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The Queen in the chart of Maxima Zorreguieta

Little girls dream of getting married to a Prince, preferably riding a white horse. Some girls realized that dream. I already published about the chart of Princess Gracia of Monaco (Grace Kelly), who was a movie star before she married. We know about Princess Diane and the husband of the Queen of Sweden to be. Start here if you are interested in their charts: 

This blog is about the chart of Maxima Zorreguieta. Tomorrow she will be Queen Maxima. Where is the future queen in her chart?

I quote myself:
Princess Maxima of the Netherlands married a rich boy who will be king one day. Her Venus is in hard aspect with Jupiter/Pluto. (Means: social success by marriage)  
In the days around her wedding day the progressed Descendant was conjunct Juno, the symbol of the married woman. Juno is sextile her natal MC.
 With Venus trine her Ascendant it is no surprise that she is the most popular one of the Dutch royal family. (She also is the prettiest and she has style:)
She has (Mercury and) Venus in a (wider) inconjunct with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. And that is a combination for a fairytale (and don't we all love fairy tales?)
Here is her natal chart, progressed to April 30, 2013, the day that she will be named Queen. Transit Pluto is opposite Juno and trine Midheaven on that day. There are a few quincunxes coming up, like progressed Sun inconjunct Mars and that is reason to be worried, perhaps, but that is for later:

Her husband's progressed Ascendant was at 0d0m Sagittarius on the day that he first saw her, April 20 1999.  They met when he was 'in the mood' to find a wife and she was 27.

There are 3 indications in that direction and 3 is a crowd!
1. transit Jupiter sextile his Venus for the ball and the party:)
2. progressed Mars on his way to make a trine with Venus (man meets woman:)
3. progressed Venus almost conjunct progressed Ceres (joining the concepts of 'love' and 'dynasty'/motherhood)
4. the progressed Sun had already moved away from the sextile with Juno (high time to see her!)

Her Progressed Moon was exactly square his Progressed Sun on that day. So they noticed each other!

I strongly believe that her Ascendant is in the 30th degree of Sagittarius, rather than in the first of Capricorn. Just see the enthusiastic behavior and you will agree that that is how she presents herself: open, direct and full of joy. Not withstanding the fact that she is a very ambitious lady! So maybe the trine of her Venus in Sagittarius is just very strong. She has Sun conjunct Saturn and Saturn rises before the Sun. She may look spontaneous, but she is in control. She may look like a party animal, but she did her study, she didn't give her self away to the first bidder and she always looks perfect. That is very Saturn! It is also very Saturn that the protocol will limit her life style, certainly from now on. More of the civil girls marrying future kings have a Sun-Saturn aspect. I wrote about that here:

The Queen (in fact: the queen consort) to be is more popular than the successor is. For that, I like to point at the fact that her Mars is square his Sun. There is a little bit of competition between them, at least in the polls. But, as he said: only one can be the king and that is me. He will be the king and she will beat him in the polls:).

They married on February 2, 2002. That was with Juno conjunct Descendant in her progressed chart. Juno was on the progressed Descendant of Princess Madeleine when she was engaged. ( )

But now: where is the Queen in this chart? There are few future kings in the world and she had one. She was on the right place in the right time. You couldn't possibly have had a ticket to enter the party that day. Even not with the help of this kind lady, not even if you had a chimney:)...But I am sure that you found or will find your Prince Charming one day! And if you got the frog, never mind. There is always the fairy tale!

Marriage in Monaco
The Prince of Monaco will be in Amsterdam tomorrow, without his wife.

You know Juno? He is there when you (think you) found Mr or Mrs Right. Here is more:

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Horst Tappert (Derrick), Mars, Eris and the Waffen SS

On April 25 this year it became known that the (late) popular actor Horst Tappert (Derrick on television) voluntarily joined the most cruel section of the Waffen SS during World War II. He had been hiding this fact all of his life, just like Gunter Grass. You know that Eris is the symbol of discord (and discord on a world wide scale means war)? The progressed Sun of Horst Tappert, in a new sign for just a few months, is inconjunct Eris.

