Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The transit Mars experience

ransit Mars square my MC and Sun and I really have reason enough to be irritated. For the second time an appointment failed and for the second time I waited for hours. Meanwhile I read my business mail on a day off and I shouldn't have done that, because something I read there started a fire. It feels like a fever. What is wrong? Nothing, just Mars passing by.

I could have known that before, because I wrote about it before (see link). But I thought that because of the transit passing by in the night, I would be spared, even though my inner ear hurts and I had to take an aspirin because of a starting headache yesterday. I also bought new shoes and they hurt!

OK It is not just that. There is also an exact square of transit Uranus with natal Uranus (nervous changes are all around). That is contributing to the feeling of hurry, rush, impatience and …irritation. How to beat Mars? Maybe I should run or fight or use the overdose of energy to clean the house? If I would, I would cut, bruise or hurt myself, I guess. Perhaps I should have done what I did last time: see the dentist and take an aspirin beforehand. However, I prefer to take this Mars:
That might be a great help, because with Mars square your Sun and MC you risk to start irritating others!:)

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