Sunday, June 14, 2015

Edward Snowden's chart today

Edward Snowden, says an official, has blood on his hands. British and American spies had to be ‘rescued’ because Snowden handed over millions of files. He says that he did that to show that the West is violating human rights by spying civilians. He told us all what we already suspected: Big Brother Is Watching Us. It is been 1984 and he proved it. That makes him a hero in the eyes of millions. Later he fled to Russia (via China), a country where journalists are being murdered if they dare to criticize the leader, Vladimir Putin. Though he was a candidate for the Nobel Prize and has many fans and followers, he also made strong and powerful enemies. He gave away classified documents. Those documents were hacked (by Russia and China) and it is said that this enabled possible enemies to hurt the West (see 

So, we have a controversial whistleblower. 
Whistleblowers are activists revealing secrets or scandals. 
The chart of Snowden is in line with that. It is the chart of an activist (Mars OOB rising before the Sun). He may be involved in scandals (Sun opposition Neptune), too. 

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for now,  June 14, 2015:

Today we see:
1. transit Pholus square his progressed Midheaven (a nasty turning or trigger point) 
2. the progressed Sun sextile Chiron (shows ‘hurt’)
3. the progressed Sun in the final degree of Cancer. Final degrees of a sign are like the clock pointing at 5 minutes to 12: the moment that live and life style is due to change. His life already changed in a big way in this astrological period of change. 

The chart of Snowden is that of a Gemini with a strong personality (Moon in Scorpio*). The OOB Mars rising before the Sun tells us about a person who is first of all an activist, at any possible level. The Mercury-Uranus opposition on the chart’s horizon mirrors the dawning of a mental controversy and differences of opinion. This is an important aspect in the chart, as Uranus is the ruler of Midheaven and Mercury is the ruler of the Ascendant. The rulers of the corner stones of the chart are in conflict with each other, demonstrating the importance of freedom of thinking and freedom of speech .

Sun-Neptune oppositions may be day dreaming idealists and sometimes escapists ( ) The chart of Snowden has Sun opposition Neptune. Well, he actually escaped
The aspects of the Sun with Neptune and Pluto enables discretion and secrecy, while Sun opposite Neptune raises the issue of identity and possible ‘double life’.

The chart shows an activist with a strong and controversial opinion, maybe not all too clear about himself. In fact, that is what he is.

Minor aspects, major impact, I use to say. In Snowden’s chart the Sun is 157.5 degrees from Uranus (a sesquisquare + half semi square). The Sun-Uranus aspect is about alienation (estrangement) and being an outsider or stranger in your own world. In Russia, he is. In the USA, he was. The fact that to many persons in his own country he is a traitor and in Russia he is a stranger in exile matches with the Sun-Uranus minor aspect. You wouldn’t (and apparently the State of the USA couldn’t) immediately see that he was ‘different’, but he was and he is.

It may depend on your political position how you see Edward Snowden. Is he a spie and traitor? Is he a hero? The chart doesn’t answer. The chart just shows us that there is a controversy regarding his person, an activist pur sang, and the question whether he is a hero or not, mirrored by Sun opposition Neptune.  Maybe he knows the answer to the Sun-Neptune question:
 “Am I who I think that I am, or am I who other’s think what I am?”


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With Sun in combination with Neptune and Pluto we see the combination of the 'silent' (or secret) force: 

Minor aspects, major impact...see:

*) Moon in Scorpio is the signal of a bold personality. Read about it here:

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