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Eris in the chart of a government

Wedding of Peleus by Bloemaert (Eris throws an apple)
Eris is the symbol of discord, disagreement and quarrels. Eris is never peaceful and nice. The story is that she threw a golden apple in a group of Goddesses, saying that it was a gift for the most beautiful woman. Then all women started fighting for the apple...*) This symbol of quarrels is in the 22nd degree of Aries right now. The progressed chart of Charlie Sheen had too many aspects with Eris and see what happened...Eris was prominent in the charts of Pearl Harbor and in that of Mohammed Atta (see the label Eris for these examples).

Eris's other name is Discordia...In the chart of a government, the prominence of Eris doesn't help to maintain an orderly status quo, you'd guess. There is a good example: the government of the Netherlands. Just recently, the PM Mark Rutte and his political partner Geert Wilders shouted 'Take it easy, man!' at each other, in parliament. That is unusual behavior in Dutch politics...Both men have Moon in Aries and Eris is in Aries, too. But there is more Eris in the chart of the Dutch government.

The Dutch government was 'born' with Eris opposition Midheaven and Sun. This year the Prime Minister will have progressed Sun opposition natal Eris. In his natal chart the Sun is semi square Eris. Maybe that is too much Eris...Resonating progressions are louder and this one is about conflicts...Could that mean that the 5th government in a row will end untimely? Or could the 'calling' Venus in the birth chart of this government really help to 'take it easy'?

What does Eris do in that chart? Well, she caused a lot of fuss.. There was a lot of discord even before the new government of The Netherlands was 'born', on October 14, 2010. It took months to come to an agreement and even than members of one of the coalition partners threatened to step out. That would have been the end of the coalition.

Here is the chart of the moment of the photo of the new Dutch government and Queen, right after the establishment of the new team on October 14, 2010. The transits are the positions of the day of birth of the Prime Minister. Watch the position of Eris...

If you have a prominent Eris in your chart (angular, for example or in a very tight aspect with the Sun or Midheaven) you might see more conflicts and be in the middle of it than others do. Do you?

It is hard for Dutch governments not to fall, because of the amount of parties and small majorities. All four governments lead by Balkenende fell before...But yes, Jan Peter Balkende has Saturn inconjunct Midheaven...
Chart of Jan Peter Balkenende

The symbol of discord also seems to have a fine way to expose vanity:)

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Uranus in Aries and chart of Einstein

This is about Uranus in Aries, Einstein's Mercury-Saturn and particle accelerators like the one above, re: CERN's amazing test results. And about what if Uranus in Aries is conjunct your Mercury-Saturn...
In Astropost: Thinking about Mercury and Saturn the chart of Albert Einstein is one of the examples of scientists with a tight aspect between Mercury and Saturn. Einstein had Mercury conjunct Saturn in the natal chart. Transit Uranus is conjunct this conjunction now that there is news about particles breaking the speed of light. It has always been assumed that nothing could be faster than the speed of light. Albert Einstein had proven this. This is the chart of Albert Einstein (AA rated, source Astrodatabank) with transits and progressions for now.

Now that there are surprising results at CERN in Switzerland (test results question the validity of E=MC2: particles were nanoseconds faster than light, see BBC) transit Uranus in Aries is conjunct Einstein's Mercury-Saturn conjunction. If the results of CERN are true, one of the most important ideas are wrong. Yesterday (when the news was published) Mars was exactly trine Uranus. The combination of Mars and Uranus is the combination of the short fuse and accelerated speed. Uranus is the symbol of change, news, surprises and worlds turned upside down. Sometimes Uranus is also the symbol of a lot of fuss....

When your (professional or official) theories and ideas are at stake or cause a controversy you might also see Uranus in aspect with Mercury and Saturn. This transit could also give some new flashing insight that enables you to renew old concepts.

Another possible way to reflect a combination of Mercury,Saturn and Uranus is 'limited freedom of speech' (when your ideas are not being appreciated by the officials or are not 'political correct')... and your opposition against it. Whenever the official theory or idea (Mercury-Saturn) is being questioned or whenever there is rebellion, Uranus is there, too.