In the years of the Second World War, Horst Tappert was around 20 years old and his progressed Sun was going to join Mars, the symbol of the warrior. In his natal chart, Mars is 'calling!' (no aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and that makes you think about the soldier in the chart of Tappert. However, he wore a gun in Derrick, too!

PS I said it before: with Sun quintile Neptune you will be able to create a 'double' life:)

For the actor in the chart, see my blog Art&Astrology:

About Sun-Neptune:

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Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his chart positions

Here is the chart of the day of birth of the elder brother of Dzhokbar or Dzhokar Tsarnaev. His first name was Tamerlan. Apart from being the main suspect of the bom attacks of April 15 (Boston Marathon), he is now suspected of the brutal murder of three persons, among whom one of his friends.

In the progressed chart of Tamerlan Tsarnaev the Sun is square Mars now. This is a very driven and stimulating progression with a risk to hurt or get hurt. Mars in his natal chart is seriously (Saturn) dangerous (Pluto) in certain situations and under certain conditions. You see, Mars is square Pluto and sextile Saturn in the natal chart. Both aspects are very very tight.

I have repeatedly written about the combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto related to unnatural death causes (as a victim, by suicide or ... by violent act).

Here is a link to all those posts:

Right now, transit Pholus is exactly conjunct the midpoint Mars/Pluto, illustrating the turning point in a violent act.

LINK to the chart of the day of birth and present positions of the younger brother:
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Astrological position of Dzokhar Tsarnaev (Boston terrorism suspect)

They are hunting one of the suspected terrorists of the Boston blasts on April 15, 2013. His brother is already dead. If he was really born on July 22, 1993, the astrological clock is ticking for him. As Dzhokhar Trarnaev's transits and progressions are very difficult, I would be surprised, considering the circumstances, if he survided this or got away unhurt. There is a Mars-Saturn and Sun-Mars combination. You see:

- transit Mars now in the 30th of Aries, square natal Sun (being a target, getting hurt, pain)
- Progressed Mars is inconjunct natal Saturn (pain, death end) and sextile Sun (Sun/Mars/Saturn combination)
- transit Saturn is novile Progressed Mars. (death end)
There is also transit Jupiter semi square the Sun (a frustrating success).

Here is the chart of his day of birth. I choose the capital of Kyrgyzstan as the place of birth, but I know that it is not the right place. It is somewhere in that part of Europe. 

What is important in this natal chart is Sun inconjunct Saturn, the lame duck aspect, the aspect of the unhappy ending, sometimes signaling a physical deficiency (maybe only late in life). Both Sun and Saturn are 'calling' (no major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees). That makes this natal aspect very important. It is about being blamed, being held responsible, too. This aspect might be involved with one of the angles of the chart. For more on that aspect, use this link.

In the natal chart Saturn is quatronovile (4x40d) Mars. There is twice a Mars-Saturn transit/progression with his chart now.  It means that discipline, punishment and in extreme cases: death are now important issues. 

Of course, those born on the same day are no terrorists or suspects. Much depends on the individual's chart, the culture, gene, gender, social circumstances and opportunities, too. Most terrorist were born on a day or moment with an important Mars-Uranus. Tramaev's day of birth doesn't. But, of course, his hour of birth is unknown. However, those who were born on the same day, might be confronted with loss of energy and drives and have to take care of themselves ... and others.

PS I almost overlooked Mercury opposite Neptune. You know that that is one of the frequent aspects in case of suspects? 

EXTERNAL LINKS Forum Linda Goodman on Sun inconjunct Saturn

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When Mars kicks you

Today I published a new article on about Mars in synastry. I mentioned the interview that the Dutch royal couple gave on television. She said that she kicked her husband under the table because he almost told the press a secret about the date of the abdication of his mother, Queen Beatrix. Funny story, also because her Mars is exactly square his Sun. For more about that, and for the ways that Mars will pop up in your business, football or love relationship, see the article.

