Sunday, December 12, 2010

The similarities of the charts of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange

Private Bradley Manning is in jail, just like Julian Assange, but they are in a different situation. The difference is that Assange is being supported by millions and in the UK and that he is a journalist (with the rights involved). Bradley Manning however is in the USA, he faces years if not life in prison for leaking information as a soldier. They are alike in a few ways (Wikileaks, arrested and in prison now). Their charts also happen to be alike, in at least four ways. Both have a Sun-Uranus and Mars-Pluto aspect, the Scorpio Moon and Saturn rising before the Sun. What does it mean? What does it mean that they share these positions? 

I think that the similar positions are resonating the joined forces and that it means:
a. that they are/were both 'outsiders' (estranged, not part of the usual network) b. with a need for challenges and c. with a certain amount of ambition. Also, both charts show the issue of the use and abuse of power and influence (Mars-Pluto) and ... the theme of having to defend yourself.  

When people share the same aspects, they share the same issues and that often creates a strong bond (real or not). Sharing Sun-Uranus in a team means joined rebellion. Sharing the same moonsign feels like being soulmates. And when two persons have Mars-Pluto in their charts they'd better be in the same team, joining forces, or they might fight each other intensily. Hillary Clinton also has Mars conjunct Pluto. And we know that Assange wants her to resign.

For the chart drawing, the differences and the synastry and shared aspects with Hillary Clinton, please continue...

Possible chart of Assange with in green the positions of Manning

If the hour of birth of Julian Assange is 2:05 p.m. (see the discussion on The Mountain Astrologer), then the midpoint AC/MC is conjunct Pluto in his natal chart. Pluto is the symbol of politics, power, values, influence and authority. 

Note: There is still no evidence that 2:05 p.m. is the correct hour of birth and no confirmation of family members or Julian Assange himself. This makes no difference for the similarities between Julian Assange,Hillary Clinton and Bradley Manning. 

Recently he said that he wanted Hillary Clinton to resign. Hillary Clinton also has Saturn rising before the Sun (see her chart here). Julian Assange's Mars is in conflict with her Saturn. See Mars-Saturn on Astromarkt for more examples of the often destructive character of a Mars-Saturn synastry. 
Another similarity: the Mars-Pluto connection. Assange has the biquintile, Clinton has the conjunction, just like Bradley Manning. When people are connected, even at a distance, even if they are enemies, there is always a synastry aspect and there is very often a shared aspect.The Mars-Pluto connection here increases strength, power and the anger of enemies.

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creader said...

The time of birth posted at Mountain Astrologer is 100% bogus. The person providing it said it was from Assange's birth certificate, but Australia doesn't record birth times on birth certificates. Furthermore the person providing this time assumed Assange is his birth name, but in fact it is his adopted name taken from his stepfather, Brett Assange, who married his mother when he was very young. Assange's surname at birth is currently unknown, and no one claiming to have Assange's correct birth time has be able to provide it.

I have argued repeatedly that his birth time is more likely around noon, with Uranus (technology, genius, non-conformity, humanitarian crusades) near ASC and his Cancer Sun in the 10th. He is without a doubt a textbook case of a 10th house Cancer crusader who cares as much, if not more, about PROTECTION of the vulnerable as he does about secrets.

Saturn is a big part of my Libra ASC argument--this would place his Saturn in the 8th. Control issues have been a problem with Assange in many of his personal relationships, and has been the critical issue behind recent scandals revolving around him. Assange has a deep fear of losing control of things, whether it's in his relationships with women or in how he runs Wikileaks. This placement is associated with a karmic wound revolving around intimacy and trust--it seems Assange has plenty of issues with both--and so Saturn seeks to protect the native by a fierce level of control. No surprise then, 8th house Saturn people tend to be intensely self-controlled people, burying their emotional vulnerabilities far deep out of sight from even the most daring psychic spelunkers. And Assange is a hard read, even for someone s psychic and intuitive as a Pisces moon like myself.

Lastly about having an 8th house Saturn: the native is often compelled to an extraordinary level of independent learning, much like a 9th house Saturn, but with a much stronger need to learn on their own and withdraw from conventional methods of instruction. A 9th house Saturn child will likely enjoy going to school, as long as he/she can do their own thing while at school alongside the expected classwork. Assange on the other, seemed more an 8th house Saturn child--he avoided school whenever he could and, when at school, was noted for being very withdrawn for the other kids, focusing on doing his own thing, not letting others into his very private world of self-learning. Like Assange, children with an 8th house Saturn will exhibit self-discipline and independence far surpassing their peers, and if allowed to achieve as self-learners, will likely out pace their peers considerably, even if they don't flaunt their achievements. This Assange too did this--he kept his precocious self-taught computer skills and cryptography well hidden, unknown except among a very select group of fellow hackers, until those skills got him into trouble at age 20.

Shannon Rae said...

I didn't realize that The Mountain Astrologer wouldn't fact check more I really like your corrected interpretation. I've never really thought about what having an 8th house Saturn means before. Very enlightening.