Monday, June 29, 2015

Europe and Euro today

Heavy transits are tormenting the charts of the Euro and Europe (Treaty of Rome)! The problems with Greece are being reflected by the astrological situation:
1 Saturn is semi square Pluto points at boomerang effects and frustrating setbacks of values (Euro goes down)
2 Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct the Midheavens of Euro and Europe, in ths final degree of Gemini. As Saturn is Retrograde, this aspect will come back!
3 Pluto is quindecile the MCs of Euro and Europe, stressing the markets to a point of obsession

In the progressed chart we see Sun conjunct Venus as a sign of peace and harmony while the inconjunct of Saturn shows the end of a period and lost status. For some reason it is hard to post 2015 pictures, so:

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Michael Jackson's chart and the day of death

In 2008 I wrote about the chart of Michael Jackson and mentioned that 23:55 was my favorite hour of birth for the pop star. Now it's 7 years later. Meanwhile I learned about Pholus. Today I noticed the alternative data on Astrodatabank (19:33) coming from Charkrapani Ullal, a Vedic astrologer. Both hours of birth (23:55 and 19:33) show the pattern of artistic talent. Also, the Pisces Moon and Saturn have important positions, either angular or elevated, in both natal charts. While the 19:33 chart has an MC in aspect with Moon, Venus and Neptune, the 23:55 has Moon, Venus and Neptune connected with minor aspects and Venus opposition MC.  Moon is in Pisces. I'll tell you why I think that 19:33 is the right hour. It is because of Pholus on the day of death.

The Ascendant for 19:33 hours is 10:07 Pisces. On the day of his death we see relevant transits and progressions:
1.transit Pholus (symbol of the point of no return) was 10:05 Sagittarius Retrograde. That is an exact square with the Ascendant.
2. midpoint Sun/Moon at 10:31 Sagittarius in an almost exact conjunction with transit Pholus for a turning point in motivations.
3.  the Progressed Midheaven had recently been inconjunct the natal Sun. This mirrors an unhealthy status.
4. the Progressed Sun had been sesquisquare the Ascendant for a frustrating unhealthy situation.
5. transit Chiron was trine progressed Sun to show that healing was needed.
6. the progressed chart has Pholus close to Midheaven.
7. progressed Jupiter ruler 8 at 8Sc34 is almost square natal Pholus
8. transit Lillith semisextile Saturn

Here is the chart of 19:33 with the transits and progressions of the day of death, June 25, 2008
Still, I think it is rather amazing that there is no hard indication for danger of death, and that Pholus keeps coming back 4 times. Pholus is also the symbol of venom and shooting your own feet. That seems to be valid, even if your feet are dancing feet and even if you can dance the Moon Walk.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The USA Ascendant, Ceres, Uranus and the nervous melting pot

The USA chart with Sagittarius rising in the 9th degree has Uranus opposition Ascendant and both square Ceres and in aspect with Eris and Nessus. In this post I wonder if the Ascendant degree explains the exciting and often nervous and angry melting pot and the importance of roots for the nation.

Dwarf planet Ceres is the symbol of motherhood, seeds, genes and roots. Uranus is the symbol of upheaval, independence, alienation and change (and more...).
Janduz*) called the 9th degree of Sagittarius one of 'exaltation' and the picture is that of a burning fire near a house that has been set to fire. 
The Sabian Symbol for 8-9 Sagittarius is:
A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway

Maybe the phoenix rising combines both pictures?

The history of the USA is a history of immigrants. It all started when immigrants drove the original inhabitants from their lands. We all know what happened next and what is going on today. The USA chart could be read (with the Ceres-Uranus conflict in mind) as 'racial instability' and 'alien roots'. As Eris symbolizes discord and Nessus revenge, with the 9th degree of Sagittarius there were conflicts on the the USA's horizon from the start.

The Ascendant-Descendant line of the USA Sagittarius rising chart with Uranus-Ceres (and Eris-Nessus) seems to tell us about a boiling melting pot. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. The planet of the 'international' rises before the USA Sun. Fortunately, Jupiter makes everything grow and gives hope.

*) About Janduz' book More about Ceres

All about Ceres on Astropost:

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grand duchess Anastasia June18, 1901 - July 17, 1918

For years there was a rumor that Grand Duchess Anastasia survived the slaughter in Russia, but it seems that she was murdered together with her family members on July 17, 1918. Her chart shows hard transits on that day:

1. Transit Mars sesquisquare Sun (being targeted, risk to get hurt)
2. Transit Uranus ruler 8 inconjunct Ascendant (a nervous shock and possible deadly incident)
3. Transit Pluto square Progressed Midheaven (stress and dangerous position)

As there are 3 violent aspects at the time, there is a risk for a major dangerous event. With the involvement of the 8th house, this crisis could end life itself.