When someone kicks you, you feel the pain. Mars kicks you when a transit of Mars hits (sic...) your Ascendant or  Sun. They sometimes kick you out of a job when Mars hits your Midheaven. If there are no serious afflictions around, you simply go to the dentist with such an aspect.

Mars is in the final degree of Aries now, exactly at 29Aries12 now that I write this, about to change sign to Taurus. When you have your Sun, Ascendant or Midheaven in the 30st degree of Aries, you might now feel the pain or the kick! Mars is the symbol of the energy that could actually get you into space to Mars and of what it costs you to get there: effort, pain and energy. Sometimes that is just too much for a partnership and then it crashes...

Why not get a kick with Frank Sinatra?

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Sun breaking through misty Neptune-Ascendant

Diego Rivera "The Sun breaking through the mist)
A few weeks back I wrote about unclarity in vision and transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant. I had noticed a pair of nice glasses and the optician had a sliding chair so that I didn't see anything at all and then she used a light to shine in my eyes and said that I had cataract. In fact, she said that one eye had lost sight for 50%. I was confused. All the way home I tested my eye and I didn't see a 50% difference. So I went to the doctor. She sent me to hospital. And finally, last Monday the eye doctor said that there was no cataract at all!  Just a mouche not yet volante (for insiders).
That is a simple example of meeting a Neptunic opitician;).

I was so glad! and so was my husband. We had a glass (sic...) of champagne to celebrate it! Neptune is also the symbol of alcohol. I just had to remain in style!

When you have transit Neptune conjunct your Ascendant, don't buy glasses:). When Neptune comes on your Ascendant, you may meet someone confusing you.


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Astrology of Alfred Dreyfus' case

In some cases 'good' and 'fortunate' aspects or ' benefics' like Jupiter don't seem to help. Or do they?
I found the case of Alfred Dreyfus (October 9, 1859), whose worst and better days were reflected by a variety of aspects.  Those aspects don't seem to give a simple and clear answer to the question: what happened and was it nice? After studying the astrology case of Dreyfus, I think that :
a. transits and progressions of/with prominent natal planets are more important than other transits and progressions
b. trines and Jupiter are not always beneficial at first sight (but they are, given the circumstances)

Join me in the study!

It was in the 19th century in France when Alfred Dreyfus was accused of treason. In fact he had been framed. It was easier to blame him, because of Anti-Semitic sentiments (Dreyfus was Jewish).

Here is the chart with transits and progressions of the day of the arrest:

There is transit Neptune trine the Sun and Transit Jupiter opposition progressed Midheaven with transit Uranus inconjunct Progressed Ascendant on the day of his arrest. A trine, Jupiter and that inconjunct Uranus... It looks as if the latter was the most important. He lost his freedom and it took 7 years to be freed of all charges. How did the trines and Jupiter 'help'? He was supported by Emile Zola who started an international campaign. Zola's Jupiter was in hard aspect with Dreyfus' midpoint Sun/Moon. Dreyfus' Mercury was opposition the Sun of Zola, who set the spotlights on his case. They shared a Sun-Neptune aspect (Zola the sextile, Dreyfus the quatronovile).

His chart corresponds with what we know about him.
a. He was a soldier.  We see that possibility in the positions of Mars and Saturn.
Mars rises before the Sun for orientation on arms, activism, action and energy. Before Mars is Saturn and Saturn is 'calling' (duty, responsibility and hierarchy at any possible level). The combination of Mars and Saturn is the combination of discipline (and being disciplined).
b. He lost his freedom.
Both Saturn and Uranus don't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees.  As these planets are what I name 'calling', the issue of 'breaking free' and 'restricted freedom' will be demonstrated at any possible level, somehow and anyhow.
c. Commotion and upheaval were definitely part of his career (Uranus-MC), but on the other hand he also apparently was an outsider (Uranus) among the officers.
d. In my opinion a distance of 127.5 degrees between objects in the chart, is an important distance. In this chart that is the distance between Sun and Uranus. The Sun-Uranus combination is nice for an individualist, but in a group it is often difficult not to become 'the outsider'.
e. Sun is quatronovile Neptune.
f. Mercury is quatronovile Neptune, too! There are many cases of Mercury-Neptune accusations on this blog. See the links.