In the post about Uranus in Aries I mentioned the correspondence between Uranus'move to Aries and particle accelerators. The first one was built in 1927/1928, when Uranus was moving to Aries...
Read it on: -aries-19271928-and-2010.html

Uranus in the fourth degree of Aries 'popped up' when predictions about the end of the world didn't come true and in the chart of the Japanese emperor during the tsunami. More Uranus in Aries:

Mercury-Uranus combinations mirror unusual ideas and unusual communications. In a community where astrology is being discussed and not taken seriously (most communities don't, except the astrologers' community:), talking about astrology causes controversy. Maybe that is why so many astrologers have a Mercury-Uranus combination in their chart. With Saturn, they might try not to mention that they study astrology at all.

See the labels for more...

Also visit: for example about Mars-Uranus

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The chart and transsexuality

‘ Becoming Chaz’ is a documentary about the transformation of Chassity Bono into Chaz. When I saw that, I was wondering if the charts of transsexuals show sexual transformation. I started looking for example charts and studied in particular the most individual midpoint: Ascendant/Midheaven. There is no more individual spot in the chart than this. The midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven is the midpoint of (exact) time and place of birth. Astrodatabank has a collection of charts of transsexuals. This post is about 5 of them, including the chart of Chaz Bono. Two are transgender M-F and 3 F-M. 

In astrology transformation is symbolized by Pluto, change by Uranus, turning points by Pholus and creating new realities is being mirrored by Quaoar. Sexuality in astrology is basically mirrored by Venus and Mars. Sedna is a female symbol.
Those are the symbols that I was looking for to see if the charts had similar aspects or placements, related to the individual points in the chart.

The five charts of this post all have:
A.    Sun strongly related to Venus and Mars
B.    Midheaven or AC/MC in strong aspect with Sedna
C.   Pholus inconjunct, conjunct or semi sextile Midheaven or AC/MC
Three out of 4 have:
D.   Venus is either in aspect with Pluto or in Scorpio
The fifth has an exact trine between Venus and Pholus.
1 Here is first the chart of a transgender man to woman, provided by Astrodatabank.

- Sun conjunct Venus/Mars (Chaz has the inconjunction) (A)
- Asc/MC conjunct Sedna (Chaz has the opposition) (B)
- J ust like Chaz’chart this one has Pholus inconjunct Midheaven (C) .
- Venus sextile Pluto (Chaz has the inconjunction) (D).

There is more: Sedna sesquisquare Ascendant AND Moon rising before the Sun (Chaz has Mars there).

 2. Here is the second chart, with:

- Venus is square Pluto (Chaz has Venus inconjunct Pluto) (D).
- Pholus conjunct Midheaven (C)
- Sedna is sesquisquare Midheaven (B).
- Venus quintile Mars (Mars square Sun) (A)

Also: Quaoar in aspect with Venus (semi square) and Mars (trine (E) and notice the position of Uranus and Pluto on either side of the IC. Midheaven is conjunct the midpoint Mars/Pholus.

3. Just like Chaz Bono this transgender was born a woman and changed into a man:

The same sort of combinations can be found in this chart.
1.Sun/Pholus square Midheaven (Pholus semi sextile Midheaven) (C)
2.Venus square Mars (Venus is in Scorpio) (D)
3.Ascendant/Midheaven opposition Sedna (B)

4.Midpoint Uranus/Pluto inconjunct Midheaven
5.Uranus/Pluto opposition Pholus 

4. A sad example (transsexual female to male and suicide) is this chart (2543 in Astrodatabank), with:
- Venus trine Mars, Sun square Mars  (A)
- Sedna sesquisquare Midheaven (B)
- Pholus semisquare Midheaven and semi sextile Ascendant (C )

The midpoint Venus/Mars is square Sedna.
Change is indicated by Uranus and Pluto in tight aspect with Midheaven. Also, A/M is semi square the elevated Moon and 105 Quaoar (Moon is sextile Quaoar).

Chaz Bono is still in the process of transgender that started in 2008. In May 2010 he officially became male. This is the chart of that moment, with transit Saturn on Midheaven (the symbol of ending a certain period or status). That was also with transit Pholus on the Sun/Moon midpoint. 

