Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Astrology chart Nancy Pelosi (no HOB)

Nancy Pelosi will continue her job as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She doesn't have placements in air signs in her natal chart and that means that she can and will communicate at any possible level (and sometimes will be unreasonable:).

Nancy Pelosi has a Scorpio Moon. Many women with power have a Scorpio Moon. It gives a woman the courage and strong will to pursuit and a desire to have influence. Nancy Pelosi has that influence now!

In the House she also is in the centre of attention often and that is what a person with a 'calling' Sun wants to be: leading or performing.
Jupiter is 'calling', too. It is an indication for an international or for someone who is very convincing.

The combination of Sun, Moon and Jupiter promisses fortune in family life (she has 5 children and 7 grandchildren and has a long lasting marriage with Paul Pelosi, born April 14 1950 with his Venus exactly conjunct her Venus and Uranus.

Saturn is exactly square Pluto in her chart. It is the combination for the 'die hard' who survives hard (political) confrontations. See the article on Astromarkt...
Mercury is square Saturn/Pluto and that is the same combination that I found in the charts of USA presidents. It means that she has a strategic and political mind.

Nancy Pelosi seems to be made for the job. With this chart, the right family background and genes, and a country that allows women in the top, even when they are older than 65...it just took one or two crucial placements to excell. Her time of birth is unknown, so we don't know what the degree of her Moon, ASC or MC is or what crucial planets are angular. But it is certain that the strong Moon in Scorpio was rising before the Sun.

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