Sunday, July 31, 2011

Transit Saturn and Sun/Moon midpoint

Recently I wrote a lot about the Sun/Moon midpoint (see the label Sun/Moon). 
Transit Saturn has been square my Sun/Moon between November 2010 and July 18, 2011. My experience is, that this transit is reflecting worries and concerns. I am happy to see Saturn move on to other degrees than the 12th of capital signs!

With Sun/Moon in aspect with Saturn you are generally motivated to control, be serious, manage and restrict out of concern, fear or because you feel responsible. More often this combination shows concern about others than yourself: family members, parents, your children. 
A natal Sun/Moon in hard aspect with Saturn is reflecting the need to be in charge (in order to be able to keep control). You are in charge when you are a parent, a manager or working in the administration. You are in charge when you limit yourself (with a diet, for example). And you are in charge when you are hard to yourself. Sometimes, with this combination, you are limiting and restricting yourself. It might be a life long process (natal Sun/Moon - Saturn) and it can happen for a period of time (transit or progression). 

The cause to worry can be outside yourself (concern about others), but it is important not to get depressed by other persons' criticism or corrections, bad situation or ill health. Maybe that is why, when time goes on, this Saturn tends to step back and keep a certain distance. But, perhaps, when you look at it in an objective way and compare yourself to others, it is not as bad as it may seem to be...When you start thinking like that, Saturn is on his way to move on and so are you.

In the post about midpoint combinations of Sun/Moon with Saturn I wrote:

However, Sun/Moon/Saturn combination really seem to be a ‘memento mori’, articulating mistakes, losts and failures, even in the lives of those who achieved something important in life. On the whole with Sun/Moon and Saturn you are motivated to be in charge or to be alone, to manage or to construct… or to seek for something solid and certain like a job in the administration. And you won’t be the kind of person to celebrate life. The approval (or punishment and criticism) of others could be a heavy load to carry sometimes.

That is what occurs with transit Saturn on Sun/Moon: it feels like a nasty, dull or depressing time and sometimes it is, actually. When Saturn moves on, the atmosphere of Sun/Moon still may feel like winter time. Things like your age, your limitations, faults, mistakes and duties have been highlighted and perhaps you even look older than before. Of course, it depends on the other transits and progressions, the natal chart and the real situation on earth in what way this transit will be manifested. Nevertheless, it is one of those transits that don't make life easier. 

PS The chart of the declaration of independence of Norway (source is Astrology Weekly: June 7 , 1905 11 LMT Oslo) has the Sun /Moon midpoint in Cancer, in 11d02m. Saturn is now - July 2011 - square this midpoint.

Transits of Saturn are never easy, but sometimes constructive. See the earlier post about transits of Saturn…

Transits with Sun/Moon, a complete article on Astromarkt

I found the picture of a Sun/Moon with beard. Saturn (ruler of Capricorn, the goat) and beards go together...Fortunately, this doesn't mean that you grow one with transit Saturn on Sun/Moon. Saturn, for males, is the symbol of the grown-up, the adult, and grown-ups grow beards.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Mercury opposition Neptune day

Yesterday it was Mercury opposition Neptune, exactly and even though I knew and even though I had the experience that Mercury-Neptune causes at least delay I didn't want to look like a nutty astrologer and so we went. Why? It is a wrong moment! (Just see the label Mercury-Neptune, with the post about the delayed departure of a ship, for example). So what happened was that someone  who had agreed to deliver a parcel in time didn't (delay 1,5 hours). We crossed the border. Then I forgot my bag (with money, passport, credit card and Iphone) in a busy snackbar  and I  noticed it half  an hour later.  They  had kept it there! Lucky me. Later my husband and I searched for a missing bag with shower equipment and an hour later it popped up in a cool box! When we wanted to go to bed my husband suddenly discovered that he forgot his passport! Panic!!! So we have another delay.

Mercury opposition Neptune day is, apparently, not a good day for me to travel. This Mercury-Neptune was within 1 degree orb with our Jupiter (Neptune conjunct,Mercury opposition) and Saturn (conjunct Mercury, opposition Neptune). Be warned:)...take another day if you can. I should have done it, but I couldn't really. It looked so much easier to leave that day, HAH!;) We are staying were we are until the opposition is over.

