Saturday, July 16, 2011

Does sign matter (in Sun/Moon midpoints)?

Does sign matter in important  midpoint combinations like Sun/Moon or Ascendant/Midheaven? Both of them are in Capricorn in my chart. Does it mean that I am Sagittarian, pretend to or like to be Aquarian (Moon) and that my motto is that of a Capricorn? I started thinking and wrote an article on Astromarkt that you find here... I will post a poll for you later so that you can give your opinion after reading and thinking about it.. Does sign really matter in Sun/Moon midpoints?

Some considerations:
Dominique Strauss Kahn has Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aries with the midpoint Sun/Moon in Aries. Does that place his Aries Moon in the spotlights? Does it matter in the light of his chart and can we really measure this Aries Sun/Moon? It is a very masculine sign, OK, but Mars rises before his Sun and that is what makes him the man of action...

Julian Assange's Sun/Moon in diplomatic and charming Libra with Asc/MC in Virgo conjunct Pluto
What is more obvious? Does Pluto or Virgo colour the nature of his social position? I'd say Pluto, sbol of politics and power, life and death, crisis and ... sex.

The midpoint Sun /Moon of the USA Sagittarius rising-chart is sesquisquare Mars Scorpio. That makes me think about the eagle!

There are many more examples in the article. The sign of Sun/Moon seems to be valid, a tool to find out how you are being motivated. The aspects with this midpoint resonate what  really motivates you. At least, that is what I think of it.

Check what your Sun/Moon midpoint sign might mean on 
PS Mine is in Capricorn conjunct Ceres (and Mercury).

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