A quatronovile is 4x a novile and 160 degrees. A trine is 3x40 degrees. Noviles are supposed to be 'harmonious' aspects. I think that harmonious aspects refer to smooth relationships between objects in the chart.

OCTOBER 15 1894: arrest
1. Sun-Neptune
As quatronoviles are 4x40 and trines are 3x40 they are suppused to be 'friendly', 'easy' or 'harmonic'. Use the labels to find examples of the contrary! Trine and noviles, sextiles and binoviles or quatronoviles make it easy to relate one planet to another, or in this case: the Sun and Neptune. It makes it easy to be seen (Sun) in a diffuse light (Neptune). This can be done as a hero or an angel. It can also be done the negative way.
That happened when transit Neptune was trine his natal Sun. It was easy to place him in a negative light. This transit resonated the 'sound' of Sun quatronovile Neptune. He was being framed with transit Neptune trine Sun.
2. Progressed Ascendant inconjunct transit Uranus 
Inconjunct (loss) Uranus (freedom).
3. Progressed Midheaven opposition Jupiter (is this fair? that is the question of opposition Jupiter)
Jupiter symbolizes support. He got support. Emile Zola even risked prison for him! Zola's Jupiter is semi square the midpoint Sun/Moon of Dreyfus and that helps!

Maybe, if there was not Jupiter-Midheaven things had been worse for Dreyfus and he would have been convicted without anyone asking questions. And maybe even the trine of Neptune helped:an idealist and artist voluntarily helped him. Neptune, at best, is the symbol of idealism, art, belief and all that we do without gain.
Remember that Uranus is 'calling' in the natal chart! That increases the importance of transits of Uranus.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1899
He was pardonned and released out of prison on September 19, 1899. It is nice for the case of astrology that that was the day that transit Uranus was exactly conjunct his Midheaven. He got his freedom back, conditions changed and of course he was in a nervous state. The transit of Uranus was so important for Dreyfus because in the natal chart Uranus is opposition Midheaven. It means that something that is already an issue in life, is being activated.

JULY 13, 1902: free of all charges
Watch the trine of transit Jupiter with natal Sun! That is a classical happy transit. This transit was leading! You see, there is also transit Pholus inconjunct Progressed MC, symbolizing a turning point in the development of the career, with a loss involved. He could return to the army, the place where he had been framed. (Pholus was in hard aspect with transit Node and transit Chiron). What he lost were more than 7 years of his life, spent in very nasty conditions. The pain is illustrated by transit Mars sesquisquare Midheaven. But Jupiter ruled!


When he got back all that he lost, transit Jupiter was trine the Sun. Jupiter rules the 10th house.
When he was arrested there was P MC opposite Jupiter, so P IC conjunct Jupiter.

When he was arrested, there was Neptune trine Sun.
In the end - free at last, cleared of all charges - he had the confusing transit of Neptune opposition Sun/Moon midpoint. He got the rank of Major later, but his health had suffered because of the years in prison.

Mercury-Neptune is a suspicious aspect:
Transits of Neptune are confusing:
Transit Jupiter and nothing happens (yes,that happens!:):

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Sun in a starring role

The Sun is a star. When you have an important Sun, you may want to play the starring role. I wrote about the dominating sun before and gave examples of people with a 'calling' Sun.
 (a Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees), like: 
- Roseanne Barr (see the chart and the story on my other blog, Art&Astrology
- Adolf Hitler, 
- Hillary Clinton, 
- J.F. Kennedy
- John Lennon and 
- Youssouf Islam (Cat Stevens)

They and many others will want to draw attention or be in the center of it all, anyhow, somehow. They will be the leader (of the band) or the star. When you are born with the sun in a starring role, you will shine and be in the spotlights even as a minister. Jim Bakker also has a 'calling' Sun. He drew attention! So had Mao Tse Tung (Mao Ze-dong). His dictatorship was in the natal chart: calling Sun quintile Saturn for the creative way to be the sole leader at any possible level.