In the natal chart we see (apart from an angular Mars), Ceres (dynasty, genes) square the Ascendant (circumstances, name, appearances) and Pholus (turning point, trigger point) reflecting the changing circumstances related to the importance of being a member of the Tsar's family.

The body of Anastasia was lost for decades and impostors tried to make the world believe that she was the sole survivor. For more about Anastasia:

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Chart of Boris Johnson and direct communications

Boris Johnson, the conservative Mayor of London, is a Gemini born on June 19, 1964 in New York USA at 14.00 h. He was in the news lately, because he told a protesting cab driver to go away and die. That is maybe a surprising thing to do for a Mayor, but it’s not so surprising when you study his chart. There are a few explanations for the outburst. Mars rising before the Sun is always more aggressive and direct as others are. Eris in a key position doesn’t make it easy not to get mingled in disagreement. Here is the chart:

A list:
1 Mars in Gemini is the first outer planet that rises before his Sun, so that he first of all is direct (Mars) in communications (Gemini) and an activist (using words)

2. Mars is inconjunct the Scorpio Moon (when intents emotions get involved he may be too direct)

3. Eris is on the Descendant (there is always disagreement and discord on the horizon)

4. Eris is inconjunct Pluto (there is an overdose of intensity when there IS disagreement, with a price to pay).

5. Last but not least: Mercury is ‘calling’ (not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). He will communicate somehow, anyhow, and at any possible level… Boris Johnson was severely deaf as a child and quiet. Mercury is exactly trine Pholus, indication of a turning point in communications. He definitely had one!

Boris Johnson was first a journalist (Mercury! Later he went into politics. For politics in the chart we see Mercury/Saturn semi square Pluto (the combination of strategic communications that Is almost always there in the chart of a politician). Pluto is sextile his Midheaven. But somehow, anyhow, Boris Johnson remains a man of direct and fast communications.

Of course there is more to tell about the chart and life. I’d like to mention that puppeteer Bill Barretta (Muppets) was born on the same day and also in the United States. His way to communicate is also specialJ

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Ana Cristina (Astrologicamente) died

In 2008, in September,  I went to Lisbon. There was a workshop 'Vocations' with Noel Tyl, very well organized by  Ana Cristina CorrĂȘa Mendes.  She published an interview with Noel Tyl in June 2008:, she took care of the bookings and in the evening she took us, the participants, to a real Portugese restaurant for a local dinner. I wrote about the workshop and the splendid job that she did at the time and said:'Obrigada!'

Ana Cristina had a blog (Astrologicamente) and the last entry was in August 2013. Now I hear that she died last March, after a period of severe illness. One of the workshop participants was Antonio Rosa, author of the blog Cova do Urso. He (born 1949) died in December of 2014.

On his site Nova Lis there is a text written by Ana Cristina where she says that astrology is helping people  by using the horoscope as a fantastic mirror,  as the individual road map that you can go.
Ana Cristina has gone, too soon, just like Antonio Rosa. I met them in September 2008 and now they have died. They will be missed.

About the workshop with Noel Tyl :

About Antonio Rosa:

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunny Saturn? Rarely (#Michael Glifford, #Sofia Hellqvist, #Princess Cristina)

Michael Glifford plays the guitar in the band '5 Seconds of Summer'. He got too close to fire works and burned his head (see the news ). Mars is the planet of fire. The incident happened on a day with transit Sun square his Mars, Mars square his Mars (too) and transit Chiron square Mars in a year of progressed Sun square Saturn. Those aren't the sunny kind of years. If you want to check it: Michael Glifford was born November 20, 1995 in Sydney.

There are few sunny Saturns.

That is why it doesn't look so good that the Saturn of Sofia Hellqvist is square the natal Sun of Prince Carl Philip, as it means that there are barriers and limitations and restrictions regarding their relationship. She became a Duchess when she married, yesterday. That was the day that Spanish princess Cristina was a Duchess-no-more. Her brother, the king, took her title from her with transit Saturn square progressed Mercury (symbol of brother). They are probably friends no longer... She has to face the judge again because she is suspected of fraud, together with her husband. That started with transit Saturn inconjunct her Midheaven (read it here: ) which is the equivalent of falling off your pedestal, even though the inconjunct is considered a minor aspect (and some astrologers don't consider the aspect at all).