Today, transit Pholus is back again on that Sun/Moon midpoint. Right now he is planning the final turning point: to add the genitals of a man. 

I have written about the earlier period before here (link) but I didn't mention the natal chart then. The day that Chaz Bono was born, was the day that Pierluigi Casiraghi was born, too. He is an Italian football manager and in the year 1998 (when Chasity had her coming out) he had a cruciate ligament injury and never came back as an international. Lacy Rose (actress in pornography) had her last movie done in 1998. I don't know what happened to the comedian Frank Nicotero, the singer Stina Nordenstam, actor Patrick Roach or to Matt Tiliey (an Australian radio personality). They were also born on the same day as Chaz Bono. But they can't have the same combinations with Ascendant, MC and AC/MC midpoint!

A chart must be seen in the light of genes (!), gender (!) and circumstances or situations, always. And maybe the midpoint structure with Ascendant and MC says moreI had a look and found this: the conjunction of Quaoar  (Indian god of creations) with the midpoint AC/MC opposition Sedna.This is telling us about the vital importance of creating new realities and new worlds, opposition the female symbol of Sedna. Only those born on a specific time and place on earth with this cross point of Ascendant and Midheaven will have the Quaoar-Sedna opposition related to Ascendant-MC.

On the day of birth the midpoint Uranus/Pluto was inconjunct Pholus. See the picture: Uranus and Pluto are on either side of the MC. This position announces dramatic and radical changes in status and position in the world. The inconjunction with Pholus means a turning point in status including a loss (and is related to dramatic change). Venus/Mars inconjunct Sun shows a life (or body) out of balance related to passion and sexuality. It depends on the accent on sexuality or passions in general, in what way this will show up in the charts of those who were born on the same day as Chaz Bono. The fact that the midpoint Venus/Mars is semi square his Midheaven (conjunct Uranus/Pluto!) says a lot about radical transformation related to sex life.

 The chart is clear about what it takes to get the desired look. Just like the beauties in this postChaz has a Venus-Saturn-Pluto combinatioin with Venus-Uranus:
Venus conjunct Saturnus and inconjunct Pluto, with Venus quatronovile Uranus and Uranus quintile Ascendant. The last aspect relates the combination to personal circumstances. Uranus quintile Ascendant says that creative change in presentation will or can be achieved and/or that the situation (Ascendant) will change (Uranus) in a creative way.

This is of course not a scientific study (5 charts only...). Please remember: we are individuals and charts are to be seen in the light of genes, gender, social/cultural circumstances and situations, always. If you have the same range of combinations in your chart, that doesn't mean that you should be transgender. If you are a transsexual, you might not have the same patterns. The study continues later...

- Astromarkt about Venus in aspect with Pluto

- We know that Chaz has artistic talents. There are 5 quintiles/biquintiles.  Venus is biquintile Moon and biquintile Neptune. Neptune is sextile Midheaven. That completes the pattern of artistic talents.

See Art&Astrology about patterns of talent

- The earlier post ('Life changing chart of Chaz Bono') about the period of transformation in Chaz’ chart:

Also visit: or see the labels for more astrology...

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Jacqueline Bouvier, chart of a widow

Following my tweet about Jacky Kennedy's chart and the publication of interviews with the former First Lady, here is the A-rated chart with transits and progressions for today and a story about the widow in her chart. 

Above is the chart with transits and progressions for now. Resonating the Neptune-MC conjunction in the natal chart, right now transit Neptune is opposition her Midheaven. That is a strong moment for revealing secrets and increased media activity. Transit Neptune is also inconjunct her progressed Venus with progressed Venus inconjunct natal IC and progressed IC inconjunct Saturn.  

I included Juno (close to her Ascendant, like in the charts of Prince Albert and George Clooney). In a female's chart Juno's angularity might point at the importance of 'being someone's wife'. 

