Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flash back 2010

It is almost New Year (for me it is only about 35 hours to go)! Time to look back...What was important news on Astropost in 2010? I listed some of the posts. Number one is for the RC Church and abuse, number 2 is for Pholus' effect and number 3, 4. 5 and 6 are for family news like obituaries, weddings, divorces and births, followed by crimes (Amanda Knox, Joran van der Sloot and the murder of the unlucky lottery winner) and: a disaster (Haiti), WikiLeaks and Facebook, of course. Continue for the more than 30 links to even more posts...

Zero Aries (Aries Point)

Soon Jupiter and Uranus will be conjunct the first degree of the Zodiac, nick named Zero Aries. It should be Uno Aries, unless you consider the final degree of Pisces to be conjunct Zero Aries, too. Zero Aries or Aries Point is supposed to be the degree that shows you how you are 'known' or what you are known for and how you interface with those outside of your social circle/family. That is said, but is it true? This post offers some material for your study and gives examples. Continue if you are interested..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bias in a chart

Are you more objective or more biased? Do you have your preferences and do these preferences have negative consequences for those who are ‘not part of it’ or ‘not your kind of people’? Are you partisan and excluding all others? Where is the bias in your chart? See the how's, why's, pro's and contra's of bias and the indications in the chart. Why not ask yourself the question: am I biased? And is it bad? 
Continue for an explanation and for the signs of bias. This post used to be on Astromarkt before and moved today.

Elton John's hours of birth and parenthood

The Astrodienst 2:00 a.m. chart for Elton John
On the first day of Xmas Elton John became the father of a little boy, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. Here is the DD-rated Astrodatabank chart of Elton John with the transits of Xmas day. The 2:00 a.m. chart is very uncertain. That is why I also included the 16.00 hour (4 pm) progressed chart and transits with progressed Ceres exactly square progressed Midheaven. Also see the16.00 (4 p.m.) birth chart reading on Art&Astrology, with more about the artist in the chart of Elton John. You may choose the right one!;)
(! The transits of the day of birth are reflecting the synastry between the charts of father and son as they are the position in the birth chart of the baby!)  

We see transit Pluto inconjunct natal Sun and Nodes of Elton John and that means a lot of stress (some changes have a price…:)...The birth might change Elton John's lifestyle more than he expected and has great impact.  Another observation is about Saturn. Saturn is important for the three of them. Saturn rises before Zachary’s Sun.
The Saturn of Elton is square the Sun of David Furnish (born 25 October 1962). David's Saturn is sextile the Sun and square the Moon of Elton. One of the meanings of Saturn is parents, and parenthood (including duties, responsibilities and the reward for it: respect).

If you wonder why they wanted to raise a child anyway: Elton John has Ceres rising before the Sun. David Furnish has the Moon rising before the Sun. This position of Moon and Ceres shows a certain orientation. Ceres and the Moon are important metaphores for motherhood, genes, care and nutrition. Ceres is exactly square Midheaven in the progressed chart for 4.00 p.m. Here it is:
More Elton John on Astropost:

In 2007 there was a suspected photo...

About the nice synastry with Mary J. Blige

And see the labels for Ceres and more info...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The prominent Sun and Mars of August Busch IV

August Busch IV, now in the news because of the death of his friend, has a prominent Mars and Sun in the chart and that is perfectly in line with being a leading entrepeneur. 

First of all: Mars rises before his Sun and Mercury and doesn't make any aspect. This calling and orientational Mars tells us that he wants action, that he is fit for entrepeneur, the military or anything 'martial'. I read on Wikipedia
"August A. Busch IV holds advanced black belt degrees in the martial arts "...
Next is the Sun. The Sun in the 25th of Gemini is quintile Uranus, illustrating a creative way to be independent as a star, leader, showman or performer....He is leading a company and knows how to draw attention. 

Perhaps he inhereted the qualities to lead and promote, but it is there anyway, prominently in the chart. If you want to know more about prominent positions, see this post....Here is the chart of the day of birth for noon (no hour of birth available) and transits and progressions for December 23, 2010, when the body of his friend was found.

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Mercury-Uranus and traffic accidents

Mercury is fast enough, and when Uranus joins Mercury, things often go too fast or ...there is the risk of a sudden 'jam' or crash. Mercury-Uranus afflictions are 'traditional' indications for the risk of traffic accidents (but not the only ones and not alone...!).
In general, Mercury-Uranus excellerates or disturbes the mind (and mouth) and vehicles, too. People with Mercury-Uranus tend to interrupt others and say controversial or 'funny' things out of context, sometimes (at least: in the eyes and ears of others. There are a lot astrologers among them:). When they travel there is a risk of hectic times, maybe because of accidents. That is not always their own fault.

