Friday, June 29, 2012

When Jupiter rules (the EC2012)

On this blog you find some 'sad' stories about Jupiter transits that didn't work or only helped a little bit to prevent "worse"... Those were single transits. When Jupiter hits a chart twice or three times in the same period, good luck and improvement have better chances to show up in a person's life. This blog is about personal experiences and ... the upcoming final match between Spain and Italy. But most of all,this blog is about Jupiter. Guilio Romano painted the picture above, the assembly of all gods around Jupiter's throne. Jupiter is the king of the gods in mythology and he wouldn't be king if he wasn't the best, the greatest and the first born (just like the planet).

Right now I have transit Jupiter square my Ascendant, trine my Moon and trine my progressed Mercury and I feel great! My energy level has risen. I could say that it is because of this or that (and there ARE this's and thats that I can't share here but believe me: it was all Jupiter related, like good advice, a trip, new glasses and even perfectly fitting shoes were part of the deal. All those things helped me to feel better than before. I even managed to be number 3 in the company's pool for a while, until yesterday. Yesterday the Italians beated the Germans just like that and I hadn't even thought of looking at the possibility of Italy reaching the semi finals! I had my focus on Germany and Spain! Read the post about the final match between them: Winners and losers in EC2012 football (an experiment). In that post I promised to be back about the subject if the match would be between different teams, and that is the case. The final will be between Italy (very strong against Germany and how they sang the hymn!:) and .... Spain. Will Spain be able to beat Italy? Here is the chart of the final moment. The positions under 'transits' are the natal positions of Prandelli (coach of Italy). Remember, there is no hour of birth, so the position of the Moon might be 7 degrees more or less.

Considering this,  I must stick to Spain like a stamp to a letter, because the Spanish coach has too many Jupiter in the chart right now to feel sad. His opponent however, has (see above) Saturn square the final moment's Ascendant and in a hard aspect with his Venus. That doesn't 'sound' like joy, does it?
The coach of Spain has his Jupiter (symbol of being successful) close to the Ascendant at that final moment. Five minutes before he is already happy. Unless the Italian coach has other reasons to be sad and Del Bosque has other reasons to be happy, it looks like a case of winning (Spain) and losing (Italy).  One swallow doesn't make a summer, but ....Del Bosque also has the progressed Sun conjunct natal Jupiter. That is perfect for retirement with a bonus. And the third important fact: transit Jupiter is square his Progressed Sun and Jupiter. Here is the chart without hour with progressions and transits for Del Bosque:

Of course, this is without time of birth and it is just speculation, but 3x Jupiter, I experienced, feels great. He could be happy with reaching the final, but would he be THIS happy, you may wonder? Also, the transit Sun opposition Del Bosque's Venus makes it a nice day for him. That is indication number four.

Well, we'll see how the ball rolls. If Spain wins, I win the 3rd place in the company's pool and that is not much (40 euro, as it seems) but enough to be glad about. So how is my chart for the final EC2012? MC will be on my Sun and MC. Great chance to see what that means!
If Italy wins the EC2012, I may have to reconsider my experimental astrological method to find the winner in the chart of the final moment by watching what sort of aspects and planets are interacting with the chart of the coaches.

 So it will be a very exciting evening for me! I wish all fans of football a pleasant final!


The label Jupiter leadsvyou to more about Jupiter!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guess what happened (... with Uranus-Pluto)

Last week I showed a simple case of triple Venus for beginners and of course you all guessed what happened: Love! Today the Sun/Moon midpoint is in aspect with a Uranus-Pluto square and I found an interesting case of a double Uranus-Pluto effect in the newspapers. It happened just recently and is a perfect example of the resonation of Uranus-Pluto. So, give it a try and guess what happens when a person has the following indications in progression and transits. And if it is hard to make a guess, than read about the mentioned aspects, using the links. There are lots of them!

BTW Remember not to forget to consider gender (male), culture (Latino-America), social-economic position (working in an international institution) and not married, 57 years of age. Never forget to have a look at the natal chart, too. This is about a man with Saturn rising before the Sun (ambition, the importance of status, age and hierarchy). Natal Jupiter is exactly square his Neptune (today Jupiter is square Neptune, too!). Venus is tightly conjunct Saturn, in Scorpio. And 50% of the planets are in water signs.