Maybe it is because of Juno on the Ascendant that we know Jacqueline Kennedy mostly because of her marriages:  the first with John F. Kennedy and later with Aristoteles Onassis (see post about him and Maria Callas. The importance of marriage is also visible in the seventh house, with Jupiter (an important signal for both 'the international' and 'more than one or once'...), Ceres (symbol of motherhood and dynasties) and Orcus, the symbol of broken promises. 

Jacqueline Kennedy married twice. We see Venus in Gemini, opposition Saturn. It is a contradictio in terminis.

Venus, symbol of love, is in a double bodied sign (and that says: more than once, see that post...).

Saturn, however, tends to stick to a love like a stamp to a letter.

With Venus-Saturn there are responsibilities, mortgages, children and parents to consider when love has ended and it will be hard to separate. Material things are important in a Venus-Saturn marriage.
Also, Pluto rising before her natal Sun tells us about the importance of power, influence, politics, values and the persons that you know. She had a relationship when she met JFK, with a man who didn't make enough money in her mother's eyes. It was on her mother's advice, they say, that she stopped seeing her fiancĂ©. Venus-Saturn*): men with such an aspect are (more than women) untrue in such a dead marriage (or should I say: a love commitment with duties and obligations). 

Jackie Kennedy had a husband who cheated on her and her second husband also wasn't true. But in the interviews she mentions the faults and mistakes of M.L. King and General De Gaulle and L.B. Johnson...Maybe it was too soon after the death of her husband to even slightly mention it (he was an idol!). Did she really not know about her husband's sexual adventures? There are a number of astrological reasons why she would never mention them.

1.  Venus-Saturn will do anything to keep up appearances in marriage. 
2.  Neptune on Midheaven might help her to see the world from an idealistic or romantic point of view. 
3. And all those trines and sextiles tend to prefer the easy way out instead of nasty processes as a divorce. 
4. Even more important is the Northern Node opposition Ascendant and Juno. That strongly connects her situation and relationships to the family and the larger community. Her relationships and marriages were important for more persons that just herself...
5. Circumstances, gender, situation, culture
She was rather conservative and the sixties hadn't roared, yet, when she was married with JFK. Ladies were supposed not to see their husbands' mistresses and prostitutes at the time. 

There are numbers of reasons why women don't divorce their unfaithful husbands. In her natal chart we don't see the usual 3 ' suspects' (indications for divorce): afflictions of Sun-Mars, Sun-Uranus and Venus-Uranus, either. 

It must have been painful, just as watching her husband's violent dead. Perhaps that is the meaning of Chiron conjunct the Descendant...She became a widow twice.

BTW I just 'discovered' that the symbol of the turning point (and change), Pholus, is quindecile (165d, symbol of obsession and focus) the Sun/Moon midpoint of marriage and square Aries Point. Does that mean a strong focus on family life and the risk of the experience of important turning points in that family life? 

On November 22, 1963 transit Saturn was almost exactly square her natal Ascendant/Descendant. That is when her first husband died, a few months after her two day old son died. It was a hard year for her.

Here are the charts of both important moments (death of JFK and death of Onassis).

positions on the day of Onassis' death

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Venus in Virgo and aspects with Venus

Venus is in Virgo now. When you are a Leo, Virgo or Libra, your Venus might be  in Virgo in your birth chart. When Robert de Niro was born, Venus was also in Virgo. I want to write about Venus in Virgo and about the aspects with Venus. First I want to tell you about transit Venus in Virgo inconjunct my progressed Sun last week at the office, making me extraordinary happy with the kind and efficient (yep! Venus in Virgo) contribution and explanation of someone. Venus is the symbol of pleasure and joy, and Virgo is the sign of daily work. But how to read Venus in Virgo in birth charts?