PS I even posted this post on the wrong blog (very very Mercury = communication and Neptune = wrong), so I quit! Mercury with Neptune is like this boy in the mist.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pholus and the chart of Zu Guttenberg

You know that now that I found out about Pholus, I can't stop seeing this asteroid's importance. The next part of this post was written in March, but I forgot to publish it. It is about a German politician, now moving to the USA, who had to step back when the public found out that he didn't actually write his dissertation himself. If he had not wanted to become a Minister, perhaps nobody would have known. But he did, with transit Pholus conjunct Sun. Pholus is (slowly) creating a turning point in life or implicating change when there is a transit with the Sun. And Pholus is the centaur who shot himself in the foot. Sometimes that is what happens with transit Pholus, when you look back at it...That is why it is important to consider  the consequences of whatever you do when Pholus is around...I will have transit Pholus on my Sun with Xmas 2012, end of June of 2013 and again in November 2013. That is a long year to remind myself of consequences...I bet that when I look back at that period, I will think:"If I hadn't..." or "If I had...". Maybe the best thing to do is to do nothing at all or at least not to make any efforts (very Tao:). 

Here is the story of the 'Zu Guttenberg-affair' for those interested...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life of Amy Winehouse and astrology

Amy Winehouse died and a beautiful voice has gone. All we know is her day and place of birth and that is a limitation. There are so many more persons born on her birthday (for example Frostee Rucker). They are not all singing or using drugs and they didn't all die this week. Still, we can see the potential of artistic talent in the chart. Here is more about the most important moments in her career and life. And of course there is also more about the chart of her day of birht. Because the question is: how does this chart (partly) show these major events, if you consider the fact that she was a woman on stage in a world full of drugs? It is fragmental because of the missing hour of birth but in short: the passionate and driven person, living the blues to the max, is in Venus and Mars rising before the Sun, the 'calling' Saturn in Scorpio. And situation and circumstances did the rest. Continue for more about the charts of the debute, marriage, divorce, final day and about the talent in the chart.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mars inconjunct Neptune, Sun inconjunct Venus

Venus by Duval
A few days back the poll about Mars square Neptune (see right side bar or scroll down) showed that few of those who responded thought that a hard Mars-Neptune was a pleasant aspect. On Astromarkt I already showed examples of the effect of the inconjunction: getting out of balance, with the chance of a lost. Inconjunctions with Neptune often appear to go together with 'fallen angels' (idols or 'holy persons' losing their fans). Mars inconjunct Neptune, in the wrong hands, can lead to losing your job. That is what happened to David Wu now.

In the chart of Anders Breivik Mars is in aspect with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It seems that such a complicated aspect combination doesn't help to keep a man on the right track. The same sort of aspect combination can be seen in the chart of the day of birth of David Wu.  He was born April 8, 1955 in Taiwan. On that day Mars was inconjunct Neptune, square Pluto and sextile Uranus. 


David Wu has rare aspects in progression. 
1. His progressed Sun was inconjunct natal Venus last year. 
2. Progressed Venus is semi sextile natal Sun. 
That is two times problems with the ladies. Or with 'love'. Right now he is in the middle of a divorce. David Wu stepped back today, after accusations of sexual assault. 

These rare progressed (and 'only' minor) aspects are so important  because of the importance of Venus in his chart. Venus is in Pisces, in the 11th degree. That means that there are no major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees on April 8, 1955 and that Venus is 'calling'! 
When Venus is 'calling' in a man's chart and there are such midpoint combinations like Venus opposition Uranus/Neptune ('one sided reveling in love' says Ebertin) the chance of a hype or scandal (Uranus/Neptune) regarding women might become real (but of course not without a little help of yourself).

Now that he stepped back, transit Pluto is exactly opposition his progressed Mars (see chart). The Mars-Pluto combinaton is challenging and sometimes (self-) destructive.