I have a few examples of Mercury-Uranus related to accidents: August Busch IV, Gloria Estefan and Laura Bush. Two of them caused an accident. August Busch IV  is in the news today after the death body of a woman was found in his house. He had a serious accident in 1983 that killed a young woman. Gloria Estefan had a serious accident in 1990 and had a hard time getting over it. And Laura Bush had an accident at age 17 that killed a young man and changed her forever.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Astropost: BIRTH CHART OF MARLENE DIETRICH now in wax...

Born on a December 27: Astropost: BIRTH CHART OF MARLENE DIETRICH now in wax...

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About the innocence in the chart of Patrick Dils

When you happen to be on the scene of a crime at the wrong (astrological) moment, and when there are indications of being too open minded, restricted freedom and the issue of death in your chart, you could be the victim of a wrong conviction (especially in a dramatic case, when the ‘people’ want a quick and solid solution). That is what happened in the case of Patrick Dils, who confessed twice under pressure, spent 15 years in jail and later was found not guilty. And there are more of such cases...
A young man, Patrick Dils, spent 15 years in prison, but he was innocent. They said that he killed 2 boys when he was 16 years old, on September 22, 1986. He was born on June 30, 1970 at 2h45 a.m. in Longeville (according to (BTW On the day of the murders he had haad transit Uranus conjunct progressed Moon and Progressed Ascendant was trine progressed Jupiter.) He is free now and received one million euro compensation. There are a few video's with media appearances after his release.
A look at this chart might help when you study criminal cases. There are so many indications for misinterpretations, shock, nerves and (the resistance against) limited freedom in the chart!   

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Venus-Jupiter HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Everybody wants happy holidays and some of us should certainly have them, if you believe that Venus and Jupiter are the planets of being merry, of joy and peace….Together they mean ‘celebrations’! So, if your (progressed) Sun, Moon, Midheaven or Ascendant is in aspect with  Venus or Jupiter: enjoy! Even in the darkest hours there must be a special light for you. This post is for them...
Now, who are the lucky ones? You are lucky if you were born on November 8 or 9 and especially if your birthday is on March 16, because then you will also have a very pleasant start of the Newyear. You are not alone, there are more lucky birthdays, like July 16, 17 and 18 (for New Yearsday. With Venus or Jupiter in the 27th degree of Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus or Cancer you might experience a happier year end party than you use to, with some surprises, too. I have that and I am looking forward to December 31! It happens to be the day that I married 40 years ago. Your Venus or Jupiter is in the 27 th degree of the above mentioned signs if you were born on:
November 3 1949
May 3 1950
January 2, 1955
December 12, 1950
February 8, 1956
December 30, 1959
May 2, 1966
April 21, 1971
November 2, 1971
October 6, 1973
November 2, 1973
August 12, 1974
May 1, 1982
And many more. See the ephemeris or your chart to see if you have a (progressed) Venus or Jupiter in the 27th of Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus or Cancer. And if you don’t, never mind and MAKE it a party. 

     Merry Xmas and a Happy Newyear! 

Idea for Xmas time:
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The chart of Hugo Chavez

This post is about the chart of Hugo Chavez, his progressed Sun changing sign with Pluto inconjunct Sun and the recent lunar eclipse square his progressed Sun. Time for a change?

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez was born 28th July 1954 in Sabaneta, first - in 2006 - said to be born at 2:30 a.m. (according to astrologydatabase and anastrologersperspective) and now DD rated (very uncertain) at 4.00 a.m., also by Astrodatabank. In this chart Eris is elevated and Eris is the goddess of discord:). That is funny, but the progressions for the day that he became President (February 2, 1999) don't reflect the event and that is why I strongly doubt that he was really born at 4 a.m. That is why I won't use this hour of birth and stick to the planets and the aspects. 

CHAVEZ TODAY: forced changes
DD-rated chart with progressions and transits
Today, his progressed Sunsign is about to change and in the final degree of Virgo. The change of the progressive sunsign will change his life and lifestyle soon. Coincidently the progressed Sun is square the recent lunar eclipse in the final degree of Gemini. Also progressed Pluto is inconjunct natal Sun. 
All that won't help to maintain a position of authority and is reflecting forced changes. The opposition won, but he managed to control them by restricting freedom of speech, the internet and the power of the parliament. For how long?

