Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grand duchess Anastasia June18, 1901 - July 17, 1918

For years there was a rumor that Grand Duchess Anastasia survived the slaughter in Russia, but it seems that she was murdered together with her family members on July 17, 1918. Her chart shows hard transits on that day:

1. Transit Mars sesquisquare Sun (being targeted, risk to get hurt)
2. Transit Uranus ruler 8 inconjunct Ascendant (a nervous shock and possible deadly incident)
3. Transit Pluto square Progressed Midheaven (stress and dangerous position)

As there are 3 violent aspects at the time, there is a risk for a major dangerous event. With the involvement of the 8th house, this crisis could end life itself.

In the natal chart we see (apart from an angular Mars), Ceres (dynasty, genes) square the Ascendant (circumstances, name, appearances) and Pholus (turning point, trigger point) reflecting the changing circumstances related to the importance of being a member of the Tsar's family.

The body of Anastasia was lost for decades and impostors tried to make the world believe that she was the sole survivor. For more about Anastasia:

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