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The chart and transsexuality

‘ Becoming Chaz’ is a documentary about the transformation of Chassity Bono into Chaz. When I saw that, I was wondering if the charts of transsexuals show sexual transformation. I started looking for example charts and studied in particular the most individual midpoint: Ascendant/Midheaven. There is no more individual spot in the chart than this. The midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven is the midpoint of (exact) time and place of birth. Astrodatabank has a collection of charts of transsexuals. This post is about 5 of them, including the chart of Chaz Bono. Two are transgender M-F and 3 F-M. 

In astrology transformation is symbolized by Pluto, change by Uranus, turning points by Pholus and creating new realities is being mirrored by Quaoar. Sexuality in astrology is basically mirrored by Venus and Mars. Sedna is a female symbol.
Those are the symbols that I was looking for to see if the charts had similar aspects or placements, related to the individual points in the chart.

The five charts of this post all have:
A.    Sun strongly related to Venus and Mars
B.    Midheaven or AC/MC in strong aspect with Sedna
C.   Pholus inconjunct, conjunct or semi sextile Midheaven or AC/MC
Three out of 4 have:
D.   Venus is either in aspect with Pluto or in Scorpio
The fifth has an exact trine between Venus and Pholus.
1 Here is first the chart of a transgender man to woman, provided by Astrodatabank.

- Sun conjunct Venus/Mars (Chaz has the inconjunction) (A)
- Asc/MC conjunct Sedna (Chaz has the opposition) (B)
- J ust like Chaz’chart this one has Pholus inconjunct Midheaven (C) .
- Venus sextile Pluto (Chaz has the inconjunction) (D).

There is more: Sedna sesquisquare Ascendant AND Moon rising before the Sun (Chaz has Mars there).

 2. Here is the second chart, with:

- Venus is square Pluto (Chaz has Venus inconjunct Pluto) (D).
- Pholus conjunct Midheaven (C)
- Sedna is sesquisquare Midheaven (B).
- Venus quintile Mars (Mars square Sun) (A)

Also: Quaoar in aspect with Venus (semi square) and Mars (trine (E) and notice the position of Uranus and Pluto on either side of the IC. Midheaven is conjunct the midpoint Mars/Pholus.

3. Just like Chaz Bono this transgender was born a woman and changed into a man:

The same sort of combinations can be found in this chart.
1.Sun/Pholus square Midheaven (Pholus semi sextile Midheaven) (C)
2.Venus square Mars (Venus is in Scorpio) (D)
3.Ascendant/Midheaven opposition Sedna (B)

4.Midpoint Uranus/Pluto inconjunct Midheaven
5.Uranus/Pluto opposition Pholus 

4. A sad example (transsexual female to male and suicide) is this chart (2543 in Astrodatabank), with:
- Venus trine Mars, Sun square Mars  (A)
- Sedna sesquisquare Midheaven (B)
- Pholus semisquare Midheaven and semi sextile Ascendant (C )

The midpoint Venus/Mars is square Sedna.
Change is indicated by Uranus and Pluto in tight aspect with Midheaven. Also, A/M is semi square the elevated Moon and 105 Quaoar (Moon is sextile Quaoar).

Chaz Bono is still in the process of transgender that started in 2008. In May 2010 he officially became male. This is the chart of that moment, with transit Saturn on Midheaven (the symbol of ending a certain period or status). That was also with transit Pholus on the Sun/Moon midpoint. 

Today, transit Pholus is back again on that Sun/Moon midpoint. Right now he is planning the final turning point: to add the genitals of a man. 

I have written about the earlier period before here (link) but I didn't mention the natal chart then. The day that Chaz Bono was born, was the day that Pierluigi Casiraghi was born, too. He is an Italian football manager and in the year 1998 (when Chasity had her coming out) he had a cruciate ligament injury and never came back as an international. Lacy Rose (actress in pornography) had her last movie done in 1998. I don't know what happened to the comedian Frank Nicotero, the singer Stina Nordenstam, actor Patrick Roach or to Matt Tiliey (an Australian radio personality). They were also born on the same day as Chaz Bono. But they can't have the same combinations with Ascendant, MC and AC/MC midpoint!

A chart must be seen in the light of genes (!), gender (!) and circumstances or situations, always. And maybe the midpoint structure with Ascendant and MC says moreI had a look and found this: the conjunction of Quaoar  (Indian god of creations) with the midpoint AC/MC opposition Sedna.This is telling us about the vital importance of creating new realities and new worlds, opposition the female symbol of Sedna. Only those born on a specific time and place on earth with this cross point of Ascendant and Midheaven will have the Quaoar-Sedna opposition related to Ascendant-MC.

On the day of birth the midpoint Uranus/Pluto was inconjunct Pholus. See the picture: Uranus and Pluto are on either side of the MC. This position announces dramatic and radical changes in status and position in the world. The inconjunction with Pholus means a turning point in status including a loss (and is related to dramatic change). Venus/Mars inconjunct Sun shows a life (or body) out of balance related to passion and sexuality. It depends on the accent on sexuality or passions in general, in what way this will show up in the charts of those who were born on the same day as Chaz Bono. The fact that the midpoint Venus/Mars is semi square his Midheaven (conjunct Uranus/Pluto!) says a lot about radical transformation related to sex life.

 The chart is clear about what it takes to get the desired look. Just like the beauties in this postChaz has a Venus-Saturn-Pluto combinatioin with Venus-Uranus:
Venus conjunct Saturnus and inconjunct Pluto, with Venus quatronovile Uranus and Uranus quintile Ascendant. The last aspect relates the combination to personal circumstances. Uranus quintile Ascendant says that creative change in presentation will or can be achieved and/or that the situation (Ascendant) will change (Uranus) in a creative way.

This is of course not a scientific study (5 charts only...). Please remember: we are individuals and charts are to be seen in the light of genes, gender, social/cultural circumstances and situations, always. If you have the same range of combinations in your chart, that doesn't mean that you should be transgender. If you are a transsexual, you might not have the same patterns. The study continues later...

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- We know that Chaz has artistic talents. There are 5 quintiles/biquintiles.  Venus is biquintile Moon and biquintile Neptune. Neptune is sextile Midheaven. That completes the pattern of artistic talents.

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louis said...

fascinating. any chance you would look at mine? i'm FTM, about 6 months into transitioning.

Astromarkt said...

Hello Louis, you mean to see if your chart looks like the example charts of the article? That would be an interesting addition to this small study.