But, how did he get 'up there'? What in his chart shows that he is the number 1 of Venezuela? It is hard to say without a proper time of birth, but we can see the political mind (Mercury, Saturn, Pluto), the support that he got (Moon-Jupiter) and the controversial rebel that he is (Uranus rising before the Sun). And of course, he is a Leo with Sun square Saturn. The Leo/Saturn and Leo/Capricorn combination is for ambitious persons. Continue for more...

Astropost: Videla, Saturn and Uranus

News on BBC December 22: Videla sentenced to life in prison.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I have written about Amanda Knox' chart  without hour of birth before and in particular about her Jupiter rising before the Sun (international orientations). The Sun is inconjunct Saturn and both don't make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees, so that this inconjunction is prominent in her chart. That is an unfortunate aspect, because it is means bad luck in a disproportionate way or being punished hard. 
Only recently I learned that Astrodatabank provides the hour of birth of Amanda Knox. I wrote about the synastry with victim Meredith Kercher and you can read that post here...

Of course, charts don't tell right from wrong. Birth charts give an impression of a person without circumstances, social/economic positiions, gender, genes and without telling us about developments in life. In this birth chart the Ascendant is not making any major aspect at all (only a semi sextile with Mercury, the important planet related to AC/MC)! That is a statement for circumstances out of control and for the importance of circumstances and situations at any possible level. In prison, people can't change their situation or circumstances and they have to adept to what happens. The situation is dominating and the nativity is being lead by the situation. The presentation can change with whatever transit or progression.

This is her natal chart.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice time and Eclipse 13 North

We use to celebrate the new year on January 1, 0 hours, but that is a rather artificial date to start the new year. The astrological New Year begins when the Sun is on the equinox, on his way up to the North. That is with Sun at Zero Aries. Winter begins with the Sun at Zero Capricorn. This year that is on December 21 at 11:38:30 p.m. (23:38:30 hours) Greenwich Time. That is on December 22 at 00:38:30 in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain, for example. In those countries the Sun will be opposition Midheaven when the winter starts. Winter Solstice in New York (18:38:30 on December 21) has no angular placements. I don't know if solstice charts have a special meaning. I think that they mean what a 'January 1 zero hour' charts means: a picture of a moment in time with a special meaning for those who find it a special moment. But...

If the positions at solstice time are valid for the next 3 months for all places, than I hope that the Jupiter conjunct Uranus square Mercury-combiation will be the reflection of relief in transportations soon, but as long as Mercury is retrograding we can't expect much. The winter weather causes delay all over and experts say that the second cold winter now (with few solar activity) might be the beginning of a small ' ice age'. I won't ask Al Gore where global warming is when you need it, but I anticipated for the tropics and loved the palm trees in the garden and see what happens in my icy cold garden:

Today was the lunar eclipse in the Sarosserie 13 North, the one that started on August 14, 1776. According to Bernadette Brady's book "Predictive Astrology' this one is the member of a family of eclipses ment for groups and projects with groups. Those projects require separations. The eclipse should be experienced as a separation and later as a group achievement. This eclipse number occured in 1992 and in 1974 and in 1956 and in 1938, always in Novemer or December. Perhaps lots of travellers now feel separated from their groups and families. I hope that they will get home soon!

Those who have a placement in the 29th degree of Gemini (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven) or a progressed placement there might notice the effect of this eclipse more than others do. Continue for experiences with eclipses and famous examples...

The day of birth of Meredith Kercher

Meredith Kercher was born on December 28, 1985, time unknown, in the UK. That wa the same day that Kamani Hill (a soccer coach) was born in the USA and the same day that Taryn Terrell, a female wrestler, was born (also in the USA). Here are the positions of that day with transits and progressions for November 1, 2007.

  • Saturn is ‘calling’ in their charts, just like in Amanda Knox’s. Ambition at any possible level, that is what an unaspected Saturn means.
  • Moon is also unaspected and strong in Cancer (strong emotions at any possible level)
  • Neptune rises before the Sun: life has to be more than just ambition and money. She is first of all romantic and an idealist.