In the post about Virgo I mention more VIPs born with Venus in Virgo, like: Bob Geldoff, Andrea Bocelli, J.K. Rowling, Mick Jagger, Eminem, Vicky Leandros, Julio Iglesias and Carl Orff. So you see that just like a Sun in Virgo, a Venus in Virgo is diverse. The position and aspects of Venus are important for the nuances of Venus in Virgo. Venus is part of the complete chart and can't be considered isolated. But if we do, we see Virgo in the charts of ‘cool’ men, especially when there is an aspect with Saturn. Virgo is a cool sign, like Capricorn. Saturn is the symbol of cold.  Cool men are attractive. In classic novels for ladies the hero is often a distant, cool employer. Maybe a male Venus in Virgo is attracted to his servants? I am just thinking… Or maybe it is just the other way around: attractive men have Venus and/or the Moon in cool signs like Capricorn or Virgo and/or in an aspect with Saturn, like for example George Clooney. De Niro has Venus opposition Saturn.  
I have written about the happy Virgin Virgo, but Venus in Virgo doesn't mean that you don't get married. Here are the names of some Venus in Virgos who married more than once: Ingrid Bergmann, John Lennon, Roger Moore and François Mitterand. 
Ingrid Bergmann married twice and had an affair (a scandle in those days).
Roger Moore even married four times. 
Francois Mitterand had Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in the 7th house. He had several mistresses. Maybe he just couldn't make up his mind as there was something not perfect about every one of them? That would be sooo Virgo...:)

But it would be discriminating to put it that way. There are a lot of other symbols of possible divorce in a chart (see the PS). If Venus in Virgo had the same resonation in every chart, 1/12 of the world would be exactly the same. The names of people with Venus in Virgo already show that they are quite different. The difference is in the position of Venus, the aspects with Venus, culture, gender and social status. Example: when your Venus in Virgo is in aspect with Mars, there is passion in you or in your love life, and with Uranus there would be hot excitemtent, so where is the Virgo then? Maybe it is in the way that you demonstrate to be fond of hygiene. Or maybe it is in the way that you look at your partner's wrongly chosen combination of clothes. I don't know. People generally don’t tell us all about their intimate lives and there are no stats about it. So if you study your (or anyone’s) Venus in Virgo, consider the position of Venus and the (major and minor) aspects (also with Sun/Moon and AC/MC) and the midpoint combinations with Venus... Also never forget about the complete chart, conditions, situation, gender and culture. All that doesn't make it easy to isolate the reflection of the sign. So let's go to the aspects...

ASPECTS WITH VENUS (and many links)
Venus is (of course) of importance in the charts of artists and musicians. They often have combinations of Moon, Venus and Neptune with Midheaven  in their charts. See Art&Astrology for dozens of examples.

When Venus doesn’t make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees, Venus is ‘calling’. Charm, diplomacy, beauty…it will be all there at any possible level, like in the chart of first lady Nancy Reagan or in the chart of President Zuma, who has a lot of first ladies (

See the post about the aspects of Venus here:

Sun-Venus midpoint combinations

Progressed Sun-Venus

Marilyn Monroe had Moon semi sesquisquare (67.5d) Venus, afflicted by Saturn and Neptune. The combinations Moon/Venus/Saturn and Moon/Venus/Neptune happen to be the less pleasant combinations with Moon/Venus. 
Moon inconjunct Venus

Venus-Mars (with Uranus)

Venus-Saturn-Pluto and Ascendant in the charts of beauties

Sun/Moon or AC/MC with Venus




And for all the Venus-midpoint and aspect combinations of Venus with two other planets or objects, see Astromarkt:

(external link)

An explanation about the indications for a divorce..
In a man's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Moon and Saturn or Neptune, Venus and Neptune, Mars and Uranus.
In a female's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Sun and Mars or Uranus, Venus and Uranus, Mars and Saturn.
And in the charts of both genders:
Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers)

I found that Venus in Aries or Mars in Libra do not make relationships easy. Neither does the placement of Neptune on the horizon in the charts of females. Hard aspects between Moon, Venus and/or Mars illustrate that it may be hard to find a match (and so the nativity needs to compromise).

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Chart of Buddy Holly, September 7, 1936

Buddy Holly was one of the earliest pop idols and born on September 7, 1936. He died, too young, in an air crash. This blog is about his chart, transits and progressions.

