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Eris in the chart of a government

Wedding of Peleus by Bloemaert (Eris throws an apple)
Eris is the symbol of discord, disagreement and quarrels. Eris is never peaceful and nice. The story is that she threw a golden apple in a group of Goddesses, saying that it was a gift for the most beautiful woman. Then all women started fighting for the apple...*) This symbol of quarrels is in the 22nd degree of Aries right now. The progressed chart of Charlie Sheen had too many aspects with Eris and see what happened...Eris was prominent in the charts of Pearl Harbor and in that of Mohammed Atta (see the label Eris for these examples).

Eris's other name is Discordia...In the chart of a government, the prominence of Eris doesn't help to maintain an orderly status quo, you'd guess. There is a good example: the government of the Netherlands. Just recently, the PM Mark Rutte and his political partner Geert Wilders shouted 'Take it easy, man!' at each other, in parliament. That is unusual behavior in Dutch politics...Both men have Moon in Aries and Eris is in Aries, too. But there is more Eris in the chart of the Dutch government.

The Dutch government was 'born' with Eris opposition Midheaven and Sun. This year the Prime Minister will have progressed Sun opposition natal Eris. In his natal chart the Sun is semi square Eris. Maybe that is too much Eris...Resonating progressions are louder and this one is about conflicts...Could that mean that the 5th government in a row will end untimely? Or could the 'calling' Venus in the birth chart of this government really help to 'take it easy'?

What does Eris do in that chart? Well, she caused a lot of fuss.. There was a lot of discord even before the new government of The Netherlands was 'born', on October 14, 2010. It took months to come to an agreement and even than members of one of the coalition partners threatened to step out. That would have been the end of the coalition.

Here is the chart of the moment of the photo of the new Dutch government and Queen, right after the establishment of the new team on October 14, 2010. The transits are the positions of the day of birth of the Prime Minister. Watch the position of Eris...

If you have a prominent Eris in your chart (angular, for example or in a very tight aspect with the Sun or Midheaven) you might see more conflicts and be in the middle of it than others do. Do you?

It is hard for Dutch governments not to fall, because of the amount of parties and small majorities. All four governments lead by Balkenende fell before...But yes, Jan Peter Balkende has Saturn inconjunct Midheaven...
Chart of Jan Peter Balkenende

The symbol of discord also seems to have a fine way to expose vanity:)

For more about Eris, see the label...


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