The tightest aspects are Sun sextile Pluto (this aspect makes it easy to live with stress, danger or challenges; this is a perfect aspect for soccer coaches) and Venus trine Pholus (swift turning points in preferences or sympathies). 
Another important aspect is Mars conjunct Pluto, the symbol of the drive to win, strong muscles, having to defend yourself or the use and abuse of violence, power and influence (and sometimes: relationships with strong men). It is a good aspect for winners and for competition in politics, but it is also a danger. See the links or the labels for more info...
 With an hour of birth it would have been possible to see if there were angular placements, what the ascendant was and more, but now we can only see what she shares with others who are born on the same day: an enormous energy, and ambition.

The progressed Sun was in one of the final degrees of Capricorn on her last day, November 1, 2007. That is reflecting a changing life style. There is also  Jupiter conjunct Uranus, for a positive change. Very important is, that her progressed Sun is conjunct progressed Venus. That means that she enjoyed life, found love and sympathy and pleasure. Shortly before her death she appeared in a music video. Maybe she wanted to make a living in the world of entertainment? Sun conjunct Venus in the progressed chart means life together with fun. It is all so very nice, but....

Up to now nothing in the chat is alarming or pointing at danger, except: Saturn-Mars-Pluto
  •   Progressed Mars is 15 degrees from natal Pluto and 
  •   Progressed Mars is semi square natal Sun, 
  •   Transit Saturn trine natal Sun and 
  •   Transit Saturn sextile natal Pluto 
  •   Transit Saturn 75 d Mars. 
The 'calling' Saturn rules the progressed and natal Sun. That is why the transits of Saturn are important. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination is a very hard and challenging combination that often accompanies unnatural death and death threats, suicide or violent assault. Mars-Saturn-Pluto appears in the transits or (progressed) charts of killers, victims, people with dangerous enemies and when there is an untimely death. When the issue or theme of unnatural death causes is important in a person's life, the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination is there. In this special case, Mars conjunct Pluto in the natal chart got 'company': transit Saturn and turned it all into a violent end. Why she and why on November 1, 2007? I don't know. And I am afraid that we will never really know what happened. 

So, Meredith died in a generally pleasant period. However, there was something scary underneath that didn’t surface until it was too late  to take precautions. She happened to be in danger without realising it. Had she not been where she was, she might still have lived. Her individual chart (Ascendant, Midheaven and Sun/Moon) might provide more information about the situation. However, any chart has to be seen in the light of the circumstances, situation, genes and gender. And there is always 'coincidence': when you meet the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong moment. That is why we have to take care of our safety, always. Even if you don't have a Mars-Pluto aspect. It is not just Mars-Pluto. Many well known persons have a tight Mars-Pluto conjunction, for example Paul McCartney and Hillary Clinton. I quote myself:

I think Mars-Pluto is resonating the issue or theme of 'men with power or brutal men' anduse/abuse of power. And not to forget: an intense the drive to win. Even victims with a tight aspect between Mars and Pluto fight for their life, they don't just give in. Self defence, making enemies and fighting stronger persons is also part of the combination of Mars-Pluto.

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See the earlier post about the interaction between the charts of Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The progressions of Lily Allen

This is the drawing of the natal and progressed positions for Lilly Allen, with transits and without hour of birth. The progressions show us how the changing progressed sunsign and the transit of Jupiter and Pholus with the progressed Sun, in the same period of time, turned her into a celebrity. 

I read that Lily Allen created a MySpace account in November 2005 (with transit Saturn square natal Sun) to launch her music, after being introduced  to London Records - without results - using her father's connections in 2002*). That was just before her progressed Sun sign was changing. When the progressed sunsing changes, life changes. 
One month later, in December 2005 transit Pholus was opposition progressed Sun and transit Jupiter also was opposition progressed Sun. That is a statement for a positive (Jupiter) turning point (Pholus) in life's development (progressed Sun)...shortly after 'changing lifestyle'.  Those three indications together were for a boost in her career.

Isn't it nice that so many famous persons seem to have listened to the ' tides of time'?

Charts offer more than one chance or direction, mostly and they should always be seen in the light of situations, conditions, gender, genes and education, for example. If you want to know more about the positions on May 2, 1985, continue...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The chart of Amanda Knox and the synastry with Meredith Kercher

To my surprise: Astrodatabank has the hour of birth of Amanda Knox. This is the AA rated chart. The transits show the positions of the day of birth of Meredith Kercher.