Back to Sofia Hellqvist and Saturn. There is a minor**) Sun-Saturn aspect in her chart (157.5 degrees), so that she fits in the list of royal spouses with Sun-Saturn aspects in an earlier post. Now she marries the man whose Sun is in hard aspect with her Saturn. She did it with progressed Sun conjunct Jupiter (success) and Venus sextile Neptune in the progressed chart (romance). Here is the chart of her husband with (in transit) the positions on the day of birth of Sofia.
I'm not planning a complete analysis of their synastry or their charts. It is just that Saturn-Sun aspect that caught my attention. Saturn has rings. It seems to have been hard to put the ring on Sofia's finger yesterday. Maybe that was just all:).

LINKS Saturn in a relationship, examples...

You see Saturn in the chart of John Nash, when he died:

**) Minor aspects, major impact...See

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Edward Snowden's chart today

Edward Snowden, says an official, has blood on his hands. British and American spies had to be ‘rescued’ because Snowden handed over millions of files. He says that he did that to show that the West is violating human rights by spying civilians. He told us all what we already suspected: Big Brother Is Watching Us. It is been 1984 and he proved it. That makes him a hero in the eyes of millions. Later he fled to Russia (via China), a country where journalists are being murdered if they dare to criticize the leader, Vladimir Putin. Though he was a candidate for the Nobel Prize and has many fans and followers, he also made strong and powerful enemies. He gave away classified documents. Those documents were hacked (by Russia and China) and it is said that this enabled possible enemies to hurt the West (see 

So, we have a controversial whistleblower. 
Whistleblowers are activists revealing secrets or scandals. 
The chart of Snowden is in line with that. It is the chart of an activist (Mars OOB rising before the Sun). He may be involved in scandals (Sun opposition Neptune), too. 

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now,  June 14, 2015:

Today we see:
1. transit Pholus square his progressed Midheaven (a nasty turning or trigger point) 
2. the progressed Sun sextile Chiron (shows ‘hurt’)
3. the progressed Sun in the final degree of Cancer. Final degrees of a sign are like the clock pointing at 5 minutes to 12: the moment that live and life style is due to change. His life already changed in a big way in this astrological period of change. 

The chart of Snowden is that of a Gemini with a strong personality (Moon in Scorpio*). The OOB Mars rising before the Sun tells us about a person who is first of all an activist, at any possible level. The Mercury-Uranus opposition on the chart’s horizon mirrors the dawning of a mental controversy and differences of opinion. This is an important aspect in the chart, as Uranus is the ruler of Midheaven and Mercury is the ruler of the Ascendant. The rulers of the corner stones of the chart are in conflict with each other, demonstrating the importance of freedom of thinking and freedom of speech .

Sun-Neptune oppositions may be day dreaming idealists and sometimes escapists ( ) The chart of Snowden has Sun opposition Neptune. Well, he actually escaped
The aspects of the Sun with Neptune and Pluto enables discretion and secrecy, while Sun opposite Neptune raises the issue of identity and possible ‘double life’.

The chart shows an activist with a strong and controversial opinion, maybe not all too clear about himself. In fact, that is what he is.

Minor aspects, major impact, I use to say. In Snowden’s chart the Sun is 157.5 degrees from Uranus (a sesquisquare + half semi square). The Sun-Uranus aspect is about alienation (estrangement) and being an outsider or stranger in your own world. In Russia, he is. In the USA, he was. The fact that to many persons in his own country he is a traitor and in Russia he is a stranger in exile matches with the Sun-Uranus minor aspect. You wouldn’t (and apparently the State of the USA couldn’t) immediately see that he was ‘different’, but he was and he is.

It may depend on your political position how you see Edward Snowden. Is he a spie and traitor? Is he a hero? The chart doesn’t answer. The chart just shows us that there is a controversy regarding his person, an activist pur sang, and the question whether he is a hero or not, mirrored by Sun opposition Neptune.  Maybe he knows the answer to the Sun-Neptune question:
 “Am I who I think that I am, or am I who other’s think what I am?”


More on Sun-Neptune

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With Sun in combination with Neptune and Pluto we see the combination of the 'silent' (or secret) force: 

Minor aspects, major impact...see:

*) Moon in Scorpio is the signal of a bold personality. Read about it here:

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