Friday, April 12, 2013

Sun breaking through misty Neptune-Ascendant

Diego Rivera "The Sun breaking through the mist)
A few weeks back I wrote about unclarity in vision and transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant. I had noticed a pair of nice glasses and the optician had a sliding chair so that I didn't see anything at all and then she used a light to shine in my eyes and said that I had cataract. In fact, she said that one eye had lost sight for 50%. I was confused. All the way home I tested my eye and I didn't see a 50% difference. So I went to the doctor. She sent me to hospital. And finally, last Monday the eye doctor said that there was no cataract at all!  Just a mouche not yet volante (for insiders).
That is a simple example of meeting a Neptunic opitician;).

I was so glad! and so was my husband. We had a glass (sic...) of champagne to celebrate it! Neptune is also the symbol of alcohol. I just had to remain in style!

When you have transit Neptune conjunct your Ascendant, don't buy glasses:). When Neptune comes on your Ascendant, you may meet someone confusing you.


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