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The day of birth of Meredith Kercher

Meredith Kercher was born on December 28, 1985, time unknown, in the UK. That wa the same day that Kamani Hill (a soccer coach) was born in the USA and the same day that Taryn Terrell, a female wrestler, was born (also in the USA). Here are the positions of that day with transits and progressions for November 1, 2007.

  • Saturn is ‘calling’ in their charts, just like in Amanda Knox’s. Ambition at any possible level, that is what an unaspected Saturn means.
  • Moon is also unaspected and strong in Cancer (strong emotions at any possible level)
  • Neptune rises before the Sun: life has to be more than just ambition and money. She is first of all romantic and an idealist.

The tightest aspects are Sun sextile Pluto (this aspect makes it easy to live with stress, danger or challenges; this is a perfect aspect for soccer coaches) and Venus trine Pholus (swift turning points in preferences or sympathies). 
Another important aspect is Mars conjunct Pluto, the symbol of the drive to win, strong muscles, having to defend yourself or the use and abuse of violence, power and influence (and sometimes: relationships with strong men). It is a good aspect for winners and for competition in politics, but it is also a danger. See the links or the labels for more info...
 With an hour of birth it would have been possible to see if there were angular placements, what the ascendant was and more, but now we can only see what she shares with others who are born on the same day: an enormous energy, and ambition.

The progressed Sun was in one of the final degrees of Capricorn on her last day, November 1, 2007. That is reflecting a changing life style. There is also  Jupiter conjunct Uranus, for a positive change. Very important is, that her progressed Sun is conjunct progressed Venus. That means that she enjoyed life, found love and sympathy and pleasure. Shortly before her death she appeared in a music video. Maybe she wanted to make a living in the world of entertainment? Sun conjunct Venus in the progressed chart means life together with fun. It is all so very nice, but....

Up to now nothing in the chat is alarming or pointing at danger, except: Saturn-Mars-Pluto
  •   Progressed Mars is 15 degrees from natal Pluto and 
  •   Progressed Mars is semi square natal Sun, 
  •   Transit Saturn trine natal Sun and 
  •   Transit Saturn sextile natal Pluto 
  •   Transit Saturn 75 d Mars. 
The 'calling' Saturn rules the progressed and natal Sun. That is why the transits of Saturn are important. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination is a very hard and challenging combination that often accompanies unnatural death and death threats, suicide or violent assault. Mars-Saturn-Pluto appears in the transits or (progressed) charts of killers, victims, people with dangerous enemies and when there is an untimely death. When the issue or theme of unnatural death causes is important in a person's life, the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination is there. In this special case, Mars conjunct Pluto in the natal chart got 'company': transit Saturn and turned it all into a violent end. Why she and why on November 1, 2007? I don't know. And I am afraid that we will never really know what happened. 

So, Meredith died in a generally pleasant period. However, there was something scary underneath that didn’t surface until it was too late  to take precautions. She happened to be in danger without realising it. Had she not been where she was, she might still have lived. Her individual chart (Ascendant, Midheaven and Sun/Moon) might provide more information about the situation. However, any chart has to be seen in the light of the circumstances, situation, genes and gender. And there is always 'coincidence': when you meet the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong moment. That is why we have to take care of our safety, always. Even if you don't have a Mars-Pluto aspect. It is not just Mars-Pluto. Many well known persons have a tight Mars-Pluto conjunction, for example Paul McCartney and Hillary Clinton. I quote myself:

I think Mars-Pluto is resonating the issue or theme of 'men with power or brutal men' anduse/abuse of power. And not to forget: an intense the drive to win. Even victims with a tight aspect between Mars and Pluto fight for their life, they don't just give in. Self defence, making enemies and fighting stronger persons is also part of the combination of Mars-Pluto.

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