Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transit Venus opposition Sun: taking it easy

Transits of Venus may be special and rare in astronomy, they are quite common in astrology. The opposition of Venus with natal or progressed Sun is said to be marking a period of begin lazy. That it's not supposed to be good for you. (We are supposed to be productive, alert, slim and successful, not to be fooling around!:). But I'd say that there is just a spotlight on all Venus-like things, like beauty, charm, pleasure, sweetness, kindness, diplomacy, entertainment, comfort, luxury and love. And as it is an opposition, someone else or circumstances might be the trigger to all that. This transit of Venus opposition your Sun happens about every year. Think of what you did last time and you might recollect a time of pleasure.

There is a difference this time: this Venus is retrograding. The transit came back for me and will be back again on July 25. A lot of Sagittarians experience a triple opposition of transit Venus this year between April 12 and August 8. They are being spoilt, having fun and enjoying life. End of August, transit Venus will be opposition my progressed Sun, and you won't believe it, but it is true: that is preparing for a few weekends by the sea. Question: is that wrong? (I doubt it, but remember, I am under the influence of Venus transit:)! The risk: spending too much and gaining weight*), because you focus on the bright side of life.

I wish you all a nice summer time and spotlights on Venus! Venus is now in the 16th degree of Gemini (according to the astrological ephemeris) and moves slowly backwards to 7 degree 29 minutes Gemini on June 27, before going direct and and reach 16d Gemini again on July 20. So there is still time for the Sagittarius born later than November 27 to try to take it as easy as possible (only after work and in the weekends, of course!:) and enjoy any possible kind experience that you will have, until July 20.

It is not just an opposition and it is not just Sagittarius. Gemini enjoys the conjunction of transit Venus and the lucky Aquarius or Libra born with after the 28th of January or September enjoyed or will still enjoy the triple trine of transit Venus in that period of time. Don't forget to benefit from this transit! There is enough Saturn in the air to tell you that it won't last forever!
Venus will enter the next sign, Cancer, on August 7 at 13:44 GT.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding me to check my progressed planets. I've got progressed Sun at 10 Gem, so Venus is going to go over it a couple more times. Not much fun going on right now....hopefully there is some to come!