Meredith Kercher was murdered and Amanda is supposed to have been on the scene of the murder or to have participated in the murder. Reason for murder (says the judge): Meredith didn’t want to participate in a sexual orgy. Amanda has been convicted but she appealed. In this and more posts I will have a deeper look at her chart, the transits, the progressions and the synastry with the victim, starting with the interaction of the positions in the charts of Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher. The interaction of their charts (between Sun-Neptune and Mars-Pluto) shows us the nature of their relationship in the eyes of us, the beholders. Their names are/were connected by an act of violence (Mars-Pluto) and by suspicion (Sun-Neptune: to see in a negative light). 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Larry King's transits for the final show

Larry King had his final show yesterday with about 10 progressions and transits telling us that he wants to relax, that there is a change in position and that he is breaking free, and more...There was a 'Larry King Live' from June 3, 1985. How difficult this must be for him…Larry King has the midpoint Sun/Moon sesquisquare Uranus. That means that he is very much motivated by what is new, like for example: news…

With AC/MC in hard aspect with Neptune, he might remain a myth. So it will be difficult for Piers Morgan to compare with the memory of Larry King. There is a strong connection between their charts, of course: there a strong connection between what they do*).
Here is more about the 10 indications in the transits and progressions. And a PS about his seven women.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Astropost: Astrology of Facebook man Mark Zuckerberg

With transit Jupiter sextile his natal Sun Mark Zuckerberg has become Time Magazine's person of 2010 (news:,28757,2036683,00.html).

For the chart of the day of birth (May 14, 1984 in Dobbs Ferry, NY) and an explanation of why the planet combination of the turning point in communication techniques is prominent in that chart, see the September post of Astropost and click here.

Wanted: Dutch FARC member Tanja Nijmeijer

Tanja Nijmeijer has been charged for kidnapping. The USA wants her. She is a Dutch member of FARC (the Columbian terrorists who kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt and many more) and she is still in the Columbian jungle. What in the positions of her day of birth indicates why she left home to spend the rest of her life in the jungle?

Tanja Nijmeijer is an Aquarius with Sun inconjunct the 'calling' (not aspected) Mars. Maybe that is just enough. But let's go through it one by one.

1. Drives, activism, the military, adventure...that is Mars. And when Mars is 'calling' you just can't resist adventure. 
2. Sun inconjunct Mars says that her life is related to unbalanced drives and adventures and that she may even loose her life in a battle. 
3. Neptune is rising before the Aquarian Sun. She is an idealist, a dreamer who wants to change the world. 
4. Neptune is related to Venus and Mars in a golden Yod and the finger is (again) pointing at the god of war: Mars. This golden yod says that there is a romantic passion leading to fighting and war...

Even without an hour of birth it is clear that this will be someone who 'goes for it'  when her ideals are involved. For this she crosses borders and lines....That is because of the Sun-Saturn affliction. 

Her progressed Sun is inconjunct Saturn (a very difficult aspect) and transit Uranus is almost conjunct progressed Sun now that the USA charges her. It might just be the end of an adventure. In the natal chart the Sun is opposition Saturn, resonating the responsibility that is part of that jungle game. When Saturn and Uranus meet in a chart, there is always the issue of   limited freedom and the urge to break free, or the end of freedom. Now that she is on an official 'wanted' list there is little chance that she will manage to get out of the Colombian jungle alive and/or as a free person. 

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time's number 1 news item of 2010:
the arrest of Joran van der Sloot

The arrest of Joran van der Sloot is Time's news of the year 2010.  For astrologers the most interesting point is that the interaction of positions in the charts of Natalee Holloway and Joran van der Sloot is very much in line with the circumstances (a sexual encounter ending in violence).

She has Mars square Pluto and sextile Saturn in her chart. That is a combination for danger of early death. His Pluto is square her Mars and that shows the issue of use or abuse of violence or force (sexual intimidation). Her Venus is square his Mars for passion. 

There are even more violent connections between the charts on the day of Natalee's death.
And: on the day that Natalee Holloway vanished Joran van der Sloot had transit Mars sesquisquare Pluto! 

There was a lot of interaction with Mars and Pluto in their charts and there were transits between Mars and Pluto on that tragic day. 
- When she disappeared Natalee had transit Mars semi square Mars and sesquisquare Pluto, activating the dangerous Mars-Pluto connection in her natal chart. 
- Joran had Pluto conjunct Uranus that day and sesquisquare Venus. He also had T Mars sesquisquare Pluto

So coincidentallythey had the same sort of transit on the same day (Mars-Pluto) added with the aspects they already shared. And Mars-Pluto is a dangerous combination.

