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Videla, Saturn and Uranus

I have written several posts about limitations of freedom as a central issue in the charts and lives of persons with a prominent Saturn-Uranus complex. (Use the label 'Saturn Uranus' to see them all and see the links to older posts below). A new example of this combination of freedom, restrictions and the struggle in between is Jorge Videla (August 2, 1925). Recently he has been sentenced to jail for his part in the disappearances and deaths of thousands of young opponents of his severe regime.

Jorge Rafael Videla is the former leader of the junta in Argentina. In his chart the Sun is square Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus with Uranus opposition the midpoint Sun/Saturn (and Saturn-Uranus in a sesquisquare). The combination of Saturn-Uranus, highlighted by the aspect with the Sun, is the combination of limited freedom. That is correct. He is in jail now.

His junta was guilty of many crimes and restricted the freedom of the people. Not all of the crimes have been solved, yet. This is the chart of the day that Videla was born. The positions of his birthday contain a lot of information about the potentials and possibilities of suppression, like Sun square Saturn (managing to be in charge, preferably on your own). He is not the only dictator with a Sun-Saturn aspect. Chavez has it, too. The natal Sun of Videla is also sesquisquare Uranus. That makes Saturn-Uranus (the theme of the restricted liberty) an issue in his life.
  • The chart lacks placements in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Communications at any possible level, and sometimes you can't argue with him (he is not reasonable), that is what it means...
  • The ambition is obvious with Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn*) , but he is also controversial (Sun sesquisquare Uranus.
  • Pluto rises before the Sun. That is for a strategic and political orientation. He started with looking forward to having much (Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto) power and influence.
  • Mars inconjunct Uranus for the drive to change and revolt with a lost in the end.
In fact, the chart shows an ambitious strategist with an urge to make immediate changes (with the risk to loose the fight in the end) and with the issue of restrictions as a main theme in his life.

He happened to be a general and he happened to become a president (with the support of many, mirrored by the Moon's aspects with Jupiter and Pluto) so that he was enabled to fully take hard and immediate measures (Sun square Saturn and Mars 75 degrees from Saturn, and inconjunct Uranus). You can see acts (Mars) to restrict freedom (Saturn and Uranus), to be limited in independence and freedom and/or to break free (Saturn-Uranus). It is a dangerous chart when it is the chart of a leading politician.

*) Sun Leo (wants to be in the center of attention), Moon Capricorn (need to be respected), Sun square Saturn (wants to be in charge)

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