Picture that, and than consider this:

Progressed Sun inconjunct Progressed Uranus and almost opposition Progressed Pluto. In the natal chart the Sun is also inconjunct Uranus. The natal chart is trine Pluto. Because of the repeating combination this progression is of key importance!

- About Uranus-Pluto in history:
- An example of what happened to someone during a Uranus-Pluto influence...

There is a second Uranus-Pluto combination in action. Transit Uranus is square and transit Pluto is conjunct Progressed Venus.

- Quoting myself: Venus/Uranus/Pluto

The radical lover who is willing to take risks in love and falls in love just like that. I have seen bad and nicer examples of the intense way to fall in love and change everything because of it and won’t mention them here…

Progressed Juno is conjunct natal Venus
Did you know about Juno?

To complicate Venus-Juno, transit Pholus is semi sextile this conjunction.

Progressed Mars square Progressed Jupiter
There is a lot of energy when Jupiter meets Mars, but wether you use it the right way…that is up to you…

Last but not least: transit Saturn is close to progressed Mars. Last time October 2011. In fact, that is when something important started what happened now.

Here is the chart drawing for the day of birth:

Can you guess what? If not, just read the news.  Here it the source of birth data...

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winners and losers in EC2012 football, an expirement

Boy, how difficult is it to find your way in football land. Who is the coach, when and where is the match etc. etc. It confused me and now I stop it. The final will be the final as far as I am concerned!
If it is Germany against Spain, my guess is that Spain will win, again. That is not just because of the pool. I think so, because of the transit MC of the final moment of the EC2012. That transit MC is trine the Pluto of Del Bosque, while the Transit Ascendant is very close to a conjunction with his Jupiter and is on a transit Sun opposition his Venus-day! Maybe even transit Mars trine his Pholus is in his favor. Here are the charts (final moment and positions day of birth of Del Bosque and Low).

But, again, I can't be sure. I will have to watch and see what happens. If you read the former post about EC2012, you noticed that transit MC inconjunct the Uranus of the coach doesn't reflect a joyful moment at all. The final match's final moment has MC trine the Uranus of the German coach (born February 3, 1960). Transit Uranus and Pluto are in conflict with his Venus that day. And that is why I think that Spain has better chances. However, there could be a final between England and Italy! Charts resonate and reflect, but they don't rule and they are very much dependent on circumstances. There is a rumor that there were players of the Dutch team who were actually relieved that they didn't have to continue that way (they lost all matches). I haven't looked at all of their charts, and I am curious what aspects the final MC-moment on the EC they had! I also hope that given the complicated time schedules and differences in time the charts are for the correct moment. Next time (in two years time) I hope there is a volunteer who will give my the right data (it takes a lot of time!).

 I'll be back later about EC 2012.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guess what happened? an easy one for beginners...

In 2004 I was co-managing The Astrologer's Forum (owner was Gene Ray, author of this article about the Age of Aquarius). One of the things that I liked to join or start myself was the guess chart 'game' (guessing what happened at a certain moment in a person's life). With famous persons it is hard not to cheat and 'google' it, but if you would do that, you'd ruin a chance to crush your brains while thinking it over. It isn't easy, because astrology is hard to do 'the other way around'. Symbols symbolize a lot of words and images and it is the situation that creates the real story.  Gender, genes, social position and culture are important keys, but you will see how difficult it is to find the answer. That is why I start with an easy one, a 'you can hardly miss this'-case. Sometimes charts are almost too obvious! (And sometimes they are not at all, but that is for a later post:).

What might happen in the life of a young man in a period with:
1. Progressed Venus conjunct Sun
2. Progressed Venus trine Jupiter
and on or around a specific day in that period he has:
2. Transit Neptune trine progressed Venus
3. Transit Neptune trine Sun
4. Transit Uranus inconjunct Midheaven

What you see is that there are 3 aspects with Venus. That makes you think of the rule of 3, of course and of what Venus means (for a man).  BTW, Venus is also the symbol for making it easy, just like trines do!

