Monday, July 18, 2011

NELSON MANDELA and Saturn/Uranus

It is Mandela Day...See Astropost: NELSON MANDELA, HIS CHART and the transits on June 12, 1964 and see the link to more about Mandela's chart. His life in prison started with transit Saturn opposition MC (for the lowest point in his life) and Uranus close to the MC (for a shocking change). And 27 years later: it is progressed Ascendant conjunct Uranus and opposition Saturn.

Saturn and Uranus together are the symbols of freedom and its limitations. In short:

Natascha Kampusch has Saturn and Uranus sextile Sun. Saturn and Uranus rule 60% of her chart. Jaycee Lee Dugard has Sun/Maan=Saturn/Uranus. O.J. Simpson has Sun conjunct Saturn/Uranus. Al Capone had Sun semi square Santru/Uranus. Amanda Knox's Mars is in aspect with Saturn and Uranus. Her Sun is inconjunct Saturn and 157.5 d (sesquisquare and half semisquare) Uranus.

Source of birth data of Nelson Mandela: Vocations, by Noel Tyl

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