pattern of illness(Saturn-Neptune). And the inconjunction that these planets make.

The transit inconjunction was apparent in the chart of John Travolta when his son died (transit Venus in natal eight house inconjunct ASC), together with squares and semi squares from Neptune (ruler 8th house) and Saturn.

We see transit Uranus inconjunct the Ascendant of Paula Abdul when she found a stalking fan dead in his car, in front of her house. Transit Neptune was inconjunct MC and Jupiter square Ascendant (note that Jupiter+Neptune relates to 'fans and followers'). Her progressed Sun was inconjunct Jupiter and Jupiter inconjunct progressed Mars. There were 3 inconjunctions at the time for an incident or shock (Uranus), a sad event (Neptune) but it also stopped an unpleasant episode of stalking and that is why Jupiter is involved.

Guillaume Depardieu, son of a famous father (Gerard), born with a 'calling' Saturn and an actor like his father, died on a day that the transit Sun was inconjunct Saturn and transit Saturn was inconjunct his Natal Sun. That is a double statement for a bad day and bad health. The inconjunction shows the risk of losing your life. Time of birth is unknown.
Father and son Depardieu shared Mercury inconjunct Neptune (the aspect that you see in the chart of Friedman). It may be a good aspect for actors, but in real life it easily leads to miscommunications. Father and son had problems communicating with each other.

Natal Sun is inconjunct Saturn in the charts of Patti Smith and Berti Vogts. She lost a brother and a husband. He lost his parents at age 12.

The death of Joe Biden's first wife is reflected by Moon ruler 8th house of life and death inconjunct Neptune, ruler 4th house of endings. It is the narrowest aspect in his chart.

On September 8, 2008 a poll announced that McCain was winning and Obama started losing votes. That was on a day that transit Jupiter was exactly inconjunct the Sun of Obama. He had to let go of the advantage that he had (but not for long:).

Rui Costa ended his career as a sportsman being exhausted. Transit Pluto was inconjunct Mars for losing energy after abusing forces.

Sourav Ganguly had transit Jupiter inconjunct his natal Sun when he had to 'retire'.

Mitt Romney stopped the race as a candidate for the Republican Party in early February last year with Transit Saturn inconjunct his natal Midheaven and transit Jupiter inconjunct Pluto.

Hugh Hefner's tightest aspect is Mars inconjunct Pluto, symbolizing no balance (inconjunct) use (Mars) or abuse (Mars) of Pluto-matters like money, power, influence, politics, and potency or sexuality. It seems better to have a natal Mars-Pluto inconjunction, than a transit of Pluto inconjunct Mars.

Casanova had a 'calling' Mars quindecile Pluto, opposition Aries Point and inconjunct the ASC: a perfect description of a sexually/aggressively obsessed person without balanced behavior in that matter.

Neptune rules the eight house of Dr. Edgar Mitchell and rises before his Sun. With transit Neptune inconjunct Sun he had a bad press in July 2008, when he told the world that he believes in aliens (who visited earth).

Lately I posted about Mercury-Saturn related to science. In the post about Al Gore I write about Mercury inconjunct Saturn in his chart as reflecting 'doom theories', scientific opinions without balance. I can only hope that that is a convenient truth!:)

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