Venus was also 'calling' in the chart of French President Mitterand. See it here:

Blog about Mars square Neptune and Mars-Neptune in general

Venus without major aspects is not uncommon in the charts of batchelors and cheats...

YouTube: the controversial video clip of the Golden Earrings named 'When the lady smiles' became a hit. It is about a man who thinks that all women fancy him. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik and his day of birth

The drama in Norway cost the lives of more than 90, almost all young, persons. First there were bombs in the capital, later a man dressed up as a policeman started to kill young members of the Labour Party on the island Utoya. This man is Anders Behring Breivik. It is not sure if he acted alone, yet. There is a post about the explosions (with AC/MC opposition Uranus). The shooting started 2 hours after the explosions in Oslo, with MC opposition Uranus. Uranus is also important in the chart of Breivik, together with Mars. He has Sun conjunct Mars in Aquarius, square Uranus. Mars is tightly trine Pluto.There is an article about Mars-Uranus on Astromarkt. I quote: 
Mars in aspect with Uranus is frequent in the charts of terrorist. You need not be an terrorist with this aspect, even though you want immediate changes and action in a hurry. The Mars-Uranus combination is the symbol of the short fuse.
Breivik also has a tight trine between Mars and Pluto. 

He was born on February 13, 1979. See name and photo in the Norwegian Dagbladet:
He owns a geofarm (perhaps an easy way to produce chemical bombs) and is a right wing nationalist. 

Here is the chart of the day that he was born. If you were born on that day (like a well known Mexican football player and a singer) , don't worry. The same strong energies that Breivik apparently used to kill, can be used in sports (especially in biking and car driving, because of another translation of Mars-Uranus: accelerating speed), or as an engineer. Just take care not to drive too fast...
Charts should always be read in the light of circumstances, age, genes, gender, social conditions and other backgrounds, like being born with a mental or physical disfunction. That is why I will only point at Sun-Mars-Uranus in the natal chart and give a list of transits and progressions.

Breivik's chart has Sun in Aquarius with Mars rising before the Sun and conjunct Sun: that is a statement for an activist or athlete, someone with a drive. His Mars in Aquarius is square Uranus. Mars-Uranus accelerates actions and energies. Mars is also sextile Neptune and tightly trine Pluto. Mars with Uranus and Pluto is a radical and vigorous combination. With Mars rising before the Sun (Mars oriental or orientational) the planet of the military and arms (and masculine drives) has a prominent position. Sun square Uranus makes him different then the rest (an outsider). Sun-Uranus could also reflect alienation (being different than the rest of 'your folks'). That is what happened now that he killed so many of his fellow country men.

1. Mars/Uranus
His important Mars/Uranus midpoint was square the AC/MC of the explosion. 

2. Sun quindecile Saturn 3x

Progressed Sun is quindecile natal Saturn
Transit Saturn is quindecile progressed Sun 
In the natal chart the Sun is quindecile Saturn (orb about 2.5 degrees, however). 
Sun-Saturn aspects are reflecting blame, guilt, endings, responsibilities and depressions. The quindecile is the kind of aspect that is reflecting a very strong focus and sometimes an obsession. Here we see a double quindecile, resonating the natal. A Sun-Saturn aspect also refers to managing to be in charge, being alone. That makes it plausible that he acted on his own or ...takes responsibility.

3. Mars-Pholus
Transit Pholus square progressed Mars
Transit Mars is square natal Pholus 
That is a double statement of a turning point in a battle

4. Pluto-Uranus

Transit Pluto is semisquare Uranus (mirroring the sudden change, the arrest)

5. Easy aspects
The transit Sun was conjunct his progressed Jupiter and inconjunct his natal Vesta. Transit Vesta was conjunct progressed Venus. I guess that this is reflecting what he felt to be a success and a dedicated feeling. Transit Venus trine Pholus is another easy aspect. 
Easy aspects aren't 'harmonious' in the hands of someone who is planning to murder a lot of people...