There are indications for possible accidents in the natal chart. Transits resonated those indications on his final day, when he was in a hurry, on tour, and decided to take a plane instead of a (slow and old) bus. 
Mars and Uranus are the combination of the 'short fuse' and accelerates speed. In the chart of Buddy Holly, Mars and Uranus are prominent. Here is the chart (transits and progressions for the day of his death):

1. Mars
Mars rises before his Sun, is in the 8th house and rules the 4th house.
Mars is inconjunct Saturn (ruler 1)

2. Uranus is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees).
Uranus is square Mars/Pluto.

The importance of Mars and Uranus qualifies the importance of being in a hurry.

A besides about Mars-Saturn: I recently 'survived' transit Saturn inconjunct Progressed Mars. My Mars is 'calling' (my progressed Mars is not). It have been days of a tetanus injection and antibiotics because of infection, and I have seen the doctor more than once, but I didn't die (obviously:). More important: nobody in my family died. Mars and Saturn are trine in my chart (out of sign). They are not related to the 4th or 8th house. 

I quote Art&Astrology (blog about the talent in the chart):
On the day of his death, transit Saturn was sesquisquare his Mars (frustrating end of energy) and at the moment of the crash transit Uranus was 75 degrees from his midheaven (a shock), with transit Neptune septile Sun and biquintile Moon (perhaps unconsciousness). These are not uncommon aspects. But in HIS chart Mars happened to be an important symbol of death, being activated too soon.

Here above is the chart of Buddy Holly, with transits and progressions for the final day. There are a number of tight aspects. Some are an indication of what happened. We see Mars-Saturn (dead end), 8th house (life and death) and 4th house. Three of those tight aspects are related to the 8th house. Two of them to the 4th house. Mars-Saturn is already indicating a possible end of energy. The combination of Pluto, Mars and Saturn shows the danger of death. There are 4 aspects between planets, lights or objects making aspects in the natal chart, too. Those are strong aspects.

Big events take at leats 3 or more important transits and progressions. Accidents are most often complicated and caused by more than 1 simple mistake or failure. As you see, it takes a lot of transits and progressions to mark the end of the life of a 22 year old artist...And there are at least 4 strong indications of danger. The 3 inconjunctions complete the picture of loss. Here is the list.

  • Transit Neptune is semi sextile Progressed Sun and 15 degrees from Progressed Midheaven. In the natal chart Neptune is in the 8th house of life and death and Neptune is conjunct Sun (also in the 8th house
  • Transit Chiron is square Progressed Midheaven
  • Transit Saturn is within 1 degree orb inconjunct Progressed Ascendant and transit Pluto is inconjunct Ascendant (orb 17 minutes). The midpoint of Saturn and Pluto is square Progressed Ascendant
  • Transit Jupiter is inconjunct IC (cusp 4th house). Jupiter rules the 12th house of undoing and is the symbol of traveling. In the natal chart Jupiter is semi square Midheaven.
  • Transit Uranus is 75 degrees from natal Midheaven. Uranus is in the 4th house (natal)
  • Progressed Sun is semi square Progressed Midheaven. Sun rules the 8th house. In the natal chart Sun is semi square Midheaven
  • Transit Pluto is on the midpoint Mars/Saturn and in the 8th house.
  • And last but not least:Transit Saturn is sesquisquare natal Mars (in the 8th house). Mars is inconjunct Saturn in the natal chart
One more thing: Pholus is on the Ascendant in the natal chart and Pholus is novile the Midheaven. The midpoint AC/MC is semi square Pholus. Pholus is the symbol of the turning point. He had a turbulent and short life. But he is also a legend. On Astromarkt I wrote about AC/MC with Pholus:
  • AC/MC with Pholus
The importance of polls, looking back and retrospective results

He had a contract in 1956 (transit Neptune conjunct Midheaven and Progressed Sun soon conjunct Venus, progressed Midheaven square Mars, Progressed Ascendant inconjunct Mars and almost opposition Uranus). The prominent Mars and Uranus were 'hit', just like when he died on tour in 1959. Here is the chart, transits and progressions of Buddy Holly for January 1956.

For the talent in his chart,see:

About Mars-Uranus, see Astromarkt:

About Astrology and accidents, see Astromarkt:

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And see this about the legacy of Buddy Holly (still alive after 50 years):