To read the answer use the link (try not to move the cursor here or you will see what the answer is!):


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Living with astrology (and EC 2012 football)

One of the comments on this blog was about relying on astrology for 'every move'.  I started this post explaining how I use or don't use astrology, in a sort of a defense and I ended with football. Astrology is one of the ways to advice myself. I don't rely on astrology for 'every move' that I make. It is an extra. Astrology in itself doesn't create limitations or wipe out free will (unless you decide to do as your astrologer tells you to do, in which case you gave away control. That is not astrology's fault).  Astrology is not an island. Charts are interactive. Astrology is interaction between individuals, situations and charts. It is like football!

Football is a game, a match between teams. You can't win the pool simply by calculating the sum of brilliant players and a respected coach. You need to know the same about the other team. You also need to know conditions of teams and weather. And how to calculate surprising chances? That is why you can't win the pool always.  You can bet on it, but you will never know for sure. If you knew beforehand, you wouldn't have to play the game at all.
A natal chart is the reflection of a character. You need to know gender, genes, social conditions, culture and even more to really completely know about the person who was born with this chart. You won't be able to predict exactly what a person will do on a certain day and you can't decide for this person, based upon the chart only. You can only speculate with a certain percentage of accuracy. People are people and they are as unpredictable as the weather is.

There are posts about football and astrology on this blog, written during EC's.  In those posts I used the final moment of the match to see which coach was more pleased or down. Or better: I checked the positions of the natal chart of the coaches to see if and what kind of aspect the actual MC of the final moment made with their natal positions. I evaluated the results and found it a rather interesting method to see who had the best chance to be the winner (if you are sure that the coach wants to win). This time I didn't have the time to check them all. But tonight there is an important Portugal-Netherlands and yesterday a Dutch coach was involved in Greece-Russia. So I couldn't resist the ephemeris and this is what I found, using the chart of the final moment.

The times of football games are chosen by officials, not by the coaches. One of the two teams have to win (unless they play even). Yesterday the Greek won and Russia lost. The final moment was a few minutes and seconds after 20:30 Greenwich Time (22:30 MET).

Fernando Santos was born 10th October 1954 in Lisbon.  He coaches the Greek team. Santos Jupiter and Uranus 'responded' to the horizon (Ascendant-Descendant) shortly after transit Ascendant inconjunct Pluto. The stress was almost too much, but once the referee whistled, there was relief. At the official final moment Midheaven was square Pluto: a position of value had been reached. Greece was back! (Pluto-MC is reflecting a come back with stress)

Dick Advocaaat was born September 27, 1947 in the Netherlands. He had a nervous day of tension (transit Sun conjunct his Uranus) and at the final moment transit Midheaven was inconjunct Uranus. Inconjunctions don't promise a victory. They are about loss and losing balance (see Astromarkt). A surprising (Uranus) loss (in conjunct) as a result (MC): disqualified.

Tonight The Netherlands have to win with at least 2 more goals than Portugal and only if Germany wins, too, the Dutch team won't have to go back to Holland. Chances are low and they have a considerable risk of disqualification.
They play against a team with a coach (Paolo Bento, born June 20 1969) who has a Sun-transit Jupiter day today (a lucky day) and at the final moment you see some content (Transit MC inconjunct his Venus).  He might loose and still be pleased.

 The Dutch coach Van Marwijk however has the same kind of aspect that Dick Advocaat had the night before: Transit MC inconjunct Uranus. Now what will the result be? We will soon know if transit MC in conjunct Uranus really means disqualification. That could happen even with a 0-1 or a 0-2 (if Germany looses).

This is not a prediction. This is the analysis of a moment in time and the interaction of that moment with natal positions of coaches. This interaction might mirror their response to the results of the match. I used it in 2008 and it worked. Let us see about 2012:).

Coaches can't avoid a moment or a date of a game. If you can, do you check your ephemeris? And what is your opinion about that? Is it acceptable to take the chart's positions into account for important decisions? Do the poll!

Inconjunctions (quincunxes) and their effect

All former EC posts and post about the Midheaven as indication for a result

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The transit Mars experience

ransit Mars square my MC and Sun and I really have reason enough to be irritated. For the second time an appointment failed and for the second time I waited for hours. Meanwhile I read my business mail on a day off and I shouldn't have done that, because something I read there started a fire. It feels like a fever. What is wrong? Nothing, just Mars passing by.