Perhaps, if we knew his hour of birth, there is a longer list of transits and progressions. 
A conservative nationalist, against the multicultural society and against socialism, acted on his own and killed almost 100 persons.  He never met them before. Most of them were young labour party members. It must be a horrible weekend for their family. And the question remains; how could this happen? Just like the depressed and mentally ill Dutch shopping mall killer he was given licences for arms...


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Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

Happy birthday Harry Potter! 
Daniel Radcliffe was born on July 23, 1989 and will be 22. He is already rich and famous. Unfortunately we don't have an hour of birth of Daniel Radcliffe, so that we don't even know if his natal Moon is in Aries or in Pisces. I bet that the Moon is in Pisces. That makes his Sun a 'calling Sun' (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) and that makes Daniel a 'star'!  (See the article about 'calling' planets). What is certain is, that the midpoint Sun/Moon will be in Gemini. I like this Gemini for Sun/Moon, because Gemini is the sign of youth and because Daniel 'made it' while he was (and still is) young. Here is the chart of his day of birth.

Daniel Radcliffe has Mars ' calling'  and Jupiter rises before the Sun. That means that he is an international (Jupiter) and that he might be a workaholic. The combination of Mars and Jupiter is a that of a lot of energy and drive (one of the keys to success). There are 4 placements in Leo and 3 in Capricorn. Leo/Capricorn combinations are ambitious. And did you notice that Venus is sextile Jupiter and quintile Pluto. The Venus/Jupiter/Pluto combination is great for making money and being popular.

Right now transit Neptune is inconjunct the natal Sun and that is not a sinecure. It might even be an identity crisis, now that his alter ego Harry Potter is about to vanish forever... Progressed Sun square Quaoar shows new realities and the possible creation of a new lifestyle. Transit Pholus square Mercury is reflecting a turning point in interests. 

Harry, uhm Daniel, brought us a lot of pleasure, so...Happy Birthday Daniel! 

More about 'calling' planets (planets without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees):

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and check the labels for more background info.

Mars, Eris and the chart of King Harald V

Transits with the chart of King Harald V are resonating the situation: bombs and shootings in a peaceful country. Mars is inconjunct his natal Mars. Eris in also inconjunct Mars. The midpoint of transit Mars/Eris is inconjunct natal Mars. And there is also transit Mars square his Saturn.  Mars-Eris-Saturn with Mars: it is the combination of a depressing act of aggression. The King of Norway was confronted with this today. See CNN for an impression.

'Dreadfully cut up by it' is the translation of a Dutch word ' aangeslagen' a variety of 'aanslag' = attack. I see Mars inconjunct Mars in the chart of the Norwegian King Harald V today and tomorrow. He has been taken to a safe place, out of the palace in Oslo. When Mars hits your natal or progressed Mars there is always the risk to get hurt. If it is not your body, it is your mind...

There is a second indication for the events of today: Transit Eris is inconjunct Mars. Mars-Eris is the combination of an act of war (see the chart of Pearl Harbor). Mars is the symbol of aggression. Eris is the symbol of discord. When they join forces, there is aggressive discord. 

Mars square Saturn is an attack on the status quo and a sometimes deadly combination. In the king's natal chart Mars is exactly trine Saturn. That means that he is a disciplined person, seriously doing his duty and acting with caution. 

Here is the chart of the King of Norway. Like many other royals he has an important Jupiter (angular, on the Descendant and rising before the Sun and Mercury). This is reflecting the international contacts (and traveling) and the privileged position that royals have. Ceres (symbol of the dynasty) is 'calling' and quindecile the angular Moon in Cancer, ruler 1. That seems to be an appropriate discription of the importance of inheritance and genes. There is also an important  Venus square Ascendant, elevated. All pleasant positions for a pleasant kingdom and a beautiful country, now upset by terror.

The importance of Mars and Eris in the chart of the attack on Pearl Harbor
More about Mars and Eris in personal situations
The chart of the Emperor of Japan also resonated the situation after the disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plants.

Also visit: about Mars and Saturn...Quote:

Mars with Saturn means: inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution.

Chart of Oslo explosion

This is the chart of the moment of the bomb explosion in Oslo. The midpoint of Ascendant and MC is the midpoint of the present astrological coordinates of a place, between horizon and midheaven. That midpoint is opposition Uranus, symbol of the sudden change and often seen in the charts of explosions. It is indicating a shock.