And... when he was arrested for killing another woman (Stephany Flores) Joran van der Sloot had again Pluto in aspect with natal AND progressed Mars. 

See all posts about Joran van der Sloot on this blog here...(via Google) or use the label Van der Sloot. Here is a guess chart of Van der Sloot (no hour of birth available) with the positions of the day of birth of Natalee Holloway (the transits).

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The similarities of the charts of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange

Private Bradley Manning is in jail, just like Julian Assange, but they are in a different situation. The difference is that Assange is being supported by millions and in the UK and that he is a journalist (with the rights involved). Bradley Manning however is in the USA, he faces years if not life in prison for leaking information as a soldier. They are alike in a few ways (Wikileaks, arrested and in prison now). Their charts also happen to be alike, in at least four ways. Both have a Sun-Uranus and Mars-Pluto aspect, the Scorpio Moon and Saturn rising before the Sun. What does it mean? What does it mean that they share these positions? 

I think that the similar positions are resonating the joined forces and that it means:
a. that they are/were both 'outsiders' (estranged, not part of the usual network) b. with a need for challenges and c. with a certain amount of ambition. Also, both charts show the issue of the use and abuse of power and influence (Mars-Pluto) and ... the theme of having to defend yourself.  

When people share the same aspects, they share the same issues and that often creates a strong bond (real or not). Sharing Sun-Uranus in a team means joined rebellion. Sharing the same moonsign feels like being soulmates. And when two persons have Mars-Pluto in their charts they'd better be in the same team, joining forces, or they might fight each other intensily. Hillary Clinton also has Mars conjunct Pluto. And we know that Assange wants her to resign.

For the chart drawing, the differences and the synastry and shared aspects with Hillary Clinton, please continue...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Prince Charles yesterday

First there were the polls (about the people wanting William instead of him to be the next King) and yesterday the car of Prince Charles and Princess Camilla got stuck in the middle of student riots (see the Huffington Post). You'd expect something (but not too much) in the chart. Nothing really changed, nobody got hurt. That is perhaps the reason why there is only one transit: transit Pholus is on the progressed IC (opposition Midheaven). Pholus-MC is the symbol of the turning point in a status or position, but often in retroperspective. In the progressed chart of Prince Charles the Sun is almost conjunct Pholus. (Transit Pholus is almost opposition the progressed Midheaven of the B-rated chart of Camilla, too.) 
Here you see the chart and the global reading of the chart of Prince Charles. Continue for more…

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Videla, Saturn and Uranus

I have written several posts about limitations of freedom as a central issue in the charts and lives of persons with a prominent Saturn-Uranus complex. (Use the label 'Saturn Uranus' to see them all and see the links to older posts below). A new example of this combination of freedom, restrictions and the struggle in between is Jorge Videla (August 2, 1925). Recently he has been sentenced to jail for his part in the disappearances and deaths of thousands of young opponents of his severe regime.

Jorge Rafael Videla is the former leader of the junta in Argentina. In his chart the Sun is square Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus with Uranus opposition the midpoint Sun/Saturn (and Saturn-Uranus in a sesquisquare). The combination of Saturn-Uranus, highlighted by the aspect with the Sun, is the combination of limited freedom. That is correct. He is in jail now.

His junta was guilty of many crimes and restricted the freedom of the people. Not all of the crimes have been solved, yet. This is the chart of the day that Videla was born. The positions of his birthday contain a lot of information about the potentials and possibilities of suppression, like Sun square Saturn (managing to be in charge, preferably on your own). He is not the only dictator with a Sun-Saturn aspect. Chavez has it, too. The natal Sun of Videla is also sesquisquare Uranus. That makes Saturn-Uranus (the theme of the restricted liberty) an issue in his life.
  • The chart lacks placements in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Communications at any possible level, and sometimes you can't argue with him (he is not reasonable), that is what it means...
  • The ambition is obvious with Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn*) , but he is also controversial (Sun sesquisquare Uranus.
  • Pluto rises before the Sun. That is for a strategic and political orientation. He started with looking forward to having much (Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto) power and influence.
  • Mars inconjunct Uranus for the drive to change and revolt with a lost in the end.
In fact, the chart shows an ambitious strategist with an urge to make immediate changes (with the risk to loose the fight in the end) and with the issue of restrictions as a main theme in his life.