I could have known that before, because I wrote about it before (see link). But I thought that because of the transit passing by in the night, I would be spared, even though my inner ear hurts and I had to take an aspirin because of a starting headache yesterday. I also bought new shoes and they hurt!

OK It is not just that. There is also an exact square of transit Uranus with natal Uranus (nervous changes are all around). That is contributing to the feeling of hurry, rush, impatience and …irritation. How to beat Mars? Maybe I should run or fight or use the overdose of energy to clean the house? If I would, I would cut, bruise or hurt myself, I guess. Perhaps I should have done what I did last time: see the dentist and take an aspirin beforehand. However, I prefer to take this Mars:
That might be a great help, because with Mars square your Sun and MC you risk to start irritating others!:)

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sun-Pluto, Sun-Mars synastry

This post is partly about cardinals and partly about synastry (Sun-Pluto and Sun-Mars synastry). In short: I see the Sun-Pluto synastry marking the issue of 'life and death' and 'self esteem' while the Sun-Mars synastry is reflecting the competition between the central figure and the one who works for or with him. The astrological story is about Cardinal Sodano and Cardinal Bertone and their synastry with the Pope.

Cardinal Sodano (November 23, 1927) has denied the rumors about a power struggle in the Vatican (perhaps anticipating on the end of the papacy of Pope Benedict). But before, he denied that there was any abuse by priests…(see that post:
Cardinal Sodano, they say, is the member of one group (the diplomats) and Tarcisio Bertone is one of his opponents. In order to study synastry in astrology, it might be interesting to check the interaction between their charts, I thought. I immediately found something surprising that confirms my idea that a combination of planets is more the reflection of the sort of interaction in synastry. It is hard to see 'who done it', as the aspect combination simply issues a theme. Depending on social position, status and gender, you could analyze this correctly, but it takes a picture of the situation with inside information in order to do so.

Sodano was the former camerlengo. Bertone succeeded him. Both might be the next Pope. Both are cardinals. Both have influence and both made cardinal mistakes and caused upheaval in the international press, by denying the abuse in church (Sodano) or by naming homosexuals pedophiles (Bertone). The synastry of a. Sodano and b. Benedict equals the synastry of a. Benedict and b. Camerlengo Bertone when it comes to Mars+Sun and Mercury+Neptune! The same components, but ' the other way around'. And all aspects in synastry are within a 1 degree orb! See the pictures of the chart of Pope Benedict with the positions of the important cardinals at the end of this post.

The Mars of the Pope is quincunx the Sun of Sodano. The Mars of Bertone is also quincunx the Sun of Sodano. Competition and succeeding is part of the Sun-Mars combination. Sun is for leadership and Mars is for competing. Often, even in modern office life, the Mars person sort of targets the Sun person and hopes to be the next leader, but in that case the Sun person should either die or leave. The fact that there IS a Mars person around might be very stimulating. However, an inconjunction points at certain misbalances.

The Mercury of the Pope is quincunx the Neptune of Sodano. Bertone's Mercury is square the Neptune of the Pope. Vague communications and misconceptions are part of the Mercury-Neptune combination. Strictly confidential and secret (Neptune) information (Mercury) is the link between the men. Misunderstandings are to be expected when one person is interpreting (Mercury) what he can't hear, touch or explain (Neptune): the other person's ideals, beliefs and dreams. On the other hand, the Neptune person is not clear when it comes to communicating or … he or she is hiding something that the other one wants to know. False statements are part of the Mercury-Neptune combination, just as telling tales. There is also a matter of foreign language involved. Sodano and Bertone are native Italians and the Pope is a German. That complicates deep understanding, even if they try hard enough and especially when it comes to vague ideas and emotions.

BTW: I also find it interesting that Sodano's Saturn is on the Sun of Bertone. Sodano is older than Bertone is. Sodano is the former camerlengo. That means that Sodano has seniority and Saturn IS senior.