There are more ways to draw attention than just by being you, being proud and showing leadership (or being bossy:). With a Sun on the Ascendant you won't enter a party unnoticed. A conflict with Uranus will certainly cause upheaval sometimes. Neptune may be so confusing that a person with (temporary or natal) conflicts with Neptune almost certainly will be subject to gossip. A Moon in Leo will draw attention, by having the manners of a queen (or king). The Leo Sun and Ascendant naturally show off:). And a Leo Sun/Moon midpoint is very motivated to be in the center of attention, too. But no one will manage to be the star, as there can be only one in our solar system: the Sun.

You need not be a star or a leader when you have a 'calling' Sun, but people tend to see you. Leadership doesn't acquire a 'calling' Sun, always.  Bill Clinton was the leader of the USA and his Sun is sextile Jupiter and not angular. George W. Bush has the square between Sun and Jupiter. The present President of the USA is Barack Obama and his Sun is square Neptune. It takes more than 'drawing attention' to become a leader and to become one, you don't need to draw attention all the time or be a star (in whatever).
However, if your Sun is 'calling' you may want to be 'on stage' somehow, anyhow, even if your sun is in a modest enough sign.

When two persons with dominating Suns meet, one of the two may have to surrender. It is like two Alpha wolves fighting for leading the troop! This is especially nasty if there is no other place to go, or if you are married to each other. Who is the boss?

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Moon inconjunct Uranus

Archeology in Italy: looks like astronauts:)
It is funny how I keep drawing charts with Moon inconjunct Uranus lately.  I looked at the charts of Betty Davis, Jim Bakker and George Harrison (whose chart you see on my blog Art&Astrology). They all had a tight quincunx between Moon and Uranus and it is up to us to find out what they shared:).  What is that:
- A lot of upheaval?
- The need for exciting new experiences?
- Being rather different from the rest of their family or group, involving a loss or lost contact?

All this might apply to Moon inconjunct Uranus. I think that this aspect doesn't help to keep relationships going smoothly. Is one person enough to give the Moon-Uranus quincunx the needed stimulus? Daily life gets boring when you don't have friends or 'something new' around.  I also think that you may feel uneasy or tense when you and your close ones are not 'in line' at all. With this aspect you might experience estrangement, too, feeling like an alien in the family or in the country.  Examples: Betty Davis and her daughter, Jim Bakker's son for a while... and I like to point at Gerard Depardieu's chart. He has Moon inconjunct Uranus, too. I wrote about that aspect in 'The Russian in the chart of...'  It is Depardieu's late son's birthday today. In 2003 this son decided not to see his father any more. If he was born around noon, he could have Moon inconjunct Uranus, also...

Uranus may add something 'hyper' to moods or reactions. Perhaps that is being expressed in hyper sensitive physical reactions. With the inconjunct aspect (the quincunx) the reaction is out of balance.  Uranus often includes surprise and shock. For more on inconjuncts with Uranus, check this blog.

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Fixed stars? What about Fomalhaut...

Recently I read a bit about fixed stars, in particular Fomalhaut, and via via I sort of bumped into the chart of Jim Bakker. This minister got in trouble in 1987.  Some astrologers blame Fomalhaut for this. But: what exactly did his chart show then? And what can we learn from that? It is such a lot that I decided to divide my story in more than just one part, starting with Fomalhaut. I am very interested in Fomalhaut, as it is on my Ascendant, too. Is it as bad (or good) as they say?

This is Jim Bakker's chart for the day that the public was told about his mistakes.

Fomalhaut had nothing to do with that day. There were no transits nor progressions related to that fixed star on the man's Ascendant. 
Fomalhaut, by Nasa

Fixed star Fomalhaut is in the 4th degree (3-4) of Pisces.  Janduz pictured this degree as the hermit's place or a sanctuary. Others say that there is a dark side on Fomalhaut. The charisma that sometimes comes with a special position of this fixed star will only be positive when we stick to our ideals. 