See the examples...

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dog days and Sirius

Don Leicht created this.
The Dog Days are here again. The Dog Days originally were the days when Sirius (the brightest star of Canis Major - that means Large Dog-) rose just before or at the same time as sunrise (heliacal rising), which is no longer true, owing to precession of the equinoxes. 

But we still call the weeks from almost end of July till almost end of August the Dog Days. In Harry Potter, Sirius Black is the wizzard who is able to transform into a massive black dog. 
Time to have a look at Sirius position in astrology.

One of the sites that I recommend is Constellations of Words. Sirius is mentioned on that site and we see that this star is now in the 15th degree of Cancer. (see
I quote:  With Sun:....' If rising or culminating, kingly preferment. [Robson*, p.209.]" 

I'd like to see some examples of this (any 15th degree Cancer Ascendant conjunct Sun in the house?:) But this degree of Sirius seems to give honor in general (see: So I checked July's 5 and July's 6, but every date has a number of celebrities...Perhaps Sirius is more important when Sirius is in line (parallel) with the Sun or Ascendant? Anyway...

The Dog Days are the hottest days (not in the southern hemisphere, I am afraid) and after all the rain and chilly days of June and July I really long for something of the past:)...

Progressed Mars conjunct Sirius in the chart of Maradonna when he was bitten by a dog:

See (about the history of the Dog Days and what they are supposed to mean)

And I found an example:
" Bush is a Sirius Guy" see:

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Midpoint combination Mars-Saturn-Pluto

The midpoint combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is the combination of death and disciplinary measures (Mars-Saturn), the natural rulers of endings and transformations (Saturn-Pluto) and the use and/or abuse of violence (Mars-Pluto). I have written about this combination before, for example regarding the chart of Osama bin Laden. This time the combination shows up in the story of a man who was executed because of a crime related to September 11.

Mark Stroman, the man who shot 3 innocent persons and killed 2 of them in the idea to revenge the death of his sister in one of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, has been executed. In his chart, the combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto is reflecting the violent events, in the natal chart as well as in the period of the crime. Gender, genes, social/cultural conditions and situations together with the chart sometimes bring about the most nasty sides of the meaning of planets. Mark Stroman's sister died a violent death, he killed two men and injured a third person and eventually he was sentenced to death.

Mark Stroman was born on October 13, 1969 in Dallas, Texas. Saturn was rising before the Sun and Venus. Saturn was 'calling' (no major aspects in signs or orb 5 degrees) and involved in what I name a 'midpoint yod': Saturn opposition the midpoint of Mars and Pluto. That midpoint combination Mars/Saturn/Pluto introduced the issue of the danger of death and the possibility of involvement in issues of unnatural death causes. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination was even more heavy because of the importance of Saturn (the orientational or oriental planet + the calling planet).

On September 11, 2001, the day that his sister lost her life, transit Pholus was opposition natal Saturn and conjunct natal Mars/Pluto. Pholus is the symbol of the turning point. This turning point was related to the theme of unnatural death and danger of death. Here are the natal positions of the day of birth with transits and progressions of September 11, 2001.

Now he died with Progressed Sun quindecile the symbol of revenge after death, Nessus.

Post about Mars-Saturn-Pluto and Osama bin Laden

Read Zanestein about Nessus...

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Monday, July 18, 2011

NELSON MANDELA and Saturn/Uranus

It is Mandela Day...See Astropost: NELSON MANDELA, HIS CHART and the transits on June 12, 1964 and see the link to more about Mandela's chart. His life in prison started with transit Saturn opposition MC (for the lowest point in his life) and Uranus close to the MC (for a shocking change). And 27 years later: it is progressed Ascendant conjunct Uranus and opposition Saturn.