He happened to be a general and he happened to become a president (with the support of many, mirrored by the Moon's aspects with Jupiter and Pluto) so that he was enabled to fully take hard and immediate measures (Sun square Saturn and Mars 75 degrees from Saturn, and inconjunct Uranus). You can see acts (Mars) to restrict freedom (Saturn and Uranus), to be limited in independence and freedom and/or to break free (Saturn-Uranus). It is a dangerous chart when it is the chart of a leading politician.

*) Sun Leo (wants to be in the center of attention), Moon Capricorn (need to be respected), Sun square Saturn (wants to be in charge)

About elements without placements...on Astromarkt...

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Preachers' charts

Preachers are religious persons who try to convince their audience. They look alike, at least: their charts do. I have several examples and the chart drawing of Oral Roberts, one of the first famous television preachers. What they share is the Jupiter-Neptune and Mars-Jupiter combination, and a prominent Saturn. Oral Roberts has a grand trine of Mars-Jupiter and Sun and the Sun is in aspect with Jupiter and Neptune. His Saturn was ‘calling’…And he had a controversial Mercury semi square Uranus, too. He died in December 2009. But first the preaching Sagittarians, born in the first 5 days of December.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The chart of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 at 7:55 a.m.

This is the map of the heaven above Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 at 7:55 a.m. when the attack on the American navy started the war between Japan and the USA. What you see in the chart is the importance of Mars (symbol of the military and war) and Eris (symbol of discord). Mars is opposition Midheaven (on IC, conjunct Varuna, the god of the waters). Eris is exactly square the Ascendant. And in 1941, no one even had heard of Eris...

Mars and Eris
are prominent in the chart and that is corresponding with the moment:  war and discord. The navy and the sea are mirrored by the position of Varuna and Neptune (elevated). The chart is the astrological picture of a time and place for fire, attacks and war in a navy harbour.
Chart of first attack on Pearl Harbor
There are fortunate and unfortunate events each day. Mars on the meridian doesn't mean misfortune or getting hurt. It just means that Mars is prominent and that all that is related to Mars will be significant. Like, for example: work, activism, anger, the military, machinery, aggression, men, production, atletics, figting, martial sports and iron, etc. etc., depending on circumstances, genes, gender and situations. 
Unfortunately the situation was: a military place in times of war. That is why the prominent positions of Mars and Eris were extremely dangerous. The most important objects in the chart for that exact moment in time and place were the symbols of discord (Eris) and war (Mars). And it already was a hostile and dangerous era!

On that day there were a lot of places on earth with Mars on the meridian and Eris square Ascendant on a particular moment. But they were not military places. And they were not easy targets. Mars and Eris were in the same place in the chart in the days before and after the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. On those days the Sun was not exactly trine Mars, however, like the Sun was on December 7. Sun trine Mars and opposition Jupiter shows a chance for successful attacks in a so called grand trine.

Charts don't show right or wrong. They just show opportunities and chances or difficulties. As this chart is the chart of a first attack, it is the chart of a successful or easy attack. The trine is the symbol of the easy flow between energies, not the symbol of harmony.

The chart of the attack of Pearl Harbor shows - again - that charts should be seen in their context and again: that trines don't mean peace. The good thing about that is that danger can be avoided and precautions can be made. Destruction by humans is not 'desastres'. The chart of the attack of Pearl Harbor shows the correspondence between a vital moment in war and the positions of the astrological symbols of war, but not the 'winner or loser' and not the number of casualties. Sometimes it is like in the poem of Lord Tennyson:

A sad astrology, the boundless plan 
That makes you tyrants in your iron skies, 
Innumerable, pitiless, passionless eyes, 
Cold fires, yet with power to burn and brand 
His nothingness into man.


One of the charts of the USA in Astrodatabank is the chart of July 4 at 17:10. The  USA chart for July 4, 1776 at 17:08:15 (105 seconds earlier) has progressed Mars conjunct natal Midheaven on December 7, 1941 and transit Eris at 4d13 Aries would be square the progressed Ascendant at 4d25 Cancer. A conjunction means a start. MC (Midheaven) is the symbol of a position/condition/status. And Mars means war (sometimes).
Natal and progressed chart USA 5:08:15 PM
PS Prominent placements are the positions:
- rising before the Sun
- without major aspects within sign or orb 5 degrees
- on an angle
- square the Ascendant

(c) Astropost, written July 4, 2010, published December 8, 2010