Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winners and losers in EC2012 football, an expirement

Boy, how difficult is it to find your way in football land. Who is the coach, when and where is the match etc. etc. It confused me and now I stop it. The final will be the final as far as I am concerned!
If it is Germany against Spain, my guess is that Spain will win, again. That is not just because of the pool. I think so, because of the transit MC of the final moment of the EC2012. That transit MC is trine the Pluto of Del Bosque, while the Transit Ascendant is very close to a conjunction with his Jupiter and is on a transit Sun opposition his Venus-day! Maybe even transit Mars trine his Pholus is in his favor. Here are the charts (final moment and positions day of birth of Del Bosque and Low).

But, again, I can't be sure. I will have to watch and see what happens. If you read the former post about EC2012, you noticed that transit MC inconjunct the Uranus of the coach doesn't reflect a joyful moment at all. The final match's final moment has MC trine the Uranus of the German coach (born February 3, 1960). Transit Uranus and Pluto are in conflict with his Venus that day. And that is why I think that Spain has better chances. However, there could be a final between England and Italy! Charts resonate and reflect, but they don't rule and they are very much dependent on circumstances. There is a rumor that there were players of the Dutch team who were actually relieved that they didn't have to continue that way (they lost all matches). I haven't looked at all of their charts, and I am curious what aspects the final MC-moment on the EC they had! I also hope that given the complicated time schedules and differences in time the charts are for the correct moment. Next time (in two years time) I hope there is a volunteer who will give my the right data (it takes a lot of time!).

 I'll be back later about EC 2012.

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Your experiment seems interesting. Have you heard about the 'psychic' animals make their Euro 2012 predictions?