Saturn and Uranus together are the symbols of freedom and its limitations. In short:

Natascha Kampusch has Saturn and Uranus sextile Sun. Saturn and Uranus rule 60% of her chart. Jaycee Lee Dugard has Sun/Maan=Saturn/Uranus. O.J. Simpson has Sun conjunct Saturn/Uranus. Al Capone had Sun semi square Santru/Uranus. Amanda Knox's Mars is in aspect with Saturn and Uranus. Her Sun is inconjunct Saturn and 157.5 d (sesquisquare and half semisquare) Uranus.

Source of birth data of Nelson Mandela: Vocations, by Noel Tyl

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transit Neptune and David Cameron

In the post about the chart of David Cameron I wrote:
David Cameron has the chart of a leader (the Sun is 'calling'), a lot of things coming his way (beginning with barriers!) and in the long term a success to look forward to. 
I also mentioned the transits of Saturn and Neptune. In February of this year transit Neptune was square his progressed Sun (recently changed sign) and now Neptune is back and not for the last time. Neptune's transit are always confusing (see the post...). Part of the Neptune vocabulary is bad press, gossip and negative influences, isolation and shame. David Cameron has a nasty time now, because he is personally involved in relationships with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks. One of his closest employees used to work for Murdoch. The name of Cameron is mentioned every time that the News of the World is in the news. That is a typical Neptune effect.

Within 1,5 year David Cameron will have Progressed Sun trine Jupiter and just one month ago he had one of the best progressions a man can get: Moon trine Jupiter. This affair might be a test case for the beneficial effect of Jupiter's trines...Does Jupiter bring the long term success or will it be too late because of Neptune? Here is the chart:

For the latest news see BBC, for example this...
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Does sign matter (in Sun/Moon midpoints)?

Does sign matter in important  midpoint combinations like Sun/Moon or Ascendant/Midheaven? Both of them are in Capricorn in my chart. Does it mean that I am Sagittarian, pretend to or like to be Aquarian (Moon) and that my motto is that of a Capricorn? I started thinking and wrote an article on Astromarkt that you find here... I will post a poll for you later so that you can give your opinion after reading and thinking about it.. Does sign really matter in Sun/Moon midpoints?

Some considerations:
Dominique Strauss Kahn has Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aries with the midpoint Sun/Moon in Aries. Does that place his Aries Moon in the spotlights? Does it matter in the light of his chart and can we really measure this Aries Sun/Moon? It is a very masculine sign, OK, but Mars rises before his Sun and that is what makes him the man of action...

Julian Assange's Sun/Moon in diplomatic and charming Libra with Asc/MC in Virgo conjunct Pluto
What is more obvious? Does Pluto or Virgo colour the nature of his social position? I'd say Pluto, sbol of politics and power, life and death, crisis and ... sex.

The midpoint Sun /Moon of the USA Sagittarius rising-chart is sesquisquare Mars Scorpio. That makes me think about the eagle!

There are many more examples in the article. The sign of Sun/Moon seems to be valid, a tool to find out how you are being motivated. The aspects with this midpoint resonate what  really motivates you. At least, that is what I think of it.

Check what your Sun/Moon midpoint sign might mean on 
PS Mine is in Capricorn conjunct Ceres (and Mercury).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mars-Eris with Saturn (and a resignation)

Rebekah Brooks resignation came as a surprise, even though she was in charge of News of the World, the ex-tabloid that got part of the news by hacking phones and sites. Here are the positions of her day of birth:

There are always more than 2 indications in a chart when there is change. Here we see:
-  Transit Saturn square progressed Mars (the end of energy or, death ends, disciplinary measures etc.)
- Progressed Mars is also square Eris (a conflict).
This combination of Mars-Eris and transit Saturn is the combination of the bad end of a conflict.

There is also: Progressed Mercury trine natal Pholus, Progressed Sun square Node and Transit Pholus is quindecile natal Venus. 

The natal chart of Mrs Brooks has Sun semi square Saturn, rising before the Sun. The Sun-Saturn aspect is frequent in the charts of those who manage to be in charge. When Saturn rises before the Sun (and Venus or Mercury) there is a strong orientation on what is classical, on hierarchy (and climbing in society), on the parents' wishes and on structure (construction or administration) or management. She was a manager before she resigned.
We also notice a lot of Gemini (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Nessus) with Mercury in Gemini square Uranus and sextile Jupiter for the inventive and curious mind. 