It would be nice to study many more charts with a 4th degree Pisces Ascendant and see if there is indeed a special meaning to Fomalhaut on the Ascendant, benefic or malefic. Are there any more examples? I have Jim Bakker,  Fabrizio Ravanelli (football player born December 11, 1968),  Ellen Pompeo (November 10, 1968), French painter Henri Laville, Alain Lamassoure (politician), the eldest woman ever: Jeanne Calment, Pierre Paolo Passolini... And searching the web this is what crossed my mind: 

If Fomalhaut on the Ascendant makes you either famous or notorious, why aren't there many more examples and why aren't there many more famous/notorious persons with Fomalhaut on the Ascendant?  

Tthe chart of Jim Bakker shows me that it takes more than just Fomalhaut to explain his situation. Did I also learn that Fomalhaut is meaningless? It is just a thought, but it is one that suites my way of interpreting a chart as 'the picture of what we see on earth, including all that an astrologer chooses to use'. 

How meaningful are those fixed stars? I know a person who's Midheaven is conjunct Regulus. He thinks he will or ought to be a sort of a king. But many many millions are born with Sun conjunct Regulus! We may never even notice them. (OK Maybe that is because the Sun is not align with Regulus and it takes a parallel conjunction, too. But that doesn't apply to the Ascendant…)

Fixed stars might be 'part of the picture' and they should be studied related to charts, progressions, transits and people. Fixed stars shouldn't be seen as an omen. That is what I think I learned, but ...I am curious about testimonies and examples that prove me wrong. 


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Chart of the exceptional Bette Davis

My blog is filled with charts of artists and actors and musicians with a specific pattern in their charts. There is always an exception, for every rule, however. Betty Davis doesn't have the usual pattern for talent, demonstrated by a combination of aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune, related to Midheaven and the signs Taurus, Libra, Pisces and Cancer. There is only a tight square of Venus and Midheaven, relating her career to entertainment, beauty or diplomacy. Betty or Bette Davis made her way to the top with discipline, passion and hard work.

SATURN for ambition, parents and parenthood
Her Sun/Moon midpoint is semi square Saturn.
Saturn rises before the Sun.
The importance of Saturn shows how serious and ambitious Betty Davis was. She followed her mother's dream… She had classical schooling in drama. That is very Saturn! Sun/Moon with Saturn is motivated to climb in society. Saturn as the orientational planet gave her a serious approach.

MARS for energy and drive
Mars is 'calling' (no aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and square Midheaven. She worked hard, I guess. Was she a 'Streber'?  She certainly wouldn't like to fail.

VENUS-MARS-MC: passion for the job
But there is also passion.
There is an out of sign conjunction with Venus that is hard to be overlooked. The Venus-Mars conjunction is related to MC.
(This conjunction is situated in her 7th house of marriage. She married 4 times - Sun square Uranus+Mars sextile Saturn, Gemini Moon and Venus in 7).

The tightest aspect in her chart is Moon inconjunct Uranus, the somewhat unbalanced need for excitement and change.
As the Sun is square Uranus, there is an aspect combination of Sun/Moon/Uranus that is telling us about being motivated by tension and anything new. The Sun-Moon combination with Uranus also speaks of tension in marriage related to being 'different' or 'special' in heart and soul. There is a correspondence with the way Sun/Moon midpoint in aspect with Uranus mirrors independence being highlighted. She was exceptional, not the usual stuff and she showed it.

The Scorpio Ascendant matches her way to be rude sometimes.

Here is her chart with the transits of the day that her daughter, whom she referred to as 'Hyman' sometimes, was born. Their relationship was bad. Betty Davis disinherited her. May I point at her Ceres (motherhood, genes, heirloom) inconjunct (=loss) the daughter's natal Sun? As she said: ' If you have never been hated by a child, you have never been a parent'. Her Ceres happens to be conjunct her midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven, illustrating the crucial importance of motherhood and ... her own mother, who wanted so much to see her daughter in a theatre or in the movies.

PS The Sun is in the 5th house of games and plays. I suppose that she was born shortly before 9 pm, so that her Midheaven is in Leo and the Sun in the 5th more related to the star on stage. 

More  Bette Davis quotes:

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