The Camerlengo of Pope Benedict, Tarcisio Bertone, was born on December 2, 1934. That means, that his Pluto is exactly square the Sun of the Pope. There is a risk of a drama involved, because of the strong influence of the Pluto person, if not the power over the Sun-person (that is the general astrological idea),but I'd interpret this also as the issue of (the value of) life and death and facing it, through this relationship.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transit Venus opposition Sun: taking it easy

Transits of Venus may be special and rare in astronomy, they are quite common in astrology. The opposition of Venus with natal or progressed Sun is said to be marking a period of begin lazy. That it's not supposed to be good for you. (We are supposed to be productive, alert, slim and successful, not to be fooling around!:). But I'd say that there is just a spotlight on all Venus-like things, like beauty, charm, pleasure, sweetness, kindness, diplomacy, entertainment, comfort, luxury and love. And as it is an opposition, someone else or circumstances might be the trigger to all that. This transit of Venus opposition your Sun happens about every year. Think of what you did last time and you might recollect a time of pleasure.

There is a difference this time: this Venus is retrograding. The transit came back for me and will be back again on July 25. A lot of Sagittarians experience a triple opposition of transit Venus this year between April 12 and August 8. They are being spoilt, having fun and enjoying life. End of August, transit Venus will be opposition my progressed Sun, and you won't believe it, but it is true: that is preparing for a few weekends by the sea. Question: is that wrong? (I doubt it, but remember, I am under the influence of Venus transit:)! The risk: spending too much and gaining weight*), because you focus on the bright side of life.

I wish you all a nice summer time and spotlights on Venus! Venus is now in the 16th degree of Gemini (according to the astrological ephemeris) and moves slowly backwards to 7 degree 29 minutes Gemini on June 27, before going direct and and reach 16d Gemini again on July 20. So there is still time for the Sagittarius born later than November 27 to try to take it as easy as possible (only after work and in the weekends, of course!:) and enjoy any possible kind experience that you will have, until July 20.

It is not just an opposition and it is not just Sagittarius. Gemini enjoys the conjunction of transit Venus and the lucky Aquarius or Libra born with after the 28th of January or September enjoyed or will still enjoy the triple trine of transit Venus in that period of time. Don't forget to benefit from this transit! There is enough Saturn in the air to tell you that it won't last forever!
Venus will enter the next sign, Cancer, on August 7 at 13:44 GT.

More about transits of Venus:

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Queen Elizabeth's celebration

For those who are fond of reading about royalty, I proudly present the chart of the Queen of England. Almost no monarch ever reigned longer than she did (Queen Victoria still 'beats' her). On June 2, 2013 she will have reigned for 60 years! She has the right genes, and she has the perfect chart for a queen. Why?

1. Her Sun doesn't make any major aspect in sign, in the very first degree of Taurus  that is a statement for drawing attention at any kind of level, like super stars or leaders do. 
2. Saturn has a prominent position on her MC. It means that her father, parenta, status, ambitions, duties and age matter. 
3. The Leo Moon is almost to perfect to be true, because Leo is a royal sign and the moon the symbol of females. There we have a queen!

What I like i  this chart, is Mars square Saturn. It is the aspect of discipline and we all know that she has a sort of a military way to do her duty, disregarding pain or bad times. 

But, transit Saturn is now square her progresssed Sun, while celebrating the 60th aniversary of being the queen, the longest reigning monarch ever. Maybe it is now that she feels her age, the end of a period in life, the load to carry? It looks like  a shadow hanging over the party or is it just the weight of a milestone? She became the queenwhen her father died, with progressed Sun opposition Saturn. Within 1,5 years her progressed Sun will be trine Saturn, mission completed, being respected and having self respect. With such an important Saturn in the natal chart the transits and progressions of Saturn will be important, too. 60 years is a long time, a respectable time.  If you wonder why they start celebrating this a year ahead instead of after completing the full 60 years after coronation...The King (her father) died on February 6, 1952. She was proclaimed queen on that day. 

Oh well, long live the Queen! Here is the chart for the 60th birthday of her coronation, followed by the chart for 60 years ago (June 2, 1953, Coronation day). I notice that there is a Transit Neptune square Ascendant  aspect. Neptune-Ascendant transits or progressions also show up in the coronation charts of the Dutch royal family, if I remember this correctly. Is it about decorum and rituals, I wonder?

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