So, there may not be an hour of birth, but it happened to be the day of birth for a person with an inventive and curious character and ...ambition. Perfect for, for example, a manager in the world of tabloids. I also like Uranus sextile Neptune, the combination of the hype. 

However, it takes more than the positions on your birth day to lead you into a professional career. Genes, gender, social position, the economy, chances on the way and your individual chart with hour of birth join forces and even then it is you making your choices. 

More persons were born on May 27, 1968. Baseball player Bagwell was too. He happened to have resigned as a hitting coach just recently:

Rebekah Brooks was close to Tony and Cherie Blair. Click for the chart of Cherie.

About the chart of Rupert Murdoch and the transits and progressions for now

About the sun sign hoax and the transits with Alan Leo's chart. He is the man who made the sun signs so popular...

About Sun-Saturn in the chart of managers and leaders

About Mars-Eris in conflicts and wars

Also visit:, for example about the natal, progressed and transit Mars-Saturn and Mars-Saturn in synastry:

"In the natal chart, by transit, in the progressed chart or in synastry, the aspect of Mars with Saturn means: inevitable, obligatory action or inactivity based upon duty, age, fear or caution." 
And I like to add disciplinary measures, restrictive actions and taking control. A good example is the dog whisperer. Quote from Astromarkt:

"The chart of the famous dog whisperer Cesar Millan has Saturn rising before the Sun and Mars is 'calling' (not making aspects withing sign or within 5 degrees). The prominence of Mars and Saturn is resonating ' discipline'.  And he sure knows how to discipline dogs..." 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chart of Rupert Murdoch:

Rupert Murdoch is a media tycoon. The scandall with one of his papers, News of the World, is indeed news in the world, today. Uranus-Pluto-Midheaven resonates the revolution in his career. (Transit Uranus is trine Progressed Midheaven. Pluto is sesquisquare MC in his progressed chart.) 
Uranus and Pluto together with MC are always causing intense nervous problems because of the dramatic change that often accompanies the combinations of Uranus and Pluto. 
Now we have a sudden (Uranus) dramatic (Pluto) turn (Pholus) in his career (Midheaven) and 3 indications of change and tension, because: there is also Pluto with Pholus. Quoting Astromarkt:
"Pholus+Pluto: dramatic turning point: the prize (or the price to pay) forcing a turning point (?), the pyrrhic victory"
Interesting coincidence is, that the Pholus of News of the World (first published October 1, 1843) is in the 6th degree of Capricorn, just like the Pholus of Murdoch, so that both Murdoch and the newspaper have Pluto conjunct Pholus. 

Here is the chart of birth with transits and progressions:

The chart has a few marking points: Mercury (communications), Venus, Neptune (both 'calling' for sense of art and sensitivity at any possible level), Pholus, Quaoar and Vesta (the importance of extraordinary qualities), with Saturn - parents, ambition, management - orient(ation)al: the importance of status, parents and being serious. Venus in the second house of earning money could mean a comfortable financial position and/or the love of earning money.

Here is the progressed chart with transits. I like to point at Uranus rising before the Sun here. Uranus means news, change, upheaval and technology. But Uranus rising before the Sun is also frequent in the charts of very old (and still active) persons. They are exceptional, like Murdoch is. 

Jupiter, the multiplier, is in the 7th house of marriage and yes: he married more than once. 

Uranus is inconjunct Midheaven in the natal chart: that is for a lot of upheaval with a loss involved...(News related to the career in a disproportional way). The fact that transit Uranus is now trine Progressed Midheaven illustrates that combinations in the natal chart that are being repeated by transits or progressions are very important. The news with a loss involved is now.

The progressed chart shows you how you grew to become the person that you are at a certain point in life. The progressed chart of Obama is the chart of President, more than the natal chart is. (Read: 

Uranus-Pluto is the combination of radical change and intense rebellion:

The chart is a B-rated chart (one source, not exact), see:

Also visit: for example about aging...