Friday, July 8, 2011

Juno conjunct Ascendant: George Clooney and Prince Albert

Aphrodite and Adonis
George Clooney married once and promised himself never to do it again. He seems to keep that promise. His relationships are short. He is 50 and single. That made me think of Prince Albert, who was a 53-year old single till he got married lately. I had a look at their charts and found Juno on the Ascendant of both. And then I found more, see this:

George Clooney left his Xth lover and he is 50. 
Prince Albert of Monaco just wedded for the first time (and fathered 2 before) and he was 53 when he got married

George Clooney has Juno conjunct Ascendant
Prince Albert has Juno conjunct Ascendant
Does this mean that you are a wanted bachelor or does it mean that you are married with yourself?

George Clooney has Moon in Capricorn
Prince Albert has Moon in Capricorn
Capricorn and Virgo are those cool signs that make a man attractive in the eyes of women. See Of course you are more attractive when you are 'on the market'.

George Clooney has the movable (Pisces) Ascendant in aspect with Uranus (quatronovile=160d) and trine Neptune
Prince Albert has the movable (Gemini) Ascendant in aspect with Neptune (sesquisquare) and Uranus (semi square)
Ebertin mentions this combination in 'Combinations of Stellar Influences' : trouble through others, suffering from contacts with restless people, being sad together with others.

George Clooney has Venus quintile Saturn and Moon conjunct Saturn
Prince Albert has Venus semi square Saturn
Venus-Saturn doesn't make it easy to avoid difficulties in love life

George Clooney has Venus rising before the Sun
Prince Albert has Venus rising before the Sun
Lots of people have Venus rising before the Sun. But Albert has Venus and Mars rising before the Sun (indication of passion) and George has Venus in Aries (ruled by Mars)

George Clooney has ruler 5 in 11 conjunct Saturn
Prince Albert has ruler 11 in 5 septile Saturn

George Clooney has Mars in the 5th house
Prince Albert has Jupiter and Neptune in the 5th house

Here are the charts:

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Christina said...

I go with married to themselves.

Bridget said...

I have Juno conjunct my Ascendant and I agree with you, Christina. I am married to myself!

I say a short mantra daily to affirm it and wear a wedding band to remind me. As intended, this ceremonial practice has enhanced my relationships - preventing self-sacrificing behaviors and creating greater balance and respect. Men seem to find it a quirky turn-on, consoled by a lack of neediness on my part.

I have been formally married once and never want to do it again. Devotion lasts for as long as it lasts no matter what contracts people sign, so I don't see the point.

Lolabelle said...

Clooney has Juno conjunct Chiron. To me this would indicate the possibility of the wound that doesn't heal being activated by the centaur ruling marriage. Both are also trine Neptune (idealism) and Eros (don't need to explain that one, lol). Mars squares these latter bodies and opposes his Moon/Saturn conjuction in Capricorn. He seems to be pulled in three directions: The sexual/idealistic/practical. He's going to have to meet someone who can balance that out somehow. P.S. I'd be willing to give it a try!